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Toylines (alphabetical order)
Adventure Superstars I-Men (2001)
Dragonball Z I-Men (2001)
Futurama I-Men (2005)
Robotech I-Men (2001)
Voltron I-Men (2005)
Toylines (chronological order)
2001 Adventure Superstars I-Men
2001 Dragonball Z I-Men
2001 Robotech I-Men
2005 Futurama I-Men
2005 Voltron I-Men
Company history
About Toynami.I-Men    
Toynami is made up of a group of people with a single goal: to create toys and collectibles of the highest quality, based on some of the most popular animation and Japanese anime properties out there. We love these characters, and we think our dedication is evident in the final product. It can be found in the accuracy and detail in the Robotech Masterpiece Collection, possibly the most faithful reproduction of the Veritech ever made. It can be seen in the dynamic poseability of our Robotech Super-Poseable Figures, created to try to capture the excitement of Harmony Gold's action-packed animated series. Or in the likenesses of our Tenchi Muyo! action figures, intended to convey the serenity of Princess Ayeka, the mischief of Ryoko. With new licenses and new products on the way, the best is yet to come at Toynami!
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