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President Japan / Eye-Scream
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Legend of Lemnear (2005)
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Toylines (chronological order)
2005 Legend of Lemnear
2006 Girls Bravo
2006 Sorayama 3D Art Collection
2006 Ultraman
2007 Sasami Magic Girl Club
2007 Shining Tears
2007 Trinity Blood
Company history
About President Japan    
President Japan Co Ltd was founded in 1994. Its Headquarters are located in Tokyo.

Its main lines of business are:
1 - Manufacturing, importing and exporting Toys
2 - Product development for Toys
3 - Merchandising and sales
4 - Textile products

President & CEO: Kazuo Yamauti
Directors: Katsumi Iwasawa
Director: Masao Oosu

In 2002, it began producing PVC figures under the brand Eye-Scream.
official websites
 Eye-Scream Site  Eye-Scream Site
official website for President Japan / Eye-Scream
 Official Website of President Japan  Official Website of President Japan
official website for President Japan / Eye-Scream
From the News Archive
Japanese Terminator 4 Trailer
Posted 7/26/2009
President Japan Deb 2009 Shining Wind - Xecty President Japan Version PVC

Shining Wind Xecty President Japan Version (PVC Figure)  Restock Item
Shining Wind Xecty <b>President</b> <b>Japan</b> Version (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer : President Japan
Scale : Non
Material : PVC , ABS
Producer : Tomoaki Yamashita
Original : Shining Wind
Release Date : Late Feb., 2009
Regular Price : 7,800 yen  about 81.74 USD
Posted 7/26/2009
Achats Japan Expo : Suite et fin
Et pour une fois, ce n'est pas une fig mais un poster tiré d'une illustration d'Oco : Lotus Si je ne l'avais pas posté dans le précédent billet, c'est qu'il me fallait un cadre assez grand pour ce poster (si j'ai le temps je ferais un billet à ce sujet car se trimballer avec un cadre de 100x70 da ...
Posted 7/26/2009
株式会社メディコム・トイとカイト株式会社は、BE@RBRICKの iPhone ... - CNET Japan

株式会社メディコム・トイとカイト株式会社は、BE@RBRICKの iPhone ...
CNET Japan
BE@RBRICK TM & (C) 2001-2009 MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved. ■会社名 カイト株式会社(英文表記:cayto inc.) (画像をクリックすると拡大画像を ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Japan July 2009 Recession hits Robot Makers (both industrial and toy robots)

Tighter finances are injecting a dose of reality into some of Japan’s more fantastic projects — like pet robots and cyborg receptionists — that could cramp innovation long after the economy recovers. “We’ve taken a huge hammering,” said Koji Toshima, president of Yaskawa, Japan’s largest maker of industrial robots.  Profit at the company plunged by two-thirds, to 6.9 billion yen, about $72 million, in the year ended March 20, and it predicts a loss this year.
Across the industry, shipments of industrial robots fell 33 percent in the last quarter of 2008, and 59 percent in the first quarter of 2009, according to the Japan Robot Association.  Tetsuaki Ueda, an analyst at the research firm Fuji Keizai, expects the market to shrink by as much as 40 percent this year. Investment in robots, he said, “has been the first to go as companies protect their human workers.” While robots can be cheaper than flesh-and-blood workers over the long term, the upfront investment costs are much higher.
In 2005, more than 370,000 robots worked at factories across Japan, about 40 percent of the global total, representing 32 robots for every 1,000 manufacturing employees, according to a report by Macquarie Bank. A 2007 government plan for technology policy called for one million industrial robots to be installed by 2025. That will almost certainly not happen.
“The recession has set the robot industry back years,” Mr. Ueda said.
That goes for industrial robots and the more cuddly toy robots. In fact, several of the lovable sort have already become casualties of the recession.
The robot maker Systec Akazawa filed for bankruptcy in January, less than a year after it introduced its miniature PLEN walking robot at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Roborior by Tmsuk — a watermelon-shape house sitter on wheels that rolls around a home and uses infrared sensors to detect suspicious movement and a video camera to transmit images to absent residents — has struggled to find new users. A rental program was scrapped in April because of lack of interest.
Though the company won’t release sale figures, it has sold less than a third of the goal, 3,000 units, it set when Roborior hit the market in 2005, analysts say. There are no plans to manufacture more.
That is a shame, Mariko Ishikawa, a Tmsuk spokesman, says, because busy Japanese in the city could use the Roborior to keep an eye on aging parents in the countryside.
“Roborior is just the kind of robot Japanese society needs in the future,” Ms. Ishikawa said.
Japan’s aging population had given the development of home robots an added imperative. With nearly 25 percent of citizens 65 or older, the country was banking on robots to replenish the work force and to help nurse the elderly.
But sales of a Secom product, My Spoon, a robot with a swiveling, spoon-fitted arm that helps older or disabled people eat, have similarly stalled as caregivers balk at its $4,000 price.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries failed to sell even one of its toddler-size home-helper robots, the Wakamaru, introduced in 2003.
Of course, less practical, novelty robots have fallen on even harder times in the downturn. And that goes for robot makers outside Japan, too.
Ugobe, based in Idaho, is the maker of the cute green Pleo dinosaur robot with a wiggly tail; it filed for bankruptcy protection in April.
Despite selling 100,000 Pleos and earning more than $20 million, the company racked up m
Posted 7/26/2009
Takara Tomy June 2009 Japanese Transformer Toys.

Posted 6/20/2009
Japan June 2009 Gundam Monument of Odaiba - at night
Posted 6/20/2009
Jailbreak June 2009 President Barack Obama Figures

Chicago families seeking fun, patriotic presents for mom and dad can try President Barack Obama toys. From inexpensive homemade paper toys to a top-of-the-line pen, Obama-themed products exist for every taste and budget.
President Obama Action Figures
Any of the phthalate-free PVC 6” tall President Obama Action Figures would make a fun desk toy and all-around conversation piece for mothers and fathers.
  • The regular Obama Action Figure features the president dressed in a dark suit and blue tie.
  • The Limited Edition Inaugural Obama Action Figure portrays the president in a shiny gold suit, while the Limited Edition HOPE Obama Action Figure paints his face red, white, and blue to match the famous Shepard Fairey HOPE poster.
  • Then there’s the DIY Obama Action Figure, which crafts moms and dads can paint and decorate using whatever theme they wish.

