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First 4 Figures
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Assassin's Creed (2008)
Crysis 2 (2011)
Judge Dredd (2008)
Legend of Zelda (2008)
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (2009)
Metroid (2008)
Red Faction (2009)
Sonic Classic (2008)
Sonic Modern (2012)
SuperMario (2011)
Worms 2 (2012)
Toylines (chronological order)
2008 Assassin's Creed
2008 Judge Dredd
2008 Legend of Zelda
2008 Metroid
2008 Sonic Classic
2009 Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
2009 Red Faction
2011 Crysis 2
2011 SuperMario
2012 Sonic Modern
2012 Worms 2
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About First 4 Figures    
First 4 Figures makes high-end Limited Edition Gaming Collectible Figures based on Characters from the Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Sonic the Hedgehog franchises. Its Mission: to strive to produce top quality collectibles.
From the News Archive
Underground Toys July 2009 Doctor Who exclusive action figures : The Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee 2 Packs.
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Underground Toys present their second wave of Doctor Who exclusive action figures : The Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee 2 Packs.

These fantastic collector items will be available exclusively through Underground Toys in the US and through Forbidden Planet in the UK.
The 3rd Doctor figure with Sea Devil from ‘The Sea Devils’
The Doctor and Jo visit the Master in his high-security prison on an island off the south coast of England and hear from the governor, Colonel Trenchard, that ships have been mysteriously disappearing at sea. Investigating, the Doctor learns from the Naval base commander that the sinkings are centred around an abandoned sea fort. Visiting the fort, the Doctor and Jo are attacked by a “Sea Devil” - an amphibious breed of the prehistoric creatures or “Silurians” encountered by the Doctor not long before.
The Master is secretly building a machine to wake the Sea Devils from their hibernation, so that they can reclaim Earth from the human population. The Doctor tries to broker peace between them and humankind, but is captured by the Master. As the time approaches, the Doctor’s only hope to save the human race lies in sabotaging the device and entombing the Sea Devils.
This set features an exclusive Underground Toys action figure of the dynamic 3rd Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee with a magnificent Sea Devil figure with brand new and updated decoration. The Doctors cloak is removable and he comes with his trusty Sonic Screwdriver.

The 3rd Doctor figure and Dalek from ‘Death to the Daleks’
The Doctor and Sarah Jane arrive on the planet Exxilon, where all electrical energy is drained off by an unknown force. The Doctor meets a Marine Space Corps expedition from Earth, stranded by the energy drain, who tell him that a plague is sweeping the galaxy and that the antidote, parrinium, can be found only on Exxilon. Sarah meanwhile discovers a magnificent white edifice with a flashing beacon on top, but is captured by a group of savage Exxilons to be sacrificed for defiling their city.
The Doctor and the humans enter into an uneasy alliance with a group of Daleks who also land on the planet and whose weapons are also drained of energy. Rescuing Sarah, the Doctor and Marines escape into the tunnels around the city with Bellal, an enlightened native, as the Daleks reinforcements arrive, blazing machine guns in place of their energy weapons.
This set features an exclusive Underground Toys action figure of the dynamic 3rd Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee with Blue jacket and high boots. It also features a splendid looking Dalek resplendent in Silver and black livery and sporting a machine gun. The Doctor comes with his trusty Sonic Screwdriver.
Posted 7/26/2009
Real Heroes July 2009 Sgt. First Class John Adams
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PENSACOLA, Ala. - Sgt. First Class John Adams has a great job as an Army recruiter. But that's not the work that earned him a bonze star, and his own action figure.
Adams story is featured on the Army's website under Real Heros . He was stationed in Iraq in October 2004 when his convoy came across a suspicious vehicle. Adams got out to investigate. The encounter ended in gunfire.
'By no means I am I a superman or anything like that. I was out there doing my job. When I got out I noticed a man on the passenger side of the vehicle like he was working on a tire, but when I approached two men ran out with machine guns and opened fire on me. I eliminated one of them,' Adams said.
The patrol had interrupted the placement of three large IED's wired together. Adams later discovered his action may has saved a lot of lives.
'It was set to explode the next day which there was a convoy coming though with 200 vehicles which and supplies for the entire country,' Adams said.
Adams mom, Beth Whitecotton is proud of her son, but she's not surprised he didn't tell her about his heroic story. She didn't find out until the action figure was about to be released.
'The event happened on his grandpa's birthday, which really bothered me a lot,' Whitecotton said.
Now her son spends his days recruiting and signing the figures that could inspire the next generation of heros.

Adams says the army recently added a ninth soldier to it's list of real heros. It's the first woman.
Posted 7/26/2009
FIRST READ ON PEP: Annabelle Rama preempts Pardo ... - Philippine Entertainment Portal
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Philippine Entertainment Portal

(UPDATED) FIRST READ ON PEP: Annabelle Rama preempts Pardo ...
Philippine Entertainment Portal
Kahapon, July 23, nakatanggap ng impormasyon ang PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) na magsasampa ng reklamo ang pamilya ni Nomar Pardo, partikular na ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Mezco July 2009 Cinema Of Fear Figures Now In Stores
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Mezco’s popular Cinema Of Fear continues with series 4
The new wave of evil contains: 
Freddy Krueger™ – Dressed in a surgeon outfit as seen in his fourth film. Freddy comes complete with pizza topped with the faces of the damned, a bone saw, and an alternate head with surgical mask. 
Jason Voorhees™ – As seen in part three, everyone’s favorite unhappy camper comes with signature machete. Jason also includes an alternate head with an ax that fits in the gaping wound, along with an arm freshly hacked off a recent victim. 
Debbie – One of Freddy’s many victims; Debbie’s fear of roaches was used against her with terrifying results. Debbie comes complete with a set of severed arms and a bug hotel. 
The figures are arriving in stores this week and are available at popular retailer Toys'R'Us  as well as other quality collectible stores. 
Posted 7/26/2009
Nafekh Technologies July 2009 Unprofitable Canadian Legends Figures
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They're giants who saved Canada, so why aren't their action figures taking the country by storm?

