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Hot Toys July 2009 16" Alien - BIG CHAP Collectible Figure

Hot Toys - MMS 106 - Alien - BIG CHAP Collectible Figure
Big_Chap/1-Alien_Big-Chap-Alien.jpg width=600 height=800>
Hot Toys is proud to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original ALIEN movie with our ALIEN BIG CHAP collectible release. The intricately detailed model- Alien Big Chap- is crafted based on Giger’s original design, and the fully articulated collectible is in scale with other Hot Toys’ Movie Masterpiece 1/6th scale Alien and Predator.

The Alien - BIG CHAP collectible figure features:

- Approximate stands 16 inches (40 cm) long/ tall
- Specially developed skeleton underneath
- Over 19 points of articulation
- Bendable hands, thenar, and tail
- Extendable set of inner jaws
- Two sets of Interchangeable hands
- Environmental display base

* Product shown is not final **

Artists info:

Character Sculpted by JOSEPH TSANG

Release date: NOV - DEC, 2009

ALIEN TM & © 2009 Twentieth Century Film Corporation. All rights reserved.< itxtvisited=1 div=>
Posted 7/26/2009
Bif Bang Pow! July 2009 Big Lebowski Talking Donny Action Figure - EE SDCC Exclusive

If you're in San Diego this week, stop by Comic-Con International booth #2343 and say hello! We've got a full suite of exclusives, including the first-ever bobble head from the series Lost and a number of great action figures like our EE SDCC Exclusive Big Lebowski Talking Donny Action Figure. Speaking 5 awesome phrases like 'I am the walrus,' Donny comes equipped with a green shirt, a burger, and a refreshing bottled drink. Also, be sure to check out all our Comic-Con exclusives and follow us on Twitter for new updates! And if you're in San Diego, we're giving away FREE buttons from Dexter at our booth.
<b>Big</b> Lebowski Talking Donny Action Figure - EE SDCC Exclusive
Posted 7/26/2009
McPhee July 2008 Bigfoot Statue

<b>Big</b>foot Statue Bigfoot Statue
This 18' tall, heavy polystone statue looks just like bigfoot only… little. Perfect for the garden, next to the fireplace in the living room or just lording over your garden gnomes. Some call him sasquatch, others the missing link, we just know it's the best tiny, hairy man-creature statue money can buy!

Posted 7/26/2009
Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure

This is by far the most mouth-watering meatcentric board game ever created! As you move your bacon character along the path through Meatland you'll have to navigate your way through areas like the Mustard Marsh, the Wiener Wasteland and the Sausage Sea. The first one to make it to the frying pan at the end of the trail wins!
Posted 7/26/2009
BioShock's Big Sister now a small action figure - Joystiq

BioShock's Big Sister now a small action figure
GamerVision has posted some images of NECA's new BioShock action figure line and, to put it simply, they look great. The figures are not finalized, ...

Posted 7/26/2009
BofA, Mattel, CIT are big movers - The Associated Press

BofA, Mattel, CIT are big movers
The Associated Press
Mattel Inc., up $1.23 at $17.42 Sales of Barbie and other toys sank in the second quarter, but profit surged, beating expectations, as the company reduced ...

Posted 7/26/2009
www.bigbadtoystore.com July 2009 new arrivals: GI Joe, Transformers, DC, Star Wars ...


GI JOE MOVIE 3.75' - 37 FIGURES AVAILABLE We have waves 1, 2, and 3 in stock for both Collection 1 and Collection 2 of the new GI Joe Movie figures. These waves both contain a variety of movie characters as well as a good number of old-school characters re-imagined to mesh nicely with the movie feel, yet also show their roots. (see EEL and Crimson Neo-Viper for example) Since there are so many different figures, and so many different case packs, we decided to put together a monster 'First 37 Figure Set' - this gives you one each of every figure released so far - priced at less than $9.99 per figure.

GI JOE MOVIE VEHICLES: ALPHA, BRAVO, ECHO, PIT We'll start with the relatively huge PIT playset, its not Terrordrome big, but it is one of the larger vehicle sets released in a long long time. In stock now at $114.99. The nifty SR-71 style Night Raven is available at $44.99. We have all the current Alpha and Bravo sized vehicles in stock singly or by the case

MORE GI JOE MOVIE ITEMS: Also in stock are 12' Figures, Combat Heroes 2-packs and single figure packs, Role Play, Action Battlers, children's vehicles

TAKARA - TF ALTERNITY - MEGATRON & BLACK CONVOY More cool figures from the Alternity line. The black version of the GT-R is in stock at $53.99, and Megatron shows up as a Nissan'Fairlady' Z. The Silver version of Megatron has sold out, but we do have blue available at $49.99

STAR WARS RESTOCK We've received more stock on a variety of sold out items including: Clone Turbo Tank, New Millenium Falcon, FX Lightsabers, Galactic Heroes, Titanium, Vehicle Figure Packs, Build-A-Droid, Mighty Muggs and more. T

HARRY POTTER HALF-BLOOD PRINCE 7' FIGURE SET NECA delivers the latest round of figures just in time for the release of the 6th movie - This set includes one each of Harry Potter, Mad Eye Moody, Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy.

GHOSTBUSTERS MINIMATES BOX SET This extremely popular set is now in stock at $13.99 - it includes key figures from the movie - the rest will follow in subsequent boxed sets. Lineup includes: Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Egon Spengler, Louis Tully as Gozer's dog and the possessed Dana Barrett!

STAR TREK MOVIE ENTERPRISE The balance of our order of the very cool Movie Enterprise has just arrived. Get your favorite ship here at $34.99

SUPERMAN/BATMAN SERIES 7 SET Another great looking set from DC Direct has just arrived - From the popular story arc 'Search for Kryptonite,' in which Superman and Batman attempt to rid the world of Kryptonite, this series also features Aquaman and Live Wire. The 4 figures are available now at $59.99

REVOLTECH GURREN & LAGANN The 66th figure in the Revoltech series is now available for $34.99

Posted 7/26/2009
Harman, Hasbro, CIT Group are big movers - The Associated Press
ABC News

Harman, Hasbro, CIT Group are big movers
The Associated Press
Hasbro Inc., up $1.07 at $26.45 The toy maker's profit rose 5 percent, surpassing Wall Street expectations, on strong sales of toys tied to summer action ...
BEFORE THE BELL: US Stk Futures Up;CIT Said To Get Rescue
Stocks rally on additional signs of economic health
Street Rallies On CIT Rescue Hopes
 - -
Posted 7/26/2009
Fisher-Price July 2009 Discovery Playground Opens in the San Diego Children's Zoo