<b>President</b> Obama Action Figure
Posted 6/20/2009
Hobby Japan May 2009 Spec Figures 4: 12" Action Figure Guidebook
Price: 1,905 yen
Series: Spec Figures
Manufacturer: Hobby Japan
Release Date: May 2009
Type: Figure Books/Magazines
Description: Vol. 4 of Hobby Japan's special edition dedicated to ultra-realistic 12' figures. Primarily focusing on military subjects past and present, this issue does include a couple of non-military female figures and sci-fi subjects (great movie version Iron Man Mk III!). Beautiful color photography throughout, with Japanese text (some titles and specs given in English). Softcover.

Posted 6/20/2009
Tomy Tech 2008 June - Diorama Collection - Big Japanese Cedar 1/150
Price: 580 yen
Series: Diorama Collection
Manufacturer: Tomy Tech
Release Date: Jun 2008
Type: Fixed-pose Resin Kit
Description: Here's a kit to build your own large Japanese cedar tree. Includes the trunk and branch parts, onto which you glue the realistic foliage material. Parts are included for one tree.

Posted 7/26/2008
Japan June 2008 Otaku Mugs

If I had to list anime-related collectibles, the main goodies I have in mind are figures, obviously, but also clothes, artbooks, dakimakuras and mugs.
I do not pretend I am collecting mugs though, but recently, three new ones have been added to my very first « Haruhi-ism » mug. Otaku Mugs

And now I am more and more looking for other mugs featuring the series I like. However, those items run quickly out of stock, so I guess mugs are quite popular.
So. You may have recognised the classic laughing man, some Noizi Ito Shana and some Vocaloid.
I am thinking of bringing them at work to decorate my office. Very convenient to put pencils, since I always lose them. And well, I also need something for coffee-break ^^;
Anyway, it is a good way to express your otakuness discreetly, isn’t it?
Oh and yes, the absolutely cute nendoroid Miku is now the queen of my collection. She is adorable! Otaku Mugs
Now the only kind of goodies I miss is the ultimate accessory which allow anyone to reach the highest otaku level : dakimakuras. Should I cross this line? :|
Product Information
  • Manufactured by COSPA
  • List Price of 800 JPY each
  • I ordered all of them at Hobby Link Japan, where I also grab my COSPA anime t-shirts
Posted 6/23/2008
President Japan Sept 2008 Shining Wind - Kureha President Japan Ver. PVC 1/8
Kureha <b>President</b> <b>Japan</b> Ver. (Figure)  
Item name : Kureha President Japan Ver. (Figure)
Manufacturer : President Japan
Scale : 1/8
Material : PVC , ABS
Original : Shining Wind
Release Date : Late Sep
Regular Price : 7,800 yen  about 72.34 USD  46.06 Euros
Posted 6/23/2008
Good Smile June 2008 Kino No Tabi - Kino + other Japanese toys

Kino de Kino No Tabi

Death Sensei de Peace@Pieces

Kos-mos de Xenosaga

Posted 6/23/2008
President Japan June 2008 Trinity Blood - Abel Nightlord & Prier - Also La Pucelle

Abel Nightlord - Trinity Blood

Il est vraiment magnifique (Par contre, pas pratique de le ramener à la maison quand on prend son métro à 17h Gare de l'est apparemment).

Prier - La Pucelle Tactics
Posted 6/23/2008
Yamato June 2008 Arisa, and other Japanese toys


Yamto's Arisa


Xecty et Elwing se Shining Winds/Tears

Solid works:

Posted 6/23/2008
Japan June 2008 "Flip Hole" Review
The device to alter the course of mankind is here in my possesion - the Tenga Flip Hole. Once again the folks at Kanojo Toys have chosen me as a target to receive free goods - They recently sent one Flip Hole unit.
Flip Hole Review (click to enlarge)
For folks who are not in the know, Flip Hole is a health care product - specifically for folks who own dolphins - read up on what a Flip Hole is or the following article may have you very confused.
Flip Hole Review (click to enlarge)
The Flip Hole comes with 3 types of lotion which is used to lubricate the inner chamber - just like oil is needed in a cars engine. There are three types - Mild, Real and Wild.
Flip Hole Review (click to enlarge)
Even if you don't have a dolphin, you can use it as an ornament.
Flip Hole Review (click to enlarge)
And for folks who for some reason would be embarrassed to be caught with one, you can say that its a lava lamp or something.
Flip Hole Review (click to enlarge)
When your dolphin starts to chirp at you, it means that it needs some health care and this is done by waxing it. Prepare the Flip Hole unit in one hand...
Posted 6/23/2008
Japan 2008 Tokyo Trains, .. and problems

Japanese train times are so accurate that you can (usually) set your watch by them. They are usually neat n tidy and there are stations everywhere - Tokyo train map in English for you.

But there are a few problems including suicide (person being mopped off tracks here), men touching women, innocent men being accused of touching women, smelly men on trains, serious overcrowding, being dragged to death by trains etc. But whats worse than all of this?

This is a sign at Azabujuban station that says 'do it at home.' No they are not referring to the act of dolphin waxing but are actually talking about putting on makeup while on the train.

Many Japanese get very annoyed at this and was wondering what you think. I don't see why people should get so annoyed - its not as if these makeup girls are talking out aloud on their phone or touching people - if one does not like it then don't look at them - is what I think.

But there is one thing that you cant avoid - the toxic gas of somebodies fart. You can try to ignore it but it will seep into your nostrils deep into your lungs. It will wrap around you and embrace your soul. Me thinks they should have a 'Fart at home' sign instead.