Andrew and Sonia Nafekh have made it a crusade to educate Canadians with the action figures of Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Isaac Brock and Sir Wilfrid Laurier they design and sell. But their company, Nafekh Technologies Inc., has yet to turn a profit on the venture, after years of trying.
'We've received a lot of emails from Canadians saying, 'What a great idea. When are the next figures coming out?' ' said Andrew Nafekh, 44. 'But the hardest part is still creating market demand, getting people to know about them.'
The hand-painted, 15-centimetre-tall figure of Macdonald, Canada's first prime minister and the Father of Confederation, comes with a table, glasses, two books and a stand (but no flask).
Brock, whose heroics in the War of 1812 thwarted American invaders, is clad in a British soldier's red coat and has a sabre. Laurier, the first French-Canadian prime minister and a pioneer of French-English conciliation, wears a trademark high collar, and grasps a scroll.
Each comes with a 20-page illustrated booklet, written in English and French, describing the man's contribution to Canadian history.
The figures sell for $19.99 at museum and collectibles shops across the country. They are also sold online at canadianlegends.ca and at some Chapters stores.
It sounds like a goofy idea but the Nafekhs are determined. The pair see their figures as a way to teach children about Canada's storied past. ' It's a visual representation of history,' said Sonia, 42.
The couple, from Kirkland, Que., talked their way into the toy business.
The Nafekhs were shopping at Wal-Mart in 2000 when they noticed hockey figurines that seemed out of place – collectibles in such a large store. Andrew and Sonia persuaded toymaker McFarlane Toys that the hockey figures would be better suited to specialty shops.
Then, the Nafekhs talked local shop owners into carrying the items. Their efforts paid off.
'The one store willing to try it sold (the figures) in a matter of days and they were calling us like crazy to replenish their shelves,' Andrew said.
Sonia managed the couple's new distribution business from home, and took care of their three children, while Andrew kept his day job at an electronics distribution company. They spent late nights packing and unpacking boxes of action figures.
Keen to develop a product of their own, the Nafekhs hit on the idea of famous Canadians. 'A lot of people were telling us not to do Canadian legends ... They said, 'Do American presidents. That's where the money is,'' Andrew says. 'It's just that we really wanted to promote Canada.'
In 2003, the Nafekhs commissioned a sculpture of Macdonald, then had a model of it shrunk down to action-figure size. It took eight months and more than $50,000 to develop the packaging and booklet and have the figure produced.
The manufacturer insisted on a minimum order of 10,000 Macdonald dolls.
'Here we are: Young, brash entrepreneurs, saying, `We can sell much more than that but we'll just take the 10,000.' We found that to be a huge challenge,' Andrew said. When they developed Brock and Laurier, they ordered 5,000 each.
Early sales in collectibles shops were promising. And in 2005, Wal-Mart agreed to sell the figures in five Ottawa-area stores. The dolls sold out, and the retailer included Canadian Legends in its Canada Day display in 40 stores, then 100.
The following year, the Nafekhs decided to stop distributing McFarlane Toys to focus on Canadian Legends. But, in 2007, a setback: Wal-Mart changed its offerings to give more spac
Posted 7/26/2009
Toys“R”Us July 2009 SDCC Exclusive figures
4.0 Transitional//EN'>   Attention Marvel Zombies, members of the DC Nation, video game fanatics and everyone else descending on San Diego: Starting Wednesday, July 22, Toys“R”Us will turn its attention to Comic-Con International, for the first time ever, with a quartet of official SDCC exclusives during the show’s preview day. In a team-up of titanic proportions, Toys“R”Us is partnering with Entertainment Earth to distribute official San Diego Comic-Con merchandise, including toys based on characters from HALO, Sonic The Hedgehog, the DC Universe and Marvel Comics Toys“R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con HALO Grifball Spartan Action figure from McFarlane Toys Blasting out of the iconic video game, HALO, this Spartan features the highly coveted Recon armor, along with a Bomb, Gravity Hammer and Sword Hilt. Not only is this action figure a limited edition, this Grifball Spartan character represents the first time an action figure has been created based on the Grifball game. Grifball Spartan is available for $17. Toys“R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con Dark Avengers Minimates from Diamond Select Toys Ripped from the pages of the best-selling Dark Avengers comic, the latest Marvel Minimates box set features four of the villainous Avengers team formed by Norman Osborn, the former Green Goblin. Featuring Norman Osborn as Iron Patriot, Noh-Varr as Marvel Boy, Venom as Spider-Man and Daken as Dark Wolverine, this set is perfect for fans of the Dark Reign currently falling across the Marvel Universe. Dark Avengers Minimates are available for $22. Toys“R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con DC Universe The Giants of Justice The Flash Action Figure from Mattel® This exclusive action figure will be running out of Comic-Con faster than a tachyon pulse. Capturing the “lightning in a bottle” excitement of Barry Allen’s return from the grave, this 12-inch figure from the Giants of Justice line showcases the classic version of the Flash. DC Universe The Giants of Justice The Flash action figure is available for $44. Toys“R”Us Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con metal Sonic from JAZWARES
Spinning directly out of his hit video games, Sonic the Hedgehog is back as an exclusive JUVI (Jazwares Urban Vinyl). This Comic-Con exclusive features a “metallic” finish on the never before seen fan favorite character, Metal Sonic!   Metal Sonic is available for $17.
Posted 7/26/2009
Shocker Toys July 2009 At SDCC: Dick Tracy figures!
4.0 Transitional//EN'> Shocker Toys returns to San Diego Comic-Con Booth #3849 with five, count ‘em, five, exclusives, the return of an old favorite and one can’t miss party. Tribune’s Dick Tracy will make his first appearance as a hyper-articulated 6” action figure in creator Chester Gould’s black and white comic strip style. The World’s Most Famous Detective will be available in two limited run action figures. The B&W standard version with suit and pistol, limited to 500 pieces, will be available on-site and at the Shocker Toys online store. The B&W variant figure, limited to 250 pieces, with Tracy in his iconic trench coat with Tommy gun, will be available only at Comic-Con with a purchase ticket given out at the show opening every day of the show. Shocker Toys’ booth will also highlight their new articulated designer line, Mallows, with three exclusives: A Mallow version of the CCI Guy (the SDCC Logo) (250 pcs), The Phantom with yellow/black trunks (500 pcs) and Dethklok’s favorite rock and roll clown, Dr. Rockzo (500 pcs). On hand will also be DIY blank Mallows to design your own as well as custom contests and Artist custom Mallows showcased featuring some artist such as Phetus, Mad Hatter Creative and more. If Dr. Rockzo isn’t enough for fans of Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse, Shocker Toys will also be featuring a 500 piece re-release of the now legendary Dethklok set that took San Diego by storm in 2008. Shocker Toys will also help kick off the Con in style with a Friday night Mallows release party at BONDI across from the convention center in the Gaslamp, more location info here. There will be custom Artist Mallows, giveaways and great music. Right before the party, Shocker Toys will be hosting a panel in room 4 on Friday July 24th, 6:30-7:30. Stop by for news, info and special giveaways. Booth #3849 will feature contests, giveaways, feedback and new products. Also, meet Shocker Toys CEO Geoff Beckett, who will be answering questions about upcoming figures for Mallows, Indie Spotlight Series 2 and 3 and more. Be sure to mark it on your list of booths to visit. In addition to the Comic-Con exclusives, updates to the Indie Spotlight line will be on display at the booth. This includes Series 2 in the final development stages, lineup and preliminary development for Series 3, and for the first time since Wizard Philly, Indie Spotlight Series 1 is back in stock. Look for the full lineup available at the booth. Stores and Press are urged to contact Shocker Toys at info@shockertoys.com for more info about wholesale specials on-site and interview opportunities.
Posted 7/26/2009
Mattel Oct 2009 Avatar Figures- Web-Enabled
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According to Mattel, each action figure, vehicle, and creature in their new Avatar toy lineup will come with a 3-D web tab called an i-TAG which can be scanned using any computer webcam. After doing so, special content unique to that product will be revealed onscreen. The content will vary by toy, but will include things like biographical information, additional images, and 3D animated models showing off the action figures' 'engaging, evading, or defending moves.' Even better, scanning two of the i-TAGs will reveal an onscreen animation showing 3D images interacting with each other.

Posted 7/26/2009
Jakks' UFC Figures To Debut At UFC Fan Expo - 5thRound.com
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Jakks' UFC Figures To Debut At UFC Fan Expo
Jakks Pacific and the UFC will be debuting the upcoming line of UFC figures at the UFC 100 Fan Expo on July 10-11. The UFC Fan Expo will take ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Jakks Pacific July 2009 Unleashes Ultimate Fighting Championship® Figures
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Top UFC fighters and MMA fans will get the first look at the official Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) action figures from leading U.S. toy maker JAKKS Pacific, Inc (Nasdaq: JAKK) at UFC® Fan Expo™ for UFC 100 in Las Vegas. The first two series of the line, Wave 0 and Wave 1 include some of the best and well known UFC fighters such as Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, Chuck Liddell, Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, Forrest Griffin, Rampage Jackson and Royce Gracie. Several of the fighters will be in attendance to view their new figures before they hit retail shelves this Fall, and are expected to meet and greet with fans at the JAKKS UFC Fan Expo booth (#427).

To help celebrate UFC 100 and the first ever UFC Fan Expo, JAKKS will also have Limited Edition UFC Fan Expo Platinum Chuck Liddell figures available for purchase by fans in attendance at the JAKKS booth while supplies last. The exclusive Limited Edition Platinum figures will be sequentially numbered 1:500 and will only be available at the UFC Fan Expo. The first 250 units will go on sale at 10:00 am on Friday with the next 250 units available Saturday starting at 10:00 am as well.
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Posted 7/26/2009
Hasbro July 2009 Transformers: The Complete First Season 25th Anniversary Edition from Shout! Factory
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Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS), and Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced today that THE TRANSFORMERS: The Complete First Season 25th Anniversary Edition from Shout! Factory will be available on PlayStation®Network’s video delivery service for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) systems in the United States. All season one episodes of THE TRANSFORMERS, in the order they were intended and with remastered audio, will be available for electronic purchase beginning today.

“As the home entertainment experience continues to expand through a variety of digital entertainment platforms, we are excited to announce this phase of our digital distribution program for Hasbro’s original animated TV property THE TRANSFORMERS,” states Shout! Factory founding partner and COO Bob Emmer. “We’ve had exceptional results with the June 2009 DVD release of THE TRANSFORMERS: The Complete First Season 25th Anniversary Edition. We are thrilled to bring this property in a digital format to PlayStation users.”

“Millions of PlayStation Network users are already enjoying a large library of content offerings and this deal with Shout! Factory & Hasbro furthers that growth by bringing a variety of pop culture movies, TV and video content,' said Eric Lempel, director of PlayStation Network Operations and Strategic Planning, SCEA. 'PlayStation delivers an unparalleled combination of hardware, software and online services for consumers to enjoy at home and on the go with the PSP.'

This collaboration expands the PlayStation Network video delivery service now to over 2,000 movies and over 10,000 TV episodes, many available in both SD and HD, making the PS3 system the ultimate entertainment platform, and the PSP system a leader in portable entertainment. Additionally, PlayStation Network offers movies in HD from all major motion picture studios and gives PS3 users the largest selection of movies on any gaming platform.

Shout! Factory, Hasbro & Playstation team up to offer The Transformers: The Complete <b>First</b> Season42d2da954e5e0d29f3cd.jpg width=200 height=333>
Posted 7/26/2009
Joanna Hunkin: Which comes first, the film or the toy? - New Zealand Herald
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src=http://nt2.ggpht.com/news/tbn/HilPK<b40TaB-0jM/6.jpg width=80 height=80>
New Zealand Herald

Joanna Hunkin: Which comes first, the film or the toy?
New Zealand Herald
Particularly for Hasbro, the toy manufacturers behind it, and also the company behind GI Joe and the Star Wars toy collection. But at least the Transformers ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Babes, Bombs, and Blockbusters Movie News Report 07.14.09 - 411mania.com
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Babes, Bombs, and Blockbusters Movie News Report 07.14.09
Mattel must be hoping that a Max Steel film will be as profitable for them as the new Transformers franchise has been for Hasbro. If we're making toy movies ...

