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2002 Futurama
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About Rocket USA    
Rocket USA, a company dedicated to re-introducing high-quality tin, marble and die-cast toys, games and collectibles, was founded in 1997 by two young entrepreneurs, John Eisner and Michael Perry. Rocket USA's robots, rockets and UFO's are especially appealing to those who remember the golden era of durably-built, wind-up, bump-n-go, all-tin sci-fi toys of the 1950's and 60's. As evidenced by the sale price of $74,000 for one of the world's four original Machine Man tin robots at Sotheby's Auction House last year, Rocket USA has tapped into the current trend of retro nostalgia that embraces everything from '50's convertibles to Pez candy dispensers. Rocket USA is not just about nostalgia. The company's products appeal to a new generation of children who love to play Rocket USA's brightly colored, sturdy all-tin toys that make exciting sounds and movements, as well as their fast-action ThWACK magnetic games and SHOOT-A-LOOPG tin marble games. Rocket USA was sought out to make and market toys, games, tin signs and die-cast collectibles featuring characters and themes from the animated hit Twentieth Century Fox TV shows "FUTURAMA" and "THE SIMPSON'SG".
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From the News Archive
SDCC Thriller Exclusive from Yamato USA
Michael Jackson Thriller toy from San Diego Comic Con 2009.: 0
Posted 7/26/2009
Padres' Bell acting like 'kid at Toys 'R' Us' - USA Today

Padres' Bell acting like 'kid at Toys 'R' Us'
USA Today
I'm like a kid at Toys 'R' Us right now. My mom and dad say, 'You've got 30 minutes to put whatever you want in the shopping cart.

Posted 7/26/2009
Good Smile June 2009 Nendoroid: Tentai Senshi Sun Red Usakottsu Figure

Tentai Senshi Sun Red <b>Usa</b>kottsu Nendoroid Action Figure 
If you know someone who loves rabbits, you might want to get them a suitable gift. We assume the Tentai Senshi Sun Red Usakottsu Nendoroid Action Figure is totally appropriate. Armed with a drink, a frying pan, and a fist full of claws, this little white bunny is ready to start some serious trouble. What's more, he has wings. So, keep your eye on the skies so he doesn't sneak up behind you and wreak whatever horrors a creature this cute could cause!
Posted 6/20/2009
Yamato USA June 2009 Boris Vallejo - Fantasy Figure Gallery: Monica's Axe

'She is legend. A huntress upon the field of battle, no enemy was spared the swift swipe of her blade that sings of her glory through the passages of time.'

Yamato USA presents the fourth piece in its awe-inspiring collection of fantasy figures - Fantasy Figure Gallery: Monica's Axe (Boris Vallejo). Yamato USA's Fantasy Figure Gallery is a groundbreaking collection of resin quality PVC statues, bringing together the unrivalled talent of Asia's foremost portrait sculptors with the leading fantasy artists of Europe and the Americas. Featured here, 'Monica's Axe' by Boris Vallejo as envisioned by Tobe of HEAVY GAUGE. Brought to three dimensional life, Boris Vallejo's 'Monica's Axe' crouches, ready to pounce at nearly 7.85', and comes complete with an elaborate themed display base. Window boxed and ready for display this fall.

Yamato USA and its distribution partners Diamond Comics, AAA Anime, BBCW Distributors, Grosnor Sportscards, and Sideshow Collectibles are now accepting retailer preorders for Fantasy Figure Gallery: Monica's Axe (Boris Vallejo) through August 28. For more information, contact your local comic shop or visit us at www.YamatoToysUSA.com. And stay up to date with Yamato USA with Twitter at http://twitter.com/YamatoUSA.

Born in Lima, Peru, Boris attended the National School of Fine Arts in his native country before immigrating to the United States in 1964. He has since done a great volume of work for the Fantasy field, having worked for virtually every major publishing house with a science fiction/fantasy line. Boris has also illustrated for album covers, video box art, and motion picture advertising. His mastery of oil painting is immediately and abundantly clear to anyone who looks at his work, and his classic sense is as much as an homage to the old masters as it is to anyone contemporaneously working in the Fantasy genre. For sheer dauntless bravura, few have ever pushed the limits as does Boris with his beautiful maidens and fearsome monsters.

Boris has been married to fantasy artist Julie Bell since 1994 with whom he shares his life and studio in Pennsylvania. To learn more of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, visit their website at http://www.imaginistix.com/.

Posted 6/20/2009
Rocket World 2008 July Previewing three new IWG Astro Krieg Mini Figures

Preview IWG Astro Kreig Mini Figures

Rocket World is previewing three new IWG Astro Krieg Mini Figure colorways:
Classic Galactic Silver Armored Hunter Space Suits with Ice Clear Bubble Helmets
New World Eco-Green Armored Hunter Space Suits with Laser Orange Space Helmets
Covert Space Pirate Black Armored Hunter Space Suits with Laser Green Space Helmets
Posted 7/26/2008
Rocket World 2008 July Preview IWG Flying Saucer Attack Craft

These are photos of Rocket World's pre-production IWG Flying Saucer Attack Craft (and mini figures).  Only a handful of these will be made available at SDCC. The Covert Space Pirate Black Edition is shown and will run $49.95 each.
Posted 7/26/2008
World Hobby Festival May 2008 USABO
Posted 6/23/2008
USA-P June 2008 Fate-chan Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 1/8
Posted 6/23/2008
USA-P House June 2008 Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 1/8
Posted 6/23/2008
Rocket World Jan 2008 IWG Combat Mod Squad Titus

Rocket World recently introduced us to their regular line of Combat Mod Squad figures.  Titus and Affonso both have weapons strapped to their backs, slightly refined sculpts and retro Italian scooters.
The scooters ridden by the I.W.G. have been modified with the same Alien technology as their rocket ships.  Using the same advanced and highly efficient engines which are fueled by any common refuse, these scooters emit zero pollutants.

Titus and Affonso can often be seen with their scooters parked in front of one of their favorite cafes drinking mint tea and eating tasty baked treats after a combat mission.

