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Joyride Studios.GamePro
Toylines (alphabetical order)
- assorted - (2003)
Cell Damage (2002)
Command and Conquer (2003)
Command and Conquer Renegade (2002)
Crazy Taxi (2002)
Future Beat (2003)
Jet Set Radio Future (2003)
Luigi's Mansion (2002)
Medal of Honor (2003)
Metroid (2003)
Monkey Ball (2002)
Sonic (2002)
SSX Tricky (2002)
Super Mario Sunshine (2003)
Virtua Fighter 4 (2002)
Zelda (2002)
Toylines (chronological order)
2002 Cell Damage
2002 Command and Conquer Renegade
2002 Crazy Taxi
2002 Luigi's Mansion
2002 Monkey Ball
2002 Sonic
2002 SSX Tricky
2002 Virtua Fighter 4
2002 Zelda
2003 - assorted -
2003 Command and Conquer
2003 Future Beat
2003 Jet Set Radio Future
2003 Medal of Honor
2003 Metroid
2003 Super Mario Sunshine
Company history
About Joyride Studios.GamePro    
JoyRide Studios has crafted the hottest collectible lineup today by taking today's premiere video games characters from the two dimensional screen and transforming them into three dimensional collectible action figures and vehicles. Every figure and vehicle is officially licensed from the game's publisher - guaranteeing you true-to-play reality, and packaged with tips, tricks, and inside information from the experts at the leading video game magazines. Find out the hidden tricks and secrets to your favorite games. (Packaging that opens and closes revealing a whole description of that character's game! )
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    Joyride Studios.GamePro  Joyride Studios.GamePro
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