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Underground Toys
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Doctor Who (See Character) (2005)
Little Apple Dolls (2004)
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2004 Little Apple Dolls
2005 Doctor Who (See Character)
Company history
About Underground Toys    
Formed in 2001, Underground Toys are part of a $37 million group based in both the US and UK.

Underground specialise in the creation, manufacturing and distribution of both mass and collector toys. Amongst their many well known products are the In Your Pocket, range of voice keychains. Over 2.5 million In Your Pockets have been sold to date. Launching this year, are the Sound Blaster voice key chains for the younger market. The first releases include Ben 10, Star Wars and Scooby Doo.

In addition to the successful voice key chain lines, Underground is now a well known plush licensee, making Star Wars, Family Guy and Domo soft toys of all sizes and types as well as many other novelty and gift items. Underground holds licenses for Avatar, Ben 10, Star Wars, Twilight, Family Guy, 24, Thundercats, Star Trek, Monty Python, Bleach, Rambo, Clone Wars, Twilight, New Moon, Domo, Bakugan,Dirty Dancing, Thunderbirds, Deathnote, WWE, Scooby Doo as well as action figures for the hit Sci-Fi TV shows Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood, Heroes and Doctor Who.

Most recently, Underground has been appointed the master gift licensee in the UK for Avatar – the epic Movie which recently became the 2nd biggest film of all time.

Key mass and specialty customers from around the world include Toys’R’us, Urban Outfitters, Argos, Tesco, Debenhams, Wilkinsons, Target, Spencer Gifts, Forbidden Planet, HMV, BHS, The Entertainer, Borders, Next, Transworld, Play.com, Waterstones,. Staples, Think Geek, Clinton Cards, Hot Topic, Hamleys, Diamond Comics, Firebox.com, Halfords etc. Underground Toys’ are actively seeking new opportunities with customers, property owners and licensors and have many innovative product categories under development.
From the News Archive
Underground Toys July 2009 Doctor Who exclusive action figures : The Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee 2 Packs.

Underground Toys present their second wave of Doctor Who exclusive action figures : The Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee 2 Packs.

These fantastic collector items will be available exclusively through Underground Toys in the US and through Forbidden Planet in the UK.
The 3rd Doctor figure with Sea Devil from ‘The Sea Devils’
The Doctor and Jo visit the Master in his high-security prison on an island off the south coast of England and hear from the governor, Colonel Trenchard, that ships have been mysteriously disappearing at sea. Investigating, the Doctor learns from the Naval base commander that the sinkings are centred around an abandoned sea fort. Visiting the fort, the Doctor and Jo are attacked by a “Sea Devil” - an amphibious breed of the prehistoric creatures or “Silurians” encountered by the Doctor not long before.
The Master is secretly building a machine to wake the Sea Devils from their hibernation, so that they can reclaim Earth from the human population. The Doctor tries to broker peace between them and humankind, but is captured by the Master. As the time approaches, the Doctor’s only hope to save the human race lies in sabotaging the device and entombing the Sea Devils.
This set features an exclusive Underground Toys action figure of the dynamic 3rd Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee with a magnificent Sea Devil figure with brand new and updated decoration. The Doctors cloak is removable and he comes with his trusty Sonic Screwdriver.

