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Gonzales Graphics
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Homies (1998)
Hood Rats (2002)
Locsters (2003)
Mijos (1998)
Psycho Clowns (2002)
Toylines (chronological order)
1998 Homies
1998 Mijos
2002 Hood Rats
2002 Psycho Clowns
2003 Locsters
Company history
About Gonzales Graphics    
Los Angeles -- In 1998 artist David Gonzales released the first set of his popular Chicano figures, Homies. By May 1999 his first set of 6 figures was receiving strong negative backlash about the Chicano representations in his art. On the one hand there where those that thought his depictions of Chicanos where emphasizing the negative stereotypes of Mexican youths in California but then there were those that appreciated the art and the cultural representations of real people from the barrio. Gonzales states that the figures are real people from his experiences, people from the community and people he grew up with. The other criticism was that the original 6 Homies were gang related and promoted a violent lifestyle. Detective Morris from the Devonshire division of the Los Angeles Police Department told the LA Times that "the Homies where negative images that perpetuated negative stereotypes and glorify the gang life style (LA Times May 26, 1999)". The negative publicity from the law enforcement pressured some retailers to pull the Homies from the market.
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