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Rock Iconz (2004)
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2004 Rock Iconz
Company history
About KnuckleBonz, Inc    
KnuckleBonz, Inc., established in 2003, is committed to the artistry of creating high-end collectible figure series for the icons of popular music. The company creates limited edition sculpture of music icons. The figures are cast in a poly-resin and hand-painted in fine detail. All sculpture is hand-numbered and includes a certificate of authenticity. Each of these figures are created in very limited editions (generally 3000 of each figure). Figures are available at the company’s web store (www.knucklebonz.com) and select retailers worldwide.
official website
 http://www.knucklebonz.com  http://www.knucklebonz.com
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From the News Archive
KnuckleBonz Oct 2007 Dimebag

Knucklebonz, the company that's created limited edition sculptures of rock icons like JIMMY PAGE, FREDDIE MERCURY and JIMI HENDRIX, has announced plans to create a second figure depicting PANTERA's DIMEBAG DARRELL ABBOTT. The nine-inch figure will depict Dime during the Far Beyond Driven period. The first figure in the series quickly sold out. If you want to check out the new one, or pre-order a copy, go to Knucklebonz.com
Dimebag Darrell (2nd Ed)knucklebonz.com/images/productshots/dimebagIIblack.jpg width=279 >
knucklebonz.com/images/artistslogos/dimebagdarrellname.jpg width=178>
Pricing and Availability:

Dimebag II
Limited Edition sculpture:
Pre-Order now (ships Dec 2007)
Price: $99.00

KnuckleBonz is pleased and honored by Rita's comments on the new Dimebag sculpture... “We were all very proud over here in the Dimebag family to learn that KnuckleBonz would be busting out another brilliant piece in the Dime collection,” says Rita Haney-Abbott.  “They did such an amazing job in capturing the persona of such an all out, guns blazing, Texas tornado, known to many, as the one and only Dimebag! Watching Dime onstage was always such a one on one experience.'

'He had a way of reaching you no matter where you were located in the crowd. With his trademark squeals, to his gut wrenching power grooves… he captured you… he had the magic! After playing his heart out, drenched with sweat, he’d stand there breathless and raise those arms… the crowd would just erupt so thunderously.'

'Dime has the most amazing fans and those were amazing moments. I think KnuckleBonz has captured that image with this second sculpture! When I look at it, I can almost hear the crowd! Thank you to everyone for making this possible again! Far Beyond Big Luv! The Bag’z Hag!” – Rita
ABOUT DIMEBAG II ROCK ICONZ SCULPTURE 2nd Limited Edition figure, by KnuckleBonz
The Dimebag II Limited Edition figure stands 9” tall on top a wooden display base. Dime is featured with his iconic tobacco Dean® guitar. He is shown in his signature cammo shorts and is shirtless to display all his tattoo work. This 2nd sculpture captures Dime during his “Far Beyond Driven” era. The sculpture comes with a certificate of authenticity and is hand-numbered. Each sculpture is hand-painted and is a limited edition collectible.  Only 3333 are created.
Posted 10/27/2007
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