Posted 7/26/2009
CORRECT: 2nd UPDATE: Hasbro 2Q Profit Up 4.8% &gt;HAS - Wall Street Journal
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Boston Globe

CORRECT: 2nd UPDATE: Hasbro 2Q Profit Up 4.8% >HAS
Wall Street Journal
'The articles Hasbro 2Q Profit Up 4.8%; Discovery JV Impact Cut' published at 11:12 am EDT, 10:58 am, 8:31 am and 7:34 am incorrectly stated that ...
Hasbro Profit Tops Estimates on 'Transformers' Sales
Hasbro profit beats, sees lower cable deal costs
Earnings roundup: Hasbro, Eaton
Posted 7/26/2009
July 2009 Have Fun with your Action Figures - Just Add a Chipmunk!
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In the world of collecting action figures, it's easy to get caught up in the whole these-are-precious-collectibles attitude, thus finding yourself handling every figure, still sealed within their pristine packaging, like a curator of the Smithsonian handles an ancient priceless artifact. While this may be the impressive habit of many collectors, it's still wonderful to see someone having fun with their action figures and no one drives that message home better than Canadian collector, Chris McVeigh.
Chris, a professional illustrator, took a whimsical view in a recent personal project where he posed various Star Wars action figures in a park and patiently waited until real live chipmunks approached the display and then, like a hunter sighting his prey, he snaps a hilarious picture and solidifies his place as an internet sensation and one of the greatest fun-loving action figure collectors in the world.
Courtesy of the Telegraph.co.uk website and Barcroft Media, these pictures baffle the mind with the absurd, yet immensely enjoyable, juxtaposition of pop culture pieces of plastic and adorable woodland creatures. This is one of those moments where I find myself asking, 'Now, why didn't I think of that?!' I honestly spent a good 15 minutes looking over each picture and laughing like a fool, while trying to discern if these photos were actually Photoshopped collages. I've come to the conclusion, with the help of some online buzz, that these are the real deal. Still, I'm amazed at how McVeigh managed to get a Biker Scout on the back of a wild chipmunk!
Posted 7/26/2009
Hasbro July 2009 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Action Figures are Invading Toy Shelves
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If you're like me, you've been practically doing cartwheels over the upcoming release of G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Not only am I little-girl-with-a-pony excited about the release of the movie, but what I'm really drooling over is the release of the action figures! I've been waiting for a live-action G.I. Joe movie since I was 10 and the new action figures are just another way to celebrate my childhood hopes being brought to life.
This past week, official G.I. Joe movie figures have started hitting the internet toy-sellers, giving many of us our first looks at some of the new figures, vehicles and playsets. Considering the bulk of the collection, it looks like Hasbro is not pulling any punches and giving the fans what they crave.
Reports are starting to spread among the action figure blogs about people finally beginning to see some of the new figures in retail stores as well, although I predict that the wave of toys will hit full force in about a week or so. If you find yourself swinging by Target for some laundry detergent and cat food, you may just want to take a peek at the action figure aisle and you may be pleasantly surprised.
Posted 7/26/2009
Hasbro July 2009 G.I.Joe Movie Figures: The Best (and The Worst)
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7) 12-Inch Baroness
3<b470831921_66acbb0e63.jpg src=http://www.toplessrobot.com/3470831921_66acbb0e63.jpg width=500 height=464>
Sure, a lot of fans haven't reacted well to Sienna Miller's American-accented turn as the Baroness, although pretty much everyone agrees she looks pretty darn good. So we have to give credit to Hasbro for this amazing sculpt in their otherwise utterly awful line of 12' 'Rise of Cobra' figures. It's a shame she's stuck as an SDCC exclusive, because we imagine most Joe fans will want to get their hands on this figure. This toy looks so realistic that it wouldn't surprise you much if she leapt off your display shelf, seduced you, and then shot you in the leg for being a lech. Or maybe that's just our fantasy.

6) Ice Viper
HAS17<b406.jpg src=http://www.toplessrobot.com/assets_c/2009/07/HAS17406-thumb-500x375.jpg width=500 height=375>
Coursing through the snow, icing G.I. Joe, it's Cobra, Cobraaa!!! Most of the Cobra troopers from the film don't look as neat as the original designs, but the Ice Viper is something special. Each one is decked out for cold weather in grey camo and a white parka packed with supplies, and wears a sweet visor. These figures are totally cool, and you can army-build them to your heart's delight -- if you can find them.
Posted 7/26/2009
Mattel July 2009 Launches Avatar figures - Industry's First Toy Line Featuring Augmented Reality Technology
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Mattel, Inc. will preview at San Diego Comic-Con 2009 a new line of action figures based on Twentieth Century Fox’s upcoming epic action-adventure film, “Avatar,” that will incorporate augmented reality technology, marking the first time this technology will ever appear in a retail toy product. The toy line, developed in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising (Fox Licensing) will feature heroes, creatures and vehicles straight from James Cameron’s much-anticipated film, which is set for release in December 2009.
Each action figure, vehicle and creature in the product line will come with a 3-D web tag, called an i-TAG, which consumers can “scan” using a home computer’s webcam. Scanning the i-TAG will reveal special content onscreen unique to the corresponding product. Exact content varies for each item, but could include biographical information, additional images and animated models of the figures. When the i-TAG for deluxe figures, vehicles or creatures are placed under a webcam, animated 3-D models will “come alive” through engaging, evading or defending moves. Place two i-TAGs from the “Battle Pack” together and the 3-D images will interact with each other.

“The development of our ‘Avatar’ toy line with the integration of the augmented reality technology marks an entirely new level of innovation in toys,” said Doug Wadleigh, Vice President for Boys Action Play Marketing, Mattel, Inc. “Boys will be able to play with the ‘Avatar’ figures and vehicles in ways that previously could only be imagined.”
Lora Cohn, Vice President, Fox Licensing, added, “This is going to be a ground-breaking moment for both film and toy with the introduction of one of the most innovative 3-D experiences ever conceived. Mattel has created the perfect complement to a film that is going to wow audiences the world over with its bold new vision.”
The i-TAG technology was developed by Total Immersion, the global leader in augmented reality. Total Immersion’s patented augmented reality technology integrates real time interactive 3-D graphics into live video. Once the object is recognized by the webcam, the product comes to life on screen.
“Augmented reality is a software solution that has significantly gained momentum and popularity with advertisers, retailers and marketers over the past several years because of its unique ability to engage consumers in their experience with a brand,” said Bruno Uzzan, CEO and co-founder, Total Immersion. “The launch of Mattel’s ‘Avatar’ toy line is truly groundbreaking, as this marks the first time augmented reality has been featured in a mainstream consumer product line.”
The Mattel line of “Avatar” action figures, creatures and vehicles will be available at retail stores nationwide in October 2009.
About “Avatar”
The director of Titanic takes us to a spectacular new world beyond our imagination, where a reluctant hero embarks on a journey of redemption, discovery and unexpected love -- as he leads a heroic battle to save a civilization in this epic action adventure fantasy. Conceived 14 years ago and over four years in the making, “Avatar” breaks new ground in delivering a fully immersive, emotional story and reinvents the movie going experience.
The “Avatar” cast includes Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver. Academy Award-winning visual effects house, WETA Digital, renowned for its work in “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy and “King Kong,” will incorporate new intuitive CGI technologies to transform the environments and characters into photor
Posted 7/26/2009
Sargasso Planet Figures: asking price: $147,000
4.0 Transitional//EN'> Hundreds, if not thousands, of people attending San Diego Comic-Con Saturday have run into the most peculiar collectible that has ever been seen. Tempting Toys, which is sitting in Booth 701 on the dealers floor has been displaying a collection of four rather antique-looking action figures they say is from a show called 'Sargasso Planet.' The dealer at the booth told Airlock Alpha that he really didn't know what the television show was about or when it was on, but said he didn't own the pieces, but was actually displaying them for a 'private collector.' OK, so what? Someone has some collectibles from a show people have never heard of at Comic-Con. So what else is new? Well, that's not where the story ends. When people ask the guys at Tempting Toys how much they're selling the collectibles for, the price blows you away: $147,000. Yes, four pieces of plastic in an old box, is somehow worth $147,000. I don't think if I had kept my Capt. Kirk action figure that my dad bought in the 1970s for me, it wouldn't even come close to being worth $147 let alone $147,000. So I decided to check these toys out for myself. Tempting Toys were nice enough, and allowed me to take a few pictures. But before I could ask too many questions, a group of people showed up and demanded the dealer they get their toys back. I tried to ask who they were, and they told me they didn't want any press on this, and since they heard I was sniffing around, were taking the toys back. I headed back up to the Comic-Con press room to post some stories, and decided, what the hell. I am going to find out more about this so-called show, and why anyone in their right mind would want to spend $147,000 on four cheap-looking toys, although I have to admit the aliens they portrayed looked pretty damn cool. Imagine how surprised I was to find absolutely nothing on any show called 'Sargasso Planet.' And I checked everywhere. Internet Movie Database, Wikipedia, you name it. In fact, all I could find was a Web site at SargassoPlanet.com. It's a hideous site, apparently designed by someone named Zack Adamski. He showcases these aliens, who he calls Insectillian, Rocky, Robo and Calcios
Posted 7/26/2009
Underground Toys July 2009 Torchwood Comic-Con Preview: Check Out The Exclusive Action Figures!
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Torchwood and Doctor Who fans have a lot to be excited about regarding next week’s Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego – and it just got even better for collectors. Underground Toys has just released images of their four exclusive new action figures, which will be available firstly at Comic-Con and then only at select online retailers following the event. If you’re an action figure collector like myself, you won’t want to miss these great new additions.
The first two selections are part of Character Options’ classic figure series. The first is the First Doctor (William Hartnell) with a Dalek Invasion of Earth ‘Black’ Dalek two-pack, harkening back to Doctor Who’s first broadcast in November 1963. Both color and black and white editions will be available, keeping in the spirit of the original black-and-white television broadcast. The second is the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton), featured here with a Cybermen two-pack representing those found in the September 1967 episode ‘Tomb of the Cybermen’. This figure also has both color and black-and-white variants available. Both the First and Second Doctor exclusives have a SRP of $40.
Underground will also offer a Sixth Doctor variant figure, featuring Colin Baker’s incarnation in the alternative blue coat most visibly used in the BBC’s ‘Real Time’ webcast. This more muted, less frivolous design is a favorite among many fans, and this figure has an SRP of $20.
For Torchwood fans like myself, you’ll be thrilled to hear that a limited edition Captain Jack Harkness figure will also be offered at the convention. This figure, specially packaged for the upcoming Children of Earth miniseries, is a variant of the one released in the first wave of Torchwood figures. It features Jack in his dark blue alternative wardrobe, and is individually hand-numbered. This variant carries an SRP of $20.
All these figures will be available exclusively at the Underground Toys booth at Comic-Con (#3949), and later at select online retailers not yet known at press time. Check here and at the Underground Toys website – http://www.underground-toys.com — for more information.

