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Empire Toys
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CHiPS (1978)
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Hulk (1974)
Legends of the West (1979)
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Star Mites (1978)
Toylines (chronological order)
1974 = misc
1974 = vehicles
1974 Flintstones
1974 Hulk
1974 Spider-Man
1978 CHiPS
1978 Star Mites
1979 Legends of the West
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From the News Archive
Bandai B-Club Nov 2007 Space Battleship Yamato - Comet Empire Infantry fighting vehicle Resin 1/144
*Comet <b>Empire</b> Infantry fighting vehicle (Unassembled Kit)
Item name : *Comet Empire Infantry fighting vehicle (Unassembled Kit) New Item
Manufacturer : B-Club
Scale : 1/144
Material : Resin
Producer : *Einosuke Shodai Hino
Original : Space Battleship Yamato
Release Date : Late Nov., 2007
Regular Price : 7,800 yen
Posted 11/24/2007
Hasbro Nov 2007 Star Wars - Comic 2-Packs Wave 5 - Lt. Jundland (Luke) & Lt. Shan - Empire #39

Get a look at Hasbro's 5th wave of Comic 2-Packs. Included in this assortment are the following:

- Lt. Jundland (Luke) & Lt. Shan - Empire #39

- Mouse & Able in Stormtrooper disguise - Empire #37
- Republic Commando & Super Battle Droid - Star Wars Tales #23

Posted 11/24/2007
Frozen Empire Toys Nov 2007 New Arrivals

New items in stock now at Frozen Empire Toys:
Kaiju For Grown Ups - Milky White Usagi-Gon
  Frank Kozik / Wonderwall - $68.00
Kaiju For Grown Ups - Gold Taberon
  Tokidoki / Wonderwall - $64.00
10' Teddy Troop – Reach
  Flying Fortress / Adfunture - $56.00
Brown Hell's Proprietor
  Glenn Barr / Dark Horse - $69.95
Blue Hell's Proprietor
  Glenn Barr / Dark Horse - $69.95
Boy Karma
  Mark Nagata / Max Toy Company - $35.00
Big Money Limited Edition Necklace
  MAD - $95.00
Pushers – Pirate
  Thomas Han / Munky King - $56.00
Pushers – Spirit
  Thomas Han / Munky King - $56.00
Flying Tiger Sharky
  Huck Gee / ToyQube - $62.00
Classico Red Demon
  Muttpop - $42.00
Classico Mini Gobi
  Muttpop - $11.50
Lots of new items are arriving daily, just in time for the holiday season.  Keep your eye on the Frozen Empire Toys website for the latest!
Posted 11/9/2007
Frozen Empire Toys Oct 2007 New Items in Stock

Dumbdummiescameron2New items in stock now at Frozen Empire Toys:

8' White Tokidoki Bear Qee by Tokidoki / Toy2R - $72.00
8' White Anarchy Bear Qee by Kozik / Toy2R - $55.00
2.5' Bart Simpson Mania Series Qee's by Toy2R - $6.50 each
Kaiju For Grown Ups - Clear Green Magman by Touma / Wonderwall - $64.00
Mainframe - Duck Season Camo by Dean Bradley / Strangeco - $64.99
Cardboys - CMYK Cartridge Set by Playbeast - $29.99
Spider Baby Boom by Sun-Min Kim / Toy2R - $4.75 per blind box
Dumb Dummies by Cameron Tiede / Kaching Brands - $5.95 per blind box
Camo El Panda by Frank Kozik / Muttpop - $68.00
Juxtapoz Magazine #82 - November 07 (OBEY Cover / Feature) - $5.00
Clutter Magazine - Issue #11 - $9.99
Posted 10/27/2007
Frozen Empire Toys Sept 2007