Out of the following, what annoys you the most? Loud mobile talkers, smelly farters or makeup girls? or is there something else?
For folks who have been to Japan, how does Japanese train manners compare to folks back in your region?

Todays Japanese lesson. 'Onara' [おなら> = fart. The act of farting in your hand (where you would then release in somebodies face) is called 'Nigippe' [握屁>.
Tokyo Trains (click to enlarge)

By Danny Choo on 2008/05/22 12:27
Posted 6/23/2008
Japan June 2008 Health Care Check-ups
'Kenko Shindan' [健康診断[けんこうしんだん>> is the word for 'Health Checkup' and I've been having them since my times at Amazon. Many companies in Japan provide annual health checkups for employees. Depending on what your company decides to pay, some of the checkups range from being really useless to really thorough.

I recently had mine and this article talks about whats involved but just before I continue - this health checkup is nothing to do with the other form of health care.

The stuff you see here is a pack of instructions and containers that I received before the day of the checkup.
Health Care in <b>Japan</b> (click to enlarge)
In previous health checkups, a urine sample was taken at the facility but this time they asked for me to prepare the sample and take it along.
They provide a little plastic container for you to pee in and a syringe thingy for you to transfer the pee to a container which they ask you to keep in your refrigerator...
Check the illustration of the fountain boy.
Health Care in <b>Japan</b> (click to enlarge)
And here is the fun part - they want a sample of poo too. Here they show you how to poo depending on whether you have a Japanese or western style toilet. They ask you to stick some tissue as shown in the diagram so that your friend does not slide into the water.
Health Care in <b>Japan</b> (click to enlarge)
And this is how you should extract the poo - does it not look like a peanut? Next time you eat peanuts please think of this.

And the image on the right shows the catch of the day - does it not look like curry, peanut butter, nutella, laksa paste?
Was the first time in life that I poked about with my own poo. Poo at arms length is not pleasant and the vomiting noises quickly follow. Luckily I didn't have anything spicy the night before or the experience would have been much more interesting.
Health Care in <b>Japan</b> (click to enlarge)
They provide two containers as they want poo taken from different days. They ask that you keep these in the refrigerator too. Just make sure your other family members dont unconsciously mistake yo...
Posted 6/23/2008
Japan June 2008 Krispy Kreme Tokyo
I think I'm the last one to write about Krispy Kreme in Tokyo.
This pic was taken at Akasaka where Krispy Kreme were handing out boxes of free doughnuts - needless to say that the queue went on as far as the eye could see.

But when the Japanese are not queuing up for free doughnuts, they are queuing up for doughnuts that they pay for - specifically at the Krispy Kreme in Shinjuku. If you look at the video below, you can see that they need a guard at the end of the queue holding up the 'Saikoubi' or 'end of queue' sign with a guard at the front of the queue to make sure everybody keeps their place.

While there are other doughnut names in Japan such as Mr Doughnut and Doughnut Plant, Krispy Kreme seems to be the brand that everybody wants - I probably should try some to find out why but not too keen on lining up 2 hours and 20 mins for one...
Doughnuts a popular snack in your region?
Some pics of the queues at Krispy Kremes by Hector and Roy.

By Danny Choo on 2008/05/30 17:30
Posted 6/23/2008
Japan June 2008 Maid Dry Cleaning
The otaku business mind continues to show us more maid monetization opportunities. This time its Maid Dry Cleaning and Locker Service.
NTK System was just a bog standard dry cleaners and locker rental place in Akihabara until they decided to have maids serve their customers.
Prices for dry cleaning don't differ much from other places but you get a maid thrown in so it must be value for money - especially when they pose like this for customers.
  • Suit - 840 yen (8 USD)
  • Coat - 910 yen (8.60 USD)
  • Skirt - 315 yen (2.98 USD)
  • Trousers - 315 yen
Apart from the Dry Cleaning, they also have a locker service where they lock you up for 3 days without food or clothes for a bargain price of 3,450 yen. They would occasionally show up and pour hot wax on your dolphin.
OK, I'm only jesting. They actually provide lockers for you to keep stuff in. Although there are coin lockers at Akihabara station, you may want to pay the same price for a locker and have the maid thrown in. They provide hourly lockers at 200 yen per hour and also monthly lockers for the otaku who has something to hide from the rest of the family.

The lockers range from 3,000 yen per month for a W:270 × D:310 × H:168 sized locker or
Posted 6/23/2008
Japan June 2008 Bargaining
Bargaining (haggling) with a seller to lower the displayed price of goods is typically not a custom in Japan.
If it says '1,000 yen' then it means 1000 yen and usually wont be discounted.

You can however get 'discounts' in the form of point cards. The most generous point cards are for electrical stores like Bic Camera and Sakuraya. Sometimes they give up to 20% worth of the purchase price back on to your card - great for when you are buying expensive stuff. Simply put, if you spend 10,000 yen on something then you get to spend 2,000 yen on whatever you want on your next purchase.

Anybody can make these cards even if you are a visitor to Japan. If you are buying electronic goods, bring along your passport too and you don't have to pay the consumption tax which is currently 5%. Point cards and passport = a *lot* of savings to be made which you can then spend on figures and stuff.

Just out of interest, how much is the consumption tax in your region? I remember it being somthing like 17% when I lived in the UK.
Bargaining in <b>Japan</b> (click to enlarge)
But there are places where you can haggle for lower prices and thats at a place called Ameyo which I will talk about more in a later article.

Here you see a seller flogging bags of snacks for 1000 yen. While this particular seller doesn't drop the price, you can haggle for more snacks to be put in the bag and if you want to be really tight fisted then you can ask for even moar - maybe wave the 1000 yen note at him or something.
Bargaining in <b>Japan</b> (click to enlarge)
The only experience I've had bargaining for lower prices is when I visit Penang Malaysia. It does get tiring though - for example I call a taxi but need to ask how much before I get on - if I don't then many taxi drivers say at the destination 'that will be two pints of blood or equivalent in cash.'
They usually start off at a ridiculous price and you have to bargain how much the ride will cost. have not been for a while so don't know what its like now.

