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Kid Galaxy
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Bendos (2002)
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2002 Bendos
Company history
About Kid Galaxy    
Kid Galaxy is a privately held company under the direction of its president and CEO, Rick Malagodi. The company was incorporated in April 1995 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Kid Galaxy began as a direct-mail company, then evolved in 2000 to a manufacturer, selling direct to toy and gift retailers. Kid Galaxy has sold more than 2 million units of Bendos since their introduction in June 1999.
Kid Galaxy Introduces Innovative Toys and Games for 2005    
February 13, 2005 -- Kid Galaxy, a company known for its fun, whimsical and remarkably creative radio-controlled toys, expands its most popular lines just in time for Toy Fair 2005. Expertly engineered with unique designs and attractive price points, each of these colorful, imaginative toys provides hours of fun. In addition, there’s the bonus of extra entertainment as Kid Galaxy’s R-C toys always do something completely unexpected. Even the controllers are cleverly designed to match each individual toy in color and theme.

A New Morphibian Enters the Pond – A Greater Gator
Joining the super popular Land Shark and Dirt Frog is the newest Morphibian in the swamp – the toothsome Gator. With textured skin as green as a lily pad, headlight eyes atop its head and pointy white teeth comprising its grill, the Gator looks as tough and fearsome as the real thing – only with large tread tires and four-wheel drive. Equally adept in mud, sand or water, this radio-controlled creature-like vehicle can maneuver any terrain and even stay afloat in the bathtub or pool. Created for kids age five and up, the 100% waterproof Gator is fully controllable in the water and will always right itself if it lands off-balance. The full-function remote guides the Gator backward and forward, right and left. (Suggested retail price: $25)

GoGos for the Goo Goo Set
For the very youngest enthusiasts of radio-controlled toys, Kid Galaxy introduces two new trucks for children as young as two. The GoGo Auto Fire Truck and the GoGo Auto Tow Truck have been created of soft cast-molded PVC vinyl for maximum fun and safety – a unique material for R-C toys and an important innovation created by Kid Galaxy. Both trucks are designed with wonderful details and are big and chunky, perfect for little hands. In vibrant red with a white ladder perched on the side and big silver bumpers, the GoGo Auto Fire Truck is a small but mighty truck with a color-coordinated steering wheel remote. The GoGo Auto Tow Truck is bright blue with yellow accents atop big wheels that a-keep on turnin’. Both come with matching two-button controllers that allow for easy maneuvers by a two year old. (Suggested retail price: $20)

For ages three and up, the GoGo SUV and the GoGo Pick-up Truck will also be pulling up in time for Toy Fair. In deep purple with enhanced decorations, a happy face and a soft, safe foam body, the GoGo SUV has spin and go action with a two-button radio controller in bright yellow and purple in the shape of a steering wheel. The GoGo Truck is a boxy pick-up, fully loaded with the same great details. It’s a stunning green with a matching blue and green steering wheel controller. (Suggested retail price for each: $20)

Double the Treasure – Double the Fun
In a daring and innovative move that traverses both land and sky, Kid Galaxy introduces two brand new radio-controlled toys that present two exciting vehicles in one. The Truck & ATV is an ingenious combination of a sturdy red truck and a smaller yellow, all terrain vehicle, both with great, realistic details. The ATV travels comfortably in the back of the truck until a ramp unfolds, enabling it to back off and function all on its own. With just a flip of a toggle switch both vehicles work independently with the full function radio-controller. The Truck and Plane also features a full-function R/C, SUV-style vehicle, but the surprise is the cool Backyard Flyer that’s mounted on the truck. Made of durable EPP foam, the plane charges up in just 10 seconds and is guaranteed to fly first time – every time. Incredibly, with just the easy flip of a toggle, the plane can take to the air directly from the back of the truck. The movements of both vehicles are controlled with the same radio-controller. Kids age eight and up will thrill to the double delights. (Suggested retail price for each: $40)
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