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SS Kresge Co
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Heroes of the American Revolution (1975)
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1975 Heroes of the American Revolution
Company history
About SS Kresge Co    
1899: S.S. Kresge Co. founded by Sebastian S. Kresge. 1912: S.S. Kresge Co. incorporated in Delaware with 85 stores and sales of $10,325,000. 1918: S.S. Kresge Co. became a publicly traded company and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 1952: S.S. Kresge Co. was one of the first retailers to convert stores to checkout operations and to open stores in shopping centers. 1962: With Harry B. Cunningham as president, the company opened the first Kmart discount department store in a suburb of Detroit. Seventeen other Kmart stores opened the same year. 1966: Founder Sebastian S. Kresge died at age 99. 1966: Sales topped the $1 billion mark for the first time. Number of stores climbed to 915, including 162 Kmart stores. 1976: S.S. Kresge opened a record 271 Kmart stores, the first time a retailer launched 17 million square feet of retail space in a single year. Total stores reached 1,647; of those, 1,206 were Kmart stores. 1977: Name changed from S.S. Kresge Co. to Kmart Corp. to reflect that in 1976, sales at Kmart stores accounted for 94.5 percent of the company's domestic consolidated sales.
From the News Archive
Life of the Party - A Visual History of the S.S. Adams Company
In celebration of their 100th year in business, the S.S. Adams company released this beautiful pictoral history of their novelty items. From Sneezing Powder to the Whoopie Cushion to the Smoking Donkey, Adams was the originator and all the others were imitators. Filled with color pictures of the actual items, rarely seen promotional materials and even a comic biography of S.S. Adams himself, this book is a must have for anyone who loves novelties.
Published 6/20/2009
CM's Corp Sept 2007 Rally Car Collection SS.14 Nissan 12 pieces Diecast, PVC 1/64
Rally Car Collection <b>SS</b>.14 Ni<b>ss</b>an 12 pieces(Completed)
Item name : Rally Car Collection SS.14 Nissan 12 pieces(Completed) New Item
Manufacturer : CM`s Corporation
Scale : 1/64
Material : Diecast ABS PVC
Release Date : Mid Sept., 2007
Regular Price : 8,400 yen
Posted 9/22/2007
Inspire Sept 2007 Ultraman Leo - SSS Collection *Silver Blume Soft Vinyl
<b>SS</b>S Collection *Silver Blume (Completed)
Item name : SSS Collection *Silver Blume (Completed)
Manufacturer : Inspire
Scale : Non
Material : Soft Vinyl
Original : Ultraman Leo
Release Date : Early Sep
Regular Price : 7,143 yen
Posted 8/26/2007
CM's Corp June 2007 ATM-FX Berserga SSS-X Testa-Rossa 8” PVC Figure & Brave Police J-Decker 6” PVC

Organic Hobby, Inc in conjunction with CM’s Corporation proudly introduces its two new product for the U.S. market, ATM-FX Berserga SSS-X Testa-Rossa and “Brave Police J-Decker.”
The character is 'ATM-FX Berserga SSS-X Testa-Rossa' from the novel 'Blue Knight Berserga.' The figure is a 8' tall and has multiple articulation points.
ss='giImageBlock g2image_centered'>
ss=one-image>ss=giThumbnail height=465 alt='Berserga SSS-X Testa-Rossa' src=http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/80438-3/BersTestaRos1.jpg width=600 longdesc='Berserga SSS-X Testa-Rossa'>

'ATM-FX Berserga SSS-X Testa-Rossa' will be available in July with a SRP of $85.00.
The character 'Brave Police J-Decker' was a part of the Yusha (Brave) series of anime shows that aired during the 1994-1995 TV season. 'Brave Police J-Decker' returns to a subtly lighter tone, focusing more on Might Gaine’s concept of 'robot as human-built AI construct.' Grade schooler Yuuta Tominaga stumbles upon Deckerd, a humanoid robot under construction by the Japanese police, built to fight advanced forms of crime. 'Brave Police J-Decker' is a 6' tall PVC/ABS/POM fully articulated figure and comes equipped with accessories/weapons.
ss='giImageBlock g2image_centered'>
ss=one-image>ss=giThumbnail height=600 alt='Brave Police J-Decker' src=http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/80453-3/BPJ-Decker02.jpg width=398 longdesc='Brave Police J-Decker'>

'Brave Police J-Decker' will be available in July with a SRP of $45.00.
Posted 6/11/2007
Alpha Nov 2006 Intron Depot 3 Police S.S.A.T. PVC
Price: 5,800 yen
Series: Intron Depot
Manufacturer: Alpha
Release Date: Nov 2006
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
Description: Based on one of Masamune Shirow's illustrations from his Intron Depot books, this gorgeous starship policewoman is scantily clad in an (impractical) S.S.A.T. police uniform and comes armed with a gun and a futuristic baton. A custom display base is included for stability. Please note that figures such as this are mass produced and as a result some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur; these are not considered manufacturer's defects. If you absolutely must have perfection, prepare to do some touch-up work on your own.

Posted 12/4/2006
Sideshow 2002 Universal Studios Classic Monsters - 12 Inch London After Midnight SSE

ss=content-title>12 Inch London After Midnight SSE

ss=one-image>ss=giThumbnail height=356 alt='London After Midnight' src=http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=53880&g2_serialNumber=3 width=400 longdesc=>
Name London After Midnight
Toy Line Universal Studios Classic Monster Action Figures
Mfg. Sideshow Collectibles
Released 2002
Materials ABS, Cloth, Hair, Plastic, PVC, Rubber
Category Doll
Designer Mat Falls
Orig. Price $40.00
Posted 10/24/2006
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