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Toylines (alphabetical order)
= toys (1970)
Madelman (1970)
Madelman (2nd) (1970)
Madelman Cosmic (1970)
Madelman Futbolistas (1982)
Ovni (1970)
Superman (1971)
Toylines (chronological order)
1970 = toys
1970 Madelman
1970 Madelman (2nd)
1970 Madelman Cosmic
1970 Ovni
1971 Superman
1982 Madelman Futbolistas
Company history
About Madel SA (Madelman)    
During the early 60s, two friends, one from Barcelona (Arnau) and one from Madrid (Campos) bought a plastics manufacturing company that was bordering on bankruptcy: Madel (Manufacturas Delgado = Delgado Manufacturing). Arnau is the son of the founder of Exin Bros, one of the largest toy makers company in Spain. The same company that made Scalextric slot cars , Exin castillos, Cine Exin and others. The first madelman figures were released during Xmas 68, in a small display box that was later changed to the standard box in 1971. The early madelman figures didn't have feet but rather pegs onto which the boots were fitted. Also, they had what collectors call Ecrystal eyese, which were handpainted! Madel stopped making madelman figures in 1984. They eventually closed down all of their toy lines the same year.
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