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Alfrex Co
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Branded to Kill (2003)
Defeated Character (Yarare-Yaku) (2003)
Hissatsu Assassins (2003)
Jidaigeki Samurai (2003)
Kaiki Daisakusen (Science Research Institute) (2003)
Keishi-K (2003)
Legend of Heroes (2005)
Legend of Sonny Chiba (2003)
Masked Ninja Red Shadow (2005)
Masked Rider Kuuga (2005)
Naked Seven (aka Sengoku Rock) (2003)
Shigeru Mizuki Monster World (2003)
Tsuburaya Collection (2003)
Toylines (chronological order)
2003 Branded to Kill
2003 Defeated Character (Yarare-Yaku)
2003 Hissatsu Assassins
2003 Jidaigeki Samurai
2003 Kaiki Daisakusen (Science Research Institute)
2003 Keishi-K
2003 Legend of Sonny Chiba
2003 Naked Seven (aka Sengoku Rock)
2003 Shigeru Mizuki Monster World
2003 Tsuburaya Collection
2005 Legend of Heroes
2005 Masked Ninja Red Shadow
2005 Masked Rider Kuuga
Company history
About Alfrex Co. Ltd    
Alfrex Co. Ltd. is the sole company in the world to produce a figure which uses Jidaigeki (samurai drama) from Japanese culture as a theme, and is the first company in the figure industry to show high motivation in making these types of figures.

Selecting great actors from Jidaigeki, Alfrex uses the concept of Japanese culture to introduce a figure with exceptional quality and an exact similarity to the person.

This project was begun to show the people of the world the splendor, beauty, and intriguing points of Japanese (Jidaigeki) culture.
More about Alfrex    
Our company was originally set up as an Ad agency in Tokyo, Japan, 1990. Our designer RYO TAKASUGI has ever produced variety of works both 2D and 3D. He made a figure doll featuring samurai movie with a sense of fun. That was the moment of birth of the "ZATOICHI by Shintaro Katsu" . Since then, over 20 products have ever been released on our Samurai action figure series and some of them are now sold out. Our company will continue to provide new samurai action figures only we can do. The show must go on.
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