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Toylines (alphabetical order)
Cocoronavi (2005)
December when There is no Angel (2005)
Fate Stay Night (2005)
Higurashi no Naku Koroni (2005)
Leaf Collection (2005)
Tsukihime (Moon Princess) (2005)
Utawarerumono (2005)
When They Cry (2005)
Zaishuu the Sin (2005)
Toylines (chronological order)
2005 Cocoronavi
2005 December when There is no Angel
2005 Fate Stay Night
2005 Higurashi no Naku Koroni
2005 Leaf Collection
2005 Tsukihime (Moon Princess)
2005 Utawarerumono
2005 When They Cry
2005 Zaishuu the Sin
From the News Archive
2nd Annual Christmas in July Auction Directions: 20 Bonnie Brae Road ( Rt. 724 ) , Spring City , Pa. Selling Selections from Washington Dolls House and Toy Museum, Richard Wright, York Doll Collectors, New York Collector Retiring, several Local Estates and more.
Posted 7/26/2009
Idaho hot springs ease five years of disappointment - CNET News

Idaho hot springs ease five years of disappointment
In December 2007, I finally went to Idaho, to a suburb near Boise, to do a story on the research and development labs of Ugobe, the maker of the toy robot ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Sega April 2009 Evangelion Vignetteum Figure: Spring Wind Rei
Price: 1,500 yen
Series: Evangelion
Manufacturer: Sega
Release Date: Apr 2009
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
Description: It's springtime, the cherry blossoms are floating through the air, and Rei Ayanami, clutching her book bag, is waiting for the bus. ... Wait, what? Can't she take her EVA to school? Wistful Rei, in her school uniform with a pink sweater, stands about 15cm tall, and comes with a base complete with bus-stop sign. A game-prize item from Sega, this prepainted figure is a wonderful way to get a terrific figure for not a lot of money--and don't forget Asuka, linked below!Please note that the photos shown are of a prototype; the production version may vary. Also, figures such as this are mass produced and as a result some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur; these are not considered manufacturer's defects. If you absolutely must have perfection, prepare to do some touch-up work on your own.

Posted 6/20/2009
Taki Corp May 2009 Ikki Tousen - Kanu Uncho Hot Spring Bathing Ver. PVC 1/8
Price: 7,300 yen
Series: Ikki Tousen
Manufacturer: Taki Corporation
Release Date: May 2009
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
Description: A visibly pouting Kanu Uncho poses with her arms behind her head, ready for a rejuvenating soak in a hot spring! Wrapped in her pink towel, she's stunning; remove the towel to show her off in her fundoshi and a tiny towel tied around her considerable bosom. Both the small towel and the fundoshi can be removed, too, for the ultimately heart-stopping display! Posed on her rock-like base, Kanu is about 20cm tall. Take this bathing beauty home with you today!
This figure depicts full or partial nudity and is not intended for immature hobbyists. Please be aware that customs regulations for your country may prevent this figure from being delivered to you (contact your country's customs agency if you have questions about this). Parental regulations may also prevent you from receiving it. Please use discretion when ordering.Please note that the photos shown are of a prototype; the production version may vary. Also, figures such as this are mass produced and as a result some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur; these are not considered manufacturer's defects. If you absolutely must have perfection, prepare to do some touch-up work on your own.

Posted 6/20/2009
Makeplus June 2008 Spring, Summer, Candy - Haruka

『ToHeart2 AnotherDays』より1/7スケール「柚原春夏」


Posted 6/23/2008
Medicom Spring 2009 Sweeney Todd (via Sideshow)

Sweeney Todd RAH 12-inch FigureSideshow is pleased to announce that Medicom Toy Corporation has allowed Sideshow Collectibles to import a limited number of their 12-inch RAH Sweeney Todd figure from the film 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street'. The Sweeney Todd figure features an authentic likeness of Johnny Depp and comes complete with his trademark razors. Medicom's outstanding 1:6 scale figures are of the highest quality and detail, ready to take life on your shelf in any dynamic pose that you desire. Medicom Toy's RAH body is one of the most articulated 12-inch figure bodies available, capable of nearly any pose that the human body can achieve.
Posted 6/23/2008
Gentle Giant Spring 2008 Animated Pirates of the Caribbean Maquettes

Gentle Giant has sent out this statement in regards to their upcoming Animated Pirates of the Caribbean Maquette line.