San Diego, California - Excited children and weary parents now have a place in common at the San Diego Zoo. Opened Wednesday, the Children’s Zoo is home to the new Discovery Playground presented by Fisher-Price. It offers a stimulating experience for children of all abilities ages 5 - 12.
Log benches offer plenty of seating for parents to watch their children play.
The Zoo partnered with Fisher-Price to bring this new addition to life. Fisher-Price provided colorful picnic tables so families can enjoy lunch from the Children’s Zoo Cupboard across a bridge from the ADA-compliant playground. The thatched roof, red mask details and whimsical palm trees help create the theme of adventure.
The Discovery Playground takes up almost 1,300 square feet and features a net tunnel, pendulum bridge, climbing wall, periscopes, labyrinth game, picture puzzle, scramble net, talk tubes, alphabet game and a gnarly looking tube slide.
The two-story jungle gym gives children a place to bring out their inner animal. “Kids will have the opportunity to slide like otters, climb like koalas, balance like leopards and solve puzzles like primates” according to Victoria Garrison, director of education at the Zoo. “I’m excited that the Zoo can partner with Fisher-Price to provide a fun and safe place for kids to play.”
Posted 7/26/2009
Girl's Fisher Price Bike. - Discover Moose Jaw

Girl's Fisher Price Bike.
Discover Moose Jaw
When the City of Moose Jaw and South-central Saskatchewan want local news, weather, and sports online and on-demand, they turn to Discover Moose Jaw. ...

Posted 7/26/2009
A Fisher Price Play Weekend at Toledo Zoo - Zoo and Aquarium Visitor News
Zoo and Aquarium Visitor News

A Fisher Price Play Weekend at Toledo Zoo
Zoo and Aquarium Visitor News
Toledo, OH - Both The Toledo Zoo and Fisher-Price have decades of experience in creating great memories for children, so it's no surprise ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Dollar slides as more big companies turn in strong quarterly results, triggering risk appetite

The dollar hit its lowest level against the euro in nearly seven months as prospects of a deal to rescue U.S. lender CIT and optimism about corporate earnings increased investors' appetite for risk - driving them from the safety of the American currency.
Posted 7/26/2009 by  Slam Sports 
Fisher-Price June 2009 Former FP Sculptor opens Doll gallery

Trina Neher Ross of the Town of Boston recently opened a unique gallery that houses original dolls that she has created.

Original Artist Dolls, located at 8372 Boston State Road, is a gallery that features a wide variety of dolls made of parts that were sculpted directly by using air-drying clay.

Limited edition dolls are first sculpted in wax and then molded from plaster before they are finally cast in an air-drying clay slip.

The body of the doll is fabric, muslin, which is stuffed over the armature. Ross’ costumes for the dolls are designed and hand sewn. The wigs and accessories are also handmade.

Ross has been designing dolls for over 20 years. She is a former senior sculptor for Fisher-Price Toys in East Aurora.

“Somehow some doll magazine came through that was all about doll collecting,” said Ross. “I was amazed at some of the variety. I went to a convention with a bunch of doll artists, I explained I was a sculptor at Fisher Price and they said, ‘Why don’t you make some dolls?’ I had never thought about it. So I went back home and started making a doll and enjoyed doing it.”

The prices of the dolls run anywhere from $5 to $750, with the range of price varying for the unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

Ross also offers sculpting classes for those who are interested in learning about her craft.
The gallery is open to the public Thursdays from noon to 7 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Posted 6/20/2009
Fisher-Price June 2009 Little People 50th birthday Live Tour

When she was a young girl, Angie Gawle watched as a circus train crashed on the carpet, spilling the ringmaster and animals across the living room floor. Photo

A giraffe, an elephant, and a lion prowled about the house as Angie tended to the passengers and bystanders, a bunch of Little People who today live in her attic.

At age 36, the Toledoan still plays with her collection of Little People when her young relatives visit. They like the vintage people - the Fisher-Price Play Family members made of wood. Later, Little People models were produced in plastic.

This year marks the 50th birthday for the Little People, and to help the tiny toy tykes celebrate, Fisher-Price is presenting the first-ever nationwide Little People Live Tour. The Toledo Zoo is one of only six stops on the tour. The show, set for performances today and tomorrow, will be staged in the zoo's historic amphitheater.

Fisher-Price is the sponsor of the new Little People Discovery Stage, one feature of Nature's Neighborhood which opened yesterday at the zoo.

The Little People stage is a 50-seat amphitheater where programs on pet care and conservation, plus other activities and events, will be presented, said Andi Norman, zoo spokesman.
Little People continue to be popular, both as toys and as much-sought-after collectibles.

Miss Gawle, store manager of the Goodwill Industries location in downtown Toledo, knows people have a passion for Little People. No longer are the collectible pieces of the play sets put on store shelves; instead, they are put up for auction on Goodwill's Web site, along with fine jewelry, paintings, and glassware.

Members of a collectors club meet to swap and sell the Little People, and Web sites offer the toys for sale at much higher prices than the original prices.

Allison Kiesel of Tiffin is a collector and a seller. Born in 1972, she played with Little People years ago and she makes extra money today buying low and selling high.

Ask how many pieces in her collection, and she pauses. 'Oh gosh. I have about every set made.' There's the swimming pool and hospital and houses and lots and lots of moms and dads and boys and girls and animals. She displays some; stores others.

'The resale market is real good. I have been selling on or off for six or seven years. Never really has the market gone down in value. I never have a problem selling them.'

Recently she sold the Little People action garage for $202.50; she bought it at a Tiffin flea market for $5.

Little People came with several styles of headgear - caps with bills (police women, tow truck drivers); caps with an M-shape (pilot, boat captain, mailman), and helmets (race car driver, motorcycle driver), for instance.

Hair styles were plastic or painted: buns, bald, bobs, braids. Body colors and styles, varied, too, through the decades, as did facial features.

To keep things interesting in the world of pretend, some Little People were born as frowning, freckle-faced kids, known as the meanies or bullies.

