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Betty Boop Collectibles (2003)
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2003 Betty Boop Collectibles
Company history
About Vandor    
Vandor was established in 1957 by Ted Van Dorn. He was a pioneer and did a variety of things, a lot of table top dinnerware. He also loved Betty Boop and was doing Betty products back in the seventies. He sold the company in the early 1990s, and it subsequentially didn't do well. It was then bought by The Lyon Co. around 1995. Going through the archives, we saw that there were an incredible number of Betty Boop products and sales over the past twenty years. Vandor created the Betty Boop collector by virtue of doing it for so long and in so many different items. The Lyon company felt that there was a hunger for a simple time and a better time. That is why we will always do nostalgia. That is also one of the principal reasons why we got into the older characters, e.g. the Grateful Dead. I feel we create memories in a three-dimensional form. These items make people smile and remember.
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