'I wanted to take the time to clarify some information regarding our Animated Pirates of the Caribbean Maquette line. Although we announced the cancellation of distributor orders for Will Turner and Captain Barbossa Maquettes at the beginning of this week, we are still producing the 2 items. These items will be available directly through Gentle Giant and limited to 1,000 pcs world wide. They will be available to purchase through our website www.gentlegiantltd.com in spring of 2008, and are currently still available to pre-order. We have not cancelled preorders previously placed through the website. You must be logged into your account to see the pre-order.'

Posted 12/15/2007
Alice Cherry Blossom - Spring Outfit - Nov 2007

To celebrate Charles's solo exhibition, a very special and limited (only 10 of them!) exclusive edition is now available.  The original Cherry Blossom - Spring outfit - can only be purchase by sending an email to AliceCherryBlossom@gorke.nl to request more information.
Posted 11/17/2007
Spring 2005 on the EARTH

Huroku_goddess_002 Huroku_goddess_003
Huroku_goddess_005 Huroku_goddess_006 Huroku_goddess_007
Posted 9/22/2007
Sulphur Spring Sept 2007 Heaven Breaking - 1/6 scale
硫黄泉「天元突破グレンラガン ヨーコ」作例レビュー
Trade name Heaven original breaking [gurenraganyoko]
Manufacturer Sulphur spring
Size 1/6 scales
Sale day 2007 September (WHF Yokohama DASH2)
Original name Heaven original breaking [gurenragan]
Prototype production zenko (sulphur spring)
Copyright ©GAINAX/[anipuretsukusu] KDE-J TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Dentsu
Standard retail price 12,000 Yen (including tax)
Posted 9/10/2007
Playmates Spring 2008 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Basic Figures

Here is a look at some of Playmates upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures coming out in the Spring of 2008. The theme for this line is called 'Alien Hunter'. Shown for the following figures:

- Alien Hunter Leo
- Alien Hunter Ralph
- Alien Hunter Don
- Alien Hunter Mike
- Alien Hunter Thrashmo
- Alien Hunter Multifle
- Alien Hunter Buzzrok
- Alien Hunter Para-cyt

Posted 9/2/2007
Palm Springs - Uncle Don's Toys store - A fond memory for many

PALM SPRINGS - Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond and Red Skelton poked around in Uncle Don's Toys when locals were 'villagers' in this famed winter resort.
They got a smile from a kindly gentleman behind the counter named Don Du Bose and left with birthday presents and Christmas gifts wrapped in trademark paper -- a candy stick attached.
Uncle Don's Toys opened in 1955 and finally shuttered in 1990 -- a casualty of competition in an industry where many mom-and-pop toy stores couldn't compete with the giants.
But while the store disappeared long ago, the red-and-white wrapping paper bound up in so many childhood memories -- with its distinctive stick cowboy figure -- rides again.
Du Bose kept several 50-pound rolls tucked away of his special wrapping paper until a chance meeting prompted a free giveaway campaign at the Palm Springs Historical Society (221 S. Palm Canyon Drive: 760-323-8297).

He had all the good toys, the latest toys,' said Pennington, a Rialto resident. 'Uncle Don's ... everybody just knew where that was.
In 1957, a toy supermarket opened that would eventually become an $11 billion business with 1,600 stores worldwide -- Toys 'R' Us.

In the early 1960s, discount stores like Target and Wal-Mart took a bite out of the toy market department stores once reigned over.
In 2001, half of the top six toy retailers in the country were discount chains, according to the Toy Industry Association.
Business Drops
Finally, the cash register stopped ringing so much at Uncle Don's
Du Bose, who survived summers so slow that he could pitch pennies at the white line running down the main drag in Palm Springs, couldn't compete with a new, cost-cutting Thrifty Drug that sold Barbies a dollar cheaper. Longtime customers wondered if they were two different-sized dolls.
Du Bose, 76, grew up in his dad's dime store in Palm Springs -- running the toy department.
At one time, Uncle Don's had 250 in-store charge accounts -- before credit cards became popular.
But 17 years ago after a final Christmas sale, Uncle Don's closed for the last time -- a two-story, 8,500-square-foot store at 296 N. Palm Canyon Drive at Amado Road.
But there's no regrets from a man who jetted to toy shows in Nuremberg, Germany, and New York and made many pilgrimages to FAO Schwartz.
'I didn't realize how many people knew me until I retired,' Du Bose said. 'And to this day, they still say, 'Aren't you Uncle Don? I grew up in your store.' '
Posted 8/19/2007
Rocket World Spring 2007 Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo (IWG)- Series 4 - Candace and Burnum - review

Rocket World introduced Series 4 of their Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo (IWG) line earlier in the year.  The four piece rotocast vinyl series was broken into two releases – Makutu and Oishi were released around March and Candace and Burnum have recently been made available.