One fan posted a comment online that helps explain the popularity of the playthings:

'I always liked the one that I called 'the Bully.' He is the one with the red hat and mean expression. He was the brunt of all school bus crashes, cow and horse stampedes, and was often pushed off the top of the barn. I guess it was good that I took out my aggressions on these little people instead of the real ones around me … ;o).'
Posted 6/20/2009
Fisher-Price June 2009 Little People history

Over the past 50 years, the Fisher-Price® Play Family Little People® have evolved from simple wooden peg people to sculpted rubber figures with detailed faces, limbs, names, and personalities.
Assigning histories to some Little People figures makes it easier for the company to create videos and other products starring these characters. However, by turning formerly anonymous play figures into named personalities, Fisher-Price has made it more difficult for children to enjoy completely free imaginative play.
Timelines of Little People history
As part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Play Family Little People® line, Fisher-Price has set up on its Web site an official Little People Fiftieth Birthday Timeline. Another detailed history with photographs of different styles of Little People over the years can be found at This Old Toy.
The events covered by both of these fascinating timelines chart the stages that the Little People (and, to be honest, many classic toys) followed over the decades of their evolution from simple objects to licensed characters.
How Little People changed
At first, Little People figures were not much more than wooden pegs with smiles. But (as the official Fisher-Price timeline notes) over time the company created and sold Little People based on licensed characters from Sesame Street and McDonald's, and in 1985, Fisher-Price first officially turned the Little People name and logo into registered trademarks.
1997 is when the most significant change occured – the 'Little People characters get personality.' As the timeline puts it, the redesigned figures 'incorporate realistic 'kid' details like arms, legs, hair, clothing, and even expressive facial features that added to their legendary charm.' Moreover, several of the new figures were assigned names and personalities – for example, 'Eddie,' whose character traits were based on the young son of one of the Little People designers.
These changes were predicated on the assumptions that the previous versions of Little People lacked 'personality,' that a detailed face frozen in one expression is 'expressive,' and that 'realistic' details add, rather than detract, from the charm of a toy.
Pros and cons of creating Little People 'characters'
From a marketing viewpoint, the pros are obvious. Within two years, Fisher-Price was selling clay animation videos starring the five new main characters. To date, they have created 26 episodes in all and sold over 5 million videos, as well as arranged to broadcast these episodes to a global audience and as part of Sprout On Demand. In addition, the new Little People characters have starred in Mall Tours, sing-along CDs, and a Live Travelling Show that is currently making its way across the United States.
 And the cons? There's an example Dr. Susan Linn (author of The Case for Make Believe: Saving Play in a Commercialized World) uses often to demonstrate how easily free imaginative play can become limited. She will provide adults with several generic puppets and a Cookie Monster puppet and have them use these toys to create characters. The adults playing with the generic puppets act out a multitude of scenarios, but invariably the person stuck with the Cookie Monster
Posted 6/20/2009
Mattel's Fisher-Price June 2009 Fined Over Lead Toys

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said toy-maker Mattel Inc. and its Fisher-Price unit will pay a $2.3 million civil penalty to settle allegations that they knowingly imported and sold up to two million toys that violated a federal lead paint ban.
The penalty is the agency's highest ever for violations of importing or distributing a regulated product in commerce. The agency said that as part of the settlement agreement, the companies deny the allegations. Representatives of the companies couldn't be reached immediately for comment.
The settlement stems from a string of Mattel and Fisher-Price product recalls that occurred in 2007.
The CPSC said that before those recalls, Mattel imported up to 900,000 non-compliant toys between September 2006 and August 2007, including the 'Sarge' toy car and several Barbie accessory toys. The company distributed most of these toys to its retail customers for sales to U.S. consumers, the CPSC said. The 'Sarge' car was recalled in August 2007 and the Barbie toys recalled in September 2007.
Fisher-Price imported up to 1.1 million non-compliant toys between July 2006 and August 2007, including certain licensed character toys and the Bongo Band, Geotrax locomotive and Go Diego Go Rescue Boat toys. Most of these toys were distributed to retail stores for sale to consumers. The licensed character toys were recalled in August 2007, the Bongo Band and Geotrax toys were recalled in September 2007, and the Go Diego Go Boat toys in October 2007, the CPSC said.
'This penalty should serve notice to toy makers that CPSC is committed to the safety of children, to reducing their exposure to lead, and to the implementation of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act' last year, said the CPSC's Acting Chairman Thomas Moore. That act, which was signed into law last summer, created an even stricter ban on lead paint in toys.
Posted 6/20/2009
Mattel June 2009 Fisher-Price pay $2.3M fine
Mattel Inc. and its Fisher-Price subsidiary have agreed to pay a $2.3 million civil penalty for violations of the federal lead paint ban in children’s toys. The civil fine comes after the Consumer Product Safety Commission completed an investigation into the importing and selling of toys with lead paint levels that exceeded the .06 percent lead by weight limit that is federally mandated.
According to the CPSC, which recently crafted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, aimed at toughening requirements for lead and phthalates in children’s products, Mattel imported up to 900,000 non-compliant toys between July 2006 and September 2007. Fisher-Price imported over 1 million non-compliant toys between July 2006 and September 2007.
Among the toys in question were the popular Sarge toy car, various Barbie products and some Go Diego Go toys. Most of the toys that had excessive levels of lead were shipped to retail stores for sale to the public. In 2007, a massive toy recall took place where about 95 Mattel and Fisher-Price toy models were determined to have exceeded the lead limit. Lead can be toxic if ingested by young children and can cause serious health problems.
The topic of lead paint in children’s products has been a hot button issue as of late, with the rollout of the controversial CPSIA of 2008. Toy manufacturers and retailers have said the new regulations are vague, costly and arbitrary, often requiring the duplicate testing of products. Some smaller manufacturers say the laws threaten to put them out of business.
This civil penalty, which is the highest for violations involving importation or distribution of a regulated product, is the third highest of any kind in CPSC history.
“These highly publicized toy recalls helped spur Congressional action last year to strengthen CPSC and make even stricter the ban on lead paint on toys,” said CPSC Acting Chairman Thomas Moore. “This penalty should serve notice to toy makers that CPSC is committed to the safety of children, to reducing their exposure to lead, and to the implementation of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.”
Mattel was unable to be reached for comment Monday morning, though a representative said they would have a response later in the day.
Despite agreeing to pay $2.3 million in penalties, Mattel and Fisher-Price deny that they knowingly violated federal law, as alleged by CPSC staff.
Posted 6/20/2009 by  Los Angeles Business 
Banpresto April 2009 One Piece - Big Chopper Figure
Price: 1,450 yen
Series: One Piece
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Release Date: Apr 2009
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
Description: Chopper looks huggable even when he's made of plastic! This 20cm tall Chopper figure, a game-prize item from Banpresto, is ready to keep you company, listen to your hopes and fears, and remind you to always follow your dreams. Make him yours today!Please note that the photos shown are of a prototype; the production version may vary. Also, figures such as this are mass produced and as a result some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur; these are not considered manufacturer's defects. If you absolutely must have perfection, prepare to do some touch-up work on your own.

Posted 6/20/2009
Kozik at 2008 SDCC: Big Army Man #1

Frank Kozik's booth had one of my favorite new figures, the above pictured Big Army Man #1.  Who doesn't recall playing with those supermarket bought green army guys?  Now you can buy a giant one!  And the pacifists among us can swap out the gun for a broom.  Very cool!
The other standout item was the Beethoven Bust (done in A Clockwork Orange style).  If I only had room in my luggage...
Posted 7/26/2008
Kaiju Big Battel at 2008 SDCC: Vegetius

If you're into wrestling or monsters or wrestling monsters...you obviously had to check out the Kaiju Big Battel booth.  Toy-wise, they had their Vegetius figure available.  Not only did they have the original, but there was also a SDCC Exclusive glow-in-the-dark version.  And tons of shirts and videos.
Posted 7/26/2008
FREEing 2007 Sept Ryouko Asakura Big bunny girl
Posted 7/26/2008
Big Battel X Marmit 2008 Vegetius Vinyl Kaiju

Behold the mighty feral beast, Vegetius! This beautifully painted, imported
Vegetius figure is the second release in the Kaiju Big Battel X Marmit
Collaboration. This posable vinyl figure stands a wopping 12' tall and is
ready to Battel Sky Deviler. Limited to one figure per customer.

