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Way Out Toys
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Crash Bandicot (2000)
Marvel (2002)
Tech Pets (2002)
Toylines (chronological order)
2000 Crash Bandicot
2002 Marvel
2002 Tech Pets
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About Way Out Toys    
Manufacturer of dolls, head-knockers, and other merchandise.
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From the News Archive
Economic Outlook: Quarterly reports influx

The U.S. stock market faces more than 100 corporate earnings reports this week after earnings and forecasts last week helped major indexes rise 7 percent.
Posted 7/26/2009 by  RedOrbit 
Output June 2008 Lin Hatsune micrite Ver.2 - Mike & Rin

outputmikurin height=719 alt=Hc04outputmikurin src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/06/17/hc04outputmikurin.jpg width=480 >

outputmiku1 height=719 alt=Hc04outputmiku1 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/06/17/hc04outputmiku1.jpg width=480 >

outputrin1 height=719 alt=Hc04outputrin1 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/06/17/hc04outputrin1.jpg width=480 >
outputrin2 height=344 alt=Hc04outputrin2 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/06/18/hc04outputrin2.jpg width=230 > outputmiku2 height=344 alt=Hc04outputmiku2 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/06/17/hc04outputmiku2.jpg width=230 >
Posted 6/23/2008
Alice Cherry Blossom - Spring Outfit - Nov 2007

To celebrate Charles's solo exhibition, a very special and limited (only 10 of them!) exclusive edition is now available.  The original Cherry Blossom - Spring outfit - can only be purchase by sending an email to AliceCherryBlossom@gorke.nl to request more information.
Posted 11/17/2007
Annalee Dolls Oct 2007 Seeks outside product testing

LACONIA — Due to recent revelations about the use of hazardous materials in Chinese manufacturing, Annalee Mobilitee Dolls has requested third-party testing on its products to ensure the company's high standard of safety.

After several 'toxic paint' scares in the toy industry, Annalee Dolls asked Intertek Testing Services, a member of the American and British Standard Institutes as well as the Hong Kong Toys Council, to test the paints used in the production of its dolls.

The paints passed the toxic elements test, attesting to their harmlessness. The legendary Annalee smile is safe.

'We wanted to be proactive, to reassure our customers that production overseas is not something to fear, ' said Annalee's chief executive officer, Dave Pelletier. He stressed his desire to alleviate the customers' concerns and asked to be contacted directly.

For further information, contact Dave Pelletier at 707-5353 or email davepannalee.com.
Posted 10/18/2007
Hasbro Oct 2007 Outlook for the Stock

Hasbro (NYSE: HAS), one of the seemingly few toymakers without lead-paint issues, will report third-quarter financial results on Monday. Let's take a closer look to see what we're playing with.
What analysts say:
  • Buy, sell, or waffle? Only one of the nine analysts covering the Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommendation is willing to play ball with a buy rating. Seven have decided to sit on the sidelines with a hold rating to see what pans out, while one other onlooker says to sell.
  • Revenue. Sales are expected to grow at a healthy 9% clip and rise to $1.14 billion.
  • Earnings. Profits, as well, are expected to grow 22% to $0.71 per share.

What happened in last year's Q3:
Last year, the maker of some of my childhood favorites -- Chutes & Ladders, Battleship, and Lite-Brite -- offered investors some real dough, not Play-Doh, with its 23% jump in earnings per share. Star Wars action figures, No. 1 in the industry at the time, contributed only $69 million in revenue for the quarter, down by $58 million from the year before, with no new movies being tied in. Although Hasbro has an exclusive license to produce Star Wars toys until 2018, I think we can expect this franchise to contribute less and less as time goes on.
Hasbro amended a warrant agreement with Lucasfilm as part of its license extension that gives the company the right to make toys based on the Star Wars franchise. Last year's figures were affected from a mark to market adjustment for the Lucas warrants and recorded a non-cash expense of $19.8 million, or $0.09 per diluted share.
While North America is Hasbro's largest geographical area, accounting for about three-quarters of all revenue, sales growth from the region lagged compared with international performance. However, revenue overseas was helped along by a $9 million contribution for currency exchange rates.
What happened last quarter:
The new hot property for Hasbro was Transformers, tied into the release of the July 4 movie, which helped spur revenue growth of 31% in the second quarter. North American sales were bolstered by the toy lines' growth and saw a 24% jump in revenue. Its operating margin improved even before a $10 million charge related to a recall of its Easy-Bake Ovens.
Net income, however, fell to $4.8 million, or $0.03 per share, as a result of exercising an option to buy the last remaining warrants held by Lucas, and resulted in a charge of $36.5 million. Excluding the charge, profits were $0.24 per share, handily beating analyst underestimations of $0.18 a stub. The international markets continued to outstrip domestic sales, with revenues overseas rising 49% to $227.6 million. Transformers toys were a strong factor here as well.
Growth may be more difficult ahead, with no movie tie-ins planned for the foreseeable future.
One Fool says:
Selling toys based on movies has been a great boon for Hasbro; it has successfully used Star Wars and an exclusive five-year contract with Marvel Entertainment (NYSE: MVL) to boost sales. Although Hasbro has escaped the taint of lead-paint recalls that have dogged both Mattel and RC2 sales, it has no more blockbuster releases planned, so the company's share price may sag.
It might pay to postpone adding this stock to your toy chest.
Related Foolishness:
  • Hasbro hasn't had a recall nightmare yet.
  • But I still wonder whether consumers will turn to American-made toys this holiday for safety.
Posted 10/18/2007
Sept 2007 Hide your Otakuness! 10 Ways to be an Undercover Ninja Otaku in School!
We all know anime is a shameful hobby and as respectable college students, we must strive to hide all signs of our inner otakuness. You surely don’t want the hot chick from Life Sciences or the cute girl from Statistics and Applied Probablity to think you are a NEET with a 2D complex right? But how do we hide this unmistakably distinct stench of nerdiness? Is it even possible? Riuva teaches you how to be a Ninja otaku!