Posted 7/26/2009
NECA July 2009 BioShock Action Figures Ready To be seen
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BioShock Action Figures Ready To Set Bees Upon Comic-Con

Due to be officially unveiled at Comic-Con, there's currently a few figures scheduled: a Big Sister, a Little Sister, a Splicer and a few variants of the Big Daddy. Those waiting for an Andrew Ryan's Office playset, complete with swinging golf club action, will have to wait.
4x_biotoy1.jpg width=500>
Posted 7/26/2009
Heavy Hometown - Action Figures - DOA
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Heavy Hometown - Action Figures
Short, sweet, and oddly mature-sounding, Action Figures is a finely crafted album that places a heavy emphasis on mood, atmosphere, and holistic feeling, ...

Posted 7/26/2009
Take That, Toy Story! Mattel's 'Avatar' Action Figures to Offer... - Business Exchange
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Take That, Toy Story! Mattel's 'Avatar' Action Figures to Offer...
Business Exchange
Avatar action figures that are expected to hit store shelves in October. And, get this: The toys offer augmented reality. (The good news just keeps coming). ...
Take That, Toy Story! Mattel's 'Avatar' Action Figures to Offer ...
Avatar Action Figures come with Augmented Reality
Mattel reveals Avatar toy line
 - -
Posted 7/26/2009
First Look at 'Haunt' San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Comic Book
4.0 Transitional//EN'> New Comic Collaboration from Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman
Posted 7/26/2009
Mattel Launches Industry's First Toy Line Featuring Augmented...
4.0 Transitional//EN'>
Mattel, Inc. will preview at San Diego Comic-Con 2009 a new line of action figures based on Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming epic action-adventure film, 'Avatar,' that will incorporate augmented reality technology, marking the first time this technology will ever appear in a retail toy product.
Posted 7/26/2009 by  PR-inside.com 
June 2009 An anime Figures Collection
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It has been a while since I wanted to immortalize all my figures on a single picture, but the more the collection increase, the more complicated it becomes, and the more lazy I get too ^^;
But lately, I was tempted by Danny Choo’s suggestion. Taking a picture of GoodSmile Company and Max Factory figures “only” sounded much more easier, and well, with a little reward at the end, this is sure motivating and entertaining.
So, I tried to find a way to gather what represents half of my figure collection, and have a kind of impressive picture. Here we go! GSC / Max Factory figure collection
Well, not all figures are visible on this one, but that’s the picture I prefere for the “impressive” effect. But you can scroll down to the last photo of this set for a full view.
I would never have imagined how long and exhausting setting all of this could be! Especially because most of the figures were still packed in their respetive box… Took me about 7 hours ^^;
As you can imagine, Nendoroids, Figmas and Shuraki girls were the most time-consuming.
Now, thinking that I will have to put the figures in order makes me tired. But well, that was fun.
And to make those efforts profitable, here some additional pictures. At the same time, this allows me to introduce my latest figures, and some that I’ve never displayed here. GSC / Max Factory figure collection
The 1:8 scale pvc version of Hastune Miku is really lovely. Too sad her pantsu is all white ^^;
Figma version is ok, and nothing beats nendoroid version’s cuteness ^^ GSC / Max Factory figure collection4.jpg width=500 height=375>
I love Idolm@ster girls, even the Xenoglossia version. Haruka-chan is so gorgeous. Have a look at HappySoda’s review (beware nosebleeds).
And for Miki pictures, you can also visit Ota desho? Ota desu!. GSC / Max Factory figure collection4.jpg width=500 height=375>
Death Note nendoroids suffers from being part of the first ones released… especially Light and Misa whose plastic support is aweful. Such a pain to prevent them from falling due to their head’s weight. I managed to have Light standing without though… fiiou. GSC / Max Factory figure collection
Major Kusanagi and Saber, the most “kakkoi” female anime character ever! <img src='http://www.mukyaa.com/img/2931...
Posted 6/20/2009
Kotobukiya May 2000 One Coin Grande Figure Collection Sengoku Basara -First- 10 pieces PVC
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One Coin Grande Figure Collection Sengoku Basara -<b>First</b>- 10 pieces (PVC Figure)4.jpg>  
Item name : One Coin Grande Figure Collection Sengoku Basara -First- 10 pieces (PVC Figure)
Manufacturer : Kotobukiya
Scale : Non
Producer : Tatsumaki , Shoukaku Kitaike , Saki Asada , etc
Original : Sengoku Basara
Release Date : Mid May., 2009
Regular Price : 6,000 yen  about 62.05 USD  44.63 Euros 
Posted 6/20/2009
Dragon June 2009 Star Trek The Next Generation - 1/6 Figures
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From Dragon comes this new line of The Next Generation 1/6 scale figures. The first assortment includes Jean-Luc Picard, Data and Worf. You can pre-order these now at BigBadToyStore.com.
< itxtvisited=1 div=>
Posted 6/20/2009
McFarlane Oct 2009 Halo 2009: Series 6: The Medal Edition 'Exclusive' Figures
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Halo 2009: Series 6: The Medal Edition 'Exclusive' Figures
The Halo Series 6 'Medal Edition' was first shown here about two weeks ago. Now you can check out the additional figures also available as part of Halo Series 6, but are only sold at specific retailers.

SPARTAN EVA (teal) -- Fred Meyer Exclusive
Includes two Plasma Rifles and Kill Joy! Medal

SPARTAN EVA (blue) -- Walmart and Walmart Canada
Includes Rocket Launcher and Overkill! Medal

SPARTAN CQB (orange) -- Toys 'R' Us and Toys 'R' Us Canada
Includes Shotgun and Bull True! Medal

SPARTAN RECON (steel) -- GameStop Exclusive
Includes Brute Shot, Spike Grenade and Grenade Stick! Medal

SPARTAN HAYABUSA (sage) -- Amazon and International Exclusive
Includes Fuel Rod Gun and Triple Kill! Medal

ELITE ASSAULT (gold) -- FYE, Game UK and Gamestation UK and BigW Australia
Includes two Spike rifles and Killing Spree! Medal

Halo Series 6 is scheduled to reach stores nationwide in October.< div=>
Posted 6/20/2009
Glu Mobile June 209 Transformers : virtual action figures?
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Glu Mobile has released TRANSFORMERS CyberToy for iPhone and iPod Touch on the iTunes App Store. the App Store. Based on characters from the TRANSFORMERS toy line and movie series, this application is available worldwide for an introductory price of $0.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch.
TRANSFORMERS CyberToy isn’t really a game, but more like a virtual action figure. It allows players to transform characters from vehicle to robot by utilizing the touch screen to interact with their favorite TRANSFORMERS in a virtual environment.
In Action Figure Mode users choose different poses, play sounds and animations, and deploy their signature weapons. In Challenge Mode users must change from robot to vehicle and back as quickly as possible by a series of taps, touches, shakes and tilts. Finally, there’s a View Tech Specs section that will offer details of on various Transformers including OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, MEGATRON and STARSCREAM. for now it only offers some data on BUMBLEBEE.
Posted 6/20/2009
Playmates June 2009 Terminator Figures...
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AFi: Let’s get the big question out of the way.  John Connor.  Can you comment on why his face is hidden?  Can we look forward to any John Connor figures with Christian Bale’s  likeness?
PM: We did have difficulty getting Christian Bale to approve his sculpt, but am happy to report we now do have his approval and new John Connor figures without masks and goggles will be included in the 3.75” and 6” scale hitting retail shelves in Fall.
AFi: What’s planned for upcoming waves of Terminator product?   When can we look for Wave 2 in stores?  
PM: Wave 2 figures will start hitting shelves in August.  Included in the Fall will be a 6” and 14” Harvester figures as well as a number of new 3.75” and more 6” figures.