Posted 7/26/2008
Fisher-Price 2008 July Color Me Gemz collection
Cheetah Girl and Dancing with the Stars alum Sabrina Bryan teamed up today with Fisher-Price, Inc., the largest infant and preschool toy manufacturer and a subsidiary of Mattel Inc. (NYSE:MAT), to launch the new Color Me Gemz(TM: 65.51, 0.93, 1.44%) line of fashion forward jewelry at Toys'R'Us Times Square. Ten lucky winners of a local New York radio station contest hosted by WPLJ each received VIP access and a first-hand lesson from Sabrina as she demonstrated how to create dazzling masterpieces and 'bling up' any outfit. Immediately following, several dozen lucky girls who pre-purchased Color Me Gemz products attended a private autograph signing with the star.
'The Color Me Gemz line is so cool because it's totally easy to create necklaces, bracelets and other accessories that look like real sparkling gems. I wish I had this jewelry when I was growing up,' said Ms. Bryan. 'Girls are going to have so much fun together creating jewelry for every outfit for every day of the year.'
'Color Me Gemz is more than just a toy. It's an ideal contemporary activity set, combining two things girls love - arts and crafts and the magic of jewelry,' said Chris Byrne, The Toy Guy(R: 38.88, 2.04, 5.54%). 'It's easy and rewarding for kids to use, while inspiring focused creativity and giving girls something they can proudly display as their own creation.'
The Color Me Gemz collection is a brand new line that allows girls to create their very own fashion-forward jewelry with the touch of a pen. Creating dazzling Color Me Gemz pieces is quick, easy and fun. Girls simply use the included jewel-toned marker pens to color specially designed facets that create the appearance of an actual gemstone so they can sparkle and shine wherever they go.
Girls can choose from four adorable Color Me Gemz sets, including a Necklace Set, Bracelet Set, Belt Set or Decorator Set. They can even create and decorate their own fashion accessories including a purse or hat. Girls can store their Color Me Gemz masterpieces in the new Color Me Gemz Jewelry Box, which can also be gem-ified inside and out.
The Color Me Gemz collection will retail for approximately $7.99 - $24.99 and is appropriate for girls ages five and up. For additional product information, visit www.colormegemz.com.
Posted 7/26/2008
July 2008 'Big Bang' stars' geeky roles aren't exactly a stretch

If Comic-Con International ever needs official television mascots, the cast and creators of “The Big Bang Theory” would be perfect. They've got the brains. They've got the video-game skills. Co-creator Bill Prady wears a Green Hornet ring and once spent $8,000 on a rare piece of “Star Trek” memorabilia.
And best of all, the team behind the CBS sitcom about four brainy pals and the babe who befriends them have the deep and abiding love of Comic-Con fans, who know a caped comrade when they see one.
“I thought there would be 30 people out there. I had no idea,” said co-star Kunal Nayyar, who – like his cast-mates – was stunned by the masses who flocked to a 2,000-seat room for the shows' panel session yesterday morning.

NELVIN C. CEPEDA / Union-Tribune
Johnny Galecki (left) and Jim Parsons of “The Big Bang Theory” were a big hit at the autograph booth.
Why do the people of Comic-Con love “The Big Bang Theory”? Maybe because creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady see the people behind the Comic-Con clichés.
Yes, roommates Sheldon (USD alum Jim Parsons) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) are physicists who store action figures in their original boxes and keep women at arm's length.
But Sheldon, Leonard, Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Nayyar) are also extremely smart guys who just happen to have a passion for “Star Wars,” “Battlestar Galactica” and three-dimensional chess. Creators Lorre (“Two and a Half Men”) and Prady (“Dharma and Greg”) have a word for guys like that. It's just not the word everyone else has.
“We always struggle with (people) labeling the characters in a demeaning way,” Lorre said during a post-panel press session. “They're brilliant characters, but I guess 'brilliant' is not as good a word for the media as 'geek.' Or 'nerd.' ”
But while Lorre and and Prady took great pains to give their characters some dignity, the actors were happy to indulge their inner geeks. Which turned out to be not too far from the surface.
When the characters play video games on the show, the actors are really playing video games. Galecki is a huge “Star Wars” fan, and Parsons was once an avid action-figure collector. And when asked what kind of costumes they'd wear to Comic-Con, Parsons and Kaley Cuoco (who plays Penny, the babe) got into the spirit of the Comic-Con floor without leaving their table.
Cuoco said she'd dress up as Galecki's character, while Parsons said he would dress up as “Star Wars” robot C3PO.
“You'd make a great C3PO,” Galecki said admiringly. “I'd pay money to see that.”
Posted 7/26/2008
Taki Corp 2008 May Dr Slump - Big Soft-Vinyl Arale Norimaki Pilot Cap Version
Price: 12,800 yen
Series: Dr. Slump
Manufacturer: Taki Corporation
Release Date: May 2008
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
Description: 'Ho-yo-yo!' Arale-chan is ready to behold the wonders of the skies--and to inflict some fun on 'em, too! This delightfully big (40cm tall, about 15 3/4 inches), carefully crafted figure of Arale Norimaki is every inch adorable. Ready to display out of the box, she's sure to brighten any room. Extra-great in an entryway, greeting visitors!

Posted 7/26/2008
Taki Corp 2008 May Death Note - Big Size Soft Vinyl Collection: Ryuk
Price: 6,800 yen
Manufacturer: Taki Corporation
Release Date: May 2008
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
Description: An apple a day keeps Ryuk from experiencing withdrawal symptoms! Shinigami Ryuk from 'Death Note' is captured with his limbs twisted like a pretzel as a result of not having eaten any apples. Measuring 50cm to the top of his elbow, this impressive soft vinyl figure is sharply sculpted and finished with shading and weathering effects that bring out all his eerie detail. A white-colored steel display base is provided to help keep him upright on display. Produced by Jun Planning and distributed by Taki Corporation. Please note that figures such as this are mass produced, and as a result some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur; these are not considered manufacturer's defects. If you absolutely must have perfection, prepare to do some touch-up work on your own.