1. Make friends with people who don’t know anime. As many as possible.
Don’t shun others just because they like only Naruto or worse, don’t know who Range Murata is. It’s imperative that you gain lots of friends who do not know anime at all actually, as this is exactly like covering yourself with leaves and twigs for jungle camouflage. If your friends are all the anime-clueless sort, nobody will guess that you like the sissy Japanese cartoons. Your secret will be safe.
2. When your friends (assuming you have them since you will have followed step 1) are deciding where to eat, do not demand the group go to somewhere a) Japanese or b) maid or c) dirt cheap so you have more money for merchandise.
Normal people don’t really have much things to spend their cash on, so they foolishly fritter it away on disposable items such as food. But since we need to pretend to be normal, we must join them in throwing cash down the alimentary canal. Bear with it!! If you eat well, you will be less likely to be spotted as an otaku.
3. Set your cellphone ringtone to something instrumental.
You do not want to kill off your own uniqueness, so we’ll still keep the anime-ish ringtone. But instead of Motteku Sailorfuku, how about some classy instrumental music instead? I’m currently using Guns and Roses, the OP of Baccano, which is kinda jazzy. I was using the boss battle theme of FFVI for a couple of months. My message tone is the victory tone of FF tactics, which is obscure enough and still sound great. Generally, soundtracks and BGMs work well.
4. Set your laptop wallpaper to a logo bereft of anime characters.
I recommend the Riuva series of wallpapers, they may have anime-styled characters, but done tastefully in the RangeMurata style. A moe-mongering wallpaper of perhaps Konata upskirts is a sure sign of an otaku, so change it to something more discrete.
5. Deny knowing anime unless the questioner first identifies his cred.
You have to say the standard phrase of denial, 'What is anime? Is it HENTAI? YOU WATCH JAP PORN haha' or 'Sorry, not interested in Pokemon.' if the person who asks is a stranger or someone who does not appear to know anime. Don’t give this response if you feel the other party could be an undercover ninja otaku as well. Other ninja otakus will secretly and subtly identify their faction, through hints. For example, if I were speaking to LianYL for the first time and he wishes to confirm if I also liked Gintama, he would hum the tune of GIN IRO NO SORA, the bestest OP in the world. I would then harmonise in the same octave, thus erasing all doubt of misidentification.
6. Memorise some smokescreen hobbies to help in self-intros.
Knowing the first year of college involves lots of self-introductions where people judge you based on your hobbies, be prepared with a list of fake hobbies to share when it’s your turn to speak up. You must have extensive knowledge in these fake hobbies lest people get suspicious. For me, I normally pick 'football' as my hobby and sometimes '...
Posted 9/2/2007
Sideshow Sept 2007 Customizing the John Wayne Premium Format Figure
John <b>Way</b>ne Premium Format Figurere The immense quality of a handcrafted Premium Format prototype is largely credited to the great care put into each and every detail, from the clothing and accessories to the display base that holds the figure in place. Each prototype is guided to perfection by the careful hands of Sideshow creative artists who meticulously tie each knot and fold each wrinkle. While every figure delivered to you is of the highest handcrafted quality, some of this customized crafting and original positioning is impossible to preserve through the production process, but each figure is fully capable of being customized through a few simple adjustments. These step-by-step instructions guide you through the process of bringing your high-quality Premium Format figure up to the display standards of an incredibly talented creative mind. One of the original designers of Sideshow's Premium Format figure line, Greg Mowry of Geppetto Productions, generously shares a bit of his renowned artist's touch and explains how to customize your own John Wayne Premium Format figure right out of the box:
I received my John Wayne Premium Format Figure the same way as all of you - through the delivery truck. When I took him out I was really surprised that all the reviews were so true: It's a very nice production Figure!
Posted 9/2/2007
Australia Aug 2007 'Racist' outrage fails to stop bestselling Golly Molly - NEWS.com.au

'Racist' outrage fails to stop bestselling Golly Molly
NEWS.com.au, Australia -

A BRISBANE hospital pharmacy is still selling golliwog dolls in its gift shop despite outrage from indigenous community leaders.

