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Toylines (alphabetical order)
Dragon Ball (2008)
Girls Bravo (2006)
Legend of Lemnear (2005)
Sasami Magic Girl Club (2007)
Shining Force EXA (2007)
Shining Tears (2007)
Shining Wind (2007)
Sky Girls (2008)
Sorayama 3D Art Collection (2006)
Trinity Blood (2007)
Ultraman (2006)
Toylines (chronological order)
2005 Legend of Lemnear
2006 Girls Bravo
2006 Sorayama 3D Art Collection
2006 Ultraman
2007 Sasami Magic Girl Club
2007 Shining Force EXA
2007 Shining Tears
2007 Shining Wind
2007 Trinity Blood
2008 Dragon Ball
2008 Sky Girls
Company history
About President Japan    
President Japan Co Ltd was founded in 1994. Its Headquarters are located in Tokyo.

Its main lines of business are:
1 - Manufacturing, importing and exporting Toys
2 - Product development for Toys
3 - Merchandising and sales
4 - Textile products

President & CEO: Kazuo Yamauti
Directors: Katsumi Iwasawa
Director: Masao Oosu

In 2002, it began producing PVC figures under the brand Eye-Scream.
official websites
 Eye-Scream Site  Eye-Scream Site
official website for Eye-Scream
 Official Website of President Japan  Official Website of President Japan
official website for Eye-Scream
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