Posted 7/26/2008
Big Size Figure King Cold
Price: 25,000 yen
Series: Dragon Ball
Manufacturer: Toys
Release Date: Jun 2008
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
Description: Father of both Coola and Freeza in 'Dragon Ball Z,' King Cold is captured in perfect 3D as this massive 33cm (measured to the tip of his right horn) soft vinyl statue! Sharply detailed and well-shaded, King Cold has been captured in a wonderfully casual pose, smirking on his throne. Ready for display right out of the box! Please note that figures such as this are mass produced and as a result some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur; these are not considered manufacturer's defects. If you absolutely must have perfection, prepare to do some touch-up work on your own.

Posted 7/26/2008
Tomy Tech 2008 June - Diorama Collection - Big Japanese Cedar 1/150
Price: 580 yen
Series: Diorama Collection
Manufacturer: Tomy Tech
Release Date: Jun 2008
Type: Fixed-pose Resin Kit
Description: Here's a kit to build your own large Japanese cedar tree. Includes the trunk and branch parts, onto which you glue the realistic foliage material. Parts are included for one tree.

Posted 7/26/2008
Fisher-Price June 2008 Difficulties encountered while developing toys for Chinese market

Fisher-Price Game Plan: Pursue Toy Sales in Developing Markets

By Nicholas Casey See Corrections & Amplifications below
Word Count: 826  |  Companies Featured in This Article: Mattel

In developing a line of talking toys aimed at children in China, engineers at Fisher-Price had to struggle to perfect the Mandarin 'Sh' sound, which involves a soft hiss that was difficult to encode on sound-data chips embedded in the toys.
Developers finally solved the problem of recording the phrase 'It's learning time!' in Mandarin, but new challenges are ahead. (Listen to the phrase.) The company will soon be examining the LCD screens on learning toys to determine whether Chinese characters can be displayed clearly.
Getting such details right is increasingly important as Fisher-Price and its parent company, Mattel Inc., ...
Posted 6/23/2008
Japan June 2008 Gadgets for grown-ups next big thing in greying Japan - AFP
Toys are no longer just child's play in Japan, where an ageing population and expanding waistlines have spawned a wave of gadgets to help adults beat stress, battle the bulge or relieve loneliness.
From exercise assistants to dancing robots and nodding potted plants, Japanese toymakers are increasingly turning their attention to grown-ups as a growing market to make up for flagging sales to kids.
The shift comes amid increased efforts to get people into shape in a country where more than one fifth of the population is aged 65 or older, a percentage expected to rise to 40.5 percent in 2055, according to the government.
'Toy companies are increasingly focusing more on toys for adults due to health worries but also lonelier people as there are more single households as the population ages and fewer women marry,' said Sei Toyama, one of the organisers of the Tokyo Toy Show which got underway on Thursday.
Tokyo in April passed a law that requires companies and local governments to measure the waistlines of their employees aged between 40 and 74 years old.
If waistlines for men exceed 83.75 centimeters (33.5 inches) and 88.50 centimeters (35.4 inches) for women, they are categorised as having 'metabolic syndrome' and firms will be financially penalised.
In order to encourage workers to walk to the office instead of taking a cab, Bandai Namco Group has come up with the 'Taxi Walker' -- a pedometer that acts as a taxi meter with the fare appearing in real market prices.
For a two kilometre (1.24 miles) stroll, the base fare would come up as 710 yen (seven dollars) and increase by 90 yen for every additional 280 meters, showing users exactly how much they are saving by using their own two legs.
'We want employees struggling with metabolic syndrome to actively walk but enjoy doing so at the same time,' said a Bandai official at the toy show, where 134 Japanese and foreign firms are showcasing their latest gadgets.
'If they see the number of steps they've taken and the equivalent taxi fare, they will feel elated at how much money they would have saved. That will encourage them to walk more,' he added.
Meanwhile Sega is betting that a strikingly realistic potted plant that nods when a person speaks will help lonely or stressed out adults.
The 'Pekoppa' two-leafed plant can bow and flap its leaves in response to noise.
'This is useful for people who live alone and have no one to talk to, or for stressed out workers who feel like no one agrees with them,' said a Sega official.
'It's perfect for the manager who is frustrated at his subordinate who doesn't listen. It's a plant that can adapt to the mood of the person,' he added.
If that doesn't work then Bandai's squishy imitation 'Edamame' soybeans -- a popular dish in Japan -- can be popped out of their skins to help workers relieve stress and take their minds off the job.
And for people who are too busy or shy to go out dancing, Sega and Hasbro have teamed up to develop the Ampbot, a two-wheeled dancing robot with stereo sound.
'The Ampbot is for men who like robots and who as children dreamed of living one day with robots,' said Sega's Osamu Takeuchi.
Posted 6/23/2008
Bif Bang Pow! August 2008 Dude! Big Lebowski 8" Action Figures

Dude! Big Lebowski Action Figures


Just in time for the movie's tenth birthday celebrations come these Big Lebowski action figures. And they're awesome. The Dude on the left ('Unemployed') comes with a rug, a milk carton and, yes, a White Russian. He's 8' tall and will cost you $25.
On the right we see the Big Lebowski Urban Achiever Set, with the Dude joined by Walter Sobchak. 8' tall (and we guess Walter is also 8' wide). This set goes for $40, or will when the figures are available in August.
Now, the traditional blog-ending quip: I was going to drop in a movie quote, but it's almost impossible to find one without the f-bomb, so go read them yourself over at IMDB. If not, you are entering a world of pain.
Posted 6/23/2008
Japan Dec 2007 Shirako Delicacy = Fish Sperm sack

How has your festive season been so far? Did you have a ronery Christmas? How about the food? Had lots to eat? Well how about washing all that festive nourishment down with a mouthful of Shirako?

I was surprised to discover that Shirako (fish sperm sack (full of sperm)) is a common dish in Japan which can be ordered at most Izakaya (Japanese pubs).
Most of the Shirako dishes are raw but I was in a restaurant where they served it slightly fried.
More serving suggestions at Google image search.

Haven't tried it and don't feel brave enough yet - maybe in another lifetime ^^;
Does Shirako go on your 'avoid like the plague' or 'will kill to eat' list when you are in Japan?

