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Tack Cheung Corp
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RWC - Rockin' Wrestlin' Championships (2001)
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2001 RWC - Rockin' Wrestlin' Championships
Company history
About Tack Cheung Corp    
Chinese Toy maufacturer. Tack Cheung Corp. imports products from Toys Club International Tradin in Hong Kong via Long Beach, California.
From the News Archive
Cospa Oct 2007 Tick!Tack! Sage Holding Pillow Cover
Tick!<b>Tack</b>! Sage Holding Pillow Cover
Item name : Tick!Tack! Sage Holding Pillow Cover
Manufacturer : Cospa
Original : Tick!Tack!
Release Date : Late Oct re-release
Regular Price : 9,000 yen
Posted 9/10/2007
County tackles growing e-waste problem
From Barbie Dolls to gimmicky cards that play songs to obsolete computers, hazardous waste lurks in millions of basements and attics across the country. Environmental groups predict a tsunami of electronic waste will hit hazardous waste facilities in coming years.
Published 2/24/2007
Masters Of Horror Tackles Abortion
Masters of Horror tackles the abortion issue in the upcoming 'Pro-Life.' And star Caitlin Wachs told SCI FI Wire that she's bracing herself for the controversy that may result from the potentially polarizing hour.
Published 11/20/2006
Flushed Makers Tackle CG
The creators of the new animated feature Flushed Away told SCI FI Wire that it was a difficult decision to give up their characteristic plasticine stop-motion-animation techniques and do a completely computer-generated film for the first time.
Published 10/25/2006
Valiant Tackles Youth, Drugs
Best-selling fantasy author Holly Black, whose novel Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie just won the inaugural Andre Norton Award, told SCI FI Wire that the book touches on some issues that are personal to her.
Published 5/15/2006
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