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Rocket USA
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Futurama (2002)
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2002 Futurama
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Rocket USA, a company dedicated to re-introducing high-quality tin, marble and die-cast toys, games and collectibles, was founded in 1997 by two young entrepreneurs, John Eisner and Michael Perry. Rocket USA's robots, rockets and UFO's are especially appealing to those who remember the golden era of durably-built, wind-up, bump-n-go, all-tin sci-fi toys of the 1950's and 60's. As evidenced by the sale price of $74,000 for one of the world's four original Machine Man tin robots at Sotheby's Auction House last year, Rocket USA has tapped into the current trend of retro nostalgia that embraces everything from '50's convertibles to Pez candy dispensers. Rocket USA is not just about nostalgia. The company's products appeal to a new generation of children who love to play Rocket USA's brightly colored, sturdy all-tin toys that make exciting sounds and movements, as well as their fast-action ThWACK magnetic games and SHOOT-A-LOOPG tin marble games. Rocket USA was sought out to make and market toys, games, tin signs and die-cast collectibles featuring characters and themes from the animated hit Twentieth Century Fox TV shows "FUTURAMA" and "THE SIMPSON'SG".
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