Posted 1/6/2008
Happinet Robin March 2088 - 3D Design Fifure Ichigo Mashimaro Big Soft Vinyl Ana Coppola Cream Color Ver. PVC
3D Design Fifure Ichigo Mashimaro <b>Big</b> Soft Vinyl Ana Coppola Cream Color Ver. (Completed Figure)big/10066217.jpg >
Item name : 3D Design Fifure Ichigo Mashimaro Big Soft Vinyl Ana Coppola Cream Color Ver. (Completed Figure)
Manufacturer : Happinet Robin
Scale : Non
Material : Soft Vinyl, ABS, PVC
Producer : KaNA
Original : Itigomasimaro
Release Date : Late Mar
Regular Price : 9,800 yen
Posted 12/15/2007
Happinet Robin Jan 2008 Itigomasimaro - 3D Design Fifure Ichigo Mashimaro Big Soft Vinyl Ana Coppola White Color Ver.
3D Design Fifure Ichigo Mashimaro <b>Big</b> Soft Vinyl Ana Coppola White Color Ver. (Completed Figure)big/10066216.jpg >
Item name : 3D Design Fifure Ichigo Mashimaro Big Soft Vinyl Ana Coppola White Color Ver. (Completed Figure)
Manufacturer : Happinet Robin
Scale : Non
Material : Soft Vinyl, ABS, PVC
Producer : KaNA
Original : Itigomasimaro
Release Date : Late Jan
Regular Price : 9,800 yen 
Posted 12/15/2007
Good Smile Feb 2007 Mazinger Z - Big Mazinger Z Soft Vinyl Figure
<b>Big</b> Mazinger Z Soft Vinyl Figure (Completed)big/10066032.jpg >
Item name : Big Mazinger Z Soft Vinyl Figure (Completed)
Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
Scale : Non
Material : Soft Vinyl
Producer : H.L.PRODUCT
Original : Mazinger Z
Release Date : Feb
Regular Price : 14,096 yen
Posted 12/8/2007
Bif Bang Pow! Dec 2007 Big Lebowski Urban Achiever 8-Inch Figures Wave 1 Set
<b>Big</b> Lebowski Urban Achiever 8-Inch Figures Wave 1 Set
Big Lebowski Urban Achiever 8-Inch Figures Wave 1 Set Description:
Are you a Lebowski achiever? Let's hope so. After all, it would be totally 'un-Dude' of you not to be. Walter and The Dude are here, and they brought their little dog, too! Relive all the fun and laughter from The Big Lebowski with these cool Action Figures. They combine the stylized look of 'urban vinyl' with a little Lebowski fun. This hilarious set includes 2 individually packaged 8-inch figures: 1x Walter and 1x The Dude. Each features an outfit with real cloth pieces and includes various movie-accurate accessories… even removable sunglasses! Achieve your desires by buying these characters today!
Jeffrey 'The Dude' Lebowski is a real laid-back kind of guy. He enjoys 'bowling, driving, (and having) the occasional acid flashback.' In the classic film The Big Lebowski, this humble pacifist and his bowling buddies become entangled in a web of embezzlement, supposed kidnapping, and White Russians.
Posted 12/8/2007
Fisher-Price Oct 2007 Lead-Tainted Medical Kit

Price Pulls Lead Tainted Toy In Illinois Only

<bfisherprice.jpg src=http://consumerist.com/assets/resources/2007/12/fisherprice.jpg width=463>
Illinois has tough laws when it comes to dangerous toys, and now Fisher-Price has found itself on the wrong side of the Illinois Lead Poisoning Prevention Act, according to Consumer Reports.
Back in October, CR tested the Fisher-Price Medical Kit, a classic toy that has been sold for years, and found that the plastic used for the red blood pressure cuff was tainted with lead. Unfortunately, because there is no federal law regulating the amount of lead in PVC and plastic (just paint) Fisher-Price is refusing to pull the toy from the market.

Based on the levels of accessible surface lead we measured, we estimated that a child could potentially receive a dose of more than 15 micrograms of lead per day through foreseeable hand-to-mouth contact while playing with the toy. That amount could potentially increase a child's risk of accumulating a blood lead level that exceeds 10 micrograms per deciliter--the threshold established by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that generally triggers some form of intervention by doctors or public health officials.

Although we discussed our test results with Fisher-Price and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), neither took immediate action. Fisher-Price contends that the toy 'is fully compliant' with all federal regulations, which CPSC confirms. But the federal regulation for lead in toys places limits on only paint and surface coatings. There are no federal limits on lead in plastics such as PVC. That's a huge gap in the regulations that can leave children at risk for lead exposure.
CR says that Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan heard about their test results and commissioned separate tests to see if the toy really did contain dangerous amounts of lead.
According to the attorney general, the tests of the blood pressure cuffs revealed lead levels of 4,500 ppm and 5,900 ppm, more than seven to nine times the limit of 600 ppm allowed by Illinois state law. 'Parents and other consumers should act quickly to ensure that children do not continue to have contact with this product,' Madigan said.

At the request of Madigan's office, Fisher-Price has agreed to remove the affected toy Medical Kit from store shelves in Illinois and offer a replacement part--free of lead--to families that already own the toy. When asked what kit owners in other states should do, Fisher-Price spokeswoman Juliette Reashor said, 'If consumers in states other than Illinois have concerns about the red blood pressure cuff, they may contact Fisher-Price at 800-298-0638.'
She added that only the red cuffs are at issue. 'The other colored blood pressure cuffs are made of different materials and are unaffected,' Reashor said.
Here's what we would like to know: How can Fisher-Price refuse to recall the toy nationwide, while at the same time assuring parents that other colors are 'unaffected?'

Hey, Fisher-Price, the toy is supposed to help kids pretend to be a doctor, not send them to see one for chelation therapy
Posted 12/8/2007
Re-Ment Nov 2007 Petit Animal - Big Circus in Picturebook 1 Box
Price: 3,500 yen
Series: Petite Animal
Manufacturer: Re-Ment
Release Date: Nov 2007
Type: Trading Figure
Description: The big top is bursting with fanciful animal action in this series of miniature plastic scenes! Seemingly from a colorful picturebook of circus fun, there are a total of 13 possible scenes to trade and collect (10 regular, plus one color variation, plus two secrets). Sold by the randomly-packed assortment of 10. The greatest show on Earth! Please note that these are trading items and are individually sealed and randomly packed in boxes of 10 before shipment to HobbyLink Japan. As a result we are unable to honor requests for individual or specific items, nor can we promise you which one(s) you will receive in a box. Please order only if you are willing to accept any of the possible types.

Posted 12/8/2007
Mattel Nov 2007 Congresswoman asks Mattel ceo to return Fisher Price manufacturing to NY - WBFO

BUFFALO, NY (2007-11-19) Congresswoman Louise Slaughter has reached out to a top executive at Mattel to return manufacturing operations for Fisher Price toys to Western New York.
Fisher Price is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mattel. Its headquarters is still in East Aurora, where one thousand people are employed. But all of Fisher Price's manufacturing operations are now located in other countries.
In recent months, Fisher Price has recalled toys made in China that had lead paint in them. Congresswoman Slaughter said that is costing Fisher Price its good name. So, she reached Mattel Chairman and C-E-O Robert Eckert with a request to bring manufacturing home.
According to Slaughter, Eckert said he would think about it. The Democratic lawmaker said financial incentives are available.
Slaughter said it's essential that the US rebuild its manufacturing base.
Eckert has apologized for the lead paint found in the company's toys. Mattel's web site has a letter from Eckert addressed to fellow parents, saying there is nothing more important than 'the safety of our children.'
Despite his promise to Slaughter, Mattel and Eckert have not given any indication that they're thinking about a return of manufacturing operations to the US.
Posted 11/24/2007
Jakks Nov 2007 WWE Elimination Chamber: Is Bigger Better?