The 3rd Doctor figure and Dalek from ‘Death to the Daleks’
The Doctor and Sarah Jane arrive on the planet Exxilon, where all electrical energy is drained off by an unknown force. The Doctor meets a Marine Space Corps expedition from Earth, stranded by the energy drain, who tell him that a plague is sweeping the galaxy and that the antidote, parrinium, can be found only on Exxilon. Sarah meanwhile discovers a magnificent white edifice with a flashing beacon on top, but is captured by a group of savage Exxilons to be sacrificed for defiling their city.
The Doctor and the humans enter into an uneasy alliance with a group of Daleks who also land on the planet and whose weapons are also drained of energy. Rescuing Sarah, the Doctor and Marines escape into the tunnels around the city with Bellal, an enlightened native, as the Daleks reinforcements arrive, blazing machine guns in place of their energy weapons.
This set features an exclusive Underground Toys action figure of the dynamic 3rd Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee with Blue jacket and high boots. It also features a splendid looking Dalek resplendent in Silver and black livery and sporting a machine gun. The Doctor comes with his trusty Sonic Screwdriver.
Posted 7/26/2009
Underground Toys July 2009 Doctor Who Series4 The Doctor - review
 Doctor Who Packaging from <b>Underground</b> Toys
Posted 7/26/2009
Underground Toys July 2009 Torchwood Comic-Con Preview: Check Out The Exclusive Action Figures!

Torchwood and Doctor Who fans have a lot to be excited about regarding next week’s Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego – and it just got even better for collectors. Underground Toys has just released images of their four exclusive new action figures, which will be available firstly at Comic-Con and then only at select online retailers following the event. If you’re an action figure collector like myself, you won’t want to miss these great new additions.
The first two selections are part of Character Options’ classic figure series. The first is the First Doctor (William Hartnell) with a Dalek Invasion of Earth ‘Black’ Dalek two-pack, harkening back to Doctor Who’s first broadcast in November 1963. Both color and black and white editions will be available, keeping in the spirit of the original black-and-white television broadcast. The second is the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton), featured here with a Cybermen two-pack representing those found in the September 1967 episode ‘Tomb of the Cybermen’. This figure also has both color and black-and-white variants available. Both the First and Second Doctor exclusives have a SRP of $40.
Underground will also offer a Sixth Doctor variant figure, featuring Colin Baker’s incarnation in the alternative blue coat most visibly used in the BBC’s ‘Real Time’ webcast. This more muted, less frivolous design is a favorite among many fans, and this figure has an SRP of $20.
For Torchwood fans like myself, you’ll be thrilled to hear that a limited edition Captain Jack Harkness figure will also be offered at the convention. This figure, specially packaged for the upcoming Children of Earth miniseries, is a variant of the one released in the first wave of Torchwood figures. It features Jack in his dark blue alternative wardrobe, and is individually hand-numbered. This variant carries an SRP of $20.
All these figures will be available exclusively at the Underground Toys booth at Comic-Con (#3949), and later at select online retailers not yet known at press time. Check here and at the Underground Toys website – http://www.underground-toys.com — for more information.

Posted 7/26/2009
Locoape Dec 2007 Lemmy Action Figure Delayed - Metal Underground

Lemmy Action Figure Delayed
Metal Underground, MD -

An action figure of MOTÖRHEAD's Lemmy Kilmister is tentatively due in November via a company called Locoape. The six-inch figure comes with what appears to be one of four random backgrounds and one of three random guitars.
Originally expected to ship in mid-December, the Lemmy Kilmister Motörhead action figure has been delayed until February due to manufacturing issues. It's expected to retail for $21.95.
As previously reported, this 6-inch Lemmy action figure will include one of three randomly inserted bass guitars and accessories, as well as a base for the action figure featuring one of four randomly themed backdrops.
Posted 12/8/2007
Ginko Press Oct 2007 Tokyo Underground

I co-wrote a book.

Tokyo Underground: Toy and Design Culture in Tokyo (128 pp, hc, $19.99)
Probably the #1 subject for emails to CollectionDX is 'Where can I find good toy shops in Tokyo?'. I had a small guide I created after my 2003 trip, and that was really popular, but not comprehensive. When I went back to Tokyo in 2006, I took notes and pictures. With my good friend Dave's help, I had the start of the ultimate Japanese toy guide.
Originally this was meant to be an e-book - a pdf that you could print and bring with you. But I lacked the time to compile it and format it properly. I pitched the idea to Brian Flynn of Super7, and he thought why not take it further, and make it a real book?
Brian put his design house, Hybrid-Design, on the job of making the book look great. Brian combined his maps of the vinyl scene with my maps of the vintage scene and added extra information. The end result is what you see here, a real, honest-to-good actual book.
Tokyo <b>Underground</b>
Tokyo <b>Underground</b>
Tokyo <b>Underground</b> Tokyo <b>Underground</b> Tokyo <b>Underground</b> Tokyo <b>Underground</b> Tokyo <b>Underground</b> Tokyo <b>Underground</b> Tokyo <b>Underground</b> Tokyo <b>Underground</b> Tokyo <b>Underground</b>