Both of the Combat Mod Squad figures are packaged in the same window-front box.  You can differentiate by the check mark on the front…or by looking through the window.  There is some nice reading on the rear of the box, part of which has been mentioned above.
Posted 1/6/2008
Rocket USA Dec 2007 Gus Fink's Boogily Bunnies - Review

Not to be confused with Boogily Heads, Gus Fink’s Boogily Bunnies are a plush based line of art toys.  Produced by Rocket USA, the initial series contains six different characters:  Octobunny, Flopps, Bunny Boyd, Charlie Black, Slurp and Derf.
Even though each figure is a plush, they are poseable (thanks to wires) and stand on their own (a flat base and bean bags).  On all of the plushies, it’s possible to bend and pose all of the arms and ears.
Like most plush lines, the Boogily Bunnies are not packaged.  Each does come tagged with a mystery mini comix/poster and a collectible art card.
The Figures
The six plushies each have bendable arms and ears.  The materials used range from pleather details to rubbery whiskers.  We’ll take a look at the bios of each character from the enclosed art card.
Octobunny  (10 ½” tall): Scientifically made, OctoBunny can produce babies whenever she wants more.  Her ears act as arms giving her 8 long tentacles.
Posted 12/8/2007
Rocket World Dec 2007 Special Edition IWG Baby Cubs

Rocket World has announced several new Special Edition IWG Baby CubsNanook the Baby Bloody Polar Bear, Lakshmi the Baby Black Bear and the Cetawayo the Baby Black Rhino are each limited to a run of 100 pieces.  And for you customizers, here's your first chance to get your hands on and Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo blank.  The Baby Bear and Baby Rhino blanks are each limited to runs of 100.
Posted 12/8/2007
Rocket World M0v 2007 Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo Baby Cubs - BiBi & Latura - Strangekiss Exclusives

rocketworld_2 height=291 alt=Bibi_latura_iwg_rocketworld_2 src=http://www.plasticandplush.com/plasticandplush/images/2007/11/29/bibi_latura_iwg_rocketworld_2.jpg width=370 >
BiBi the Baby Panda and Latura the Baby Sumatran Rhino are part of Rocket World's brand new Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo Baby Cubs line.  Both of the figures are Strangekiss exclusives.  You can pick up each individually ($24.95 ea.) or save a little money with the IWG Cub Pack ($48.95 for both).
Posted 12/1/2007
FreeBento.com Nov 2007 Rocket World / Patrick Ma - Adam the Baby Robo Rhino

Some exciting new releases have hit freebento.com:
You can now pre-order the Freebento.com exclusive Adam the Baby Robo Rhino - designed by Patrick Ma and Rocket World.
And they have the 18' Chibi Cat Plush Pillow .  The pillow looks like a cat...it's not for your cat.  Although, if you're really into pampering your cat...
Posted 12/1/2007
Rocket USA Nov 2007 Gus Fink's Boogily Heads

The Boogily Heads are art toys produced by Illinois-based Rocket USA.  Each figure is a replica of artist Gus Fink’s original sculptures, which he would sell in galleries and on everyone’s favorite auction site - eBay.  Michael Perry, the owner of Rocket USA, was a fan of Fink’s artwork and the two teamed up to produce several lines of figures.
The figures depict little creatures with bobble head action.  So far, two series of Boogily Heads have been released, with Series 3 set to hit shelves by the end of this year. We’re going to take a look at Series 1 and Series 2.
The colorful cardboard packaging is chocked full of Gus Fink artwork.  It’s nice to see the differentiation between the first and second series.  There’s a checklist of characters, tons of illustrations and background info on the line.  Also, with a small window section, you can leave the figure’s in the packaging for display.
Posted 11/24/2007
Nov 2007 A toy drive that’s putting USA and safety first - Minneapolis Star Tribune

A toy drive that’s putting USA and safety first
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription), MN -
It'll be a red-white-and-blue Christmas if Dale Andersen has anything to say about it.
The owner of Delkor Systems in Circle Pines is launching his Made in the USA Toys-for-Tots Christmas drive for his 100 employees.
Workers are scurrying to find U.S. toymakers and are getting help from the likes of Toys 'R' Us, Minnesota 2020 and other firms determined to make this holiday season safe for tots of all ages.
Andersen's idea came three weeks ago, after a friend's son was hospitalized after sucking on Aqua Dots, colorful, Australian-made beads that were laced with a chemical that once ingested breaks down into the dangerous date-rape drug gamma hydroxybutyrate, or GHB.
The campaign also comes after numerous recalls of toys made in China because of lead content. Last year, 4-year-old Jarnell Brown died of lead poisoning in Minneapolis after swallowing a lead charm that was made in China.'We have to keep the children safe,' Andersen said. 'When you take a look at something like toys for children, it's just despicable that for greed or profit that some companies [in China] would be switching to a lead paint or, like in the Aqua Dots case, replacing a benign chemical with something cheaper and harmful.'
Delkor employees Annie Pieper and Nicki Whitmer spent the past week interviewing Toys 'R' Us, Minnesota 2020 and other firms in search of domestic toymakers.
Toys 'R' Us workers in Minnesota said some parents have recently been asking for information about products' countries of origin.
The New Jersey-based chain store gave Pieper a 21-page list of toys that are made across the United States. The nonprofit Minnesota 2020 gave Pieper and Whitmer a list of Minnesota toymakers that included puzzle-maker Lark Toys in Kellogg; block-maker Beka Inc. Toys in St. Paul; rubber stamp-maker the Stamp Pad Co. Inc. in Big Lake; board-gamemaker We R Fun Inc.; and the World's Greatest Bath Boats Co. in Princeton.
Beka Inc. President Jamie Seeley Kreisman said retailers began calling his tiny, family-owned shop where he makes wood toys in August and September to place orders after the flurry of foreign-toy recalls. 'We saw right away an interest in our product, primarily from retail and specialty stores around the country who were worried about imported toys,' he said.
When Delkor employees called this week about their campaign to get safe toys to needy children, a surprised Kreisman said he's ready.
'I brought in extra raw material so our warehouse is very well stocked with hard maple. And we'll work this Friday and [today] and into the holidays. We'll rest in January,' he said, chuckling. 'In the past I've not been aware of any move to address the nature or origin of the toys. So this new program is a different twist. Clearly, as a domestic manufacturer, we are encouraging people to participate.'
Posted 11/24/2007
Nov 2007 Lightsaber hitchhikes aboard shuttle - USA Today

Lightsaber hitchhikes aboard shuttle
USA Today -
The Force really is with them.
The seven astronauts now in orbit on space shuttle Discovery are carrying a piece of baggage from a galaxy far, far away: a lightsaber used as a prop in the hit movie Return of the Jedi. In the 1983 film, actor Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker wielded the lightsaber as he rescued his friends from gangster Jabba the Hutt. The lightsaber handle — the laser 'blade' was created by special effects — had been stored in the archives of Lucasfilm, the company that created the Star Wars series, until its ride into space last week.
RELATED: NASA extends shuttle mission

