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Silverlit Toys
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Galaxy Hero G-Man (1986)
Galaxy Rider (1985)
I-Cybie (2003)
Rock Runner (1986)
Toylines (chronological order)
1985 Galaxy Rider
1986 Galaxy Hero G-Man
1986 Rock Runner
2003 I-Cybie
Company history
About Silverlit Toys Manufactury Ltd    
Since its establishment in 1977, Silverlit Toys has been committed to designing and manufacturing innovative and quality toys for kids of all ages. Silverlit Toys is a Hong Kong based company with a 70,000 sqm manufacturing facility in China. Silverlit manufactures remote control vehicles, various toy cars, baby toys. Silverlit manufactures i-CYBIE, the pure bred, state-of the-art robotic canine. This amazing pet can speak, bark, walk, lay down, shake your hand, perform tricks, follow your voice and more! Just like a real pet, i-CYBIE is able to express fear, anger, dislike, happiness, surprise and sadness. These cyber dogs love being petted and respond by wagging their tail and maintaining a pleasant mood. Each i-CYBIE has a unique personality and character that can be changed or altered with a remote control unit. i-CYBIE is the perfect family pet for the next century.
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    Silverlit Toys Manufactury Ltd  Silverlit Toys Manufactury Ltd
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