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Toylines (alphabetical order)
= misc (2009)
Buff Monster (2007)
MINDstyle Mechtorians (2009)
MINDstyle x ATC (Art Toy Co) (2008)
MINDstyle x Bobby Chiu (2010)
MINDstyle x Brandt Peters (2007)
MINDstyle x Brom (2007)
MINDstyle x Cameron Tiede (2008)
MINDstyle x Da Team Bronx (2007)
MINDstyle x Disney (2010)
MINDstyle x Dissizit (2010)
MINDstyle x Ewok 5MH (2007)
MINDstyle x Frank Cho (2007)
MINDstyle x GERMS (2007)
MINDstyle x Jim Henson (2008)
MINDstyle x Kathie Olivas (2008)
MINDstyle x Kei Aceredra (2009)
MINDstyle x Mark Paul Deren (2010)
MINDstyle x Michael Lau (2009)
MINDstyle x Ron English (2008)
MINDstyle x Skwak (2007)
MINDstyle x Stitch (2010)
MINDstyle x Viktor Schreckengost (2007)
NBA (2010)
P.O.P. Collection (2010)
Toylines (chronological order)
2007 Buff Monster
2007 MINDstyle x Brandt Peters
2007 MINDstyle x Brom
2007 MINDstyle x Da Team Bronx
2007 MINDstyle x Ewok 5MH
2007 MINDstyle x Frank Cho
2007 MINDstyle x GERMS
2007 MINDstyle x Skwak
2007 MINDstyle x Viktor Schreckengost
2008 MINDstyle x ATC (Art Toy Co)
2008 MINDstyle x Cameron Tiede
2008 MINDstyle x Jim Henson
2008 MINDstyle x Kathie Olivas
2008 MINDstyle x Ron English
2009 = misc
2009 MINDstyle Mechtorians
2009 MINDstyle x Kei Aceredra
2009 MINDstyle x Michael Lau
2010 MINDstyle x Bobby Chiu
2010 MINDstyle x Disney
2010 MINDstyle x Dissizit
2010 MINDstyle x Mark Paul Deren
2010 MINDstyle x Stitch
2010 NBA
2010 P.O.P. Collection
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About company    
MINDstyle brand and product development company is best known for art toys and entertainment related lifestyle merchandise featuring internationally acclaimed artists like Michael Lau and Ron English, to name a few. Through unique global branding strategies the company continues to build upon its success with dynamic new creative projects that capitalizes on its growing international popularity and distribution.
From the News Archive
MINDstyle Aug 2007 Frank Cho's Neon Green Monkey Boy (Toyfare Exclusive)

If you weren't able to make it out to Wizard World Chicago this weekend, then you probably didn't get a chance to see Frank Cho's Neon Green Monkey Boy variant.  (Although it was at display at SDCC)  The ToyFare exclusive is produced by MINDstyle, limited to 600 pieces and available through the Wizard online store.
Posted 8/11/2007
MINDstyle at SDCC July 2007

MINDstyle has one of the most expansive displays at Comic Con.  They were premiering so many new pieces that it overloaded my memory card as well as my mind.  If the company puts out even a quarter of the products that they had on display, they are going to rock the vinyl toy world.
The most impressive pieces were Frank Cho's 2 foot tall udder-tugging Cow, all of Cameron Tiede's figures and the new works by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas.
The Peter Schreckengost pieces (Peter the Fisherman and Madonna) push vinyl artwork to a different realm.  But being pieces with such obvious Christian connotations, how will the average vinyl collector feel about them?
2007 SDCC coverage sponsored by Max Toy Co
Img_2322 Img_2323
Posted 8/5/2007
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