With a temper to match her mass, Candace will rampage poachers' campsites without quarter. Very protective of her loved ones and her I.W.G. team members, Candace is considered to be the group's mother figure and loved equally in return.

No stranger to being hunted, and sometimes overly sensitive to his unique nature, Burnum is quick to start a fight with offending humans. Burnum often kicks it with Irra and Makutu, not just because they have all have beaks or bills, but they share a love of home decor.

All of the packaging in Series 4 is similar, however the size of the box varies due to the different sizes of the figures inside.  The vinyl toys are secured in a plastic tray that makes it easy to remove, while the window front box will please those folks who like to keep things mint in box.
The Figures
Candace the African Elephant is 7” in height with 7 points ofarticulation (that has to be lucky, right?).  She is armed with an RPG(rocket propelled grenade) that is two separate pieces.  The figure islimited to a run of
Posted 8/5/2007
Toy Wishes Magazine Spring 2007 Two Sweepstakes - Ratatouille and Polly Pocket

The Spring 2007 issue of Toy Wishes magazine features two different sweepstakes: Ratatouille (the prizes are Mattel action figures from the movie) and Polly Pocket .
Posted 8/5/2007
McFarlane Spring 2008 Halo 3 Toys
Two powerhouses of pop culture are collaborating, as McFarlane Toys has announced a licensing agreement with Microsoft to produce action figures based on the hit video game series Halo. Halo 3 is scheduled to arrive in stores later this year.

The action figure lineup expected to be released is as follows:

Master Chief
Brute Chieftain
Jackal Sniper
Grunt 2-Pack

There is also a three vehicle line-up that includes: Warthog, Chopper and Ghost. These vehicles are die cast metal/plastic, playable toys measuring 3 ½ inches on a custom base.

The figures are expected to hit store shelves Spring 2008.

“Halo is one of the top video game franchises of all time,” says McFarlane Toys CEO, Todd McFarlane. “We get to put our company’s touch on a sci-fi epic that is visually and thematically stunning. Through its game-play, Halo has been able to attract a very large and loyal audience, most of whom happen to be our customers as well, which makes this an excellent partnership.”

Halo follows the events of an inter-galactic war between the last surviving members of the human race and an advanced collection of alien races known as The Covenant. The first title in the series, Halo: Combat Evolved, was the flagship title for Microsoft's Xbox video game console when it was released in 2001. The game achieved both critical acclaim and financial success, selling more than 6 million copies worldwide.
Halo 2 was released in 2004, breaking sales records (more than 7 million copies worldwide) and becoming the fastest-selling media product in US history.
Posted 7/5/2007
Hasbro 2007 Inventor of Super Soaker hails from Sandy Springs - Atlanta Journal Constitution
Inventor of Super Soaker hails from Sandy Springs

For the Journal-Constitution
Published on: 05/28/07
In the early '80s, Lonnie Johnson of Atlanta fashioned a Coke bottle, PVC pipe and plexiglass into a high-powered water gun. It became a hit with his daughter and her friends — and revolutionized a summertime staple.
Q: Before inventing the Super Soaker you concentrated on science — why did you create a toy?
Courtesy of Lonnie Johnson
'With the Super Soaker, kids who had a conventional gun just couldn't get close to you,' says creator Lonnie Johnson.

