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Varner Studios
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Fairy Tale Pinups (2003)
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2003 Fairy Tale Pinups
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About Varner Studio    
Varner Studios was founded in 1979 by Steve Varner. Steve was formerly a senior Sculptor at Mattel Toys. Prior to that Steve was a Sculptor in the Motion picture and television industry. Varner Studios is located at 3640 Skypark Drive Torrance, CA 90505 Ph 310-375-2800 (Near LAX Airport) and has 5 full time Employees.

Varner Studios is proficient at digital and 3D Traditional Sculpting and manufacturing mainly for the Toy and Entertainment Industry.We have in house, several 3D digital scanners and are proficient at scanning small and large objects as well as human faces and full body’s. These scanned objects or people and can be used to begin the digital sculpting process.
Our team of sculptors use a number of 3D Sculpting programs to sculpt to finish either by beginning with a 3D scan or starting from scratch. We also have in House 2 different 3D Digital printers an Objet Acrylic printer and Thermojet Wax printer both prints in fine detail .
We also have an in house molding and casting facility for making Silicone molds of the final sculpts and then Casting Urethane parts for either Tooling ready parts or painting for presentations.
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