San Diego- What do you get when you mix Mez-Itz, the hot new Designer  Vinyl toy from Mezco, and 60 famous artists, designers, and F/X artists?  The Mez-Itz Art Show! 
Conceived as a celebration of its new collectible toy line, the Mez-Itz  Art Show displays the amazing versatility of the Mez-Itz deceivingly  simple design. Rather than only turning to artists to create custom  figures, Mezco thought outside the box and reached out to designers and  F/X artists as well.
You’ll even see some by some familiar faces and friends of AFi, such as our own Jason 'ToyOtter' Geyer, Jeremy 'Spy Magician' Sung, Eddie Wires, Chris Miller, Airmax, Swass!, Matt 'IronCow' Cauley, and More!   Chris MillerArtShow/Chris-Miller.jpg width=400 height=130>