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Milton Bradley
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Karate Fighters (1995)
Robotix (1984)
Star Bird (1979)
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1979 Star Bird
1984 Robotix
1995 Karate Fighters
From the News Archive
STRANGEco Aug 2007 Dean Bradley's MAINFRAME

STRANGEco, the purveyors of the peculiar, are proud to announce the release of Mainframe, designed by Dean Bradley, a native Southern Californian and an accomplished artist and graphic designer. Bradley's work has quickly spread internationally and he has worked with the likes of Hurley International, Fuel TV, Buff Monster and Angry Woebots. Mainframe, is a forceful axe-wielding computer, come to life, with a monitor for a head, CPU unit as torso, a keyboard for one hand, and wires and cables carrying all the action.

Created in 2002, Mainframe is an exploration about our delicate relationship with technology. Begun as a series of paintings, the image and concept of Mainframe took root and spread rapidly across the globe. Through stickers, gallery shows, television exposure and now the STRANGEco collaboration, the concept of Mainframe has taken on a life of his own, much like the computer it was born from.

'I was spending a lot of time in front of my computer. I felt like the computer was a part of me. I realized there was a conflict within, a struggle between nature and technology.'- Dean Bradley
Posted 9/2/2007
STRANGEco July 2007 ComicCon Dean Bradley's exclusive Mainframe figure

STRANGEco has revealed one of their previously secret Comic Con Exclusives - Dean Bradley's exclusive Mainframe figure.  They also have let it known what their signing schedule will look like.  So, if you are into getting your items endorsed by some of today's to artists...check out the following list:

Thursday - Noon to 1PM - Simone Legno of tokidoki
His first signing for the show, featuring an exclusive toy set from STRANGEco!
Friday - Noon to 1PM - Dean Bradley
The world premiere of his iconic MAINFRAME vinyl figures, including a special release of the 'Night Rider' camo edition.
Saturday - Noon to 1PM - Bob Dob
So Cal Artist Bob Dob will be signing the new LUEY vinyl figure, whichis making a bit of a splash hither and yon. They'll also have a speciallimited-edition print, too.
Posted 7/21/2007
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