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About Galoob.Micromachines    
Founded in 1957 by Lewis Galoob, Galoob Toys grew to become the third largest US toy manufacturer prior to its merger with Hasbro. The company registered sales of $240million in 1997 but had made losses in six successive quarters. Share prices had been falling for some time and no dividends had been paid for several years. Galoob's leading product is Micro Machines (a miniature-scale vehicle line which, in its eleven year history from 1987-98, earned sales in excess of $1billion in the US alone), whilst other top brands include other small scale vehicles, Pound Puppies mini-dolls, Battle Squads military toys and Spice Girls fashion dolls. Hasbro acquired Galoob in 1998. Until the merger, Galoob was listed on the New York Stock Exchange
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From the News Archive
Galoob WCW Sting MOC
Figura antigua wcw a estrenar. (Juguetes - Figuras de Acción - Otras Figuras de Acción) 
Posted 9/10/2007
Hasbro - Galoob Aug 2007 Transfrmers - Titanium 6-Inch G1 Ultra Magnus

A holy grail is a term used for an object that is both prized and extremely difficult to acquire. Transformers lines in the last few years have definitely had their share. Whether it's Cybertron Wing Saber, Alternators Mirage or (more recently) the 08 Camaro Bumblebee of movie fame, there always seems to be that one elusive figure that is both highly desired and near impossible to get at a reasonable price. The G1 incarnation of Ultra Magnus for the 6' Titanium line is no exception. Not only is this the first UM figure in awhile to NOT be a straight repaint of a Prime, but is a figure that seems to fetch at least $40 on eBay... if not ALOT more. I was fortunate enough to score a Titanium 3pk on BBTS for a very reasonable $50. I have to deal with a duplicate Fallen and Megatron now, but was it worth it?
The Ultra Magnus of G1 fame was described as being an armored transport carrier in alt mode. This Titanium tribute does a fair job of resembling that vehicle. Magnus has the white cab with the blue trailer. You can also spot the Autobot insignia on the roof of the cab. However, the original G1 figure had a red lower deck on the trailer, while the Titanium version is simply white. Without the red, it looks somewhat bland. There's also a huge hole in the right side of the cab where a screw holds part of the figure in place.
Perhaps the most shameful part is that the upper deck of the trailer doesn't even connect to the rear at all, but just hangs there. Titanium seems to have a bad habit of concentrating on one mode only while letting the other mode fall flat. For Ultra Magnus, the alt mode certainly wasn't the highlight. However, transformation is insanely simple.
The robot mode is where this figure really shines. More red shows up, along with Autobot insignias on both shoulders. The head sculpt is detailed very nicely, but could have used more coloration. Magnus also sports an automatic rifle type weapon that fits (extremely loose) in his hand.
Posted 9/2/2007
Galoob 1996 Jonny Quest Snow Mobile (Vehiculo de Nieve Quest)
Antigua figura con vehículo Quest. A estrenar. (Juguetes - Figuras de Acción - Otras Figuras de Acción) 
Posted 8/5/2007
Galoob 2007 Transformers - Titanium The Fallen (die cast) - Review

As Titanium seems to be slowing down to a crawl (along with most other things Transformers except the movie), the latest wave of offerings has been nothing short of frustrating in the terms of locating. The Fallen has been perhaps the hardest one to locate yet. With no retail space shy of K-Mart even offering space for 6' Titanium figures and with HasbroToyShop being out, I thought I'd never get my hands on this one. Fate smiled on me, however. The Fallen is one of the original 13 Primes created by Primus to safekeep the universe. Things somehow went wrong, and The Fallen turned dark. With the influence of Unicron, The Fallen now works against his creator by trying to break his seal.
The Fallen debuted on the 2nd installment of Dreamwave's 'War Within' series. In the comic, his alt mode was never revealed. However, you can now see he was a double barreled tank. The overall design is pretty good. There is a barrel on either side of the tank, with what appears to be gatling guns mounted in front of the treads. The tank is almost entirely black, with silver detailing the weapons and tread cogs.
The turret is rotatable 360 degrees in 12-ratchet increments. The barrels can individually be pivoted vertically. The barrels themselves are made entirely of rubber.
There is one minor shortfall to this figure. The rear treads have a tendency to flop around, due to what seems to be a common design flaw... an open backside. With no way to lock the rear tread section in place (the front section does peg to the body), you have to realign them every time you reposition the figure. The chest is fully exposed in the back, although you wouldn't know it's the chest until transformed. Transformation is very simple to execute.
The Fallen's robot mode is very faithful to the now defunct Dreamwave version. He keeps the black and silver motif, with glowing orange accents also appearaing on the legs and chest. The tank treads, which now fold on his back, have embossed flames. While some might call it cheesy, it does represent the comic rendition with The Fallen emitting flames from within. The headsculpt is one of the best from the Titanium series. You can tell this is a Prime (or at least was), and the grated mouthplate adds to the ominous looks.
Posted 5/12/2007
Z-BOTS - VEHICULO DE ASALTO VIBORA + FIGURA - C/CAJA!!!-FLA (Juguetes - Figuras de Acción - Otras Figuras de Acción) 
Posted 4/21/2007
Galoob April 2007 Transformers - Titanium 6-Inch War Within Megatron - review

The box is decorated with various WW Megatron graphics. Which is a very nice homage to the figure and the Artwork of Don Figeroa (the designer of War Within). This line of figures looks fantastic packaged in robot mode with the individual character’s armor and symbols incased around it self. Love the box…

After you cut and twist “Titanium” twist ties to free Megatron from his remarkable retail packaging, he comes with a (bendy plastic) canon, shield and standard display base with his name on it. I never really use the bases because I like to display my Transformers in dynamic poses, which the bases are not meant for… But it was great to see Megatron packaged with a functional Arm Cannon again!

Tank mode:

Highly detailed Cybertronian Tank with three main gun turrets. This tank is filled with abundant firepower! The top cannon has a movable “arm” so you can aim it up and swivel it 360 degrees. The other two are pointed towards the front of the vehicle. This alt mode could have been designed with a little more complexity in my opinion. Honestly it’s kinda lame. But I didn’t buy this figure for the tank mode, and most of us probably wont either…

Robot mode:

Posted 4/7/2007



src=http://www.todocoleccion.net/images_tc/vent_mm.gif  24,80 EUR
Posted 11/7/2006



src=http://www.todocoleccion.net/images_tc/vent_mm.gif  5,52 EUR
Posted 10/19/2006
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