The movie artifact is the latest in a long line of items, from wacky to touching, that U.S. space crews have taken to orbit to be used as souvenirs and gifts once they return to Earth. The tradition dates back at least to 1961, when astronaut Gus Grissom spirited a pocketful of dimes onto the second U.S. spaceflight.
Discovery's crew is not expected to handle the lightsaber, which is packed in an inaccessible compartment. The astronauts probably wouldn't have time, anyway: NASA decided Monday to add a day to an already busy mission so the crew can inspect a malfunctioning piece of the International Space Station. Some objects, including the lightsaber, blast off as part of the shuttle's official flight kit, assembled mostly by NASA officials. After landing, the contents are distributed to schools, space workers and companies as mementos. A June shuttle flight, for example, carried Monopoly game pieces that were presented to game manufacturer Hasbro. Space crewmembers are allowed to take a small packet of items for friends and families. On a flight last year, astronaut Joe Tanner took the gearshift knob from a car he and his son were restoring together. NASA employees, including astronauts, are barred from profiting from their carry-ons, but some items do make their way to the collectibles market, says space-memorabilia expert Robert Pearlman, who runs the website collectSPACE.com. Even symbolic items, like flags, that have flown in space can fetch $250 to $500, he says.
Posted 11/9/2007
Hasbro 2007 Transformers - Comparison Masterpiece MP-3 Starscream, MP-6 Skywarp and USA Edition Starscream

Check out comparison shots of Transformers Masterpiece MP-3 Starscream, MP-6 Skywarp and USA Edition Starscream in this image gallery.
Posted 11/9/2007
RocketUSA Oct 2007 Bozo The Clown 46-Inch Bop Bag

Bozo The Clown 46-Inch Bop Bag Bozo The Clown 46-Inch Bop Bag Description:
He's getting punchy. Finally, a clown you can punch that won't sue you! Last seen in the 1960s, this 46-inch tall Bozo Bop Bag is an inflatable Bozo with a 'squeaky' nose that you can bop until you're exhausted. He's made of durable vinyl and features a sand-filled base. So, go ahead… take a swing at him!
Posted 10/27/2007
Yamato Oct 2007 Final Days For Yamato Usa Online Shop Exclusive Red Shoulder Custom Parts accessory set (Votoms)
Torrance, CA, October 26, 2007 – These are the final days to power up your ATM-09-ST Scopedog with Yamato’s Red Shoulder Custom Parts during Yamato USA’s Online Shop limited-time special.  The Red Shoulder Custom Parts accessory set for Yamato’s impressive 1/12 Armored Trooper Votoms Full Action Model line includes 9-tube Shoulder Rocket Launcher with rockets; 2-tube SMM Missile Launcher with missiles; arm-mounted Solid Shooter; 4-barrel Gattling Gun; two Magazine Clips, Mission Pack; and last, but not least, the infamous Red Left Shoulder.  Everything you need to create your own Red Shoulder Custom Scopedog.   Yamato’s Armored Trooper Votoms 1/12 Red Shoulder Custom Parts is available now through October 31 exclusively through Yamato USA’s Online Shop for the special introductory price of $54 (regularly $68), after which it will be available for retailer orders.
  For more information on this and our other fine products, please visit Yamato USA’s website at www.YamatoToysUSA.com.
Posted 10/27/2007
Jan 2008 Chrono Gate Rocket Girl - Morita Yukari 1/8
Posted 10/18/2007
Far Out Toys Oct 2007 San Jose USA Maid Cafe
SAN JOSE — Maids. The word conjures up visions of lasses in black and white frilly French maid-styled uniforms moving about with feather dusters and serving china. You imagine yourself as master of the manor, in your smoking jacket, pipe in hand, being waited upon... Tea time, anyone? With a Japanese twist and a sprinkle of high-tech gloss, you can be part of this costume fantasy (known as cosplay) that is played out every Saturday in San Jose's Japantown at the Far Out Toys Maid Caf鮼/p> Though a growing phenomenon around the world, it's like no other caf頹ou'll find in the Bay Area, possibly even the U.S. Go there Saturdays from 1 to 4 p.m. and girls in maid outfits will serve drinks and snacks in a coffee house atmosphere surrounded by Japanese collectible toys. The fantasy they serve up is of 'Master' and 'Maid,' straight outta Tokyo's Akihabara District. In this role-playing scenario, the server/caf頰lays the role of 'Maid' and the customer as the 'Master.' 'The customer gets to be treated like he's a millionaire and it only costs the price of a coffee,' said Far Out Toys owner Izzy Hernandez. 'And for the employees they get to wear their costumes that they've worked really hard on. A lot of times they've spent months working on a costume and they only get to wear it to a convention once or maybe Halloween. So, it's entertaining for both.' Growing up, Hernandez always gravitated more towards Transformers and Robotech than American cartoons like Superman or X-Men. In Japan, he would be known as an otaku, or fan of Japanese pop culture. Creating a business from his hobbies would take it to a higher level and Hernandez was able to put his business major and knowledge of Japanese to work. The result, Far Out Toys, is a testament to that passion as it is filled with anime and collectible toys such as Godzilla, Ultraman, Robotech, Dunnies and let's not forget Pok魯n. His trendsetting instincts were kindled by his yearly pilgrimage to Akihabara, the high-tech center of Tokyo and haven to otaku. Video games and anime created the idea of the Maid character and then Maid Caf鳠fleshed them out into real live people. The phenomenon spawned other creations as well, such as the Butler Caf頡nd Younger Sister Caf鮼/p> 'I spent $25 for two coffees and a cake! I thought Starbucks was making a killing on coffee but these guys... I spent 25 bucks there and I left totally happy,' recounts Hernandez. 'If we could bring that to customers here and make a profit too that's where I'm at.' In Japan, services can get quite elaborate and competitive with humble greetings such as 'Welcome home, master!' and services that range from playing on a game console together to foot or hand massages. But at Far Out Toys Maid Caf鬠serving food and drink and creating just the right comfortable atmosphere is given top priority. 'Another little twist or sprinkles on top of the service is that they prepare the coffee for you very personally. They bring the coffee to the table and pour the milk and stir it. The cupcakes, we'll put frosting and sprinkles on top of it at the table,' extols Hernandez. 'It's really cute, it adds to the cuteness, it's prepared just for you.' Far Out Toys is located at 161 Jackson St. #1 in San Jose's Japantown. (408) 279-3073. General store hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 1 to 8 p.m. Maid Caf麠Saturdays, 1-4 p.m. For more information, visit their Website at www.farouttoys.com
Posted 10/18/2007
Yamato USA Sept 2007 Breathtaking Visions from Yamato - Poison & Rei Ayanami
Torrance, CA, September 27, 2007 – Yamato raises the level of collecting with two breathtaking visions both sculpted by the renowned Mitsumasa Yoshizawa (REFLECT): GIRLS COLLECTION: Poison and CREATORS' LABO #015: – Rei Ayanami as envisioned by illustrator Shunya Yamashita.