Whats it like in your region? Is bargaining for lower prices part of the custom? I guess it also depends on what is being bargained for?
Posted 6/23/2008
Japan Akihabara June 2008 Madman Kills with Truck and Knife

'I came to Akihabara to kill. Anyone would have been fine (I dont care who I killed). I was tired of life' - the words of the person who killed 7 people in Akihabara yesterday.

Its all over news in Japan and even across the world. The killer was Tomohiro Kato aged 25 who rented a 2 ton truck which he drove to Akihabara from Shizuoka which is situated 180 kilos from Tokyo.

He drove at about 70 Kph into the main crossing at Akihabara which is pedestrianized on a Sunday and hit 3 people. One of the victims was vomiting huge amounts of blood while another lay on the ground with a twisted body.

Kato stopped his truck and headed back to where the victims lay while stabbing 3 people on his way. When he got to the victims at the crossing, he got on top of one and stabbed them repeatedly. He also stabbed a police office her came to apprehend him.

Kato then ran into the crowds and stated to stab more people. A total of 7 people died and another 10 injured - most of these people were stabbed from behind and it looks like one was stabbed in the neck.

Witnesses said that Kato had a frenzy look on his face and that he looked like he was enjoying his killing spree.

An officer chased Kato down an alley and tried to apprehend Kato with a stick. Kato started to scream and shout until the police officer pulled out his gun and said 'I'm going to shoot!' where upon Kato collapsed to the ground and gave himself in.

Killed in the incident was a woman aged 21, two men aged 19, 31, 47 and 74. The police are still questioning him as to why he drove many miles to just to kill at Akihabara.

The media have been digging into Kato's past to discover that he done well in school and was a sportsman. Apparently his father was a drunk who was violent to his mother. Kato also carried around a knife while at school.
Full news report below - news sources from todays TV, newspapers, 47News, Iza, JapanProbe etc. The person you see in the beige suit with glasses is the killer.
Posted 6/23/2008
Japan June 2008 The Kaiju Championship Belt

Neo Teppen Recaptures The Kaiju Championship Belt

Our hero, Neo Teppen, looked like a failure. Uchu Chu had mopped the floor with him and was just making a mockery of the fight, when suddenly Neo Teppen regained some strength and turned the fight around, flying across the ring with a great agility. Soon enough Uchu Chu was on the mat, being pinned, and the Championship Belt was again in Neo Teppen's possession.

Who's Neo Teppen? What's an Uchu Chu? And what Championship is this?

When you cross WWF wrestling with Japanese monster movies, you get the insanity that is Kaiju Big Battel. Filled with bizarre humor, great monster costumes and acrobatic wrestling, Kaiju Big Battel has gained a devoted following, familiar with the backstory and characters.

But you don't need to know anything about Dusto Bunny or Call-Me-Kevin to have a good time. It's just simply entertaining no matter what.

Saturday night's Big Battel took place at Webster Hall. The wrestling ring sat in the middle of the room, surrounded by rowdy spectators.  5 epic battles took place within the ring, starting with a match between Dai Hachi Hachi and Dusto Bunny.

Posted 6/23/2008
Japan June 2008 Gadgets for grown-ups next big thing in greying Japan - AFP
Toys are no longer just child's play in Japan, where an ageing population and expanding waistlines have spawned a wave of gadgets to help adults beat stress, battle the bulge or relieve loneliness.
From exercise assistants to dancing robots and nodding potted plants, Japanese toymakers are increasingly turning their attention to grown-ups as a growing market to make up for flagging sales to kids.
The shift comes amid increased efforts to get people into shape in a country where more than one fifth of the population is aged 65 or older, a percentage expected to rise to 40.5 percent in 2055, according to the government.
'Toy companies are increasingly focusing more on toys for adults due to health worries but also lonelier people as there are more single households as the population ages and fewer women marry,' said Sei Toyama, one of the organisers of the Tokyo Toy Show which got underway on Thursday.
Tokyo in April passed a law that requires companies and local governments to measure the waistlines of their employees aged between 40 and 74 years old.
If waistlines for men exceed 83.75 centimeters (33.5 inches) and 88.50 centimeters (35.4 inches) for women, they are categorised as having 'metabolic syndrome' and firms will be financially penalised.
In order to encourage workers to walk to the office instead of taking a cab, Bandai Namco Group has come up with the 'Taxi Walker' -- a pedometer that acts as a taxi meter with the fare appearing in real market prices.
For a two kilometre (1.24 miles) stroll, the base fare would come up as 710 yen (seven dollars) and increase by 90 yen for every additional 280 meters, showing users exactly how much they are saving by using their own two legs.
'We want employees struggling with metabolic syndrome to actively walk but enjoy doing so at the same time,' said a Bandai official at the toy show, where 134 Japanese and foreign firms are showcasing their latest gadgets.
'If they see the number of steps they've taken and the equivalent taxi fare, they will feel elated at how much money they would have saved. That will encourage them to walk more,' he added.
Meanwhile Sega is betting that a strikingly realistic potted plant that nods when a person speaks will help lonely or stressed out adults.
The 'Pekoppa' two-leafed plant can bow and flap its leaves in response to noise.
'This is useful for people who live alone and have no one to talk to, or for stressed out workers who feel like no one agrees with them,' said a Sega official.
'It's perfect for the manager who is frustrated at his subordinate who doesn't listen. It's a plant that can adapt to the mood of the person,' he added.
If that doesn't work then Bandai's squishy imitation 'Edamame' soybeans -- a popular dish in Japan -- can be popped out of their skins to help workers relieve stress and take their minds off the job.
And for people who are too busy or shy to go out dancing, Sega and Hasbro have teamed up to develop the Ampbot, a two-wheeled dancing robot with stereo sound.
'The Ampbot is for men who like robots and who as children dreamed of living one day with robots,' said Sega's Osamu Takeuchi.
Posted 6/23/2008
Japan June 2008 Gadgets for Aging population.
Gadget makers in Japan are starting to change the focus of their new devices to the older generations as the population in their home territory continues to age. By 2055 over 40% of people in Japan are expected to be over the age of 65, meaning products need to appear and appeal to these older audiences to capture market share.