The book is published by Super7 and distributed by Ginko Press. The book should be available in funkier book shops around the country.

TOKYO UNDERGROUND digs deep and unearths Toy and design culture in the land of the rising sun.
September 24, 2007 - Buried deep down back alleys of Tokyo’s hippest neighborhoods are the secret places. For years, toy collectors would keep maps of these stores to themselves, lest another collector find out one of his hunting spots. As toy and design culture collide and become mainstream, these locations can no longer be kept secret!
Posted 10/18/2007
Japan Sept 2007 Tokyo Underground - Kakekomi Josha

Tokyo <b>Underground</b>
Apart from people killing themselves by hurling their bodies under a train, women being touched up and serious overcrowding, the other train problem in Japan is Kakekomi Josha (駆け込み乗車) which is a word used to describe the action of 'trying to get through closing doors as the train departs' (the Japanese language has words for everything! ^^;)

People who look like they are in a rush have that look on their face (the I'm-in-a-rush look) but even for people who don't seem in a rush, when they see their train about to leave the platform, their bodies are automatically drawn towards the closing doors like a magnet.
When they miss getting on, the reaction is *always* the same - a brisk 90 degree turn and continue walking down the platform as if nothing happened.

This is actually quite a problem in society which causes accidents and delays. A person died back in 1995 when doing the Kakekomi Josha - he tried to get on a departing train and got his fingers caught in the door. The driver didn't notice and the train departed dragging the man to his death. Whats worse is that the train was a Shinkansen (bullet train.) His family was given 60,000,000 yen as compensation...
Posted 9/22/2007
Wheaty Wheat Aug 2007 At Urban Underground Project!

Not only was Wheaty Wheat one of the sponsors (and founders) of the Vinyl Toy Network's Urban Underground Project, but they also had a booth at the show.  The event took place this past Friday and Saturday, in close proximity to San Diego's Comic Con.  Admission was free and they even had a shuttle running between Jerome's (aka The Factory) and SDCC.
On display at the WWS booth were several prototypes.  The next two planned releases are Joe Ledbetter's Ringo Bear and Sket's Buckeye Rot. (Notice the hand changes on Buckeye)  Following them will be Brandt Peters' Ink Slinger No. 5, Kathie Olivas' Violet and Brian Taylor's Jack Rabbit.  The extra large Cleabus was used for Brian McCarty's photo shoot and won't actually be produced...unfortunately.
Wheaty Wheat also had prototypes from a few of their new artists - Kerry Horvath and Darth Rimmer (Evil Ice Cream) and Luke Feldman (Mai).  The Mai figure looks amazing.  A terrific sculpt that really mimics Feldman's artwork.
Posted 8/5/2007
Vinyl Toy Network's Urban Underground Project Aug 2007 report

We already showed you photos of Wheaty Wheat's booth at the Vinyl Toy Network's Urban Underground Project show, but there were several other booths at The FactoryMimoco was celebrating the 2nd birthday of mimobot - they were introduced at Comic Con 2005.  Cake anyone?
The event got down to the roots of the vinyl and designer toy genre.  The small venue made for a nice relief from the crazy crowds at the San Diego Convention Center...even if there were AC issues...and the number of artists who were on site was great.  With Comic Con continuing to grow, will VTN be the place to go to get your vinyl fix?  Only time will tell.
Posted 8/5/2007
Vinyl Toy Network July 2007 Presents First Annual Urban Underground Project