Once again, Yamato is proud to present the work of master sculptor Mitsumasa Yoshizawa (REFLECT) to the international audience. Offered here is a stunningly statuesque portrayal of Poison from 's Final Fight. Standing nearly 11', Poison comes complete with metal chains, handcuffs, arm rings, and display base. She's ready for action... are you? Available December 2007 / January 2008, this one will take your breath away.

A storm is brewing in Yamato's Creators' Labo, a perfect storm of license, artist, and sculptor… Yamato's CREATORS' LABO #015: - Rei Ayanami. From one of the all-time classics, , comes Rei Ayanami as envisioned by famed artist Shunya Yamashita and brought to life by master sculptor Mitsumasa Yoshizawa (REFLECT). Window boxed, Yamato's CREATORS' LABO #015: - Rei Ayanami stands approximately 10.25' and comes complete with display base and an illustrated postcard to send to a friend and make him/her jealous. Available January / February 2008.

Yamato USA and its distribution partners are now accepting retailer pre-orders for GIRLS COLLECTION: Poison and CREATORS' LABO #015: – Rei Ayanami now through October 10th. For more information on these and Yamato's other fine products, please visit Yamato USA's website at www.YamatoToysUSA.com.

Posted 9/29/2007
Yamato Usa Sept 2007 Announces Project Dynamite - Ikki Tousen Figures at 1/5 scale
Torrance, CA, September 27, 2007 – Yamato is kicking off next year with a bang, starting with the first figure in its latest line: PROJECT DYNAMITE #001:  IKKITOUSEN – Kanu, 1/5.  PROJECT DYNAMITE will prove to be explosive with massively scaled figures, rich in every detail.  And the first piece of the popular Kanu from fan favourite IkkiTousen (a.k.a. Battle Vixens) is no exception. PROJECT DYNAMITE #001:  IKKITOUSEN – KANU, 1/5 Yamato is pleased to introduce its latest product line for which there is only one word to describe:  DYNAMITE.  And Yamato's first PROJECT DYNAMITE is explosive -- a massive 1/5 scale PVC statue of the popular Kanu Unchou from fan favorite IkkiTousen (a.k.a. Battle Vixens).  Sculpted by the talented TOUSHIROU (Cobra-kai), this chained and shackled beauty leaves nothing, and everything to the imagination.  Window boxed, this first run of Yamato's PROJECT DYNAMITE #001:  IKKITOUSEN - Kanu Unchou features special parts -- the arm and staff of Kanu's captor, the monk Choukou.  These pieces can be used to recreate the scene from Ikkitousen, Vol. 12 upon which this piece is based.  A historic must have collector's item available January / February 2008
Posted 9/29/2007
Yamato Usa Sept 2007 Announces Lynx Redux Pvc Statue And Neon Genesis .
Torrance, CA, September 18, 2007 – Yamato USA continues its preorder solicitations with some familiar faces with a new look:  JSOCS TANDEM TWIN ANIMAL GIRLS:  Lynx (Ruby) Redux PVC Statue and Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA-01, EVA-02, and EVA-00 Action Figures. JSOCS: TANDEM TWIN ANIMAL GIRLS: LYNX (RUBY) REDUX
Last year, Yamato introduced the world to the works of renowned Japanese sculptor Kouichi Yamazaki (TANDEM TWIN) as part of its Japanese Sculptor Original Character Series.  The response was phenomenal from TANDEM TWIN’s Lynxes, to his Sheep and Leopard Girls.  Now, Yamato is pleased to offer again the dangerously cute kitty-cat that started it all --- TANDEM TWINS ANIMAL GIRLS:  Lynx (Ruby).  A sell-out success, the original in all her glory is back in this special, limited offer which includes additional eyepatch and double edge sword.  But be quick, this one will be gone as quick as a swipe of her paw.  Available this Winter for MSRP of $68.
Yamato USA is proud to announce the impending release of highly detailed, yet extremely affordable action figures from the all time classic anime favorite Neon Genesis Evangelion.  Three types available in all:  EVA-01 Test Type piloted by Shinji Ikari, EVA-02 Production Model by Asuka Langley Soryu, and EVA-00 Prototype by Rei Ayanami.  Each 7' scale, metallic painted figure features 11 points of articulation and comes complete with a host of themed armor/weapon accessories such as assault rifle, machine gun, and knife (EVA-01); positron rifle, spear, axe, and knife (EVA-02); and bazooka, shield, and Lance of Longinus (EVA-00).  Available this Fall at a great value of $14.99.  EVA-01, EVA-02, AND EVA-00 sold separately.
For more information on these and our other fine products, please visit Yamato USA’s website at www.YamatoToysUSA.com.
Posted 9/22/2007
BUBBA Aug 2007 Yuri eSama, Space Nagamon, Usami Kuru,




Bubba_yuriesama2  Bubba_yuriesama5



Bubba_spacenagamon3  Bubba_spacenagamon4
Posted 8/26/2007
Yamato Usa Aug 2007 Now Shipping