The WWE Elimination Chamber: Is Bigger Better?

Go into most action figure aisles this year and you'll see a humongous box among the wrestling action figures. It's the WWE Official Scale Ring Series 3 Elimination Chamber, and it's one of the biggest playsets ever produced for action figures. Not surprisingly, this large playset is also expensive. Before taxes or shipping, expect to pay about $100 for an arena for your WWE action figures.
Jakks WWE Official Scale Ring Series 3 Elimination Chamber
Large playsets present an interesting dilemma for collectors. Action figures are a relatively inexpensive area of collectibles, and yet the more successful a toy line is, the more ambitious the manufacturer gets. Jakks has been producing wrestling action figures for over 10 years now and has gained an extremely loyal following of child and adult collectors, and it has allowed them to successfully market such a large playset like this.
It might not be easy to shell out the money now for such a playset, but that prevailing wisdom is what has made larger, more expensive toys of years past retain their value. For classic action figure lines of the 1980's like Transformers and G.I.Joe, the largest vehicles, figures, and playsets are some of the most (if not THE most) valuable items in the entire collection. If you're a fan of wrestling figures, and you like this playset, it's likely a wise investment. If you're buying for a kid, this is definitely for a kid who really enjoys wrestling who could get a lot of play time out of this.
Posted 11/24/2007
Sol International Oct 2007 Dragon Quest Big Size Monster Slime - Life-Size
Price: 5,000 yen
Series: Dragon Quest
Manufacturer: Sol International
Release Date: Oct 2007
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
Description: Here's a 'lifesize' soft vinyl figure of a Slime, the official monster mascot of the crazy-popular game Dragon Quest. This little onion-shaped guy has appeared in every Dragon Quest game, and is usually one of the first monsters encountered. Slimes are so popular they even have their own spin-off Dragon Quest games...I guess it's that winning onion smile that has endeared him to millions!

Posted 11/24/2007
Sol International Oct 2007 Dragon Quest Big Size Monster Dragon
Price: 5,000 yen
Series: Dragon Quest
Manufacturer: Sol International
Release Date: Oct 2007
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
Description: Okay, he's big, he's a monster, and he's a dragon--but that doesn't mean this soft-vinyl, non-posable figure wouldn't appreciate a cookie! Go ahead, give him one. He won't bite...much.

Posted 11/24/2007
Taki Corp Oct 2007 Dr Slump - Big Soft Vinyl Gadzilla Norimaki
Price: 8,800 yen
Series: Dr. Slump
Manufacturer: Taki Corporation
Release Date: Oct 2007
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
'Kupu-kupu!' Named in part for Gamera and Godzilla, here's metal-munchin' Gadzilla 'Gatchan' Norimaki, from the sublime silliness of the world of 'Dr. Slump'! Adorable Gatchan stands 25cm (almost 10 inches) tall, and has sproingy spring antennae. Limited articulation in the shoulders; otherwise, this is a fixed-pose figure--and an impressive display piece, ready to show off right out of the box!
Taki Corporation has also produced a 40cm Big Soft Vinyl Arale Norimaki, linked below. Take 'em both home...and then take cover!

Posted 11/24/2007
Taki Corp Oct 2007 Dr Slump - Big Soft Vinyl Arale Norimaki
Price: 12,800 yen
Series: Dr. Slump
Manufacturer: Taki Corporation
Release Date: Oct 2007
Type: Completed Fixed-Pose Figure
'N-cha!' Here's Arale Norimaki, the gal who makes the wa-i wa-i world of 'Dr. Slump' go 'round! Standing about 15 3/4 inches (40cm) tall, carefully crafted Arale-chan is every inch adorable, and comes with an optional pair of roller skates to wear (the wheels don't turn, thank goodness). Sure to brighten any room, she's ready to display right out of the box!
Taki Corporation has also produced a 25cm Big Soft Vinyl Gadzilla Norimaki, linked below. Take 'em both home...and then take cover!

Posted 11/24/2007
Champaign County Historical Society Nov 2007 Program On The History Of The Fisher-Price Toy Company
The Champaign County Historical Society will host, for history lovers of all ages, Arleen Baughman on Sunday, Nov. 18 at 2 p.m. at the museum at 809 East Lawn Ave. 

Baughman has been collecting Fisher-Price items for more than 20 years.  She will be presenting a program on the history of the Fisher-Price toy company, talking about early toys and other products, and the World War II years.

Those who have a Fisher-Price toy or item of curiosity are welcome to bring it.  Baughman will also display some of her personal collection of toys and other Fisher-Price products.  Visitors will also find out how Fisher-Price had a connection to Piqua, Ohio.                   

The public is invited to this informative and fun Sunday afternoon program about a unique company which has fascinated youngsters for many generations.
Posted 11/17/2007
Fisher-Price Nov 2007 Kitchen toys recalled for choking hazard - CBC - Newfoundland & Labrador

Fisher-Price has announced a global recall of about 155,000 Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen toys because they pose a choking danger to young children.
The recall issued Tuesday affects 12,500 English editions and 2,400 French versions of the toy sold in Canada. The toy was manufactured in Mexico.
<b>Fish</b>er-Price has announced a recall of its Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen toys because they pose a choking danger to young children.Fisher-Price has announced a recall of its Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen toys because they pose a choking danger to young children.
(U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)

The company warns its kitchen sets' faucets and clock hands contain small pieces that may come loose and present a choking hazard.
There has been one incident of pieces detaching from the clock hand along with two reports of parts releasing from the faucet in Canada.
The toys have been sold in stores across the country since May 2007 for about $70. Parents should remove the affected toys from their children's play area and contact the company for a repair kit.
Posted 11/9/2007
Fisher-Price Nov 2007 Announces limited edition Elmo