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2007 -- The Vinyl Toy Network ( www.vinyltoynetwork.com - VTN) www.vinyltoynetwork.com was created as a method of gathering vendors and artists who have the same passion and appreciation for the art form that is also known as designer or urban vinyl toys. VTN's purpose is to create a forum where both vendors and artists can showcase under one roof without the crazy chaos that bigger, non-vinyl toy conventions can usually be. One of our primary goals is to make it very affordable for vendors and artists to show in a specialized venue such as the VTN. This in turn, also makes it convenient for the collectors of art, vinyl toys and street couture to come to one location and find all the figures, artworks and clothing that they have been looking for.
Urban Underground Project (UUP) was developed by VTN as a supplement to the San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) that takes place every July at the San Diego Convention Center. VTN felt that the 'urban culture' needed a venue that would distinguish it from the huge, mostly comic convention that SDCC has grown to be. At the UUP, attendees will find an event that focuses on the 'urban culture' which has become the breeding grounds for such genres as vinyl toys, 'low brow' art, DJ music and street couture (ie: designer hoodies, t-shirts and sneakers).
This will be an event that attendees of SDCC will not want to miss! And with the price of admission being FREE and a FREE shuttle bus there is no excuse not to be there!
The 2007 UUP roster of vendors are the following (in alphabetical order):
  • 3D Retro
  • 5 & A Dime
  • Alpha-Cult
  • Chad Carothers (www.chadartworld.com)
  • DKE Toys (Dov Kelemer Enterprises Inc.)
  • Frolab (www.frolab.com)
  • Mechanized Records (from SLC, UT)
  • Mimoco (creators of Mimobots: art toys USB flash drives)
  • Nice Bunny (www.nicebunny.com)
  • Pinkghost & Friends (from Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
  • Pixelfillu (creator of Space Crabs @ http://pixelfillu.blogspot.com/)
  • Rooted Movement
  • Strangekiss Art Toys & Prints
  • Unsteady (www.unscene.com/site/go.php?getEst=553)
  • UrbanMedium (www.urbanmedium.com)
  • Wheaty Wheat Studios
  • And many more being added……

The 2007 UUP roster of artists who will be attending and/or selling their own personal wares as well as signing are (in alphabetical order):

  • Andrew Bell
  • Brom
  • Chad Carothers
  • Brian Caastleforte
  • Colorblok
  • Luke Feldman
  • Germs
  • Toby HK
  • Kerry Horvath
  • Jim Koch
  • David Lanham
  • Christopher Lee
  • Matias
  • CJ Metzger
  • Miss Mindy
  • Buff Monster
  • Kathie Olivas
  • Brandt Peters
  • Darth Rimmer
  • Skwak
  • And many more being added…..
Posted 7/21/2007
The Vinyl Toy Network's show July 2007 The Urban Underground Project

If you're going to be in San Diego for Comic Con on July 27th and 28th, you might as well come check out The Vinyl Toy Network's show...The Urban Underground Project.  It'll be like a mini Con for vinyl toy fans.  There will be a number of well-known vendors, artists will be stopping by for signing and (everyone's favorite) exclusive figures will be on sale.  And the nicest thing is that they'll be providing free shuttle service (from Harbor Dr. in front of the Hyatt) to the event.
Event takes place: July 27th and 28th from 2PM through 8PM
Jerome's Building aka The Factory
1466 F St.
San Diego, CA 29101
Posted 7/15/2007
Underground Artists Take on the Sith in The Vader Project - StarWars.com