A: As a frustrated inventor, it was extremely difficult getting investors or the financial support needed to place one of my ideas. So I decided to do the toy and give it priority because it was something that anybody could look at and appreciate. And I felt that I could license it a lot easier. ... I always knew it was a great toy because I used it and my daughter used it. It was very apparent that it had the kind of excitement and magic that suggested success.
Q: Why do you think it revolutionized water gun play?
A: First, it's the look of the gun. I was working at NASA at the time and working on outer-planetary spacecraft. So a pressure bottle integrated into the system sort of has that spacey look. ... That was about the time that toy guns that looked like real guns were falling out of favor, and there was a need for a new look. The Super Soaker actually brought that fresh look ... but [the main thing was] performance. With the Super Soaker, kids who had a conventional gun just couldn't get close to you. You could shoot a lot more water, and they would end up a lot wetter.
Q: Do you still work with toys?
A: Yes, I have an ongoing interaction with Hasbro. I come up with new gun ideas and submit them. Hasbro makes improvements, and all of those things are covered under our contracts. All of the patents for the water guns are licensed to Hasbro. I have a number of ideas I'm working on, and some I'd like to get to as soon as I have the time. But the other toy that's been successful for me are the Nerf dart guns. About half of Hasbro's Nerf guns are based on my patents.
Posted 5/27/2007
Mattel May 2007 Springs to launch Fisher-Price line - Home Textiles Today

El Segundo, Calif. – Toy titan Mattel today announced it has extended its licensing arrangement with Springs Global US, which will now product the first ever complete line of bedding and bath products for infants and toddlers under the Fisher-Price brand, a Mattel subsidiary.

The Fisher-Price collection will include sheets, blankets, mattress pads, bumpers and valances, diaper stackers, lamps, wall borders, wall hangings, switch plates, night lights and baskets. Bath products will include supertowels, hooded towels, washcloths and washmits.

The collection targets mid-tier and mass retailers as well as baby specialty stores. Retail prices will range from $3.99 to $29.99.

Under the licensing extension, Springs will continue to create bedding and bath products for Mattel’s Barbie, Hot Wheels and Polly Pocket brands.

Springs has been producing juvenile products under the Mattel license since 2004.
Posted 5/27/2007
Crazy Label's Spring/Summer Line

Andy has posted the following photo of Crazy Label's much anticipated Spring/Summer collection.  I'm really liking the Seamour Sheep figure...this could be a super popular figure this year!
Posted 3/29/2007
Spring 2007 'Hot Dozen'

Spring 2007 Hot Dozen List in alpabetical order:

1. Baby Alive Sip ‘N Slurp by Hasbro;
2. Banzai Double Drop Raceway by ToyQuest;
3. Barbie FairyTopia Magic of the Rainbow: Rainbow Adventure Elina Doll and DVD Game;
4. Ben 10 Alien Voice Changer with Glasses by Bandai;
5. Crayola Sidewalk Paint Sprayer by Crayola;
6. Deluxe Spinning Web Blaster by Hasbro;
7. Dora Make A Splash Sprinkler by Imperial;
8. Hot Wheels Racing Timer by Mattel;
9. Moon Sand by Spin Master;
10. Pokemon Basic Figures and Deluxe Figures by Jakks Pacific;
11. Spiderman 3 Action Figures; and
12. Tamagotchi Connection V4 by Bandai.
Posted 3/29/2007 by  Reuters Newsblogs 
Bubba Spring 2007 Yuki Nagato - comes with 3 different tops
Posted 3/9/2007
Solid Theater March 2007 God hill spring princess 1/8 scale

Trade name Don't you think? the [pi] it does! God hill spring princess initializing color ver.
Manufacturer Solid theater
Size 1/8 scale total heights approximately 180mm
Sale day 2007 March schedule
Original name Don't you think? the [pi] it does!
Prototype production zenko (sulphur spring)
Copyright The [u] it is to be the [do] All right reserved which is seen.
Standard retail price
Posted 3/9/2007
Zenko / Sulphur Spring Mar 2007 Charge!1/6 scale kit

Posted 3/9/2007
McDonalds Spring 2007 'Idol' promotion - Hollywood Reporter

'Idol' promo partners are lovin' it
Hollywood Reporter, CA -
NEW YORK -- Simon Cowell is not always the friendliest guy around, but that's not stopping 'American Idol' from teaming with McDonald's for a Happy Meal promotion.

'Idol' also has lined up off-air promotions with Pringles and Samsung, along with previously announced promotional partners Nestle and Dreyer's ice cream.

It is the first season that 'Idol,' known for its prominent on-air integrations and sponsorships, has launched a major off-air promotional program with advertisers.