Sei Toyama, organizer of the Tokyo Toy Show commented: Toy companies are increasingly focusing more on toys for adults due to health worries but also lonelier people as there are more single households as the population ages and fewer women marry Examples of these new gadgets include a Taxi Walker from Bandai Namco Group, which monitors how far a person has walked and shows them the equivalent money saving by not using a taxi. Sega is tackling lonely people with a nodding plant called Pekoppa that responds to speech; as well as the A.M.P. music robot we reported on last week. Expect to see more gadgets for adults and the elderly appearing over the next few years as Japan adjusts to its population changes.  
Posted 6/23/2008
Japan Dec 2007 Otaku treats himself....

Hey! It has been a while. The fact is I was quite busy during this last month of the year, and didn’t really find the time to enjoy all the great figures I received during those past 38 days! I was also a bit bored of the few background papers I have, and needed to set up a dedicated table for my photo sessions. Until now, I always had to remove temporarily all what is on my current desk, that is to say computer, screen, books, figures, various unsorted mails etc… do my pictures, and put everything back to its inital place. Not really motivating, is it?
Now I have some free time, I can make some arrangements and prepare myself for a new year full of more and more amazing and beautiful anime figures!
Fellow figure addicts, I wish you a merry Christmas, a happy new year, lot of presents, figures, games, eroges and stuff like that. Don’t eat too much, and cya soon! Merry Xmas
Don’t tell kids this, but the guy playing Santa Claus, well, it’s me actually ^^;
I was lent this suit for the Christmas party organised by the company where I work, to give employees’ children some gifts. A very funny but stressful moment haha.
Posted 1/6/2008
Jan 2008 Japanese toy purchases...
Posted 1/6/2008
Japan Dec 2007 Shirako Delicacy = Fish Sperm sack

How has your festive season been so far? Did you have a ronery Christmas? How about the food? Had lots to eat? Well how about washing all that festive nourishment down with a mouthful of Shirako?

I was surprised to discover that Shirako (fish sperm sack (full of sperm)) is a common dish in Japan which can be ordered at most Izakaya (Japanese pubs).
Most of the Shirako dishes are raw but I was in a restaurant where they served it slightly fried.
More serving suggestions at Google image search.

Haven't tried it and don't feel brave enough yet - maybe in another lifetime ^^;
Does Shirako go on your 'avoid like the plague' or 'will kill to eat' list when you are in Japan?

Posted 1/6/2008
Japan 2008 CD Buying Stats

<b>Japan</b>ese Music
A nearby shop selling DVDs and CDs. While CD sales are on the decline, according to this report, 64% of music consumers in Japan still buy CDs.

The same report outlines how Japanese obtain their music.
  • Buying CDs - 64.3%
  • Renting CDs - 17%
  • Free downloads - 5.1%
  • Paid downloads - 4.7%
  • Borrowed from a friend - 3.8%
  • Burnt onto a CD-R by a friend - 1.7%
  • Downloaded as a ring tone - 0.9%
  • Other - 2.6%

  • While music downloads is on the increase, the majority of Japanese still prefer physical CDs.

    A related interesting report not directly related to Japanese P2P usage shows that illegal downloading of music actually helps CD sales.

    Do you prefer CDs or downloads or both and how do you obtain your cool tunes?

    Posted 1/6/2008
    Japan Dec 2007 AIKa Panties

    AIKa Panties
    Do you find yourself yawning from reading manga at times? Do you wish manga came with something that would make reading more interesting?
    Well readers of AIKa need not feel bored anymore because the latest edition comes with a pair of panties.

    Thats right folks, for a measly 1,575 yen, you can have load of fun reading AIKa while sniffing, chewing or wearing these pair of Aika's panties - which you would be doing while reading AIKa on the way to school/work.

    I have not seen a single episode of the anime but from the following clip all I see is fanservice - is the plot any good?
    Photos from Akibablog, AIKa and panties manga available at Amazon.
    AIKa Panties
    AIKa Panties
    AIKa Panties
    AIKa Panties

    View results for the following poll on this post
    You see the latest manga edition of AIKa with the panties - do you buy it?
    1. Sure!
    2. Surely not

    Posted 1/6/2008
    Japan 2007 dannychoo.com

    dannychoo.com in 2007
    The last article for 2007.

    2007 was a fantastic year. Would like to say a big thanks to readers who have been here way before 2007, and a big hello and welcome to readers who have joined in 2007.

    2007 was an eventful year for me - in particular leaving Microsoft to start my company Mirai Inc and growing this site to roughly 50,000 unique users a day. Oh and not forgetting the conception of Mirai-chan - expect to see much more of her next year.

    You should also continue to expect more Japanism and Otakuism shenanigans in 2008 together with huge upgrades to the site which includes the ability to contact other members, post images together with your comments, monetize from your content and find/discover things much more easily.

    Chosen a few memories of 2007 which you will find in the 2007 archives.
    Thanks once again and see you on the other side (Stargate warping sound effects.)
    dannychoo.com in 2007
    dannychoo.com in 2007
    dannychoo.com in 2007
    dannychoo.com in 2007
    dannychoo.com in 2007
    dannychoo.com in 2007
    dannychoo.com in 2007
    dannychoo.com in 2007
    Posted 1/6/2008
    Japan 2008 Protesting Whaling

    Whaling in <b>Japan</b>japan21.jpg width=400 >
    A protest against the slaughter of almost 1000 whales in Australian waters took place yesterday outside the Japanese consulate in Melbourne.