Underground Artists Take on the Sith in The Vader Project
Pop surrealist, graffiti, tattoo, lowbrow, comic and underground artists Shag, Paul Frank, Tim Biskup, Frank Kozik, Marc Ecko, Amanda Visell, Tim Biskup, J. Otto Seibold, Gary Baseman, Joe Ledbetter, Urban Medium and Jeff Soto, among others, show their allegiance to the dark side by customizing Darth Vader helmets in landmark gallery exhibition called The Vader Project, to debut at Star Wars Celebration IV on May 24 to 28 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Vader Project is presented by Master Replicas, and curated by Dov Kelemer of DKE Toys, one of the largest designer vinyl and art-toy distributors in the world, exclusively representing over 50 companies, artists, and designers. Kelemer gathered the hottest underground and pop surrealist painters, artists and designers and gave each artist a Master Replicas 1:1 scale prop replica of the Darth Vader helmet used in the Star Wars films. Each helmet served as a blank canvas for each artist to paint, design, mash up and customize in their own unique style.

'Most of these artists are involved in the designer vinyl and art toy community so they understand customizing a 3D object even if they are 2D artists, painters and designers,' Kelmer explains. 'I tried to have all the different communities represented. The designer toy scene is really an eclectic group of artists. They come from all different backgrounds. On one hand you have this urban graffiti street art culture, the lowbrow pop surrealist group, then there is the whole culture of Asian inspired 'cute' art, rock poster art, and Japanese Kaiju, of course. Most have nothing to do with one another but it's all the same culture in the toy world.'

Posted 5/27/2007
Underground Toys - May 2007 Little Apple Dolls series 4 & 5
Underground Toys, London
hspace=50UndergroundToys_LittleAppleDolls_Series4.jpg width=432 align=middle vspace=10 >
Little Apple Dolls series 4: Lethe, Timor Balatro, Sine of Souls and Elysia.

hspace=50Underground_LittleAppleDolls_Series5.jpg width=450 align=middle vspace=10 >
Little Apple Dolls Series 5: Oscen and Nix.
Posted 5/12/2007
Buy First Edition GWAR Action Figures Online - Metal Underground

Buy First Edition GWAR Action Figures Online
Metal Underground, MD -
... Justice Joseph! Wave1 of the GWAR action figures will be expected to hit stores this fall including Oderus, Beefcake and Techno. They ...
Published 8/15/2006
Gwar To Get Own Line Of Action Figures - Metal Underground

The Gauntlet
Gwar To Get Own Line Of Action Figures
Metal Underground, MD -
This August, Shocker toys will unleash a powerful force onto the sleepy little inhabitants of this plastic buying world. That force is called GWAR!! ...
Shocker Toys Brings GWAR, Indie Spotlight and Shockinis to Wizard ...
Posted 8/2/2006
Some iconic films were once strictly underground - Monterey County Herald

Some iconic films were once strictly underground
Monterey County Herald, CA -
... mirrored in the film? Or that the movie would, in turn, become the basis for a line of Goth action figures and clothes? 'A lot of ...
Posted 4/24/2006
Some iconic films were once strictly underground - Malaysia Star

Some iconic films were once strictly underground
Malaysia Star, Malaysia -
... mirrored in the film? Or that the movie would, in turn, become the basis for a line of Goth action figures and clothes? 'A lot of ...
Posted 3/24/2006
Disturbed Frontman Talks About 'Land Of Confusion - Metal Underground

Disturbed Frontman Talks About "Land Of Confusion
Metal Underground, MD -
... His McFarlane Toys has created action figures of comic characters, movie monsters, and musicians such as Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, Slash and Angus Young. ...
Published 3/24/2006
Some iconic films were once strictly underground
'Scarface' is a 23-year-old movie. And according to critic Leonard Maltin, it stinks (1½ stars). So explain why, in 2006, 'Scarface' T-shirts, 'Scarface' posters, 'Scarface' collectibles are all over the place.
Posted 3/21/2006
Some iconic films were once strictly underground - NorthJersey.com

Some iconic films were once strictly underground
NorthJersey.com, NJ -
... mirrored in the film? Or that the movie would, in turn, become the basis for a line of Goth action figures and clothes? 'A lot of ...
Posted 3/20/2006
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