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Bleeding Edge
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Goths (2002)
Kinder Goths (2003)
Minor Misfits (2006)
Princess Ai (2005)
Psycho Clown (2005)
Rebecca's Realm (2006)
Tubtastrophes (2005)
Toylines (chronological order)
2002 Goths
2003 Kinder Goths
2005 Princess Ai
2005 Psycho Clown
2005 Tubtastrophes
2006 Minor Misfits
2006 Rebecca's Realm
Company history
About Bleeding Edge Inc    
Bleeding Edge Inc. is a Boutique Toy company, which Creates and manufactures collectors "Toys that Refuse to Conform™". These nonconformist Toys are very different from the mainstream Toys that Varner Studios develops for its clients.

Bleeding Edge was founded in 2002 by Steve Varner. Steve leveraged his 30 years of experience developing mainstream tooling ready Toy prototypes to go one step further and manufacture his own proprietary toy collection in China.

Bleeding Edge Inc. is located at 3640 Skypark Drive Torrance Ca 90505 Ph 310-375-2800 Bleeding Edge HK LTD has its office at Unit B,15/F,CMA Building 64 Connaught Road ,Central, Hong Kong.

Steve Varner now has over 7 years experience manufacturing Toys in China with a base in HK that can be employed as added value for clients of Varner Studios.
About Steve Varner    
Working as a Sculptor at Mattel in the 1970’s was a rare experience. I had the pleasure of working for and with some extremely talented Sculptors and in a great environment. Although I had worked in the Motion Picture and TV industry for several years as a sculptor previously and was experienced with figurative and portrait work at Mattel I learned to sculpt dolls from several of the greatest doll sculptors ever assembled in one place. My company today is enriched by my experience at Mattel since not only do we sculpt action figures ( the original TMNT) Portraits and cartoon characters but we pride ourselves on sculpting premier Dolls( Liv Doll Spinmaster) which sets us apart as a company with a wide scope of talent
An Event of Gorgeously Gothic Proportions Will Soon Take Place    
July 10, 2005 -- Steve Varner, creator of the strikingly detailed Bleeding Edge gothic fashion dolls, redefined toys with his visions of milk white, statuesque beauties that we see in our brightest dreams and most horrible nightmares. Now living and breathing flesh, Bleeding Edge Goth dolls can be found across America in Tower Records, Hastings Entertainment and many comic book stores. Bleeding Edge followers scattered across the globe further fuel the demand for these rare and exclusive creations that typically sell out to avid fans and collectors. To date, Varner’s Goth dolls have been featured in The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Lee's Toy Review, Rue-Morgue, Toy Fair, The Daily Breeze, UPN Channel 13 11:00pm News, and on the cult favorite chick site, Suicide Girls.

Wicked Talent, a not for profit, Los Angeles based model management company for Goth, glam, pierced, punk and tattooed talent, is currently celebrating it's 7th year. With recent successes including features in the LA Times, Lollipop Magazine and Hot Topic online, Wicked Talent is now providing dark beauties for Bleeding Edge's Comic Con Booth. Models Donna Ricci, Belle Morte-Baudelaire, Sherri Snyder and Tuesday Coren will become living dolls of dark couture as they portray Bleeding Edge creations Storm, Devastatia, Autumn Von-Sanguine and Trinity Tortura.

Comic Con, the annual San Diego gathering of fans of comic books, toys, games and artists, is being held at the San Diego Convention Center July 14th-17th. Last year’s convention drew over 87,000 attendees.

Bleeding Edge, Inc will be premiering new and exclusive creations solely for Comic Con attendees at booth number 2445 all four days of the convention. Wicked Talent models will be in attendance to sign autographs, pose for photographs and delight the crowd with witty commentary and flirtatious smiles on July 16th from 1-5 pm.
Bleeding Edge Introduces Manga Character Princess Ai Doll(TM)- Unique Fashion Dolls and Action Figures to be at American International Toy Fair, Feb. 20-23, 2005    
Bleeding Edge Inc.™ announces the launch of a line of fashion dolls and action figures based on the Manga character Princess Ai™. The gothic doll and toy maker will be at the American International Toy Fair where the Princess Ai™ line can be viewed and pre-ordered.

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) February 21, 2005 -- Bleeding Edge Inc.™ announced today the launch of a spectacular new Princess Ai™ toy line with 3, 7” action figures and 3, 12” fashion dolls based on the TOKYOPOP™ Manga book featuring the character.

The action figures and fashion dolls are based on the character of Princess Ai™ from the manga book “A Diva Torn from Chaos, A Savior Doomed to Love.” The result of a collaboration between alternative-rock goddess Courtney Love and D.J. Milky, the TOKYOPOP manga book features some of the most cutting-edge manga art in Japan, including character designs by famed manga-ka Yazawa Ai.

“Princess Ai™ is a great project for Bleeding Edge,” said Steve Varner, President of Bleeding Edge Inc.™ “The female heroine of the story is such an awesome character, and since we specialize in sculpting female figures extremely well she was an excellent fit for us. I knew we had to make the Princess Ai™ when my 12-year-old daughter Michelle – who is an avid fan of manga – absolutely insisted I create the action figures and dolls after seeing my first Princess Ai™ creation.”

The story of Princess Ai™ takes the reader on an amazing journey with a mysterious young woman searching for her identity in this world and beyond. A stranger in Tokyo, Ai struggles to come up with a solution for her homeland’s troubles, to understand her own abilities, and to avoid assassins from Ai-Land. Her special talent for music ends up turning her into a superstar, making hiding from her enemies more difficult but also leading her to unexpected discoveries that could be the solution to all of her problems.

The “A Diva Torn from Chaos, A Savior Doomed to Love” book is printed in the authentic Japanese right-to-left formatused for Manga, comic books named by the Japanese term that for “entertaining visual.” The Princess Ai™ action figures and dolls by Bleeding Edge Inc.™ are a true manifestation of the Manga world, ideal for all who enjoy collecting beautifully crafted action figures and fashion dolls.

The entire Princess Ai™ line will be available for viewing and advance ordering (with release scheduled for summer of 2005) at the American International Toy Fair, the largest toy trade show in the Western Hemisphere. The event annually brings together more than 1,500 industry leaders from around the world. Taking place in New York City's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from February 20-23, 2005, the event will open at 9:00 a.m. each day. Bleeding Edge™ and the Princess Ai™ fashion dolls and action figures will be at booth #1246. More information about the Toy Fair is available at www.toy-tia.org/AITF.
Press release
About Bleeding Edge™ and BEGOTHS™    
Bleeding Edge™, first founded in 2003, has quickly become a leader in creating "Toys That Refuse To Conform".

Creator of the BEGOTHS™ fashion dolls, action figures, and other toys, Bleeding Edge™ is also home to an entire community of avid BEGOTHS™ toy collectors, evidenced by an active forum, 6000 subscribers to the BEGOTHS™ newsletter, and the hundreds of devoted Crypt Club members.

More information about Bleeding Edge™ and the BEGOTHS™ items is available at www.begoths.com
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