The Atrium Plaza Pharmacy at the Royal Brisbane Hospital had to replenish supplies of the Golly Molly doll on Wednesday morning when only two remained unsold.

A pharmacy staff member said the buying frenzy was a 'backlash' to criticism levelled at the store and the dolls' manufacturer.
The pharmacy manager declined to comment other than to say: 'If you read the blog on your (The Sunday Mail) website, you will see the support we have received.'
Respondents said the dolls were simply toys and not intended to be racist or offensive.
However, Aboriginal community elder and spokesman Sam Watson said the buying frenzy was 'unbelievable ... It's absolutely appalling and says a great deal about the mentality of those consumers who flocked to pay for the horrible things.
'The dolls are really a very negative and very hurtful depiction of people with colour.'
Mr Watson said he had lodged a complaint about the dolls with the Human Rights Commission.
The Indonesian-made dolls are sold for $14.95 and $19.95.
Posted 8/26/2007
The week in movies... Upcoming Releases THE INVASION (PG-13) Every era probably gets the Invasion of the Body Snatchers it deserves, and this might just be ours. Don Siegel's original take on alien pods turning humans into emotionless robots was the perfect '50s sci-fi flick as thinly veiled critique of communism; Philip Kaufman's 1978 remake pumped up the existential dread in exciting and ...
Published 8/19/2007
Outland Records Modern Art Gallery Aug 2007 Custom Baby Qee Expo

On August 10th, 2007 a unique exhibition of customized 3.5 inch Baby Qees will open at Outland Records Modern Art Gallery, featuring the work of 43 international artists and designers with backgrounds in fine art, graffiti, illustration and graphic design.
For this event they asked the artists and designers to personalize a blank 3.5 inch Baby Qee for the exhibition. Among the artists participating are Bill Betsovic, Jon Burgerman, Erwin Weber, Raymond Choy (Toy2R), DGPH, Grooveworld, Michiel Baumgarten, Rob McBroom (OXOP), LIV3R, Sjors Trimbach, Playskewl, Ottograph 3000, Marbl Art and many more.  The expo will run from August 10th till September 30th.
Outland Records Shop + Gallery
Zeedijk 22
1012 AZ Amsterdam
0031(0) 20.6387576
Posted 8/5/2007
Creative Outdoor Products June 2007 Hunter Dan Action figure turns 10

Hunter Dan is celebrating 10 years of being in existence and the founder of the action figure doll is expanding into new product lines. Crawfordsville's own Dave Ranard's dream of 10 years ago is still alive and well as his Hunter Dan action figure's success continues to go. Does that surprise the Crawfordsville High School graduate? 'Not really,' he said. 'When you look at other figures, they have been around a long time so I felt like we have the ability to stick around a long time as well.' Ranard and his business partner Todd Farris are featured on the front cover of Inside Archery, one of the nation's top archery trade magazines. In addition to being on the front cover, there is a 10-page article about the business Ranard started in 1997 and where it is headed today - including the addition of a Hunter Dan Youth Bow line. The company is also expecting to release a line of camouflage clothing this fall as well. 'We just felt like it was time to branch out a little,' Ranard, who owns and runs Workforce Plus as a fulltime job, said. 'It will help us to diversify a little. Realistically, we are getting to the point we are not sure how much further we can take our action figure line. We have taken that about as far as we can.' No matter what happens, the action figure line will always be the bread-and-butter of Ranard's dream. 'I remember sitting around bouncing ideas off of some friends and I remember the very first call,' Ranard said. 'I wasn't sure how it would be received. The whole process has come full circle now as we have companies calling us asking if they can be associated with Hunter Dan.' That first call was to Cabela's Catalog which reaches millions of homes. 'After talking with their sales rep, he told me they would do something they had never done,' Ranard said. 'They were going to reserve a spot in the Christmas catalog without ever having seen the product. That put a lot of pressure on us, but it all worked out.' It worked out so well, that Caleba's is still carrying to action figure and is one of its biggest customers. So why has the action figure stayed so popular? 'I think it's due to the detail,' Ranard said. 'I am very picky about every last little detail. We want everything made to scale. We want everything to be correct. It takes a lot of time and effort, but we want it to be accurate.' According to Ranard, one company has tried to create another outdoors action figure, but things were wrong with it. 'They had a fisherman with a bass rod and a trout net,' he said. 'Those are the little things that drive me crazy and we won't let that happen with Hunter Dan.' While the Hunter Dan product line is known worldwide the company itself is still small and mostly built around friends.
Posted 6/11/2007
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