SIF EX: COMIC PARTY – Mizuki Takase
Meet Mizuki Takase, the sometimes girlfriend of would be manga-ka Kazuki Sendo from the popular anime / manga series, Comic Party.  Mizuki doesn't always share Kazuki's passion for drawing doujinshi (underground comics).  In fact, she hates it.  Perhaps that's why, to divert his attention to other passions, she has perched herself atop a giant inkwell.  Beautifully sculpted by French Doll of the famed Japanese sculpting team Cerebus Project TM, this 1/7 scale PVC statue of Mizuki will draw a line to your heart.
Armed with only her katana and her beauty (not much room for anything else when all you’re wearing is a cowboy hat and string bikini), join Aya as she slices and dices her way through hordes of shuffling zombies and nightmarish bosses.  Sculpted by 'garage-kit' artist Shunji Hagii (Studio Saru Bunshitsu Kasetsujo), this 1/6 scale (approximately 11.50”) PVC statue of Aya from the upcoming Xbox 360 release Oneechanbara: vorteX will hack and slash its way into your heart.
JSOCS: “whip x nonoko” – nonoko~noon~
'whip x nonoko' is an original character line by Japanese 'garage-kit' artist Kaoru.  His 'whip x nonoko' nonoko ~noon~ was originally released as an event exclusive, which Yamato is now proud to present as a PVC figure as part of its Japanese Sculptor Original Character Series.  Kaoru has been releasing 'cute and stylish' girl figures as an original line for some time.  Emblematic of his unique tastes, nonoko ~noon~ features a plump, yet sexy body line with many detailed parts - you can enjoy this figure from many angles.  Window boxed, nonoko ~noon~ comes complete with display base, glasses, and a heart shaped object for you and her to admire.
Posted 8/26/2007
Aug 2007 Rocket Girls - Yukari Morita
Very cute figure of Yukari Morita spotted at the Wonderful Hobby Life for Wholesalers & Retailers event.
<b>Rocket</b> Girls (click to enlarge)
Never did get round to finishing off Rocket Girls but after seeing this figure am thinking of picking it up again - any thoughts on the anime?
<b>Rocket</b> Girls (click to enlarge)
Posted 8/26/2007
Medicom 2007 Rocketeer V2 1/6 galllery and review

Well, it's been a long time coming, and now we at HH are proud to present our review/gallery of Medicom's second Rocketeer 1/6!

Rocketeer18.jpg width=300>
Posted 8/19/2007
Rocket World Aug 2007 Deluxe Sterling Silver Jewlery

Rocket World has introduced their very own deluxe Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo sterling silver jewelry line.
  • Custom hand crafted solid 925 sterling silver.
  • Super fine detail!
  • Silver Charm Titus's arms move!
  • 3 types of IWG skull beads you can put on just about anything!  Perfect for DIYneckalces, zipper pulls, etc.
  • Now you can take a little piece of the IWG anywhere you go.
  • Silver Terminator Titus Price: $24.99
  • Silver IWG Skull Beads Price:$14.99
Posted 8/19/2007
Rocket World Spring 2007 Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo (IWG)- Series 4 - Candace and Burnum - review

Rocket World introduced Series 4 of their Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo (IWG) line earlier in the year.  The four piece rotocast vinyl series was broken into two releases – Makutu and Oishi were released around March and Candace and Burnum have recently been made available.

With a temper to match her mass, Candace will rampage poachers' campsites without quarter. Very protective of her loved ones and her I.W.G. team members, Candace is considered to be the group's mother figure and loved equally in return.

No stranger to being hunted, and sometimes overly sensitive to his unique nature, Burnum is quick to start a fight with offending humans. Burnum often kicks it with Irra and Makutu, not just because they have all have beaks or bills, but they share a love of home decor.

All of the packaging in Series 4 is similar, however the size of the box varies due to the different sizes of the figures inside.  The vinyl toys are secured in a plastic tray that makes it easy to remove, while the window front box will please those folks who like to keep things mint in box.
The Figures
Candace the African Elephant is 7” in height with 7 points ofarticulation (that has to be lucky, right?).  She is armed with an RPG(rocket propelled grenade) that is two separate pieces.  The figure islimited to a run of
Posted 8/5/2007
TakaraTomy Nov 2007 Transformers - USA Edition Master Piece Starscream
Item name : USA Edition Master Piece Starscream (Completed)
Manufacturer : TakaraTomy
Release Date : Late Nov
Regular Price : 10,000 yen Caution
Sales Price : 9,500 yen
Posted 8/5/2007
Rocket World July 2007 FreeBento Exclusive Nehanda

Rocket World has been racking up exclusive variants of their Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo (I.W.G.) rotocast vinyl figures.  One of the newest exclusives is Nehanda the Pink Elephant, which you can only pick up at FreeBento.com.  Nehanda is a variant of the Candace the African Elephant vinyl, from Series 4.
Now, if you don’t know the story behind the I.W.G., where have you been the past few years?  Welcome to the world of designer toys!  Remember that a portion of the proceeds are donated to various Non-Profit Wildlife Groups.
Considering that Nehanda is one of the largest figures in the line, it’s fitting that she also is packaged in one of the largest boxes.  However, there’s not a lot of wasted space in this packaging.  Series 4 all has the same box design (Nehanda is a variant from this series), which shows what characters are in the series as well as the usual reading for your perusal.
The Figure
FreeBento was able to snag one of the cooler I.W.G. exclusives.  Whowouldn’t want a pink elephant?  It always brings back memories of PinkElephants on Parade from Dumbo.  Unfortunately, this figure doesn’tinclude any moonshine.
The Nehanda exclusive is approximately 7” in height with 7 points ofarticulation (arms, legs, head, tail and trunk).  She comes equippedwith her very own rocket propelled grenade, which is made up of twopieces.  The difference between Nahanda and Candace is the pink col...
Posted 7/21/2007
Hasbro July 2007 Transformers Movie Deluxe Wave 2 Out in USA
Just got back from Target in Colma, California where we found the Transformers Movie deluxe Wave 2 action figures that include Arcee, Bumblebee 2008 and game clone Dreadwing.
Posted 7/15/2007
Coolrockets March 2007 Coolrockets Space Bucket Rocket

Cool<b>rocket</b>s Space Bucket <b>Rocket</b> 
Coolrockets Space Bucket Rocket Description:
What a handsome bucket of bolts! The Space Bucket Rocket is equally at home visiting the next galaxy or just schlubbing junior out to the mall. Measuring about 7 1/2-inches tall by 9-inches in length, the Space Bucket is cast in polyresin, hand-painted and aged, and stands on a cool moon base.
Posted 3/29/2007
Usaopoly May 2007 Transformers Collector's Edition Monopoly

Transformers Collector 
Transformers Collector's Edition Monopoly Description:
Transform and Roll Out! The Civil War between the Autobots and the evil Decepticons has spilled out of Cybertron and onto this collector's edition of the Monopoly game. In this episode of the Transformers saga, you'll travel the Transformers universe buying, selling, and trading cities, bases, and planets, mining for precious Energon Cubes and Anti-Matter to own and control it all. Choose from six collectible tokens. Will you fight for the peace loving Autobots as Optimus Prime, Bumblee, or Jazz or the evil Decepticons as Megatron, Starscream, or Soundwave? Your destiny is more than meets the eye. Take the Space Bridge and Advance to GO!
Posted 3/17/2007
Yamato USA March 2007 Armored Trooper Votoms - sale - 1/12 scale