    A woman splattered in red 'blood' sat on the Japanese Flag surrounded others who were also splattered with blood.
    More details at HeraldSun.
    If a protest like this was being held in your region, would you participate?
    Whaling in <b>Japan</b>japan22.jpg width=400 >
    Whaling in <b>Japan</b>japan23.jpg width=400 >

    Posted 1/6/2008
    Japan Dec 2007 Fukubukuro (a Sales Gimicks?)

    A 'Fukubukuro' [福袋[ふくぶくろ>> is a bag full of goodies that goes on sale all over Japan from the 1st of January. 'Fuku' means 'fortune' and 'Bukuro' (pronounced 'Fukuro' on its own) means 'bag.'
    15000 people queued up outside a department store in Ikebukuro to get their hands on one.

    The tradition of the Fukubukuro goes back to the late Meiji period where it was invented by the Matsuzakaya department store in Ginza (source.)

    The bag is sealed and the person buying one doesn't know whats inside. Its usually filled with stuff that the shop couldn't get rid of the previous year - but nobody would buy them if they were called 'Shite-we-couldnt-get-rid-of-bag.' So what store owners do is put a highly valued item inside some of the bags - brand name items which make some of the bags worth buying.

    There have been spinoff bags called Fukoubukuro [不幸袋[ふこうぶくろ>> meaning 'bag of misfortune' where the contents are literlly full of shite - example here ^^;

    Are you a new years sale junkie? Did you buy anything nice or end up with a load of crap?

    Posted 1/6/2008
    CM's Corp Dec 2007 Rally Car Collection EX Rally Japan 16 pieces
    Rally Car Collection EX Rally <b>Japan</b> 16 pieces(Completed)
    Item name : Rally Car Collection EX Rally Japan 16 pieces(Completed) New Item
    Manufacturer : CM`s Corporation
    Scale : 1/64
    Release Date : Mid Dec., 2007
    Regular Price : 11,200 yen 
    Posted 12/15/2007
    Megahouse & Hobby Japan Dec 2007 Limited Edition Ru/Li/Lu/Ra Izulha PVC Figure
    Limited Edition
    Posted 12/15/2007
    Dec 2007 Education in Japan

    Education in <b>Japan</b>
    Bullying is not the only thing that you potentially may have to worry about if you send your kids to school in Japan.

    Apart from teachers sexually harassing students, lack of nourishment in meals and humiliating punishment, students may get the occasional slap around the face by a teacher.

    A student aged 13 was warned to stop reading manga in class. When the student refused to listen, the teacher aged 52 slapped the student in the face causing a nosebleed.
    The police have been called in to look at the indecent (source.)
    Do you think the teachers actions were justified?

    Another form of punishment that you will have likely have seen in anime is the 'making-kids-stand-in-hallway-holding-buckets-of-water' - I guess I would prefer that than a slap to the face.
    Posted 12/15/2007
    Japan Dec 2007 Upcoming Movie: The Machine Girl

    The Machine Girl
    If you have a fetish for sailor fuku school girls with a huge Gatling gun as a replacement for a severed arm then this will be right up your alley.

    After the first few seconds of watching the trailer for 'The Machine Girl', I thought 'hmmm, looks interesting.' Then some cheesy special effects started to kick in - but still want to watch it ^^;

    From what I can make out from the trailer, the heroine has her family and boyfriend killed - and her left arm chopped off at the same time. She somehow manages to get a Gatling gun built to fit on her amputated arm which she then uses to shoot seven shades of shite out of her enemies.

    The Machine Girl
    The Machine Girl
    The Machine Girl
    The Machine Girl

    Posted 12/15/2007
    Dec 2007 Child Safety in Japan
    Child Safety in <b>Japan</b>
    All the mobile phone carriers in Japan have mobiles for kids which include features like:-
    • A cord which when pulled lets off a loud screech to scare away pedo bears.
    • A filter to stop kids from viewing harmful sites (like dannychoo.com ?)
    • GPS - tied to the parents phone so that mum/dad can see exactly where their kids are (wasting money in the arcade etc).
    The latest Kids mobile phone from Docomo also includes:-
    • A remote wrist band which is paired to the mobile. If the wrist band and mobile are seperated for more than a certain amount of meters, the wrist band will start to buzz.
      If the wrist band and mobile are separated for more than 5 minutes, a mail will be sent to the parents.
      The button on the wrist band can be pressed anytime to locate the mobile too.
    • The phone is also waterproof useful for when kids are trapped under water for some reason.
    This method of tracking kids with a mobile phone is a good attempt but not perfect. But soon, tracking/GPS methods where devices can be implanted *in* kids (under the skin or whatever) will be more readily available (already available - kind of ^^;) and I've always wanted to know how many parents would use such a technology.

    But when this starts to happen, evil folks will start to hack the system and be able to track our every movements - its kind of getting like the Matrix now...

    Child Safety in <b>Japan</b>
    Child Safety in <b>Japan</b>
    Child Safety in <b>Japan</b>
    Child Safety in <b>Japan</b>

    Posted 12/15/2007
    Japan Dec 2007 Ichigo Train

    Ichigo Train
    While children in Japan get their fair share of bullying and occasionally have coffee spat in their face, at least some of them have the opportunity to get on one of these trains decorated just for kids.

    Mind you, you don't have to be a kid to get on the Ichigo train which runs between Wakayama and Kishi station.

    Below: Inside and outside the Ichigo train.
    Ichigo Train
    Ichigo Train
    Ichigo Train
    Posted 12/15/2007
    Dec 2007 Japanese Pension Funds vanish ....

    <b>Japan</b>ese Pension
    This blue little booklet contains information which theoretically allows one to get hold of some pension when one retires. All folks working in Japan for employers who do legit accounting have to pay pension which is deducted with tax when the monthly wage is paid.
    Unfortunately, it looks like millions of Japanese pension payers are not going to receive a single yen due to a discovery that was made earlier this year.

    The population of Japan is about 130 million. It was discovered that 50 million pension accounts became 'undefinable' meaning that even if you retire and go to claim your pension, you have no guarantee of getting any of it back.