New items in stock now at Frozen Empire Toys
Kaiju For Grown Ups - Pink Taberon by Tokidoki / Wonderwall - $65.00
Smorkin' Labbit Series 3 - Case of 25 by Kozik / Kidrobot - $119.95
House of Liu - Classic Mei Mei by James Liu / Crazy Label - $48.00
House of Liu - Classic Di Di by James Liu / Crazy Label - $38.00
Trexi Series 3 - Sealed Case of 25 by Play Imaginative - $169.95
8' Red Toxic Swamp Cat Qee by Joe Ledbetter / Toy2R - $58.00
8' Black Anarchy Bear Qee by Frank Kozik Toy 2R - $58.00
MC Supersized Minis - Blind Box by Ron English - $9.00
Black Adam Ape by W. Ma / Play Imaginative - $95.00
Grey Lotus Kanserby Andrew Bell / Toyqube - $44.00
Grey Bonga Konga by Touma / Wonderwall - $48.00
Fushigi Circus by Mark Ryden - 2nd Edition - $33.00
Rolitoland Safari - Sets D, E & F by Toy2R - $17.50
RUNTS Plush by Tris Eaton / Thunderdog - $24.00
Blue Minty by David Horvath / Toy2R - $14.50
Original G-Robot by Jukai / Adfunture - $58.00
Camo G-Robot by Jukai / Adfunture - $58.00
Seamour Sheep by Crazy Label - $50.00
10' Bart Simpson Qee by Toy2R - $34.00
3' Bart Simpson Qee by Toy2R - $6.50
Marty Mole by Crazy Label - $13.00
New items are being stocked daily, so be sure to keep an eye on the Frozen Empire Toys website for the latest!
Posted 9/22/2007
McFarlane Sept 2007 'Spawn' creator eyes directing as empire grows - Reuters Canada

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Todd McFarlane, the comic book artist who parlayed his character 'Spawn' into a mini media empire, wants to turn his talents in a new direction -- making movies.
'I'd like to do more directing than I've done,' McFarlane said. 'I've done music videos. I point to them and say, 'I'd like to make a 90-minute version of that.''
McFarlane said he is going after lower-budget ideas.
'You're going to have some young kid do those anyway, so let me have a crack at it.'
He spoke on the sidelines of an annual convention for video game retailer GameStop, where he was showing a new lineup of highly detailed toys based on Microsoft's upcoming 'Halo 3' title.
It's the latest high-profile job for McFarlane Toys, which has also crafted figures based on 'The Matrix' and 'Terminator' movies, as well as other popular video games such as 'Metal Gear Solid' and 'Soul Calibur.'
While McFarlane's background is in superheroes, half of his toy revenue these days comes from sports.
The National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League all have deals to have McFarlane make figurines based on superstars in those sports.
A college baseball player and fan of America's national past-time, McFarlane turned heads in the sports world in 1998 when he started writing six- and seven-figure checks for historic baseballs such as the one Mark McGwire hammered to set the single-season home run record.
'That notoriety gets you into doors, then you got (deals for) four sports,' McFarlane said. 'Sometimes you've got to buy your way to the poker table.'
Posted 9/22/2007
Frozen Empire Aug 2007 New Items: Blow up dolls, 12inch Smokey, Uglydolls, more...

New items in stock now at Frozen Empire Toys
Blow Up Dolls (BUDS) Series 2 by Jamungo
$9.00 per blind box / $220 case of 25

Rolitoboy - Pity Injured by Mori Chack / Toy2R - $46.00
Rolitoland Safari - NedZed by 123Klan / Toy2R - $50.00
12' Smokey by Kozik / Kidrobot - $39.95
Be@rbrick Series 14 by Medicom - $4.00 per blind box
2.5' Clear Anarchy Toyer Qee by Kozik / Toy2R  (SDCC Exclusive) - $14.00
2.5' Clear Anarchy Dog Qee by Kozik / Toy2R (SDCC Exclusive) - $14.00
2.5' Monster TPE Toyer Qee by Toy2R  (SDCC Exclusive) - $14.00
2.5' Mini Rolitoboy - Clear Mind Black by Toy2R - $10.00
GID El Panda by Muttpop - $56.00
GID Mini Gobi by Muttpop - $13.00
GID Red Demon by Muttpop - $46.00
Uglydolls - Abima by David Horvath - $18.50
DIY Blank Sqwert by Jamungo - $14.00
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Coming Next Week
- - - - - ...
Posted 8/26/2007
New hope for Star Wars empire - NEWS.com.au

Star Wars might have pioneered the blockbuster, invented movie merchandising and reinvented special effects since it exploded on to the screen a long time ago, in a cinema not too far away.

