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Marx Toy Corporation.Western
Toylines (alphabetical order)
Best of the West (1965)
Black Beauty (1970)
Fort Apache Fighters (1965)
Heroes of the West (1965)
Johnny West (and generic) (1965)
Johnny West Adventure (1965)
Ready Gang (1975)
The Lone Ranger Rides Again! (1976)
Toylines (chronological order)
1965 Best of the West
1965 Fort Apache Fighters
1965 Heroes of the West
1965 Johnny West (and generic)
1965 Johnny West Adventure
1970 Black Beauty
1975 Ready Gang
1976 The Lone Ranger Rides Again!
From the News Archive
China Dec 2007 Western non-governmental organizations (NGOs) helping labor...

In the discussions over Recalled toys, no mention has been made of the many hundreds of thousands of Chinese workers who labor under dangerous conditions, making toys and many hundreds of other kinds of export products. If lead paint is used, workers are the ones exposed to lead hour after hour. In numerous industries, all too often workers are exposed to noxious fumes and dangerous machinery. They are poor migrants from China’s countryside, and they endure work days averaging 11 hours, six to seven days a week, to earn take-home pay of $100 or less a month.
In China, a truly frightening number of such workers suffer from occupational diseases and industrial injuries. As just one example, a survey of hospitals in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong Province revealed that in a recent year they had dealt with more than 40,000 fingers that had been chopped off by machinery. Another Chinese source states, more alarmingly, that in the factories of Shenzhen in a recent year 17,000 limbs were severed.
The neglect of safety standards in these factories used to be more severe before the big brand-name corporations that contract out their production to China-based factories came under attack in the 1990s in an anti-sweatshop campaign by Western non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In response, the Western companies have introduced corporate social-responsibility (CSR) programs and started monitoring their suppliers’ factories. Without such monitoring, there would surely be even more injuries and poisonings today. In the multinationals’ various reports, they never cease to pride themselves on their CSR efforts. But in the lead-paint recalls fiasco, the companies involved became silent on CSR.
Most of the CSR programs have made little headway in improving the conditions of workers who contract occupational diseases or are injured. Bosses simply discard most of them with scant compensation. Traumatized, they are in need of legal, moral and financial support. To secure adequate compensation requires them to run a gauntlet of legal procedures they can ill afford.
Increasingly, they have begun turning to people similar to themselves who have become paralegals. Many of these are former workers who had been injured or contracted occupational diseases and sued their bosses for compensation. After settling their own cases, they began helping others to do the same, and over time they have become increasingly conversant with the law and legal proceedings. In the Pearl River Delta region alone, there are now some 500 such paralegals, known in China as “citizens’ agents.” To support themselves, most of them charge a percentage of the compensation when a case is successful. Some register as a legal counseling service; others attach themselves to law firms, and yet others set up NGOs, though normally these need to be disguised by being registered as businesses
By 2007, these citizens’ agents had become successful to the point of arousing open hostility from some manufacturers, and they had come to the attention of the provincial government. The authorities started to clamp down on their activities by disqualifying them from providing legal representation.
On the same day that Senator Clinton presented her speech, on the other side of the globe in Shenzhen, the Delta’s biggest locus for export industry, Huang Qingnan, a paralegal who headed a labor NGO, was brutally attacked in broad daylight by two thugs, who inflicted a number of vicious stab wounds. One of his legs was repeatedly hacked at and almost severed. At the time of writing, Huang is still in critical condition, and if he survives, may lose his leg. Huang was already badly scarred and deformed due to an industrial fire, which had led him to become a paralegal.