    The Nenkin Techo [年金手帳> or 'Pension Booklet' contains your unique number which you would then use to claim money when you retire. At the moment, this number means nothing for millions of people as they would be told that 'we don't know where your pension is' or 'can you prove you paid your pension?'

    There was an election during the year and all the politicians made promises pre-election period to solve the issue by March 2008. Now that its post election, we see them on TV and the other media saying how it was election time and that they couldn't just say 'we'd try.'
    Me thinks that the pension money has been pocketed by many politicians.

    The amount of tax deducted from ones pay is bad but paying money for nothing (in this case pension) is even worse.
    The amount of income tax/national health and pension thats deducted depends on ones salary. If you are in the 10,000,000 yen+ bracket then it would be about 20 - 30% and if you start getting in to the 1,000,000,000 yen bracket then it can be like 40 - 50% deducted (so I hear ^^;)

    Whats it like in your region? Are you left with peanuts after all these bits n pieces are deducted?

    Posted 12/15/2007
    Japan Dec 2007 Toilet habits

    Toilet habits in <b>Japan</b>
    According to a report covered by Japan Probe, 40% of Japanese men sit down to pee.
    This however is not breaking news and has been covered over the past few years - many reports from this search query.

    Back in 1999, only 15% of men sat down to pee. The main reason being not to leave a mess for others (in particular spouse) to clean up.

    'Women hate it when urine sprays, so there appears to be an increasing number who are asking men to sit down on the toilet when they have to go' - per spokesperson at Matsushita Electric Works.

    I saw a few comments on the JapanProbe post from folks who say that splashing affects people who cant aim straight or that men who do sit and pee are feminine.

    I don't agree and especially dont think its a matter of not being able to aim straight either - water splashes from inside of the toilet too. The person who left that comment must have the luxury of not caring who wipes up his pee.
    Posted 12/15/2007
    Eyescream (President Japan) Oct 2007 Trinity Blood - Abel Nightroad PVC 1/8
    Abel Nightroad (Completed Figure)
    Item name : Abel Nightroad (Completed Figure)
    Manufacturer : Eyescream (President Japan)
    Scale : 1/8
    Material : PVC
    Original : Trinity Blood
    Release Date : Late Oct., 2007
    Regular Price : 12,800 yen
    Posted 12/8/2007
    Boford Japan Oct 2007 Monster Hunter Hunter Goods Collection Life Vol.2 12 pieces
    Monster Hunter Hunter Goods Collection Life Vol.2 12 pieces (Completed)
    Item name : Monster Hunter Hunter Goods Collection Life Vol.2 12 pieces (Completed) Restock Item
    Manufacturer : Boford Japan
    Original : Monster Hunter
    Release Date : Late Oct., 2007
    Regular Price : 5,760 yen
    Posted 12/8/2007
    CollectionDX Dec 2007 The 2007 Holiday Buying Guide for Japanese Toys

    If you have ever heard that special someone utter words like Kaiju, Chogokin, Die-Cast, High Metal, Mecha, Super Robot, Transformable, Sentai, DX, Jumbo, Tokusatsu or know what those terms mean then this is the buying guide for you.
    Josh's Picks
    The creator of all things CollectionDX, Josh’s knowledge of Japanese toy culture is rivaled by few. His taste in toys is vast and you never know what surprises he’ll pull out for a review. Revoltech Line

    'With over 40 different toys available at about $20 each, you absolutely cannot go wrong. You can pick from mecha, super robots, transformers and even girl figures. There's something in this line for everyone.'

    For more pictures and details be sure to read all of our Revoltech reviews by clicking here Hasbro G1 Starscream

    'Hasbro G1 Masterpiece Starscream. We all balked at the Takara color scheme, but Hasbro brings this to the US as a Wal-Mart exclusive. This is the way it should have been done all along.'
    Yamato 1/60 YF-19

    'Nothing says 'I love you' like a 1/60 YF-19 Valkyrie from Yamato toys. They took the crappy old version and tweaked it for the larger scale. Get the version with the booster for extra points.'

    Posted 12/8/2007
    Japan Dec 2007 Bullying in Japan

    Bullying in <b>Japan</b>
    Poster snapped in my local supermarket reminding kids that they should wake up early, go to bed early and eat breakfast - meaning that most of them dont!

    While many Japanese kids are well behaved like angels, some are complete and utter brats who go around bullying other kids.
    Bullying in schools is a major social problem in Japan - many kids end up killing themselves due to the treatment they get.

    A recent survey by the ministry of education reveals that there were 124,898 reported cases of bullying in schools. 12,307 cases were from secondary schools, 12,307 were from colleges, 384 from special facilities but most of the bullying went on in primary schools with 60,897 cases. The remaining numbers where cases from some private/public schools.

    Out of the total number of reported bullying, 40,019 cases were of violence. The survey also shows that bullying by means of electronic means (internet, mail) is on the increase too.

    A few colleagues and friends who used to live in Japan have left to go back too the US because they didn't want their kids going to schools in Japan. There are international schools in Japan where the population is mostly gaijin but apparently are rather expensive.

    Recently saw a documentary about a popular talent on Japanese TV who was half Japanese and Egyptian. He lived until the age of four abroad and then moved back to Japan to experience terrible bullying in school - 'run its the gaijin!'

    Met up with a Japanese friend of mine who spent his younger years in England and Germany. Even though he was full blooded Japanese, just because he lived abroad, he got the same gaijin treatment when he came back to primary schools in Japan.

    I received my fair share of bullying when I was back in the UK - was called every name under the sun and battered left right n center ^^; Never spoken about this before but I didn't enjoy my child hood at all. I have zero fun memories as a child.
    I look at my life now and realize that I'm living my childhood as an adult trying to take back the lost years. Spent too much time as an unhappy child and am making sure that I spend the rest of my remaining time enjoying life as much as possible - life is short. For those who always send me mail asking why I behave like a child (buying figures, 'parading' around in armor etc) - now you know ^^

    I'm guessing that bullying happens everywhere but in Japan it could be more of a problem that other regions - you tell us.

