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Dusty Trail Toys
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Dusty Trail (2003)
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2003 Dusty Trail
2004 Trail Troopers
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About Dusty Trail Toys    
Toy company founded by Scott and Heather Allen. Dusty Trails' figures are created by Los Angeles artist Marcello Fuentes and company founder Scott Allen. Fuentes also functions as the companyes head of research and development.
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    Dusty Trail Toys  Dusty Trail Toys
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From the News Archive
Japanese Terminator 4 Trailer
Posted 7/26/2009
Arsenic & Apple Pie LLC June 2008 Trailer Trash Barbie and Drag Queen Dolls
Judge Susan Illston, from the Northern District of California, recently issued an opinion in a case involving alleged infringement of drag queen dolls, Montwillo v. Tull, 2008 WL 2264574 (N.D. Cal. June 2, 2008)(Docket No. No. C 07-3947 SI.). The parties cross-moved for summary judgment; both motions were denied, so this is not the last we have heard of the matter.

Judge Illston gives the following background, which I have severely edited to include only the most relevant information:

This case arises out of a failed business venture between plaintiff Paul Montwillo and defendant William Tull to create and distribute dolls designed by Montwillo. As background, several years prior to the business venture, Montwillo made several “drag queen” and “Trailer Trash Barbie” dolls by dressing Barbie dolls in wigs, applying make-up, and changing their outfits. In 1996, Montwillo began selling his dolls at a store owned by Tull in San Francisco, In-Jean-ious Active. Soon thereafter, Mattel, Inc., the producer of Barbie Doll, sued Montwillo and In-Jean-ious Active for trademark and copyright infringement. Montwillo and In-Jean-ious Active settled the lawsuit with Mattel, Inc. by agreeing, inter alia, to refrain from selling any dolls based on Mattel's Barbie line; imitating or copying or using the Barbie line packaging; imitating or copying the body shape or facial features of “Barbie” and “Ken.”

In July 1997, Tull and Montwillo entered into a partnership to create and distribute dolls that did not violate the terms of the Mattel settlement. … The Partnership Agreement, signed July 16, 1997, states that Tull “will be primarily responsible for the financial investment of startup costs, and upkeep until the business shows a profit. Mr. Tull is also responsible for bookkeeping, sales, and distribution.” With respect to Montwillo, the Partnership Agreement provides that he “will be primarily responsible for Art Direction, Design, and Advertising of the product line. This would include such things as: corporate identification, product design, package design, web site design and maintenance, and print advertising.”

In the fall of 1998, Tull and Montwillo converted the partnership into a limited liability company, and registered it with the State of California as Arsenic & Apple Pie, L.L.C. (“AAP”).

During the years of the Arsenic and Apple Pie Partnership and later during the Arsenic and Apple Pie LLC,FN2 Montwillo designed, developed and helped market the first three Trailer Trash Doll models: “Trailer Trash Doll,” “Blonde Drag Queen,” and “Redhead Drag Queen.” FN3 Montwillo also developed a pre-production prototype of the “Talking Pregnant Trailer Trash Doll.” It is undisputed that all dolls were manufactured, developed, financed and distributed by Arsenic. It is also undisputed that Montwillo was actively involved in the design and artwork of the cardboard package in which each doll was sold; on the back of each box, there was a copyright notice on behalf of Arsenic & Apple Pie …AAP was not profitable; from its inception in 1999 until its dissolution in 2004, AAP lost money every year except in 2000, when it showed a profit of $6,140.

Montwillo filed suit against Tull, Gibby, and Gibby Novelties LLC on August 1, 2007, alleging a claim of copyright infringement. Tull counterclaimed for conversion, breach of contract, and breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

Posted 6/23/2008 by  The Patry Copyright Blog 
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Trailer Online

Fans of the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni storyline have some things to be happy about today. Well, really just the one thing. A trailer has been released for the upcoming second series, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. The trailer runs a full minute and 39 seconds, so there's plenty to see there. Hell, some of it might even make sense to you. I didn't really follow any of it. And… wow… what a wacky trailer. It's sort of all over the place there.
Looks like it'll be starting on July 6th, for the initial airing. You can grab the direct stream here, if that fucks up, the embed is over this way, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, you can hit the jump for the DailyMotion version. The quality is sort of poo all around. Damn shame.
Published 6/11/2007
Roth Loves Trailer Trash
Eli Roth, director of such gorefests as Hostel and Cabin Fever, told SCI FI Wire that he is developing a film called Trailer Trash, which will be made up entirely of fake trailers for nonexistent films.
Published 5/12/2007
Denna Coil and The Skull Man Get TAF Trailered

TAF, as we all know, is a haven for wonderfully long and involved trailers. We all know that right? The only problem is that we end up with a lot of shitty cams with bad audio. Well, the problem gets a little less widespread today with the streaming release of extra length TAF trailers for both Denna Coil and The Skull Man. The Denna Coil PV clocks in at just over five and a half minutes with The Skull Man producing an impressive 180 seconds (3 minutes, people. Come on.) The streams are pretty high quality, not sure what DailyMotion will do to them, so the direct links will follow. Denna Coil is here, and The Skull Man is over here.
Hit the jump for the DM versions of each. Denna Coil hits May 12th and The Skull Man will air starting on the 28th of this month. Oh, and as a quick note, the anime adaptation of Peach-Pit's Zombie-Loan has a webpage now. It even has a sexy (flash) PV online. WATCH IT HERE. (Oh, PV and CM both basically mean trailer/commercial. PV is for promotional video and CM is commercial message. Now you know.)
Denna Coil