And it might have spawned a multibillion-dollar industry in its own right, with five subsequent films and countless licensed collectables.
But all good things must end, and with no further big-screen instalments planned by creator George Lucas, the future of the franchise might be looking a little shaky.
While the Star Wars sections of toy stores are shrinking, and licensees such as Master Replicas are ending their relationship with Lucasfilm, moviegoers are going ga-ga over Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean. Last month it was Spider-Man.
But don't count Star Wars out just yet.

The thousands who flocked to Celebration IV show it still has a huge following, and while the franchise might have run its course on the big screen, it is about to be reinvented as a multimedia concern in TV shows, video games and other media.
One needs look no further than that other space phenomenon, Star Trek, to see how a sci-fi property can survive.
Since the original '60s series was cancelled after three seasons, Trek has gone from strength to strength with five spin-off series and 10 feature films.

It is about to be reinvented again with an 11th film that 'reimagines' the classic series of Captain Kirk and Mr Spock.
Now, having ushered in the age of the modern blockbuster with Star Wars, Lucas is ready to pronounce it dead.
Posted 6/11/2007
Mattel May 2007 He-Man Movie Planned! - Empire Movies
A live-action version of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is in the works courtesy of producer Joel Silver and Warner Bros.

He-Man is based on the action figure created by Mattel and later turned into an animated series meant to promote the toy line. The series became a cult classic and He-Man was later turned into a movie starring Dolph Lundgren as the title character. The movie tanked.

Justin Marks will write the script for the new version which will update the story featuring He-Man as the last hope of a magical land called Eternia, which is being ravaged by technology and the evil Skeletor. The plan is to use similar visual effects to those used in 300.
Posted 5/27/2007
Gentle Giant Nov 2007 Star Wars Darth Vader Empire Strikes Back Statue

Star Wars Darth Vader <b>Empire</b> Strikes Back Statue What is thy bidding, my master? These haunting words showed that as evil as Darth Vader seemed, that there was someone even more evil who was really in charge. This statue recreates the scene in which we see Darth Vader defer to a great power, plus it features a light-up display base just like in the movie. In the chaos that accompanied Palpatine's rise to power, Darth Vader became one of the Emperor's most loyal servants. The Emperor entrusted him with the elimination of the Jedi Knights. During these dark times, Darth Vader and his agents destroyed the remnants of Jedi order. Stands 11 1/2 inches tall. Limited edition.
Posted 4/14/2007
Konami March 2007 Mechanic Daughter Vol.3 Empire Army [chiha] 97 type mechanization armored infantry - gallery

「帝国陸軍 チハ 九七式機械化装甲歩兵」

Chiha_002_1 Chiha_003
Chiha_004 Chiha_005
Posted 3/29/2007
Empire 1978 Star Mites - Zeus


Name Zeus
Toy Line Star Mites
Mfg. Empire
Released 1978
Materials ABS, Diecast
Category Action Figure, Chogokin
Orig. Price $


Empire Toys was a subsidiary of a toy company called Empire of Carolina (formerly Carolina Enterprises, Inc.). Empire was a publicly traded toy company in the 70s and 80s that dealt with plastic toys and holiday goods but also had a habit of riding the coattails of the fads of the day.
Seeing as how Diecast robot toys were all the rage in 78, Empire decided to cash in. Somehow they came up with Star Mites, a line of diecast metal toys that was a mix of vehicles from Shinsei’s UFO Commander Series, and Yonezawa’s Astekaiser series. While a majority of the UFO Commander series came through unchanged, Astekaiser was used as the basis for an original line of figures. Astekaiser himself was never released as part of the line.
Star Mites had four figures based off of the Astekaiser mold.
  • Mars
  • Thor
  • Zeus
  • Spider Warrior

In some ways, these toys were better than the toy they were based off of. While Astekaiser was fragile, the Star Mites were solid, sturdy chunks of metal.
Posted 3/29/2007
Empire Strikes Back Super-Deformed Boba Fett