TORONTO, Nov. 8 -The holiday season's perennial furry red favourite from Sesame Street, Elmo, is set to surprise fans around the world in a limited edition plush with new features available only for 2007. Fisher-Price Friends (a division of Fisher-Price, Inc., a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. (NYSE: MAT)) announced today that the 'T.M.X.(TM)' Elmo eXtra Special Edition will launch at retail stores nationwide on November 13.
Sporting a bright gold badge to distinguish the toy from its hugely popular predecessor, T.M.X. Elmo eXtra Special Edition features all the tickling and giggling fun of the original T.M.X. Elmo, plus even more extra-special fun. This new Elmo is packed with new hidden silly surprises that can only be discovered when kids pose and tickle Elmo in the right sequence. The key is to find the right combination of movements (raise his
arm, tickle his belly, etc.) to activate the fun.     Fisher-Price today revealed two of the silly surprises, including the complete instructions on how to activate the action to discover one of them, as included in this year's red and gold briefcase packaging. T.M.X. Elmo eXtra Special Edition comes with one clue card featuring a rhyme to help find one surprise.
    A silly surprise can be found
    Something with a musical sound!
    Just lift Elmo's arm straight in the air,
    Then find his belly and tickle him there.
Tickled in the correct sequence, Elmo then falls to the ground laughing and kicking, as he launches into a new fun song, singing: 'Elmo's ticklish, ticklish, and he's laughing like he's never laughed before.'     In the other silly surprise revealed today, Elmo struggles with a funny case of the hiccups. He's trying hard to laugh, but keeps hiccupping instead. And just when he thinks the hiccups are gone, one last loud hiccup escapes. Though the surprise was revealed to encourage the search, the secret combination of moves was kept under wraps to build the intrigue of the game.
To help children and their parents find the rest of Elmo's silly surprises, additional hints, also in the form of limericks, will be released weekly between November 19 and December 17, 2007 at www.fisher-price.com. On January 2, 2008, all of the correct silly sequences needed to unlock all of Elmo's hidden surprises will be revealed on the Fisher-Price web site. T.M.X. Elmo eXtra Special Edition has all the traits of his predecessor,
T.M.X. Elmo: a great belly laugh, a laugh that has you doubled over with giggles; a laugh that has you catching your breath; a giggle so infectious it's impossible to regain your composure and the harder you try, the funnier
it gets, until it finally sends you to the floor thumping your hand on the ground in absolute glee. With every tickle of Elmo's chin, tummy or foot, T.M.X. Elmo eXtra Special Edition does all that, and gets back on his feet all by himself. This time around, great added features, including a hilarious new song and secret Elmo moves, provide twice the action, twice the fun, and all at the same $49.99 price as the original. 
Posted 11/9/2007
Nov 2007 Kaiju Big Battel Returns With More Better Fighto

In support of Kaiju Big Battel’s latest DVD release, More Better Fighto, theKaiju Commissioner is proud to announce the Big Battel's return to NYC. A full-scale Kaiju Big Battel will take place at the Warsaw inBrooklyn, New York on Friday, November 9th.  This all-star Big Battelwill feature classic fighters including Dr. Cube, Pedro Plantain andCall-Me-Kevin...plus eight brand spanking new combatants.  This momentousnight of live monster wrestling will inaugurate a year of awesomeevents to support Kaiju Big Battel’s More Better Fighto DVD release.  Visit their website for all of the juicy details.

Friday, November 9th, 2007
Doors open at 8PM, show starts at 9PM.
The Warsaw
261 Driggs. Ave.
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
Tickets: $20 advance, $23 at the door
Posted 10/27/2007
Alter March 2006 The Rumble Fish - Garnet PVC 1/6
Garnet (Completed Figure)big/10046997.jpg >
Item name : Garnet (Completed Figure) Restock Item
Manufacturer : Alter
Scale : 1/7
Material : PVC
Producer : Shin(G,K Factory Shin)
Original : The Rumble Fish
Release Date : Late Mar., 2006
Regular Price : 5,524 yen
Posted 10/27/2007
San-S Oct 2007 Dragon Ball - Anime Heros Mini Big Head Figure Dragon Ball Vol.2 20 pieces
*Anime Heros Mini <b>Big</b> Head Figure Dragon Ball Vol.2 20 pieces (Completed figure)big/10063925.jpg >
Item name : *Anime Heros Mini Big Head Figure Dragon Ball Vol.2 20 pieces (Completed figure) New Item
Manufacturer : San-S
Scale : Non
Material : ATBC-PVC
Original : Dragon Ball
Release Date : Late Oct., 2007
Regular Price : 4,000 yen
Posted 10/27/2007
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Fisher-Price Oct 2007 San Francisco Zoo Little Learners' Log Cabin Posted 10/18/2007
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Go, Joe! Big time for hero - Atlanta Journal Constitution Posted 10/3/2006
Bigbadtoystore.com has updated their Transformers preorders listings : Posted 10/3/2006
Big Gurl looks at the woes of beautiful women Posted 10/1/2006
Fisher-Price unveils 'TMX Elmo' - United Press International Published 9/19/2006
SCIFI.COM's Resistance Scores Big Published 9/15/2006
My Favourite Doll : Big-business Barbie - Toronto Star Posted 9/11/2006
Pirates 2 Third Biggest Film Ever Published 9/11/2006
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Fisher-Price named toy licensee for Cartoon Network series Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs Posted 9/4/2006
Big-time collectors flock to toy store Posted 9/4/2006
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Haul: Big Rei, Small Eva and ZEGAPAIN!! New Hairstyle!! Published 8/19/2006
one2believe Chosen by Big Idea to Produce VeggieTales Licensed Plush and Gifts Posted 8/17/2006
Profits back at Big Lots in 2Q Published 8/17/2006 by  Bizjournals.com 
one2believe Chosen by Big Idea to Produce VeggieTales Licensed ... - PR Web Published 8/16/2006
Big sales jump powers Mega Brands to US$4.1-million-US second-quarter profit Published 8/13/2006 by  Cfrb.com 
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Pirates 2 Now Year's Big Hit Published 7/17/2006
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Banpresto Jun 2006 Big Objet d'art Giren Bust Model Posted 7/10/2006
Growth plan: 'Dream big in pink heels.' - Philadelphia Inquirer Published 7/8/2006
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Coming Soon: Notorious BIG Action Figure - Starpulse.com Published 6/23/2006
Limited Action Figures Of BIG, Public Enemy Coming This Fall - AllHipHop Posted 6/23/2006
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MCMAHON SAYS WWE'S GOAL IS TO MAKE ECW AS BIG AS RAW OR SMACKDOWN ... - Pro Wrestling Insider Published 6/14/2006
Small-town museum pays big tribute to childhood relics - Boston Globe Published 6/14/2006
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Digital River Signs E-Commerce Agreement with Fisher-Price; To ... - Business Wire Published 4/4/2006
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Tiny tractors, big pull - Baltimore Sun Published 3/13/2006
Tiny tractors, big pull - Baltimore Sun Published 3/13/2006
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1/144 Fisherman Set 1 Published 2/16/2006
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Toy biz sees the big picture at N.Y. fair Published 2/13/2006 by  Reuters 
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Mattel(R) Brands and Fisher-Price(R) Brands Launch Innovative New Toys at Toy Fair 2006 (February 9 - 15) (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance) Posted 2/8/2006
Mattel(R) Brands and Fisher-Price(R) Brands Launch Innovative New Toys at Toy Fair 2006 (February 9 - 15) (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance) Posted 2/8/2006
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