Posted 12/15/2007
Marx 1050s Military Playsets

Before the start of World War II, action figures were already some of the most popular toys among little boys. During those days, military action figures and their complementary accessories were usually in the wish lists of kids for Christmas and birthdays.
Marx toy soldiers made during 1930s and the 1940s were some of the most popular to play with, particularly the playsets that were themed around different battles. During those decades, the military playsets were made up of metals that were assembled and manufactured at the toy making facility of Louis Marx and Company. The toys made a big impact and inspired a variety of other toy manufacturers to design and make similar toy soldiers.
At the onset of the World War, metal toys were scrapped because almost all toy plants were asked to spare the metal for military purposes. Thus, other materials were sought and used. Tin and aluminum provide better alternative to the usual metals used to manufacture the items (such as lead).
In the 1950s, such action toys started being manufactured using plastic resources. The toys were not popular initially, but the flexibility and endurance associated with plastic won both children and parents over. So the material started gaining popularity as a toy making material.
The Marx military playsets included different types of figures like trees and rocks, animals and accessories, cannons and wagons and, of course, toy soldiers. Thus, kids were able to run a story plot and construct dioramas whenever they played.
Usually, the action sets included different figures in an environment such as a battleground, or with centerpieces like barns in a farm set, metal forts in a medieval castle and plastic forts in Fort Apache sets. The toy soldiers stood on a flattened base that enabled them to stand on their own without manual assistance.
Most of the Marx playsets are very colorful. The environment looks like miniature versions of actual environments while the accessories like cars were so beautifully crafted that they look just like actual but miniaturized objects. The soldier figures were not colorful, but they readily and appropriately serve their purpose and could be painted by hand as well.
Nowadays, the vintage Marx playsets are still very much sought after by collectors, though they can be difficult to find intact.
You can find all kinds of Marx figures available at Toy Soldiers. Have fun adding to your collection!
Posted 12/15/2007
Nov 2007 Cap Guns, Western TV Games & Collectible Toys at Auction Sat. Dec. 1st - News-antique.com

Cap Guns, <b>Western</b> TV Games & Collectible Toys at Auction Sat. Dec. 1stSaxonville Auction Services and CentralMassAuctions are pleased to offer an outstanding collection of Antique & Collectible Toys to be sold at auction in Worcester MA on Saturday December 1, 2007 featuring Cap Guns and TV Western heroes.

Over 500 lots of Toys, Games, Cap Guns and TV Westerns, Space Toys and Robots, Dolls and Dollhouses with furniture, Die-cast Vehicles, Action Figures, Charlie Brown with Snoopy and an assortment of box lots and quantity lots for dealers and collectors beginning at 10:00 a.m. There will be a preview on Friday November 30 from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. and again Saturday morning from 8:00 am. until 10:00 a.m.

The auction will begin with 50 box lots, followed by 250 lots of Toys, Dolls and Games with a break before beginning at 12:30 with 100 lots of Space Toys followed by 170 lots of cap guns and western toys beginning at 2:00 p.m.

The auction will be at the Vernon Hill American Legion Post # 435 located at 267 Providence St. in Worcester , MA.

A Huge Collection of Cap Guns and TV Western Toys & Games from One Estate include:

(1) Irwin 'Western Marshall' Clicking Water Rifle Mint in Box
(1) Jungle Hunter set In Box
(1) Ohio Art 'Coyote' Rifle on Card
(1) Pyro Flintlock Pistol Model Kit Mint in Box
(1) Mattel Winchester Saddle Gun Rifle in box
(1) Marx Cap Firing Flintlock in box
(1) Main Machine Gun Co. 'Mustang' Toy Machine Gun Mint in box - Bakelite Plastic Paper Popper
(1) Westko 'Tommy Gun' Mint in Box - 'Military Police' on stock
(1) Odyssey Shooting Gallery Game System in Box + (1) Rubber Band Gun in box
(1) Callen Cap firing 'Pirate Cannon' in package
(1) PlastiCraft 'Cobra Division' Mortar X-44 mint in package
(1) Empire Special Forces Tommy Gun in box
(1) Rayline 'Fast Draw' Mint in package
(1) Stevens 'Cowboy King' 50 shot Repeater Pistol in box
(1) Gene Autry Double Holster/guns store display
(1) TootsieToy American West 'Gatling Gun' mint in box
(3) Johnny Eagle Rifles - 'Red River' + 'Magumba' + 'Lieutenant'
(1) Edison Double Barrel Shotgun with Duck Shoot Spinning Target
(1) A.V.G. 'S.W.A.T.' Rifle in box
(1) Ideal 'Trick Shot' in box
(1) Kilgore 'Rawhide' Cap-Whip in package with Caps
(2) Hubley 'Texan' Cowboy Capguns in Ornate Double Holster
'Dick Tracy' Sub-Machine Gun

Complete List available at the website: www.allcollectors.com and www.centralmassauctions.com

Posted 11/9/2007
Marx 1950s Roy Rogers ranch set

Q: I have a Roy Rogers Ranch Set, Marx No. 3979-3980. Everything is new.?What is its value?
A: Louis Marx and Co., founded by brothers Louis and David Marx, manufactured toys from 1919 through 1978. The company had a sales office in New York City and manufacturing plants in Erie and Girard, Pa., and Glen Dale, W. Va.

