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1991 Little Dracula
1991 Ultraman
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DreamWorks seeks green from Shrek licensees - Washington Post

DreamWorks seeks green from Shrek licensees
Washington Post, United States -
... New licensees include Activision Inc, which will produce a new Shrek video game, and MGA Entertainment, the maker of the hip Bratz dolls, to develop a broad ...
Published 6/22/2006
Dreamworks Casting Information - ''Prime Directive''
Quantumhawk from The Allspark has posted some interesting info that may pertain to the Transformers Movie.


We've gotten some very interesting casting information for an upcoming movie. Our source wishes to remain confidential. The following roles are being cast for a movie currently being referred to as 'Prime Directive', to be directed by Michael Bay for Dreamworks. Also note that these character names may not be final.

Sam - teenage male, somewhat nerdy, but ultimately heroic.

Miguela Barns - teenage female, Sam's love interest.

Cpt William Lennicks - 30s male, leader of the military.

Maggie - female, really hot, really smart, works as a codebreaker for the government.

John Kellar - 50's/60's male, US Secretary of State.

Glen Whitman - 20's male, technogeek, comic relief.

We've also been told that Shia LaBeouf has been cast in the role of Sam. With the recent rumour regarding Shia LeBeouf's casting in another Michael Bay film, draw your own conclusions (think 'Blue Harvest').

I want to thank Quantumhawk for sending me a heads up on this, and Nevermore for posting it on the 2005 Boards.
Posted 3/26/2006
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