Bf1_1 Bbf
The Empire Strike Back Super-Deformed Boba Fett VCD figure is exclusive to the Star Wars Shop.  You might be saying..."hasn't this figure already been released?"   Well, there is a Boba Fett VCD, but it's the Return of the Jedi version.  The color scheme is the main difference (with the Empire being a little lighter green).  Also, the weapons differ between the two Boba Fetts.  Look for this figure to ship in June 2007.
Posted 3/4/2007
Now in Stock at Frozen Empire Toys

Wanna know what's new at Frozen Empire Toys??  Well here's a just a sampling:

8" Toxic Swamp Dog (BROWN) by Joe Ledbetter / Toy2R
8" Toxic Swamp Dog (BLUE) by Joe Ledbetter / Toy2R
2.5" Toxic Swamp Qee Series by Joe Ledbetter / Toy2R
Harold the Penguin by Frank Kozik
Cactus Love Set by Tokidoki
YIRA by Go Hero
Posted 2/16/2007
Medicom 2007 RAH Venom Is Revealed! - Empire Online
empireonline.com/images/image_index/150x180/15248.jpg width=150 > empireonline.com/images/point.gif width=5 >
empireonline.com/images/point.gif width=1 >

Sometimes studio marketing departments must want to tear their hair out. You spend a year on a project – let’s say Spider-Man 3, one of the most eagerly-awaited sequels of all time – and, apart from a quick, very blurry glimpse in one grainy teaser that made its way onto YouTube, and an official shot that shows pretty much nothing, you’ve managed to keep the look of your principal villain – let’s say Venom, the alien symbiote psycho who makes Spidey’s life hell – a secret.

And then a toy company with rights to the project – let’s say Medicom Toy Corporation – goes and releases an image of their Spider-Man 3 Venom toy, the latest in their line of Marvel RAH (Real Action Heroes) and the cat is out of the bag.
empireonline.com/images/image_index/hw120/15249.jpg width=50 align=absMiddle vspace=6> empireonline.com/images/image_index/hw120/15252.jpg width=50 align=absMiddle vspace=6> empireonline.com/images/image_index/hw120/15253.jpg width=50 align=absMiddle vspace=6>

And if you want to purchase one for the princely sum of $99, head on over to the brilliant Sideshow Toys. Of course, this won’t beat seeing Topher Grace (and a whole heap of CG) in the film version, but it’ll do in the meantime.

Immediate reaction? We likey. Sam Raimi and his design team have managed to strike a neat balance between the Venom of the comics and the new black costume that Spidey wears for much of Spider-Man 3 (which, of course, turns out to be the alien symbiote that tries to bond with Peter Parker, is rejected, and then latches onto Grace’s disgruntled photographer Eddie Brock, becoming the utterly looney tunes Venom).

Gone is the thick white spider emblem that dominates Venom’s chest in the funnybooks, instead replaced by the tenebrous grey lines of the black costume, but warped and twisted, to hint at the fragile mind of the Brock/alien combination. The hands are twisted into gnarled claws, and Venom is much more muscle-bound than Spidey, with the impression that things are almost busting out of the costume.
Posted 1/30/2007
Now at Frozen Empire

In stock and shipping NOW at Frozen Empire Toys:
SHITIKO in Brown and Black by Superdeux / Strangeco - $24.99
ORANGE HEENIE by Nathan Jurevicius / Strangeco - $49.99
MR. SHIVERS 3" Dunny by Sket-One / Kidrobot - $8.50
NOSFERATU by Futura - Green and Beige Camo Variants - $78.00 / $88.00
SQUBES by Jamungo - $35.00
ZLIKS - Sepia Variant by Andrew Bell / Wheaty Wheat - $60.00
This and lots more will be added to the mailorder and shippingsoon, including Moofia Mini Figures by Tokidoki, Mellow by ChristopherLee, UniPo Series 2 by Unklbrand and the new Dot Dot Dash Book, to namea few.
Be sure to get your orders in by December 18th for guaranteed US delivery before the 25th.
Posted 12/15/2006
It's Chilly At Frozen Empire Toys