AFi: I’ve read that Playmates is considering 3-3/4' figures based upon the previous three Terminator movies for 2010.  If this is so, can you elaborate on your plans for such a legacy line? 
PM: We have obtained the rights to do figures based on Terminator 1 and 2 and are planning a complete rollout of these figures in Spring 2010.
AFi: Terminator Salvation is said to be the first film in a planned trilogy. Does Playmates license cover any potential sequels? 
PM: No, our contract was just to produce toys for Terminator Salvation.
AFi: Can we expect any figures based upon Arnold’s digital cameo? 
PM: It is our understanding Arnold didn’t give his approval to appear in the movie until very late in the process, so if we do any figures based on Arnold’s look in Terminator Salvation they will not be released until 2010. 
AFi wishes to thank Pat Linden and Paul Fish of Playmates Toys for their cooperation in making this article possible.  Stay tuned to AFi for more news and images of upoming Star Trek and Terminator product very soon
Posted 6/20/2009
McFarlane June 2009 Action figures of NFL stars in their college days
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Just for old times' sake, McFarlane Toys is doing action figures of NFL stars in their college days -- including Michigan's Tom Brady, something that might have seemed unlikely back when he really was at Ann Arbor.
Completing the set are Miami's Ray Lewis, Oklahoma's Adrian Peterson, LSU's JaMarcus Russell, Georgia's Hines Ward and Tennessee's Peyton Manning (whose figure, oddly, is handing off).
They're due out in August,  $11.99 per figure or $59.99 for the whole set.
Posted 6/20/2009
Lego June 2009 Are the Lego Minifigs Technically Action Figures?
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I recently got into a heated debate down at my regular coffee shop about what is and what isn't an 'action figure', despite the fact that I tried to clear that up in an article a little while back. Yes, we talk about some strange things over coffee. Anyway, it didn't take long for one friend to bring up the famous Lego minifigs. If you don't know what a minifig is, they're the little people that come with any Lego playset. I remember the first Lego minifigs (which I assume is short for miniature figures) ever to come out when I received several Lego Space sets back in the late '70s. As soon as I saw them, I fell instantly in love with them! There was something about their perpetually happy faces and little c-clamp hands that sparked my imagination.
These days, you can find minifigs of all kinds, from everyday townsfolk to rampaging hordes of fantasy Orcs, and there have been minifigs made of such notable pop-culture icons as Batman, Spider-Man and Harry Potter.
But back to the debate. As I mentioned before, one friend felt that Lego minifigs are in fact action figures and another strongly felt that they are not. Each had some excellent points to back up their arguments, but it ultimately got us no closer to the truth. So I made of list of pros and cons as an attempt to further classify minifigs, and with a little help from you, dear readers, perhaps we can put this debate to rest.
  • They're figures of people or popular characters like most action figures.
  • They're fully posable, with as many as 7 points of articulation, more than many legitimate action figures.
  • They very often come with accessories, such as weapons, helmets and other gear.
  • They fit nicely into vehicles, such as cars, airplanes and spaceships.

  • They're tiny, only about 1 3/4' in height, putting them well below the usual size for an action figure.
  • They could be seen as accessories to the Lego building blocks and playsets, which are actually the main toy people are buying, not the other way around.
  • They possess components that are in themselves building block pieces, such as their feet, legs, torsos and head, which can be taken apart and added to other building blocks, thus making them more like actual building block pieces that simply resemble action figure parts.
  • They are unrealistic to the point of being abstract, geometrical representations of actual human figures.

So there you have it, the strongest points of either argument. So now I leave the debate up to you all. Tell us what you think! Are Lego minifigs action figures or not action figures? Feel free to leave your answers in the comments or make your voice heard in the forum poll.
Posted 6/20/2009
LittleBigPlanet Action Figures Have Been Sacked - Kotaku.com

LittleBigPlanet Action Figures Have Been Sacked
Kotaku.com, NY
Toymaker Mezco Toyz was planning to release LittleBigPlanet licensed action figures this year, in sizes ranging from 2" to 18", along with sundry other Sackboy and Sackgirl themed things. Not anymore, as the product line has been scrapped. ...
Published 6/20/2009
Jailbreak June 2009 President Barack Obama Figures
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Chicago families seeking fun, patriotic presents for mom and dad can try President Barack Obama toys. From inexpensive homemade paper toys to a top-of-the-line pen, Obama-themed products exist for every taste and budget.
President Obama Action Figures
Any of the phthalate-free PVC 6” tall President Obama Action Figures would make a fun desk toy and all-around conversation piece for mothers and fathers.
  • The regular Obama Action Figure features the president dressed in a dark suit and blue tie.
  • The Limited Edition Inaugural Obama Action Figure portrays the president in a shiny gold suit, while the Limited Edition HOPE Obama Action Figure paints his face red, white, and blue to match the famous Shepard Fairey HOPE poster.
  • Then there’s the DIY Obama Action Figure, which crafts moms and dads can paint and decorate using whatever theme they wish.

President Obama Action Figure
Posted 6/20/2009
Aoshima June 2009 T-800 Endoskeleton Die-Cast 12-inch Figures - at Sideshow
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One of the most iconic characters ever envisioned, the Terminator was brought to life on the big screen through the artistry and imagination of James Cameron and Stan Winston. Concealed inside each seemingly organic Terminator is a metal endoskeleton, a weapon with cunning and inhuman strength.

T2 gave audiences an unforgettable view of John Connor's stand against the SKYNET army. Marching through the rubble of deserted streets, in a barely habitable blasted cityscape, an Endoskeleton crushes a human skull beneath one foot. The Endoskeleton is capable of flawless termination, a chromed visage of death.
Sideshow is pleased to bring you the Aoshima T-800 Endoskeleton 12-inch Figure Black Version from Japan, previously unavailable in the US. This fully articulated, detailed figure is crafted of die-cast metal and comes complete with two guns, a switch-out hand with trigger finger and display base. The T-800 Endoskeleton 12-inch Figure Black Version is an outstanding addition to any display, the perfect way to commemorate the Terminator film series.
T-800 Endoskeleton Product Photo499_press02-001.jpg width=303 height=501>
Posted 6/20/2009
McFarlane June 2009 New Photography of NFL Series 21 Action Figures
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SPAWN.COM >>  New Photography of NFL Series...

4_imgArticleImage src=http://www.spawn.com/toys/football/nfl21/arodgers/images/nfl21_arodgers_photo_01_sm.jpg>

Posted 6/20/2009
Hobby Japan May 2009 Spec Figures 4: 12" Action Figure Guidebook
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Price: 1,905 yen
Series: Spec Figures
Manufacturer: Hobby Japan
Release Date: May 2009
Type: Figure Books/Magazines
Description: Vol. 4 of Hobby Japan's special edition dedicated to ultra-realistic 12' figures. Primarily focusing on military subjects past and present, this issue does include a couple of non-military female figures and sci-fi subjects (great movie version Iron Man Mk III!). Beautiful color photography throughout, with Japanese text (some titles and specs given in English). Softcover.

Posted 6/20/2009
CM's Corp March 2009 Mai-Otome x Mai-Otome S.ifr Collection Figures Part 3: 1 Box
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Price: 8,400 yen
Series: Mai Otome
Manufacturer: CM's Corporation
Release Date: Mar 2009
Type: Trading Figure
Description: This trading figure series features a selection of characters from both 'Mai-Otome' and 'Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~,' and presented as beautifully detailed and strikingly posed mini display pieces. The star characters in this lineup consists of Lena Sayers, Nina Wang, Mahya Blythe, Sara Gallagher, and Midori, for a total of five possible types to trade and collect. Each figure comes with a display base and figure stand. Sold by the randomly packed box of 12. Please note that these are trading figures and are individually sealed and randomly packed in boxes of 12 by the manufacturer before shipment to HobbyLink Japan. As a result we are unable to honor requests for individual or specific figures, nor can we promise you which one(s) you will receive in a box. Please order only if you are willing to accept any of the possible types.

Posted 6/20/2009
Bandai 2008 July One Piece Girl Figures
Ops_0034/ops_003.jpg width=370 >Ops_0074/ops_007.jpg width=370 > 
Posted 7/26/2008
Rocket World 2008 July Previewing three new IWG Astro Krieg Mini Figures
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Preview IWG Astro Kreig Mini Figures

Rocket World is previewing three new IWG Astro Krieg Mini Figure colorways:
Classic Galactic Silver Armored Hunter Space Suits with Ice Clear Bubble Helmets
New World Eco-Green Armored Hunter Space Suits with Laser Orange Space Helmets
Covert Space Pirate Black Armored Hunter Space Suits with Laser Green Space Helmets
Posted 7/26/2008
Uglydoll 2008 July - Uglydoll Action Figures!
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Uglydoll Action Figures!

