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Peachtree Playthings
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Motorixed Fly WheelZ (2000)
Motorixed PullbaX (2000)
Toylines (chronological order)
2000 Motorixed Fly WheelZ
2000 Motorixed PullbaX
Company history
About Peachtree Playthings    
Toys marketed under the name Peachtree Playthings were first introduced in 1990 by Southern States Marketing, Inc., a manufacturers representative firm. Since then Peachtree Playthings has grown to include a variety of different categories of products ranging from Activities, Vehicles, Girls Dress Up and Role Play, Tools, Junior Sports and Summer Seasonal products. The products marketed under the name Peachtree Playthings are manufactured by Peachtree Playthings (HK) Ltd., a Hong Kong Corporation. Southern States Marketing, Inc.(a Georgia corporation) owns a majority stake in Peachtree Playthings (HK) Ltd. This company is located in Atlanta, Geargia, hence the company's name.
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    Peachtree Playthings  Peachtree Playthings
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