A spokeswoman for McDonald's confirmed that the 'Idol' promotion involves Happy Meals but declined to provide further details. She said it will involve the usual Happy Meal media mix, which most often involves TV spots. McDonald's is close to finalizing the deal with 'Idol' co-producer and licenser FremantleMedia and 'Idol' creator 19 Entertainment, she said
Posted 3/9/2007
Sideshow Hot Toys Spring 2007 Alien warrior from Alien vs Predator - Review!
Hot Toys Alien Warrior Review
I remember seeing Alien at the theater in 1979. The hype machine had done a great job, and both the posters and the tagline ('In space, no one can hear you scream') had the horror fans geeked. The relatively unknown actress Sigourney Weaver starred, with a solid cast of character actors supporting her. The film combined a great script with excellent direction and acting to create one of the top horror movies of all time.

But no matter how good the rest of a horror film might be, it absolutely has to have a fantastic monster design to become one of the greats. And Alien, and the follow-up films Aliens, Aliens 3, Alien Resurrection and Alien vs. Predator, had exactly that. The main protagonist was designed by the great H.R. Giger, who won an Academy Award for his work. The alien (or Xenomorph, as it was referred to in later films) taps into our basic fears of all things insect-like and slimy, and when you throw in not one but two sets of big nasty teeth, you've got the perfect nightmare on two legs.
Hot Toys has been producing sixth scale figures based on the various films. We've got the marine Hicks, with Apone, Hudson, and Drake along with Ripley coming soon. A sixth scale Power Loader for Ripley was shown at Toy Fair, and you can order all these goodies from Sideshow. They are distributing the figures in the U.S. for Hot Toys. Model Kit Model Kit Model Kit Model Kit Model Kit Model Kit Power Loader Accessory
But what good would all those people be without Aliens to battle? Today I'm looking at their Alien Warrior based on the look in the film Alien vs Predator. They are also doing a Warrior based on the Aliens film that will be released in 2007. How far off can an Alien Queen be?
Posted 3/9/2007
Solid Theater March 2007 Don't you think? God Hill Spring Princess Finis - painted PVC 1/8 scale
Posted 2/6/2007
Master Replicas Spring 2007 Yoda Force FX Lightsaber


Since Master Replicas released the very first Force FX Lightsaber in 2002, fans have been clamoring for a Yoda Force FX. Unfortunately, due to the small size of Yodas hilt, Master Replicas team of product designers and engineers have been unable to fit all of the necessary light and sound technology in place to create a “realistic” Yoda FX that would live up to the standards of its predecessors that is, until now!  With recent breakthroughs in Force FX technology, we are pleased to announce that the Yoda Force FX Lightsaber has become a reality!

Since Yoda was created digitally for the prequel trilogy, his lightsaber was also a digital construct. And so, Lucasfilm once again granted Master Replicas engineers access to the ILM computer files and reference images, allowing for the creation of the most authentic, realistic Force FX lightsaber possible. While the Yoda Force FX Lightsaber is smaller than anything released to date measuring roughly 33-inches (including the blade), versus average Force FX which measures 44 inches remember, as Yoda taught us, “Size Matters Not!”
And of course, the Yoda Force FX features:

 An enhanced glowing green blade with realistic power-up and power-down light effects. The power-up and power-down light effects are produced by a string of 64 super-bright LEDs that ignite sequentially inside the blade.

Five motion sensor controlled sound effects digitally recorded from the movie: power-up, idle hum, swing, clash, and power-down.

3 built-in motion sensors for super sensitivity: 2 for detecting movement and 1 for detecting the impact of the blade.

A durable metal hilt looks and feels like a real lightsaber.

A sturdy blade is permanently attached to the hilt. 

Add the weapon of the greatest Jedi in the Galaxy wise, old Master Yoda to your collection today!
Posted 1/30/2007
Master Replicas Spring 2007 Darth Vader (A New Hope) Force FX Lightsaber


Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith, was the scourge of the Jedi, a Master of the Dark Side of the Force, and one of the Emperors most trusted servants. Originally trained by Qui-Gon Jinn and then Obi-Wan Kenobi, young Anakin Skywalker was thought to be the “chosen one” who would bring order to the galaxy, but was seduced by the Dark Side of the Force. Now with this incredible Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber, you can relive all of the thrills and excitement of the epic battles between the Jedi and the Dark Side.
Bring home the adventure and excitement of the Dark Sith Lords unforgettable battler and complete the circle with this amazing replica. The sturdy blade is permanently attached to the hilt Durable metal hilt looks and feels like a real lightsaber Features motion sensor controlled sounds: idle hum, swing, and clash Authentic lightsaber sound effects digitally recorded from the movie Glowing, bright red blade ignites with realistic power-up and power-down light effect Official Replica of Darth Vaders lightsaber from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope

