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Toylines (alphabetical order)
Dinosaucers (1987)
Herois Da TV (1986)
Jaspion (1986)
Rambo (1985)
Star Wars Droids (1988)
Thundercats (1986)
Voltron (1986)
Toylines (chronological order)
1985 Rambo
1986 Herois Da TV
1986 Jaspion
1986 Thundercats
1986 Voltron
1987 Dinosaucers
1988 Star Wars Droids
Company history
Brazilian company that released liscenced toys manufactured by Galoob (A-Team, Dinosaucers...) and Kenner (Star Wars)
Glasslite was Kenner's licensee in Brazil in the late 80 's. The toys Glasslite commercialized in those years were essentially the same sold all around the world by Kenner and its other licensees, but in Brazil they came on different cards and boxes, and also had some major painting variations, different stickers, etc.
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