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= Various Japanese Robots = (1980)
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1980 = Various Japanese Robots =
Company history
About Victora    
Japanese toymaker Victora produced cheap toys expressly designed for train-station kiosks, convenience stores, souvenir stands, and anywhere else people made impulse purchases. Victora was a Popy Brand. Around 1978, when Popy sought to increase revenues by selling cheap toys, it used the Victora brand to churn out some of the sleaziest, most hastily-made character toys ever to come out of Japan. Most of these toys were nearly entirely plastic and easily breakable; some didn't even feature attachment points for the accessories they came with. A variety of different logos appeared on Victora's products. The packaging for the very first Victora toys actually featured the words "Victorer Series" in English. Some made use of a dark-green oval containing the characters for "Victora," while others used a "Victora Gokin" brand name. All of the boxes also featured a white "P" in a red circle, ostensibly a nod to parent company Popy. Victora was quite prolific, producing character toys based on dozens of different licenses. Enjoy 'em for what they are: cheap 'n sleazy fun!
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