Posted 1/30/2007
Bandai Jan 2007 'Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive' Spring 2007 Toy Line-Up - Animation Insider

'Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive' Spring 2007 Toy Line-Up
Animation Insider, NY -
Celebrating fifteen seasons on air, the Power Rangers property continues to thrive. Providing action and adventure for eager television viewers who want a little bit more superhero transforming action than the average kid, Power Rangers has developed and evolved in a wide number of ways over the many years and has continued to appeal to key demographics year after year. Thanks to willing television programming blocks and generous consumer product producers and distributors, the Power Rangers necessarily property has reached other media interests with ease. Last fall, the Power Rangers: Mystic Force toy line was incredibly popular [related A.I. news: 'Mystic Force Toy Line-Up']; so naturally, from Bandai America Inc., this Spring will see another new toy line hit the store shelves with the Power Rangers name on it. First quarter 2007 will see Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive toys will be available.

Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive is scheduled to air well over fifty times weekly on Toon Disney's JETIX action and adventure programming block on ABC Kids come March 2007. Fans of the franchise have followed the production of toy lines for years, and the popularity of 'Operation Overdrive' may once again prove the indelible connection between television programming and successful consumer products. The battle of good versus evil in the world of the Power Rangers has never been so popular. Much of the property's popularity can also be attributed to Bandai America and Disney creating a near seamless brand story that translates from the television series to retail, enabling kids to play out the adventures as their favorite Power Ranger hero in their own homes.

'Bandai America is set to celebrate the evergreen success of the Power Rangers brand with a new breakthrough toy line that really allows young kids to live, breathe and play like their favorite Power Rangers hero,' Matt Golding, director of marketing commented. 'This expanded lineup for Operation Overdrive features more transforming toys than ever before, and new role-play accessories that truly deliver on the show's themes by allowing kids to play out the treasure hunting adventures in unique ways.'

'As the longest running kids' show to date, Power Rangers is Disney Consumer Products' largest boys franchise, and special tributes are being planned for its 15th season on air,' Heather Rubaum, director of boys/film franchise, Disney Consumer Products stated. 'In addition to special-edition product, JETIX on-air stunts and a new Power Rangers Supersite at www.powerrangers.com, we're planning some special fan-driven events that audiences of season 1 to season 15 can all enjoy.'

Posted 1/6/2007
Solid Theater Dec 2006 God Hill Spring Princess - painted PVC 1/8 scale - Happiness! Haruhi Kamisaka

Posted 11/29/2006
Solid Theater Nov 2006 God hill Spring Princess -painted PVC 1/8 scale
* Don't you think? the [pi] it does! God hill spring the princess finished product figure solid theater usually edition (reservation)

6,300 Yen in manufacturer desired retail price (including tax) place
5,401 Yen in this store price (including tax) postage extra

Manufacturer solid theater
Sale day: November of 06 undecided
Don't you think? original name the [pi] it does!
Detailed 1/8 scale PVC paint being completed finished products
Total height approximately 18cm
Prototype production: zenko (sulphur spring)
Posted 11/13/2006
Alter Spring 2007 Tsukino

I think I posted this a while back but there are more pictures now. And these promo pics look great! It is no wonder that Azuma Kazuma is so manly, for his lover is this hot. I remember writing that the maker is Happinet. Apparently not it seems.
Alter will be the ones making this figure while Aniplex is marketing it. It is set for a Spring release next year and has no fixed price yet. But it’s a MUST BUY! When I enter University next year for food science and technology, she’ll stand proudly beside my workdesk as the consultant.

Tsukino’s standing in an awesome pose. It’s a bit like Megahouse’s Xeres figure but even better. I think she’ll be my first tongue-out figure.

Posted 11/7/2006
Anipuretsukusu Spring 2007 Burning you build!! Azusagawa Pantajia uniform Ver. 1/8 scale
Posted 11/5/2006
What's Coming from McFarlane Toys, January - June 2007 (non sport item)
Here's a look at what we've got planned for the first half of next year. (Dates and figures are subject to change.)

