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SD Toys
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Heidi (2011)
La Abeja Maya (Maya the Bee) (2011)
Marco (2011)
Marvel (2013)
Mazinger Z (2009)
Monster Theater (2007)
Movie Icons (2005)
Sponge Bob (2013)
Star Wars (2013)
The Big Bang Theory (2014)
The Blues Brothers Connection (2005)
Up (2011)
Vivky el Vikingo (2011)
XBA (2005)
You're a Genius! (2005)
Toylines (chronological order)
2005 Movie Icons
2005 The Blues Brothers Connection
2005 XBA
2005 You're a Genius!
2007 Monster Theater
2009 Mazinger Z
2011 Heidi
2011 La Abeja Maya (Maya the Bee)
2011 Marco
2011 Up
2011 Vivky el Vikingo
2013 Marvel
2013 Sponge Bob
2013 Star Wars
2014 The Big Bang Theory
Press release
SD Toys    

SD TOYS has been created from SD Distribuciones experience as a distributor of action figures and all sort of merchandising related to the worlds of comic, cinema, videogames and music.
SD Distribuciones is the first comic distributor in Spain and has on its catalog the great majority of titles published in the country. Its offer is completed by a full selection of DVDs, manga CDs, card games and accesories, RPG books and merchandising of every sort. To see the full catalog, don't hesitate to visit its web page at www.sddistribuciones.com
With SD Toys we are trying to fill an existing void producing high quality merchandising with licenses and products that are true living classics. Those licenses will always be on demand.
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