Initially Marx marketed toys by other makers. In 1922 Marx purchased the old dies from Ferdinand Strauss for the Alabama Minstrel Dancer and Zippo the Climbing Monkey. After making subtle changes, Marx sold 8 million units in two years. Louis and David Marx were millionaires by 1922.

The Marx line expanded through the 1920s and 1930s. Marx lithograph tin trains became a hit as did its vehicles. In 1928 Marx quickly joined the yo-yo bandwagon, selling over 100 million yo-yos. In 1937, Marx's assets were $3.2 million.

Marx converted its factories to war production from 1941 through 1945. It emerged from World War II as one of America's leading toy manufacturers producing cars, dollhouses, guns, mechanical toys, model trains, playsets, riding toys, service stations, vehicles and yo-yos. In 1955 Time magazine proclaimed Louis Marx ''the Toy King.'' By this time, Marx made more than 20 percent of all the toys sold in America and had factories operating in 10 foreign countries, including Japan and Hong Kong.

It produced thousands of Western items, some generic and some licensed, throughout the 1950s and 1960s. In 1951, Marx introduced its Fort Apache stockade. During the next 20 years, a variety of Western fort playsets would be introduced, e.g., Alamo, Fort Dearborn and Rin Tin Tin Fort Apache. Not all Western playsets were forts. Western toy sets included a Dodge City Western toy.

In 1952 Marx issued its first two licensed Western sets -- a Roy Rogers Ranch and the Roy Rogers Mineral City. During the balance of the 1950s, Marx issued more than a dozen different variations of Roy Rogers Western towns and playsets. Initially the figurines were a rubbery, flexible vinyl-like plastic. In the late 1950s the plastic formula was improved to allow finer details and more precise design.

Few Western town/playset units survived intact. Pieces were lost or damaged and discarded. Most eBay listings are for parts. The lithograph town units can be purchased for as little as $30, shipping included. In the extremely good news department, I did find that a 1957 Roy Rogers Marx Western Town, Series 5000 playset sold in April 2004 on eBay for $2,350. The set included all the original parts and paperwork plus the period box.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, in this case your Roy Rogers Ranch set, what is your set's realistic value? Assuming that it is complete, meaning no parts, paperwork, or packaging is missing, and it is in fine or better condition, its value is between $750 and $900.

Following Louis Marx's retirement in 1972, Quaker Oats purchased the company and then sold it in 1976 to Dunbee-Combex-Marx, an English company. Dunbee-Combex-Marx filed for bankruptcy in 1978. The Marx assets were liquidated in 1980 with Mego Corp. buying many of the Marx patents and molds. Since then, individual assets have been sold to a variety of companies, e.g., Mattel owns the rights to Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.

In 1982 American Plastic Equipment of Florida purchased some of the Marx toy and playset assets from the Chemical Bank of New York. Intellectual rights were acquired in 1988. American Plastic Equipment has since reissued many of the playsets under the Marx brand name of the Marx Toy Co.

For more information, visit the Marx Toy Museum online at marxmuseum.com and The Official Marx Toy Museum of Glen Dale, W. Va., Web site, marxtoymuseum.com.
Posted 5/12/2007
Western Heroes

figuras del oeste totalmente articuladas no madelman no geyperman

figuras del oeste totalmente articuladas no madelman no geyperman 

src=http://www.todocoleccion.net/images_tc/vent_mm.gif  65,00 EUR
Posted 11/19/2006
Weapon Replicas - Western Arms de arimasu
Bonjour à tous, Western Arms (célèbre PME spécialisée dans les airguns au Japon) annonce quelques nouveautés, Pour mon plus grand bonheur. Pour commencer, de l' Infinity 6 pouces, dont un Hybrid assez sympathique. http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/6605/01tf5.jpg Puis du plus classique. http://im...
Posted 10/27/2006

src=http://www.todocoleccion.net/images_tc/vent_mm.gif  18,80 EUR
Posted 10/26/2006
GOLLY GOSH - The Western Gazette

BBC News
The Western Gazette, UK -
... does not know the identity of the passerby who took offence at the dolls, which dropped out ... will be a lot of interest because they must be the only toys in the ...
Golliwogs to stay on sale despite store complaint
Golliwogs only a Little Bit Incorrect in Britain
Seized gollies returned to store
Published 3/6/2006
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