TORRANCE, CA, March 12, 2007 – Yamato’s 1/12 Scale Armored Trooper Votoms Full Action Models are perhaps the most impressive collectibles you will ever own… and Yamato USA has just made it easier and more affordable to do so!
Towering over all others at 12.5' tall and constructed of over 300 individual parts, Yamato’s 1/12 Armored Trooper Votoms Scopedogs are one of a kind, fully articulated and loaded with features including removable armor plating for easy customization, rotating telescopic lens, special internal spring mechanisms for simulation of arm punch and stand-by modes, and concealed wheels in the base of the feet for gliding action. Even more, the cockpit opens with accommodating seating for the Chirico Cuvie and other action figures coming soon. Window boxed, each Scopedog comes with unit specific accessories and weaponry. In a word… outstanding!
Now Yamato USA makes it easier than ever to own one (or more) of these impressive pieces with the launch of its new Online Shop at www.YamatoToysUSA.com. Even better, for a limited time while supplies last, we’re rolling back prices to below the Japanese MSRP… and offering free shipping on orders over $250.00. Ordering from Japan is now a thing of the past. Check these out:
ATM-09-ST Scopedog was $125.95, now $109.95
Melquiya Scopedog was $125.95, now $109.95
Red Shoulder Scopedog, Ver. 2 was $154.95, now $139.95
ATM-09-GC Brutish Scopedog was $197.95, now $154.95
ATM-09-STC Strong Bacchus was $197.95, now $154.95
Weapon Set, No. 1 was $ 45.95, now $ 39.95
Weapon Set, No. 2 was $ 49.95, now $ 39.95
Equipment Set, No. 1: Parachute Zac was $ 53.95, now $ 45.95
Equipment Set, No. 2: Roundmover was $ 53.95, now $ 45.95
Posted 3/17/2007
I.W.G. Mini Rocket Ship - Review

Img_1129 Img_1130
We were lucky enough to get our paws on one of Rocket World’s I.W.G. Mini Rocket Ships.  With 3 versions available – Classic Galactic Silver, Future Eco-Green and Covert Black Limited Edition – you’ll need to pick one up for your mini I.W.G. figures.  Produced by STRANGEco, the official Launch Party will take place March 9th at the Rocket World Gallery in San Francisco.
The story behind the rocket ship goes something like this:  The Astral Overseers gave the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo a fleet of rocket ships to help fight the bad human poachers.  The rockets are fueled on ordinary garbage (with zero-pollutant emission…Al Gore would be proud).  Each of the rockets hold at least one mini figure (as well as human bones).
Img_1120 Img_1123 Img_1121
One word describes the box each and every I.W.G. Mini Rocket Ship is packaged in: retro.  From the font to the drawings to the style of the box…everything screams retro.
The rocket and mini figure are packaged in a plastic tray within the heavy cardboard box.  It does a good job protecting what is a somewhat ...
Posted 2/27/2007
The I.W.G. Rocketship Launches From S.F.

If you're in the San Francisco area, you'll want to joinSTRANGEco and Rocket World for the official release of the I.W.G.Rocketship playsets.  They will have all three color versions (silver, green and black) of this brandnew mutated animal warcraft. The release party is at Rocket World's owngallery, a prominent section of one of the coolest boutique stores inS.F.  Artist Patrick Ma will be in attendance.  If you can make it, look out for specialeditions, giveaways and a peek at the new I.W.G. Special Ops Missionpack sets.

Friday, March 9, 2007, 6-8 pm

Rocket World Gallery

660 22nd Street (at Third)
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 318-8258
Posted 2/16/2007
Rocket World Feb 2007 I.W.G. Rocket Ship

Rocket World will be releasing their I.W.G. Rocket Ship at a Rocket Launch Party on Friday March 9th.  More details on that event in the near future, but if you are in the San Francisco area...pencil in the date.
The Rocket Ship will come in 2 colorways (Future Eco-Green and Classic Galactic Silver).  The silver will include a mini Huey the Black Panther, while the mini version of Taharka the Rhino will be packaged along with the green rocket.  Both are limited to 450 pieces.
Posted 2/11/2007
McFarlane Feb 2007 Another 'Lost' action figure sails into view - USA Today
When the first set of Lost action figures hit stores late last year, one character was conspicuously absent: Sawyer.
It is the figure fans of the show — which begins the second half of its third season tonight (ABC, 10 ET/PT) — have been clamoring for, toymaker Todd McFarlane says. usatoday.com/life/_photos/2007/02/07/lost-action-fig-large.jpg width=490> A talking Sawyer action figure ($17-$20) finally arrives in July. Using two AAA batteries, the toy will repeat some of Sawyer's classic nicknames for fellow castaways, such as Kate ('There are nicer ways to wake a man up, Freckles') and Hurley ('Fun time is over, Bongo. Why don't you go hit the buffet?'). The pose is taken from one of the concluding scenes of Season 1 when Sawyer books himself passage onto Michael's escape raft. 'Why'd they have to pick that day?' grumbles Josh Holloway, who plays Sawyer, calling from his Hawaii home. 'I didn't like that blue shirt, but it's OK. They made me look all buff.' McFarlane replaced the original baggy shirt Holloway wore in the episode with a tighter one to 'show off his pecs' and give him 'a little bit of the GQ look that the ladies like.' Sawyer's toy raft is designed to connect to an upcoming set of Michael and Walt figures, which will be positioned on the raft with their arms flagging down the boat of The Others. The Sawyer figure's release will coincide with the debuts of three more: Sun, Jin and Mr. Eko. Holloway, who has the first set of Lost action figures lined up on a shelf in his living room, has been having fun playing with Matthew Fox's likeness. He says he'll keep a couple of Sawyers on hand 'for target practice.' The actor is allowed only to hint at what to expect as the rest of Season 3 begins. 'There's a lot of comedy coming,' he says. Sawyer will be spending more time with Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and Jin (Daniel Dae Kim). 'He's having to take on a different role than what he's used to,' Holloway says. 'Trying to be in a relationship with Kate (Evangeline Lilly) leaves a lot of room for comedy, because he's going to screw it all up.'
Posted 2/10/2007
Yamato USA Feb 2007 Unveils New Look - new website

