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Toylines (alphabetical order)
MicroMillennium - 1999 Magne Power Microman (1999)
MicroMillennium - 2000 LED Power Microman (2000)
MicroMillennium - Replicas (1999)
Toylines (chronological order)
1999 MicroMillennium - 1999 Magne Power Microman
1999 MicroMillennium - Replicas
2000 MicroMillennium - 2000 LED Power Microman
Company history
About Takara Co Ltd.Microman    
Takara Co., Ltd. is one of the largest general toy manufacturers in Japan, and takes good care of its original contents such as the "Licca-chan" fashion doll, "Choro-Q" miniature car, "Transformers" transforming robot, etc. Its latest big hit includes "Beyblade", a customizable spinning battle top, and "e-kara", a portable home Karaoke system. Takara is now aiming to become a Life Entertaiment company to provide all generations with a sense of play and dreams. Takara began in 1955 as Satoh Vinyl Industry, which was founded by Yasuta Satoh. In 1960, the name was changed to Takara Vinyl Industry Co.,Ltd. In 1966, its name was changed once more, to TAKARA Co., Ltd. In 1984, the company began trading over-the-counter stock shares. In 1991 its stock was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
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    Takara Co Ltd.Microman  Takara Co Ltd.Microman
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