Yep...it's the line many of you have been waiting for.  The Uglydolls folks will be producing their own line of vinyl mini 'action' figures.  (We'll be showing you photos from their SDCC booth to give you a better reference to size) David says they have an 'action feature posable waist line!'
Look for them to be released either near the holidays or at NY Comic Con.
Posted 7/26/2008
Onell Design at 2008 SDCC: Exellis and Pheyden figures

Onell Design was rocking out their Comic Con booth with all new colorways of their Exellis and Pheyden figuresThis wave of Pheyden and Exellis colors pays homage to the classic'Real Type' color schemes found in many imported Japanese model kitsthat we loved as kids (like Ma.K.).
These new colorways are great.  But my personal favorite is the Metran Pheyden...that's the dark blue one whose paint job makes it look like her was buried in the dirt.  Remember playing with your toys in the dirt?  My parents once found one of my G.I. Joe guys that was buried in mulch for 20 years.
They had the CollectionDX exclusive colorway available at the show, as well as a ton of prototypes and limited quantity figures including Buildman, Sarvos, Phanost, expansion packs and more.  Also, Onell is going with the carded look for this new lineup.  Very cool, as always!
Posted 7/26/2008
『SkuldLab』 Wonder Festival 2004 - Oh! My Goddess! figures
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『SkuldLab』(Flower Shop)
4wskuldlabsukuld1 alt=Wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld1 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/07/09/wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld1.jpg width=480 height=715>
4wskuldlabsukuld2 alt=Wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld2 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/07/09/wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld2.jpg width=480 height=688>
4wskuldlabsukuld4 alt=Wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld4 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/07/09/wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld4.jpg width=480 height=714>
4wskuldlabsukuld5 alt=Wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld5 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/07/09/wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld5.jpg width=480 height=717>
4wskuldlabsukuld6 alt=Wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld6 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/07/09/wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld6.jpg width=480 height=698>
4wskuldlabsukuld8 alt=Wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld8 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/07/09/wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld8.jpg width=480 height=724>

4wskuldlabsukuld3 alt=Wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld3 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/07/09/wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld3.jpg width=230 height=308> 4wskuldlabsukuld7 alt=Wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld7 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/07/09/wonder2004wskuldlabsukuld7.jpg width=230 height=329>
Posted 7/26/2008
『pumkin King』 Wonder Festival 2004 - Evangelion figures
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4wpumpkin_kingps_mahoro1 alt=Wonder2004wpumpkin_kingps_mahoro1 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/07/16/wonder2004wpumpkin_kingps_mahoro1.jpg width=480 height=722>
4wpumpkin_kingsonsaku1 alt=Wonder2004wpumpkin_kingsonsaku1 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/07/16/wonder2004wpumpkin_kingsonsaku1.jpg width=480 height=706>
4wpumpkin_kingasuka1 alt=Wonder2004wpumpkin_kingasuka1 src=http://ruriruri.moe-nifty.com/gareki/images/2008/07/16/wonder2004wpumpkin_kingasuka1.jpg width=480 height=712>
Posted 7/26/2008
Mattel 2008 SDCC Day 3: New Masters of the Universe figures to be sold on MattyCollector.com
Here is a look at Mattel's upcoming new He-Man and Beast Man figures which will be sold on their MattyCollector.com website. He-Man will be available in October 2008 and Beast Man will be available in November 2008. Each figure will cost $20 each. The figures were sculpted by the Four Horsemen and they will have a new figure available online each month starting with He-Man.< itxtvisited=1 div=>
4 hspace=3 src=http://i.toynewsi.com/g/generated/2008_SDCC/Day_3/Mattel/MOTU/034__scaled_100.jpg width=100 vspace=3 >
47 hspace=3 src=http://i.toynewsi.com/g/generated/2008_SDCC/Day_3/Mattel/MOTU/063__scaled_100.jpg width=100 vspace=3 > 4__scaled_100.jpg width=100 vspace=3 >
4 hspace=3 src=http://i.toynewsi.com/g/generated/2008_SDCC/Day_3/Mattel/MOTU/238__scaled_100.jpg width=100 vspace=3 >
Posted 7/26/2008
Mattel 2008 SDCC Day 3: Upcoming DC Universe Classic 6" Figures

2008 SDCC Day 3: More DC Universe Classic Figures
Posted 7/26/2008
2008 Nurse Shiratori Amane in First-aid Box!
 49/005_3.jpg >
Posted 7/26/2008
Bandai 1985 Spiral Zone Act 11 Figures

Act 11: Figure Type I (White Man)

400 alt=dxsz11medcu src=http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/416526-3/dxsz11medcu.jpg width=300 longdesc=> 
Name Spiral Zone Act 11: Figure Type I (White Man)
Toy Line Spiral Zone
Number Act 11
Manufacturer Bandai
Released 1985
Materials Plastic
Scale 1:12
Category Action Figure
Orig. Price $15.00

Spiral Zone Act 11: Figure Type 1 (White)
After releasing four SFG Spiral Zone extra Coating Type uniforms without figures, it would be expected that Bandai would release basic figures to go along with their coating armor sets. Spiral Zone Act 11 Figure Type 1 (White Man) and Act 12 Figure Type II (Brown) would fulfill those expectations.
40 alt=DXSZ11Boxb src=http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/416522-3/DXSZ11Boxb.jpg width=390 longdesc=>