Torrance, CA, February 1, 2007 – Yamato USA, the North American division of Yamato Co., Ltd. with headquarters in the otaku capital of the world - the Akihabara district of Tokyo, Japan, is proud to announce the launch of its newly enhanced website, including search and online shopping functions, at www.YamatoToysUSA.com. Inaugurating its freshly designed website, Yamato USA is pleased to offer three exciting Yamato USA OnlineShop exclusives from its popular line of TANDEM TWIN ANIMAL GIRLS and CREATORS’ LABO, as well as free shipping within continental United States on full retail orders through February 28, 2007.
Meet Amethyst, the purple haired assassin from master sculptor Kouichi Yamazaki (TANDEM TWIN)'s clan of Animal Girls. But be warned! There's evil in this kitty's eyes! From its continuing Japanese Sculptor Original Character Series, Yamato is pleased to present this all new 'Evil Version' of TANDEM TWIN's popular Lynx line of Animal Girls. Window boxed, TANDEM TWIN ANIMAL GIRLS: Lynx - Amethyst 1/6 Scale PVC Statue comes complete with eyepatch; display base; and 'evil' double-edge, sawtooth sword. And like her fellow Lynx girls, comes ready to bear all with a removable top. Limited first production run of 300 pieces; MSRP: $68.00.
Oh, she might not look it; but she's a baaaaaaaaa-d girl! Yamato is exceedingly proud to continue to present the works of renowned Japanese sculptor Kouichi Yamazaki (TANDEM TWIN) to the international audience with this statuesque piece as part of Yamato's Japanese Sculptor Original Character Series. But as you can see, there is nothing sheepish about this sheep girl!TANDEM TWIN ANIMAL GIRLS: Sheep Girl - Merino comes window boxed with display base. Limited first production run of 300 pieces; MSRP: $68.00.
Yamato USA is exceedingly pleased to reintroduce Yamato's latest line of collectible figures: CREATORS’ LABO featuring a unique blending of talent from Japan's leading sculptors and artists. This repaint version of the first North American release showcases the work of sculptor Kang Yong of the four person sculpting team Cerberus Project TM. With a tip of the hat to the popular anime Burst Angel, this 1/7 scale PVC statue playfully captures (from all angles) the robust personality of leading lady Meg. A wonderful piece for any collector of toy art, Yamato's CREATOR'S LABO: BURST ANGEL - Meg comes window boxed with display base. Limited first production run of 100 pieces; MSRP: $68.00.
Posted 2/2/2007
REVIEW: Rocket World Creature Hoodie

Patrick Ma, aka Otter X, dreamed up a way for collectors to become honorary Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo (I.W.G.) members.  Rocket World’s Creature Hoodie stems from the immensely popular line of gun-toting, renegade animals.  The fleece is ”perfect for mischief, subversive actions, taking on poachers and corporate greed, communing with nature, urban exploration, and staying cozy....”

Img_0664The Apparel
Limited to only 444 pieces, the Malden Mills High Loft Shearling Polartec Thermal Pro Fleece is made in one of the top technical outdoor factories in California.  No matter if you are an XX-Small or X-Large, there's a fleece that'll fit you.  Each hoodie includes a covert, I.W.G. logo embroidered patch that attaches to the hoodie via Velcro.  Rocket World sells additional patches that you can pick up as add-ons.  Also included with each creature hoodie is an exclusive I.W.G. mini figure – Terminator Septimius.
What you probably cannot see in photos is the number of extras hidden inthese hoodies.   There are 2 zippered hand warmer pockets, with insidestash pockets, a left sleeve slot for your Sharpiemarker and an iPod pocket (with a head phone wire slot).  Other notable features include the drawstring waist, YKK reverse zipper and thumbhole cuffs.
And if you didn't notice...there is a hood that makes you appear to be a bear!  Those are the I.W.G style eyes along with a plastic nose and plush, toylike ears.  The hoodie has fake claws, which might appear to be gloves at first.  All of this makes it a good idea to stay away from the woods during hunting season while sporting your hoodie.
Posted 12/21/2006
Dec 2006 China's toy industry feels growing pains - USA Today
DONGGUAN, China — At the North Pole, the elves are bustling to fill Santa's sack with toys for the world's children.
In the real world, Christmas looks like Dongguan: a grey, industrial city in South China, where mile upon mile of factories house mile upon mile of uniformed young women toiling on production lines. Within a single generation, they have swept up the global toy business. But are they bustling hard enough? Reports suggest that America's hottest Christmas toys, such as Mattel's T.M.X. Elmo, are running short this year. And some place the blame on China, where rising labor costs and electricity blackouts have disrupted production. Labor shortages, too, though hard to imagine in the world's most populous country, now affect U.S. firms sourcing from China. 'Wages have gone up, the availability of labor is not as plentiful as before, and power shortages continue to happen,' says Tom Debrowski, Mattel's executive vice president of global operations. But Debrowski denies that China's growing pains have hit the Christmas plans of the world's largest toymaker. The real reason for Elmo's scarcity: an 'incredible early takeaway in September that surprised us,' he says. American consumers have surprised other toymakers this season. Sales of the $60 Vertical Vengeance Coaster are 35% ahead of forecasts, says Michael Araten, president of Hatfield, Pa.-based K'Nex Industries. 'We've had to fly in some product (from China) to meet demand … but it's worth it even if we're just breaking even, to keep our customers happy,' says Araten. Although U.S. toy retailers are getting better at anticipating inventory needs, and manufacturers are testing new toys earlier in the year, there are 'pockets of excess demand,' says Carter Keithley, president of the Toy Industry Association (TIA), a trade body representing 85% of all toy sales in the USA. 'Nobody makes money on bare shelves,' but predicting sales is 'still a gamble in some areas; there is no crystal ball,' Keithley says. Planning is growing more complex. China's low-cost, compliant labor has lured American companies for two decades. Now, those companies face a raft of new challenges as minimum wage laws raise production costs, raw material prices rise and ethical trading concerns force their Chinese partners, already operating on wafer-thin profit margins, to treat the workforce more fairly. But, 'There's a comfort level about China now — they have the investment and infrastructure, and meet U.S. and European safety standards,' K'Nex's Araten says. You hardly need look for that 'Made in China' stamp. 'Consumers are shocked that something is made (in the USA),' says Araten, who still makes the bulk of his toys' rods and connectors in the USA, but assembles 90% of the final product in China.
Posted 12/21/2006
Win a Teeter for Christmas from Rocket Pop

Every time you spend $20 at Rocket Pop or more your name will be entered in the drawing for a Teeter - designed by Joe Ledbetter.  In addition, every $15 you spend on top of the original $20 will enter your name again.
Contest will run from Nov 13th to Midnight Dec 17th (Central) Drawing will be held on Dec 18th at 12:30 am
Posted 11/25/2006
Yamato USA - Tandmen Twin Animal Girls - Anime News Network