    You can read more about bullying in Japan in English through this search result.
    Bullying in <b>Japan</b>
    Posted 12/8/2007
    Japan Dec 2007 Vacationing at the beach - shigaki Island
    After visiting Okinawa for the first time last year, we made the decision to go back every year. This time however, we decided to spend our time on Ishigaki Island - or Ishigaki Jima [石垣島> in Japanese.
    Ishigaki Island (click to enlarge)
    Stayed at the ANA resort hotel not too far from the airport. Pretty decent facilities. The water in the beach area gets really shallow depending on the tide.
    Ishigaki Island (click to enlarge)
    Example of the food they served at the hotel.
    Ishigaki Island (click to enlarge)
    This time round managed to get a more decent car. If you are visiting then you really need a car to get around the island.
    Ishigaki Island (click to enlarge)
    The schedule was pretty much the same as last year. Drive > discover nice beach > jump in > dry off > drive > discover nice beach...
    Ishigaki Island (click to enlarge)
    Many warning signs on the beaches telling folks to lookout for poisonous jellyfish.
    However, didn't spot any signs asking folks to look out for bikini girls.
    Posted 12/8/2007
    Japan Dec 2007 Taxis

    When getting in a Taxi in Japan, you are immediately charged a fare called Hatsunori [初乗り>. The Hatsunori lasts you two kilometers before you start to pay for each kilometer.

    The Hatsunori fare remained unchanged for ten years and used to be 660 yen - recently went up to 710 yen to the delight of citizens in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Hachiouji etc (source.)

    For those who are going to be out late, expect to pay triple the taxi fare between the hours of 10PM and 5AM (used to be from 11PM to 5AM.)
    <b>Japan</b> Taxi (click to enlarge)
    The most expensive taxis I took were in the UK. I remember paying more than twenty quid for a ride from Heathrow terminal 3 to 4.

    The worst Taxis I experienced were in Penang Malaysia where I had to ask how much it cost to get to a destination *before* I got on. The reason is that Taxi drivers may suddenly come out with '100 Ringgit please' when you reach your destination - best to be clear how much it will cost to avoid trouble. That was a while ago and not sure what its like now.

    The cheapest taxis I've taken were the ones in Shanghai. All taxis run on the meter and are dead cheap.
    What is the quality of service and rates like in your region?

    BTW, the photos in this post are available for you in the wallpaper pool.
    <b>Japan</b> Taxi (click to enlarge)

    Posted 12/8/2007
    Jakks Nov 2007 Jakks Pacific President Sells Shares - CNNMoney.com

    NEW YORK (Associated Press) - The president, chief operating officer and secretary of toy maker Jakks Pacific Inc. sold 70,000 shares of common stock under a prearranged trading plan, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.
    In a Form 4 filed with the SEC Thursday, Stephen G. Berman reported he sold the shares Thursday for $25.33 apiece.
    The stock sale was conducted under a prearranged 10b5-1 trading plan which allows a company insider to set up a program in advance for such transactions and proceed with them even if he or she comes into possession of material non-public information.
    Insiders file Form 4s with the SEC to report transactions in their companies' shares. Open market purchases and sales must be reported within two business days of the transaction.
    Posted 12/8/2007
    Japan Dec 2007 Robo-One Grand Championship match - Robots slug it out to be world champ

    TOKYO (Reuters) - At Tokyo's 12th Robo-One Grand Championship match, two-legged robots jabbed, ducked, hurled balloons and even sang in their quest to become world champ.

    Twenty-five finalist robots put up their fists to knock one another out of a ring on Saturday, showing off some of the latest moves originated by children, homemakers and other robot fans in the world's biggest robot market.
    Hundreds of spectators clapped as robot 'Arichyon,' clad in Christmas lights, sang 'We wish you a Merry Christmas.' They then cheered when a robot with a penguin head toppled Arichyon over with a single punch.
    Japan, home to 40 percent of the world's robots, is also fertile ground for amateur programmers, who invest serious pocket money and hours into making the ideal biped out of server motors, cameras, sensors and wires.
    To win the tournament and the title of the world's strongest two-legged fighting robot, contestants need to be able to keep their balance while punching and dodging blows, and get up when pushed down.
    'Companies can't make money making robots like these,' said Terukazu Nishimura, chairman of the Robo-One committee. 'The future of robotics depends on amateurs.'
    The cost of developing robots has compelled electronics firms to pull the plug on cutting-edge robots targeting the consumer market. The most prominent example is Sony Corp's (6758.T) Aibo dog robot, discontinued last year.
    Toymakers such as Takara Tomy now have entered the consumer robot market, with firms cutting development costs and simplifying design to market low-cost robots for the home.
    But toys just don't cut it for true robot lovers like 40-year-old Naoki Maru. Robot hobbyists have long outpaced companies in innovation, he said.
    'You cannot win the tournament without the help of a major innovation every six months,' said Maru, designer of the former Robo-One champion. 'You don't see that kind of speed anywhere else.'
    Posted 12/8/2007
    Hobby Japan Nov 2007 Spec Figures 3
    Price: 1,905 yen
    Manufacturer: Hobby Japan
    Release Date: Nov 2007
    Type: Figure Books/Magazines
    Description: Softcover.

    Posted 12/8/2007
    Japan Nov 2007 Figure Rollup - Actually Exists Edition Posted 12/1/2007
    Hobby Japan Nov 2007 Queen's Blade - Queens Gate Alice Posted 12/1/2007
    Japan Nov 2007 Japanese Men Prefer 2D Posted 12/1/2007
    McDonald's Nov 2007 Tampered With The Sell-By Date On Salads + Japanese Kids meal Toys Posted 12/1/2007
    Japan Nov 2007 Air Idols Posted 12/1/2007
    Japan Nov 2007 Indecent Flyers Collection Box? Posted 12/1/2007
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    Talking Presidents Fall 2007 New Elvis Action Figure ‘Talking’ Line Released for Sale Posted 8/5/2007
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