Skull Man
Published 4/21/2007
Spidey 3 Trailer Due Nov. 9
The new trailer for Sam Raimi's upcoming Spider-Man 3 is set to go live on the Web on Nov. 9 on iFilm and will be linked through SCI FI Wire's Trailers page. The trailer will go live at 10 p.m. ET and will be available in two formats.
Published 11/8/2006
“Royale” Trailer Online Tonight
The final theatrical trailer for the upcoming James Bond film 'Casino Royale' will make its debut online in the next 24 hours. AOL Moviefone will host the premiere. [Click Here>
Posted 9/7/2006
More Images Of Masterpiece Starscream, Convoy With Trailer, And Kissplay Autolooper With Atari

Fan2Fan has updated again with more images of Masterpiece Starscream's face switching gimmick, images of a size comparison between Masterpiece Starscream and Masterpiece Convoy with Trailer, and lastly, an image of the World's Smallest styled Kissplay Autolooper with Atari in package. Click here to check out the images! Thanks to 2005 Boards Member Nevermore for the news. Thanks to Fan2Fan.jp for the news.
Published 9/4/2006
Takara: Transformers MP-04 Masterpiece Optimus Prime Convoy + Trailer
Transformers MP-04 Masterpiece Optimus Prime Convoy + Trailer

NOTE: Trailer shown in pic is NOT actual trailer. Final trailer will vary. Unfortunately no pictures have been released by Takara yet. This is the Transformers MP04 Optimus Prime Complete Set which includes the Masterpiece Optimus Prime figure and trailer.
Posted 8/25/2006
Konami Sky Girls Trailer and Figure
Well, I was just innocently looking around at the Sky Girls websites to see what I could find in the way of information on a figure that TJ Han linked me to, and I noticed that there was a Sky Girls trailer online. The 1:38 trailer shows off the the show is going to be [...]
Posted 8/24/2006
Armored Core: Fort Tower Song OVA Trailer Online
The upcoming OVA for the popular game series Armored Core is moving along quite quickly it seems. From just being announced recently, there is already a trailer online for your viewing pleasure. The video is up in a streaming Windows Media format, and runs about 1:42 but if you're not into Windows Moedia, I've YouTubed [...]
Published 8/23/2006
Reprolables.com Update: Alt Trailbreaker Stickers
Delta of the boards has announced the newest sticker set is now available at http://www.reprolabels.com: A set for conversion of Alternators Nemesis Prime to Alternators Trailbreaker! These stickers, coupled with the prior-announced head swap truly are a work of art. Click the Discuss button to talk about this topic. Thanks to 2005 Boards Member Delta for the news.
Published 8/20/2006
Strike Witches Trailer Online
I've been looking forward to this one. GONZO's 20 minute Mecha-Musume based OVA, Strike Witches, has a trailer online. Sadly, the trailer is painfully short, as will be the finished OVA. Hopefully the OVA won't leave me feeling cheated like the trailer did. It just wasn't fun and didn't venture into the attitudes of the [...]
Published 8/16/2006
More Images Of Masterpiece Convoy With Trailer

More images of the Masterpiece Convoy with Trailer are available at the same site with the high resolution images of Masterpiece Starscream. Sadly, these images are not as high of quality as those that were posted for Starscream. Check out the site here. Thanks to amiami.com for the news.
Published 8/9/2006
Reaping Trailer Goes Live
The new trailer has gone live for The Reaping, Oscar winner Hilary Swank's new movie, and is linked through SCI FI Wire's Trailers page.
Published 7/19/2006
MP-04 Optimus Prime to feature G1 like Transformable Trailer
tak10608.jpgBigbadtoystore.com reports that the MP-04 Optimus Prime Trailer will open similiar to the Generation 1 trailer. No word yet on what detailing and accessories will be included. You can read their entire newsletter by clicking here.
Published 6/7/2006
MP-01 Reissue Cancelled - Replaced By The MP-04 Convoy With Trailer Set
tf-mp04-300.jpgNot a big surprise, but BigBadToyStore confirms what many suspected; the MP-01 reissue has been cancelled and replaced by the MP-04 Convoy with trailer set.
Published 5/27/2006
Transformable Trailer For MP-02 Ultra Magnus On Ebay
A very cool custom transformable trailer for MP-02 is currently listed on Ebay. It merges with Takara's Masterpiece Ultra Magnus in robot mode then transforms into a car carrier for the Alternator cars. You can check it out by clicking here.
Published 5/8/2006
3/27 Raw Deal with Dusty Giebink: Mickie loves Trish but hates her ... - Pro Wrestling Torch

Pro Wrestling Torch
3/27 Raw Deal with Dusty Giebink: Mickie loves Trish but hates her ...
Pro Wrestling Torch -
... If he was such a big star, he would have had an action figure of himself made, and be used as a sight gag in somebody’s weekly Raw reviews. But…. ...
Posted 3/28/2006
CPM Unveils Negadon Contest, Website, Trailer and Screening - Anime News Network

CPM Unveils Negadon Contest, Website, Trailer and Screening
Anime News Network, Canada -
... forums, and blogs. The North American Negadon trailer can be found at www.NegadonAttacks.com. - Negadon Kaiju Contest. As Negadon: The ...
Published 3/26/2006
New Trailer for World Rally Championship on PSP - GameZone

New Trailer for World Rally Championship on PSP
GameZone, MI -
Today NAMCO BANDAI Games America, Inc. released all-new gameplay footage from their upcoming rally racing game World Rally Championship ...
Published 3/24/2006
PAPER TRAILS : Local coed has fame, if not fortune - Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (subscription)

PAPER TRAILS : Local coed has fame, if not fortune
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (subscription), AR -
... wife, Barbara Satterfield, were visiting the Arkansas Arts Center’s gift shop and noticed the store and others like it didn’t have fine arts action figures ...
Posted 3/10/2006
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