In stock and shipping NOW at Frozen Empire Toys:
  • Get Small SF Mini Figures
  • UniPo Series 1 by UNKLbrand
  • 3" Red Ninja Trexi by Huck Gee
  • 10" + 3" Trexi Set by Huck Gee
  • 8" Lenin Dunny by Kozik / Kidrobot
  • Sho-Po plops by Kozik / Ningyoushi (Blind Box & Individual Figures)
  • Firefly GID Treeson by Crazy Label
  • 3" Mini / Keychain Treeson by Crazy Label
  • 9" Black Anarchy NADE by Kozik / Jamungo
SQWERTS Special - Buy a full set of 5 SQWERTS by Jamungo for $82.50
Many more items will be coming in soon, just in time for theholiday season, so be sure to check the website frequently for thelatest!
Posted 11/29/2006
ELITE COMMAND Diecast Soldiers - Napoleon - Army of the French Empire


src=http://www.todocoleccion.net/images_tc/vent_mm.gif  11,80 EUR
Posted 11/20/2006
Card Details Empire's Scope
Best-selling SF author Orson Scott Card, whose proposed multimedia franchise Empire was just optioned by producer Joel Silver for a movie, told SCI FI Wire that it kicks off with a novel in which terrorists attack the White House and kill the president.
Published 11/14/2006
In Stock At Frozen Empire Toys

New in stock items at Frozen Empire Toys:

El Panda Classico
by Muttpop
Little Joe by Tim Biskup / Gama-Go
The Moofia: Mozzarella by Tokidoki
Cactus Friends: Polpettina by Tokidoki
Loose Dunny Series 3 figures by Kidrobot
GOON by Touma - Taipei Toy Fest Edition
Super7 Magazine - KAWS Dissected Cover

Now on Sale:

Mad*L Artist Series 1 - Our current stock of Mad*L Artist Series 1 figures has been reduced to $28.00 each!
IkaGilas by Kozik / Wonderall - Our current selection of Ika Gilas figures(clear, clear orange & clear purple) has been reduced to $50.00each!
Posted 10/18/2006
Franchisee built an upscale empire - WFAA

WFAA (subscription)
Franchisee built an upscale empire
WFAA (subscription), TX -
... Mr. Bailey's McDonald's at Montfort Drive and LBJ Freeway was built in the form of the world's largest Happy Meal, adorned with gigantic sculptures of Ronald ...
Published 8/13/2006
Comic-Con: Transformers Producer Talks! - Empire Online

empireonline.com/images/image_index/150x180/8088.jpg width=66 height=79 alt=>
Empire Online
Comic-Con: Transformers Producer Talks!
Empire Online, UK -
... “And so on Transformers we were able to go to Hasbro and say ‘ok, guys, what would the fanbase want?’ Have we pushed the boundaries. ...
Published 7/24/2006
'Star Wars' Empire Reaches Entertainment Earth - DM News

DM News
'Star Wars' Empire Reaches Entertainment Earth
DM News, NY -
... It displays the new dolls along with figurines from other pop culture icons like ... The new toys are characters seen in the original film as background characters ...
Published 7/19/2006
Pascal Kamar built toy empire with dolls - Daily Breeze

Pascal Kamar built toy empire with dolls
Daily Breeze, CA -
... "We started making other dolls and toys and it was really successful," said Blaker, who lives in Indian Wells. "He would sketch it, and go over to the Orient. ...
Published 5/13/2006
Shia Lafeouf in The Transformers - Empire Movies

Shia Lafeouf in The Transformers
Empire Movies, ON -
... in The Transformers: The Movie for DreamWorks/Paramount and director Michael Bay. The movie, based on the comic book cartoon and popular 1980s Hasbro toy line ...
Published 4/2/2006
Empire at War - a force to be reckoned with - Joystiq

Empire at War - a force to be reckoned with
Joystiq, CA -
... take a big step back into the RTS genre with tomorrow's release of Star Wars: Empire at War ... If not, you can always dust off your old Kenner AT-ATs and stomp on ...
Published 3/19/2006
Reminder: Nakanari x Bloo Empire's Unnatural History @ Wootini (2.10.06)
Unnatural History featuring artwork and custom toys from Nakanari and Bloo Empire opens at Wootini this Friday (2.10.06) from 7 PM until midnight. Each artist will be contributing pieces focusing on animal characters. Here are some of Nakanari's custom toy pieces for the show. 50 exclusive FX Naka Funny...
Posted 2/8/2006
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