Both of these releases would be a step away from their previous releases as they were of a European and African style face sculpts respectively and not Asian face sculpts like Acts 1 through Acts 3.
40 alt=DXSZ11box src=http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/416521-3/DXSZ11box.jpg width=398 longdesc='Nekro Dave thinks these are the greatest Art Design on a Japanese Toy box ever!'>
Posted 7/26/2008
Bandai july 2008 S.I.C Vol 42 Maskled Rider Pair + Soul of Chogokin GX-42
4.0 Transitional//EN'>
Posted 7/26/2008
Medicom 2008 Fall - KISS Be@rbrick Figures Posted 7/26/2008
McFarlane 2008 July Guitar Hero Action Figures Posted 7/26/2008
McFarlane 2008 Guitar Hero Figures - Gaming Bits Posted 7/26/2008
McFarlane 2008 July Jeter and Don Mattingly figures Posted 7/26/2008
JAKKS Pacific Reports 2008 Second Quarter and First Six Months ... - FOXBusiness Posted 7/26/2008
July 2008 How long until Action Figures Are Extinct? - Comic Book Bin Posted 7/26/2008
McFarlane 2008 July New Halo 3 Action Figures at Comic-Con - TeamXbox Posted 7/26/2008
Hasbro 2Q profit rebounds to $37.49M Published 7/26/2008 by  Providence Business News 
Kotobukiya 2008 June Indiana Jones One-Coin Figures: 1 Box Posted 7/26/2008
Beat 2008 June Clay More - Claymore No.47 Clare PVC 1/8 Posted 7/26/2008
Medicom Nov 2008 RAH #413 Speed Racer - Racer X Posted 6/23/2008
Toy Break Episode 40: Horsey Men! Posted 6/23/2008
NECA TMNT Series 1.5 Action Figures Posted 6/23/2008
Hasbro June 2008 Indiana Jones - Mighty Muggs Vinyl Figures Wave 2: Indy, Monkey Man, Mutt, Professor. Posted 6/23/2008
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Action Figures - What is the Secondary Market, a.k.a. Scalping? Posted 6/23/2008
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Bif Bang Pow! August 2008 Dude! Big Lebowski 8" Action Figures Posted 6/23/2008
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Square Enix 2008 Final Fantasy VII Trading Figures: Cloud Strife, Penelo, Rinoa Heartilly - Gallery Posted 1/6/2008
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Where should you buy action figures? Posted 1/6/2008
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Banpresto Nov 2007 Naruto Shippuden Real Figure Key Chain 1 Box 48pcs Posted 1/6/2008
Square Enix Dec 2007 Final Fantasy IV TOREDINGUATSU mini-figures PVC Posted 12/15/2007
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Sega Dec 2007 Railway Musu Rapid Ex Figures: Kuji Oh Risu & Asa Shibusawa Arista Prize Figures Posted 12/8/2007
Dark Horse May 2008 Glenn Barr's Janes Figures Posted 12/8/2007
Super 7 at DKE Toys Dec 2007 Ghost Land Mini Figures Posted 12/8/2007
Targa Dec 2007 Model of Density of Steel Tiger I Limited Color Ver. 14 pieces 1/48 Posted 12/8/2007
Bif Bang Pow! Dec 2007 Big Lebowski Urban Achiever 8-Inch Figures Wave 1 Set Posted 12/8/2007
Dec 2007 Evel Knievel, 1938-2007 First Real Person To Be The Subject Of A Successful Action Figure And Toy Line. Posted 12/8/2007
Hasbro Dec 2007 Transformers - Toys R Us is now selling Transformers Encore figures. - seibertron.com Posted 12/8/2007
Toys 'R' Us Dec 2007 Opening first store in South Korea - Newsday Posted 12/8/2007
Dec 2007 Sergeant Hands Out His Action Figures at Army-Navy Game - United States Army Posted 12/8/2007
Play Along Toys Dec 2007 Prince Caspian Action Figures Posted 12/8/2007
McFarlane Dec 2007 Elvis - First Look: 'gospel' Elvis Posted 12/8/2007
Hobby Japan Nov 2007 Spec Figures 3 Posted 12/8/2007
Banpresto Nov 2007 Dragon Ball - Dragon Ball HQ Key Chain 1 Box 48pcs Posted 12/8/2007
MiniArt Nov 2007 Base for Figures 1/16 Posted 12/8/2007
Bandai Nov 2007 Shidohiroinzu Rakususupesharu Trading Figures - Gallery Posted 12/1/2007
Kabakuro First Story by Ryo Honda Posted 12/1/2007
DvA Gallery Chicago Dec 2007 Custom Painted Figures At Le Merde Posted 12/1/2007
Takara Nov 2007 Votoms - Actic Gear Next AG-N02 Purple Bear 1/48 Posted 12/1/2007
Takara Nov 2007 Votoms - AG-PF01 Actic Gear Pailsen Files Set 01 1/48 Posted 12/1/2007
First class Jan 2008 Yuria Hyaku-shiki LIGHTING Figure PVC Posted 12/1/2007
Max Factory Nov 2007 Wild Arms the 4th Detonator - Yulie Ahtreide PVC 1/8 Posted 12/1/2007
Kaiyodo Dec 2007 Revoltech Figures to appear in 2008 Posted 12/1/2007
Hasbro May 2008 Indiana Jones Figures Posted 12/1/2007
Yamato 2003 Macross VF-1A Valkyrie Max Genius DYRL Type ABS Diecast 1/48 Posted 12/1/2007
Megahouse Nov 2007 Clare de Claymore No 47 Posted 12/1/2007
First Class Jan 2008 Yulia 100-LIGHTNING 1/8 Posted 12/1/2007
Nov 2007 Religious Action Figures Posted 12/1/2007
Bandai Nov 2007 Ultraman Family Six Set 4pieces Posted 11/24/2007
Media Factory March 2008 BECK Guitar Collection 4th Stage Posted 11/24/2007
Udon Studios July 2008 Ame-Comi Wonder Woman & Cheetah Vinyl Figures Posted 11/24/2007
DC Comics July 2008 Green Lantern Series 3 Action Figures Posted 11/24/2007
Nov 2007 Japanese Sexy Girl Figures ... Posted 11/24/2007
Nov 2007 A toy drive that’s putting USA and safety first - Minneapolis Star Tribune Posted 11/24/2007
McFarlane Nov 2007 How The Grinch Stole Christmas! - Online Feature Now Live - Figures now in stores Posted 11/24/2007
McFarlane Nov 2007 Todd-Autographed Figures Making Their Way To Market Posted 11/24/2007
Bandai Nov 2007 Code Geass - EX Portraits trading figures Posted 11/17/2007
『STick』 Nov 2007 ToHeart2 figures and more... Posted 11/17/2007
Hasbro 2008 GIJoe 25th Anniversary Wave 6 Figures Posted 11/17/2007
Jazzwares Launches Heroic Soldier Action Figures At Toys "R" Stores Nationwide Posted 11/17/2007
Kaiyodo Feb 2008 Fraulein Revoltech Action Figures Posted 11/17/2007
McFarlane Nov 2007 Talks about Halo Action Figures and Gamastop Posted 11/17/2007
McFarlane 2008 Halo Figures Release Schedule, 12' Master Chief Revealed - TeamXbox Posted 11/17/2007
Nov 2007 Black Friday - Shopping Bargains Before the First Bite of Turkey - New York Times Posted 11/17/2007
Upper Deck Nov 2007 All-Star Vinyl Figures - Comic Book Bin Posted 11/17/2007
Family Dollar Nov 2007 action figures recalled - Playthings Posted 11/17/2007
Diamond Select 2008 Stargate Developing 12-Inch Stargate Figures Gateworld.net Posted 11/17/2007
Jazwares Inc. Nov 2007 Real Heroes - America's Army Action Figures Leap Into ... Action - Escapist Magazine Posted 11/17/2007
Nov 2007 Transformers - Auction for Rare G1 Computron First Shot Prototype - on eBay Posted 11/17/2007
Hasbro Nov 2007 transformers Movie Fast Action Battlers Figures In the Package Posted 11/17/2007
Hasbro Nov 2007 Transformers Movie - AllSpark Power First Strike Prime, Evac In-Package Posted 11/17/2007
Hot Toys Nov 2007 Incredibly detailed DIG figures coming soon! Posted 11/17/2007
Bandai Nov 2007 Code Geass Trading Figures - Gallery Posted 11/9/2007
Corgi International Nov 2007 Super Mario Land mini figures! Posted 11/9/2007
Yamato Nov 2007 Macross - For 1/48 VF-1 Super pack Parts Set Posted 11/9/2007
Mezco April 2008 New Cinema Of Fear Figures Posted 11/9/2007
Konami March 2008 Gurren Lagann Trading figures Posted 11/9/2007
Hasbro Feb 2008 Marvel Legends Action Figures Wave 4 Posted 11/9/2007
McFarlane 2008 Halo Figures Release Schedule Posted 11/9/2007
Mezco Nov 2007 "Goonies" Action Figures Never Say Die Posted 11/9/2007
Hasbro 2007 G.I. Joe Figures Celebrate 25 Years... Posted 11/9/2007
CineQuest Nov 2007 To Produce 'Supernatural' Action Figures and Mini-busts - Firefox News Posted 11/9/2007
Upper Deck Nov 2007 All-Star Vinyl Action Figures - Comic Book Bin Review Posted 11/9/2007
Gordy Int & Family Dollar Nov 2007 Galaxy Warriors action figures recalled - Playthings Posted 11/9/2007
4Cast Limited Nov 2007 Ghostface Killah Doll Posted 11/9/2007
Diamond Select Nov 2007 Kabuki Figures Posted 10/27/2007
McFarlane 2008 NFL figures Posted 10/27/2007
McFarlane 2008 MLB figures Posted 10/27/2007
McFarlane 2008 NBA figures Posted 10/27/2007
McFarlane 2008 NHL figures Posted 10/27/2007
McFarlane 2008 Military Figures Posted 10/27/2007
WF 1999 Figures Posted 10/27/2007
Yamato Oct 2007 Macross 1/48VF-1S Roy Focker Type PVC/Diecast 1/48 Posted 10/27/2007
Diamond Select Nov 2007 Kabuki Figures - Scarab Posted 10/27/2007
Diamond Select Nov 2007 Star Trek: The Original Series - 40th Anniversary Minimates Series 3 Posted 10/27/2007
Diamond select Nov 2007 Stargate: Atlantis - series 2 figures Posted 10/27/2007
Konami March 2008 Gurren Lagann Trading figures Posted 10/27/2007
Diamond Select March 2008 Star Trek - Star Trek First Contact Data Action Figure Posted 10/27/2007
Hasbro Nov 2007 Star Wars 30th Anniversary Figures Wave 6 Revision 1 Set Posted 10/27/2007
RocketUSA Oct 2007 Bozo The Clown 46-Inch Bop Bag Posted 10/27/2007
MegaHouse Oct 2007 Picture Studio Figures (Gundam, Code Geass) Posted 10/27/2007
Oct 2007 Ragnarok Figures - Gallery Posted 10/27/2007
Oct 2007 Why Should You Invest in Action Figures? Posted 10/27/2007
Mezco Oct 2007 Goonies Action Figures Never Say Die Posted 10/27/2007
Oct 2007 Us Bobble Head Cake Decorations Recalled (american Football Figures) Posted 10/27/2007
Hasbro Oct 2007 Transformers Movie HD DVD sold 190,000 copies in its first week Posted 10/27/2007
Hasbro Oct 2007 4th Annual Hasbro International G.I. JOE Collector's Convention - Hundreds of Parachuting Action Figures Kick Off Annual GI Joe ... - Live-PR.com Posted 10/27/2007
Walmart Oct 2007 Sanctifies The Toy Aisle With Talking Jesus Action Figures - The Consumerist Posted 10/27/2007
CineQuest.com 2007 Announces Supernatural Action Figures and Mini-busts - Firefox News Posted 10/27/2007
