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Toy Biz.Marvel
Toylines (alphabetical order)
1st Appearances (1999)
Famous Cover (1997)
Heavy Metal Heroes (1997)
Marvel Amazing Heroes (1997)
Marvel Figure Factory (2005)
Marvel Hall of Fame (1996)
Marvel History: The Dark Side (2000)
Marvel Interactive CD-ROM Comic Book (1996)
Marvel Legends (2002)
Marvel Legends Icons (2006)
Marvel Legends Masterworks (2006)
Marvel Overpower Card Game (1996)
Marvel Shape Shifters (1999)
Marvel Special Edition Series (1998)
Marvel Studios 12" (2002)
Marvel Super Hero Showdown (2005)
Marvel Super Heroes (1990)
Marvel Super Heroes 1997 (1997)
Marvel Team-Up (1995)
Marvel Twist-Ems (2005)
Marvel Universe (1996)
Marvel's Famous Couples (1996)
Marvel's Gold (1997)
Marvel's Greatest Moments (2000)
Marvel's Heavy Hitters (1996)
Marvel's Most Wanted (1998)
Modern Age (1999)
Silver Age (2000)
Toylines (chronological order)
1990 Marvel Super Heroes
1995 Marvel Team-Up
1996 Marvel Hall of Fame
1996 Marvel Interactive CD-ROM Comic Book
1996 Marvel Overpower Card Game
1996 Marvel Universe
1996 Marvel's Famous Couples
1996 Marvel's Heavy Hitters
1997 Famous Cover
1997 Heavy Metal Heroes
1997 Marvel Amazing Heroes
1997 Marvel Super Heroes 1997
1997 Marvel's Gold
1998 Marvel Special Edition Series
1998 Marvel's Most Wanted
1999 1st Appearances
1999 Marvel Shape Shifters
1999 Modern Age
2000 Marvel History: The Dark Side
2000 Marvel's Greatest Moments
2000 Silver Age
2002 Marvel Legends
2002 Marvel Studios 12"
2005 Marvel Figure Factory
2005 Marvel Super Hero Showdown
2005 Marvel Twist-Ems
2006 Marvel Legends Icons
2006 Marvel Legends Masterworks
Company history
About Toy Biz.Marvel    
In 1987 Steven Lebensfeld co-founded Toy Biz with associates from HG Toys. Within a year of its start, Toy Biz held the exclusive license for action figures based on characters from Marvel comics and DC Comics, including Batman, Spiderman and Superman. ``We were instantly the largest action figure company in the market. It was unbelievable,'' said Lebensfeld, who came up with the idea for the comic book figures after seeing a void in the market. ``Here we were, a little company doing about $4 million in sales a year when we get this incredible license. Today, those licenses bring in $300 million to $400 million in sales a year. In 1990, the thriving Toy Biz was bought by an mogul Ron Perelman - who had acquired the Marvel Entertainment Group in January of 1989. April 1993: Perelman cut an unusual deal with Ike Perlmutter and Avi Arad, two Israeli immigrants who run Toy Biz. They got a perpetual license to make toys based on Marvel characters (4700 characters!) without paying any royalties; and Marvel got 46% of highly profitable Toy Biz. Toy Biz, now a division of Marvel Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: MVL), one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies.
Marvel Drops Toy Biz and Switches to Hasbro    
Marvel terminated its licensing agreement with Toy Biz Worldwide Ltd. on December 31, 2005, one year earlier than the license's scheduled termination date. In 2006, Marvel-branded action figures and other toys formerly produced by Toy Biz Worldwide will be produced by Marvel.
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