Yamato USA - Tandmen Twin Animal Girls
Anime News Network, Canada -
TANDEM TWIN ANIMAL GIRLS SERIES: LEOPARD GIRL – SCHELL Torrance, CA, NOVEMBER 20, 2006 – On the leading edge of Japanese pop culture, Yamato USA, the North ...
Published 11/25/2006
Buyers not tickled by toy shortages - USA Today

Buyers not tickled by toy shortages
USA Today -
... Shortages are likely until spring. Retailers haven't been able to get enough Elmos since Fisher-Price's flashy September launch. ...
Published 11/17/2006
Yamato USA New Releases - Nov 2006 - Anime News Network

Yamato USA New Releases

Popular Line of Evangelion Inspired Figures Takes Flight with A-15 Arael-XX

Torrance, CA, November 13, 2006 – Yamato USA, the North American division of the Yamato Toy Group with headquarters in the otaku capital of the world - the Akihabara district of Tokyo, Japan, is pleased to announce the opening of pre-orders for “Sequel to Angel Chromosome-XX” Series 1: A-15 Arael –XX, the continuation of WAVE’s popular line of Evangelion inspired figures.

“Sequel to Angel Chromosome-XX” Series 1: A-15 Arael-XX

The Angel's may be gone, but the threat lives on... With their latest diabolical plan, NERVE recklessly intends to cross human DNA with that of the Angels. The plan: Project-XX. The results: Angel Chromosome-XX.

Japanese collectible manufacturer WAVE in collaboration with GAINAX and Kannon Yoshizaki continues to bring the next chapter in the Evangelion saga to figural life with “Sequel to Angel Chromosome-XX” Series 1: A-15 Arael-XX. Joining previous experiments A-03 Sachiel-XX, A-14 Zeruel-XX, A-17 Tabris-XX, and A-02 Lilith-XX, Arael-XX measures approximately 5.15' and is depicted impaled with the Lance of Longinus which brought about her demise as an Angel. Arael-XX comes with detachable display base packaged in a collector's style window box with multiple views so that she can be appreciated without having to be removed... good news for die-hard collectors.

Posted 11/14/2006
Yamato Usa Now Shipping Creators’ Labo #003: Haibane ... Active Anime
Yamato USA announces CREATORS’ LABO #003: HAIBANE RENMEI – Rakka #1 PVC Statue

Torrance, CA, November 13, 2006 – On the leading edge of Japanese pop culture, Yamato USA, the North American division of the Yamato Toy Group with headquarters in the otaku capital of the world - the Akihabara district of Tokyo, Japan, is exceedingly pleased to unveil the first experiment from Yamato’s latest line, the CREATORS’ LABO… HAIBANE RENMEI – Rakka #1 PVC Statue.


From the CREATORS’ LABO, Yamato reveals its latest masterwork: HAIBANE RENMEI – Rakka #1. Drawing upon Yoshitoshi ABe's (Serial Experiments Lain) illustration book, In the Town of Guri, In the Garden of Charcoal Feathers, sculptor Makoto Kobayashi wonderfully captures the world-view of mangaka ABe's legendary anime Haibane Renmei, a tale of a long-forgotten town where humans coexist with angelic creatures -- the Haibane. Rakka is the newest of the Haibane, awakening from a strange dream to an even stranger life leading to a wistful journey of self-discovery. Featuring a contemplative Rakka, Yamato's CREATORS' LABO: HAIBANE RENMEI - Rakka #1 blends ABe's soft delicate techniques with Kobayashi's amazing attention to detail to create a style all unto its own.

Yamato’s CREATOR’S LABO #003: HAIBANE RENMEI – Rakka #1 is available from ABC Toys, Anime-zing Escape, Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth, Things from Another World, and AAA Anime. And be sure to look for Yamato’s CREATORS’ LABO #004: HAIBANE RENMEI – Rakka #2 and CREATORS’ LABO #002: BURST ANGEL – Meg coming this December!

To learn more about these and other fine Yamato products, please visit us at www.YamatoToysUSA.com
Posted 11/14/2006
Rocket USA Dec 2006 Praise Gold 8-Inch Buddha Buddha Bank

Praise Gold 8-Inch Buddha Buddha Bank
From the Editor
The Many Flavors of Buddha
Thursday, November 09, 2006
New from Rocket USA, the Praise Gold 8-Inch Buddha Buddha Bank is one of several collectible banks based on the being who, ironically, is best known for the desire to be free of things material. And now you can put money in him! This particular version of the bank comes in gold, and is quite shiny. Give the gift of Buddha today!

This colorful Buddha Buddha Bank, based on the ancient tradition of the child Buddha, is 8-inches tall and is brightly colored so you'll never misplace it. Made of durable poly resin, it makes a great conversation piece and offer a serene way to save your money today. Sure to brighten up any room with their contagious happiness.
Posted 11/10/2006
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Beast Wars Reborn 2 Pack Coming Soon to the USA Posted 7/10/2006
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e-Hobby Exclusive USA Edition Cybertron Primus w/Unicron Head Posted 4/22/2006
e-Hobby Exclusive Primus USA Edition Posted 4/22/2006
McDonald's Asian-themed salad going nationwide - USA Today Published 4/18/2006
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Heder gets off the bench - USA Today Posted 4/7/2006
Barbie assists workers abroad, but who cares for those at home? - USA Today Published 3/31/2006
How Barbie is making business a little better - USA Today Published 3/28/2006
Atlus USA Announces 'Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation' for ... - Anime News Network Published 3/28/2006
USA : Bratz Couture clothing line to debut at Javits Center in NYC - Fibre2fashion.com Published 3/23/2006
The Honig Company Signs Bandai Visual USA for Public Relations ... - PR Newswire Published 3/21/2006
Will Toys R Us ruling hurt Amazon.com? - USA Today Published 3/21/2006
NOW SHIPPING FROM YAMATO USA - Anime News Network Published 3/19/2006
Atlus USA Bringing More GBA Titles to North America - RPGamer.com Published 3/19/2006
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Character and Name-Brand-Themed Banners to Boost Zaldiva Inc. ... - Financial News USA (press release) Published 3/11/2006
Robotic toys take stage at DEMO conference - USA Today Published 2/24/2006
Jazwares to Offer Road Bot (Happywell) Toys in USA Posted 2/11/2006
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