DC Direct Oct 2007 World of Warcraft Action Figures - Coolest Gadgets Posted 10/27/2007
Jakks 2007 Holiday Season WWE Figures Posted 10/18/2007
Hasbro Oct 2007 G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Action Figures Wave 3 Posted 10/18/2007
Dream Party 2007 in tokyo - Figures Sighted Posted 10/18/2007
One2Believe Oct 2007 Looking to market Tales of Glory Action figures in UK Posted 10/18/2007
Sept 2007 Spruce-up Home decor with Pop Art gallery of Action Figures Posted 10/18/2007
One2Believe Oct 2007 Tales of Glory at Walmart: Toy maker fights moral decline with Bible-based action figures ... Posted 10/18/2007
Bandai America Oct 2007 Super Charged Action Figures and other toys Posted 10/18/2007
Oct 2007 Transformers - Lawson DVD Blackout Ver. 4500X Upclose Posted 10/18/2007
Hot Toys / Sideshow Oct 2007 Resident Evil 12 inch figures coming soon! Posted 10/18/2007
Yamato Usa Sept 2007 Announces Project Dynamite - Ikki Tousen Figures at 1/5 scale Posted 9/29/2007
Popy 2007 SKamen Rider - Shocker Zukkoke Operation!! Trading figures Posted 9/22/2007
Miracle House Oct 2007 Type 66 Mobile Maser Cannon No.2 1/48 Posted 9/22/2007
Miracle House Oct 2007 Type 66 Mobile Maser Cannon No.1 1/48 Posted 9/22/2007
Mezco Sept 2007 Discussing Heroes Figures Posted 9/22/2007
Organic Nov 2007 Space Adventure Cobra Collection Figure 5" Trading Figures Posted 9/22/2007
Hasbro Sept 2007 GIJoe 25th Anniversary Single Carded Series 2 Figures Found At Retail Posted 9/22/2007
McFarlane Sept 2007 NHL Series 5 3-Inch Figures Posted 9/22/2007
Kidrobot Feb 2008 Adult Swim Action Figures Posted 9/22/2007
Kotobukiya Sept 2007 Togainu No Chi - One Coin Figures Posted 9/10/2007
Bandai Kenshin Trading Figures 1/12 gallery Posted 9/10/2007
MegaHouse Nov 2007 Code Geass - Nightmare Frame Action Gloucester Cornelia Use 1/48 Posted 9/10/2007
Yamato Dec 2007 Macross YF-19 scale 1/48 Posted 9/10/2007
Yamato Dec 2007 Macross VF-1S 1/48 Posted 9/10/2007
Diamond select Sept 2007 Retro Planet Of The Apes Figures Posted 9/10/2007
ATOMIC-BOMB booth at WHF Yokohama DASH2 - Evangelion Figures Asuka and Rei Posted 9/10/2007
Fall 2007 Liquid Stone figures Posted 9/10/2007
Yugin Sept 2007 Quiz Magic Academy -Part 2 Trading Figures - gallery Posted 9/10/2007
Volks Sept 2007 Rozen Maiden Figures Posted 9/10/2007
Mezco Oct 2007 Ultra Exclusive Cinema of Fear Figures Posted 9/10/2007
McFarlane Feb 2008 NFL Two Cardinals Figures Highlight 2008 Exclusives Posted 9/10/2007
Konami Aug 2007 Busou Shinki figures- gallery Posted 9/2/2007
Playmates Spring 2008 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Basic Figures Posted 9/2/2007
Konami Aug 2007 Busou Shinki figures- gallery Posted 9/2/2007
Konami Aug 2007 Busou Shinki figures- gallery Posted 9/2/2007
ToyFare Aug 2007 Market Watch: Diamond’s Star Trek: The Next Generation, first wave of Toynami’s Futurama figures. Posted 9/2/2007
Mezco Oct 2007 Cinema of Fear Figures: Jason, Freddy, Leatherface - Posted 9/2/2007
McFarlane Jan 2008 First Look At Two New Lines Of Military Figures Posted 9/2/2007
Aug 2007 Japanese Figures: Kotori from Da Capo + Cream Koru-nee Posted 8/26/2007
MO Craft Sept 2007 Votoms - Snapping Turtle Resin 1/48 Posted 8/26/2007
MO Craft Sept 2007 Votoms - Standing Tortoise Mk.II Resin 1/48 Posted 8/26/2007
MO Craft Sept 2007 Votoms - Standing Tortoise Resin 1/48 Posted 8/26/2007
MO Craft Sept 2007 Votoms - Scope Dog Pailsen Files Ver. Resin 1/48 Posted 8/26/2007
Shueisha May 2007 Heaven's Prison - Heaven's Prison Vol.3 Limited Edition First Time With Saki Figure Posted 8/26/2007
Diamond Select Sept 2007 Star Trek: The Next Generation Series 5 Action Figures Posted 8/26/2007
Kotobukiya Aug 2007 WF 2007 - Their Booth, with Shining Wind figures Posted 8/26/2007
Bandai Aug 2007 at C3×HOBBY 2007 - Code GEASS figures, and more Posted 8/26/2007
Iceland Aug 2007 Action figures based on Norse gods win award - IcelandReview Posted 8/26/2007
Bandai Aug 2007 Gintama Trading Figures Posted 8/19/2007
Wonder Festival Summer 2007 Upcoming Figures from Kotobukiya Posted 8/19/2007
Wonder Festival Summer 2007 Slave Girl PVC 1/6, Duel Maid Figures, more... Posted 8/19/2007
Japan August 9-13 2007 Upcoming Figures Posted 8/19/2007
Neca aug 2007 Player Select Castlevania Figures Posted 8/19/2007
Max Factory Aug 2007 Figures at WF 2007 Summer Posted 8/19/2007
Wonfder Festival Summer 2007 Fate/stay night Figures... Posted 8/19/2007
Wonder Festival Summer 2007 Klondike sexy Girls, among many other figures... Posted 8/19/2007
Wonder Festival Summer 2007 Dragons, warriors and other figures Posted 8/19/2007
Wonder Festival Summer 2007 Beautifyul Girl Figures Posted 8/19/2007
McFarlane Nov 2007 Beowulf Figures Posted 8/19/2007
MissyBroome.com Aug 2007 Purse Figures? Howdy Partner - LA Weekly Posted 8/19/2007
Tales of Glory Aug 2007 Biblical Action Figures sold at Cape Wal-Mart Posted 8/19/2007
Aug 2007 Customized Action Figures - Wired News Posted 8/19/2007
DC Unlimited Nov 2007 World of Warcraft Collectible Action Figures Posted 8/19/2007
Japan August 4-6 2007 - New Figures Posted 8/11/2007
DC Direct Aug 2007 Wizard World Convention - 13" Deluxe Green Arrow & Bizarro Figures Posted 8/11/2007
Bandai Aug 2007 SPEC Evangelion figures Posted 8/11/2007
Sideshow Aug 2007 Lord of the Rings - Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee 12-inch Figures Posted 8/11/2007
Atomic Monkey Ltd July 2-07 at SDCC 2007 - Igor and Count Monkula resin figures Posted 8/5/2007
Hot Toys Fall 2007 Rambo First Blood - John J. Rambo 12 inch doll Posted 8/5/2007
Hot Toys Fall 2007 Prison Break Dolls - Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows figures Posted 8/5/2007
Sega Aug 2007 Evangelion Horror Summer Mini Display Figure Rei & Asuka & Misato & Maya 4pieces Posted 8/5/2007
Hasbro Fall 2007 Star Wars - Star Wars Saga Legends Figures Wave 1 Posted 8/5/2007
Hasbro Aug 2007 Transformers Movie Robot Action Figures Wave 1 Revision 1 Posted 8/5/2007
Happinet 2007 009-1 Mylene Hoffman and Francoise Arnoul 1/8 scale PVC figures Posted 8/5/2007
Aug 2007 China Blacklists 400 Exporters Posted 8/5/2007
Hasbro Aug 2007 New Indiana Jones Figures coming soon... Posted 8/5/2007
McFarlane Aug 2007 new ‘Lost’ action figures join last year’s lineup Posted 8/5/2007
NECA 2008 Gears of Wars Figures Coming Soon Posted 8/5/2007
McFarlane Aug 2007 First Look: 'beowulf' Posted 8/5/2007
Hasbro Sept 2007 Star Wars 30th Anniversary Action Figures Wave 5 Case of 12 Posted 7/21/2007
Herobuilders July 2007 Become an action figure; just $425 Posted 7/21/2007
Licca's influence still inspires 40 years on - Asahi Shimbun Posted 7/21/2007
Vinyl Toy Network July 2007 Presents First Annual Urban Underground Project Posted 7/21/2007
Medicom 2007 Death Note anime figures coming soon! Posted 7/21/2007
Alter And Max Factory July 2007 Plan Fate/zero Figures Posted 7/15/2007
Hasbro July 2007 Transformers Movie - First Look at Masterpiece Starscream In Box Posted 7/15/2007
Hasbro July 2007 G.I. Joe Military 8-Inch Figures Wave 1 Set Posted 7/15/2007
Hasbro July 2007 Star Wars Celebration Europe - Poster of All 60 figures Posted 7/15/2007
Takara Tomy July 2007 Licca's influence still inspires 40 years on - Asahi Shimbun Posted 7/15/2007
Hasbro July 2007 Transformers.com Updates With Listings For New Figures Posted 7/15/2007
McFarlane household, action figures are family business Posted 7/15/2007
July 2007 Most Stores Pull Chris Benoit Action Figures - The Consumerist Posted 7/15/2007
July 2007 Action Figures And Comic Books Are Becoming Acceptable Accents In Home Decor Posted 7/15/2007
Bandai Sept 2007 Gundam First Grade Mobile suit kits 1/144 Posted 7/5/2007
Yujin july 2007 SRDX Sukatsu and golf kapok Kuu - Pair of figures, Carded PVC 1/10 scale - gallery Posted 7/5/2007
Diamond Select July 2007 SDCC Star Trek figures by Art Asylum: Takei, Kurtzman & Orci, Blalock, Bennett, etc Posted 7/5/2007
McFarlane July 2007 Action Figures Featured In 'live Free Or Die Hard' Posted 7/5/2007
Millenium June 2007 First Time Dentist 1 Box Posted 7/5/2007
Beat June 2007 Fate/hollow ataraxia: Tsukurimonojie Ver. 4pcs PVC Posted 7/5/2007
ENTERBAY 2007 Bruce Lee figures... Posted 6/16/2007
HLJ June 2007 New Pre-order figures: List Posted 6/16/2007
Hasbro June 2007 Star Wars - Vintage Action Figures Case Posted 6/16/2007
Hasbro July 2007 Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer Figures Wave 1 Set Posted 6/16/2007
Beagle June 2007 Range Murata Figures - Good Deal? or Bootleg? Posted 6/16/2007
Kaiyodo June 2007 Organic Hobby Releases Three New Figures of Kaiyodo's 2G Revoltech Posted 6/16/2007
Action Figures expected to sell in 2007 - The Money Times Posted 6/16/2007
Medicom June 20007 Kamen Rider - 2 Special Mail Away figures - Posted 6/11/2007
Yamato Sept 2007 Macross Max and Miriya type VF-1J (blue or red) PVC 1/48 Posted 6/11/2007
Alter & 2 Good Smile Peace@Pieces Figures Posted 6/11/2007
Shortpacked June 2007 Comic for Toy Collectors....Shortpacked #43 Posted 6/11/2007
June 2007 Witchblade - All recent figures, group photo Posted 6/11/2007
Hasbro June 2007 Transformers Movie Voyager Figures Wave 2 Set Posted 6/11/2007
Happinet August 2007 Chrono Gate - The H & K United - Sara Werec Lottie Gelh - 8” PVC Figures Posted 6/11/2007
June 2007 New Bootleg Saber Swimsuit Figures Hitting US! Posted 6/11/2007
Kaiyodo July 2007 Three New 2G Revoltech figures... Posted 6/11/2007
Medicom 2007 Daft Punk 12 inch figures. Posted 6/11/2007
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