Available in March:
Spawn Series 31: Other Worlds
• Spawn 11
• Lord Covenant
• Necro Cop
• Nightmare Spawn
• Spawn the Marauder
• Goddess Llyra

Available in May:
McFarlane's Military 5
• Air Force Rescueman
• Marine RTC
• Army Infantry Chemical Gear
• Army Special Forces Search Operations
• Navy Coast Guard Patrol

Available in January:
McFarlane's Dragons Series 5
• Eternal Dragon Clan 5
• Komodo Dragon Clan 5
• Water Dragon Clan 5
• Berserker Dragon Clan 5
• Sorcerers Dragon Clan 5
• Fire Dragon Clan 5 Boxed Set

Available in June:
McFarlane's Dragons Series 6
• Hunter Dragon Clan
• Warrior Dragon Clan
• Ice Dragon Clan
• Scavenger Dragon Clan
• Fossil Dragon Clan
• 12-inch Hydra Dragon Boxed Set

Available in February:
The Simpsons Boxed Set -- 'Lard Lad'
3-D Movie Poster -- Rocky Horror Picture Show

Available in March:
The Simpsons Series 1
• Simple Simpson
• Homer & Krusty of Homie the Clown
• Treehouse of Horrors: The Raven
• Why You... Homer and Bart
• Kamp Krusty
• Treehouse of Horrors: Marge and Homer in the Belly of the Boss
• The Simpsons Boxed Set -- Itchy & Scratchy: Spay Anything

3-D Movie Poster -- Robocop
3-D Movie Poster -- Rocky

Available in April:
Hanna-Barbera Series 3
• The Flintstones -- Twinkle Toes Fred
• The Great Grape Ape
• Huckleberry Hound
• The Jetsons
• Secret Squirrel
• Snagglepuss
• The Flintstones Boxed Set -- Quittin' Time

Available in May:
Lost Series 2
• Sawyer
• Jin
• Sayid
• Desmond
• Sun
• Mr. Eko
• Oceanic Flight 815 Crash Site Boxed Set

3-D Movie Poster -- The Silence of the Lambs

Nacho Libre Series 1
• Nacho Libre
• Ramses
• Silencio
• The Wrestling Twins

Available in June:
The Simpsons Series 2 -- The Movie
• 6 figures, TBA

The Simpsons Series 2 -- The Movie Boxed Set TBA

Posted 9/16/2006
MJD' Hot spring ping pong Onsen

1/8 scale
Posted 9/15/2006
Sulphur Spring Reteishia

硫黄泉 (Sulphur Spring)
Iousen_reti2  Iousen_reti3
Posted 9/12/2006
Morphy Spring Sale Blasts Off to $2.8 Million - Maine Antique Digest

Morphy Spring Sale Blasts Off to $2.8 Million
Maine Antique Digest, ME -
... Unremitting marquee entrees in the three-day no-reserve 2200-plus-lot sale embraced Leonardo DiCaprio's Star Wars action figures and other superheroes, part ...
Posted 7/21/2006
Huck Gee - Ninja Spring Clearance Sale
For his signing at Schmancy Toys in Seattle which opened this past Friday, Huck Gee spent countless caffeine charged nights toiling over eight custom 8 Dunnys. There are boy and girl ninjas from three separate clans - Fire (red), Rain (black) and Zero (white). In addtion Huck crafted two lovely...
Posted 6/9/2006
EX Ayanami Rei Spring Wind
Price:1,500 yen
Release Date:Mar 2006
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
Description:Very pretty little UFO-catcher prize figure (prepainted PVC) of Ayanami Rei in her school uniform, waiting by a bus stop, in a spring breeze. A custom base is included. Please note that figures such as this are mass produced and as a result some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur; these are not considered manufacturer's defects. If you absolutely must have perfection, prepare to do some touch-up work on your own.

Published 5/4/2006
EX Asuka Langley Spring Wind
Price:1,500 yen
Release Date:Mar 2006
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
Description:Very pretty little UFO-catcher prize figure (prepainted PVC) of Asuka Langley in her school uniform, leaning on a bit of fence, in a spring breeze. A custom base is included. Please note that figures such as this are mass produced and as a result some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur; these are not considered manufacturer's defects. If you absolutely must have perfection, prepare to do some touch-up work on your own.

Published 5/4/2006
Spring Cleaning Sale at MPH
Just a quick heads up on an opportunity to get toys for less $$$. myplasticheart is having a Spring Cleaning Sale with discounts of up to 50% on select items. This is your chance to pick up some older pieces at a nice price -- fill in your collection...
Posted 3/21/2006
Namco Bandai: PS3 Spring Launch 'Impossible' - GameDAILY BIZ

Namco Bandai: PS3 Spring Launch "Impossible"
If you ask Sony, the PlayStation 3 is still scheduled to launch this spring, but Namco Bandai president Takeo Takasu now says that's impossible. ...
Published 3/20/2006
Namco Bandai President: PS3 spring launch 'impossible' - GameSpot

Namco Bandai President: PS3 spring launch "impossible"
GameSpot -
... However, that wall of silence crumbled this week, thanks to comments from Takeo Takasu, president of the game and toy giant Namco Bandai Holdings. ...
Published 3/20/2006
Namco Bandai President Says Sony PS3 Spring Start 'Impossible' - Bloomberg

Namco Bandai President Says Sony PS3 Spring Start `Impossible'
Bloomberg -
March 8 (Bloomberg) -- Namco Bandai Holdings Inc. President Takeo Takasu said it was ``impossible'' for Sony Corp. to start sales ...
Published 3/20/2006
Namco Bandai Says Sony PS3 Spring Start 'Impossible' - Bloomberg

Namco Bandai Says Sony PS3 Spring Start `Impossible' (Update3)
Bloomberg -
March 8 (Bloomberg) -- Namco Bandai Holdings Inc., Japan's second-biggest game software maker, said Sony Corp. won't be able to ...
Published 3/20/2006
Spring Into Star Wars Transformers - StarWars.com

Spring Into Star Wars Transformers
StarWars.com, CA -
... a look at the Spring 2006 assortment of Star Wars robots in disguise, the Star Wars Transformers that combine the fun and style of Hasbro's bestselling toy ...
Published 3/19/2006
Spring Into Star Wars Transformers - StarWars.com

Spring Into Star Wars Transformers
StarWars.com, CA -
... a look at the Spring 2006 assortment of Star Wars robots in disguise, the Star Wars Transformers that combine the fun and style of Hasbro's bestselling toy ...
Published 3/19/2006
Spring launch for PS3 is "impossible" - Namco Bandai boss - GamesIndustry.biz

Spring launch for PS3 is 'impossible' - Namco Bandai boss
GamesIndustry.biz, UK -
Namco Bandai president Takeo Takasu has publicly described Sony's current target of a Spring launch for the PlayStation 3 as 'impossible', revealing that the ...
Posted 3/19/2006
Craftmen’s Spring Festival Planned This Weekend at Crown Center (Southern Pines Pilot)
Toys and dolls of all descriptions, unique gifts, creative decorations for the home, and the “Carolina Traditional Folk-Art Crafts” are featured at the 31st annual Eastern Carolina Craftsmen’s Spring Festival, March 11 and 12, at the Cumberland County Crown Center.
Posted 3/9/2006
Craftmen’s Spring Festival Planned This Weekend at Crown Center - Southern Pines Pilot

Craftmen’s Spring Festival Planned This Weekend at Crown Center
Southern Pines Pilot, NC -
Toys and dolls of all descriptions, unique gifts, creative decorations for the home, and the “Carolina Traditional Folk-Art Crafts” are featured at the ...
Published 3/9/2006
Toys'R'Us "Spring Super Sale"
Toys'R'Us has mailed out a new catalog with coupons and sale prices good from March 5 to March 25, 2006. On page 30 of the catalog, they have several WWE and Power Rangers action figures listed, including two 'free' deals:Free...
Posted 3/2/2006
An A-Z guide to 72nd Spring Home and Garden Show (Pioneer Press) Posted 2/25/2006
An AZ guide to 72nd Spring Home and Garden Show - Pioneer Press Published 2/25/2006
Over-the-top toys with matching price tags (Palm Springs and Coachella Valley Local News and Guides) Posted 2/22/2006
Morphy Auctions' March 30-31, April 1 Spring Sale - News-antique.com (press release) Posted 2/14/2006
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