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Toylines (alphabetical order)
Annie (1982)
Burger King (1980)
Flintstones (1972)
Hairy Scareys (1976)
Laurel & Hardy (1965)
Little House On The Prairie (1978)
Lord of the Rings (1979)
Snoopy (1979)
Snoopy & Belle (1965)
Ziggy (1981)
Toylines (chronological order)
1965 Laurel & Hardy
1965 Snoopy & Belle
1972 Flintstones
1976 Hairy Scareys
1978 Little House On The Prairie
1979 Lord of the Rings
1979 Snoopy
1980 Burger King
1981 Ziggy
1982 Annie
Company history
About Knickerbocker    
Now Marian, LLC
About Knickerbocker    
The Knickerbocker Toy Company was founded around 1850 in Albany, New York and started out manufacturing educational toys, like alphabet blocks. The unusual name 'Knickerbocker' derived from the nickname for the citizens of New York. The name is a reference to the baggy trousers the original Dutch settlers wore.

The first bears ascribed to Knickerbocker are from around 1925, when the company started to use permanent labels. The company was proud to produce high quality toy animals and called them 'Animals of Distinction'. The Knickerbocker bears were by far the best American bears from that period, but still quite affordable.
In the 1960's, the company won the license to manufacture 'Smokey Bear', until 1977 en became reasonably famous with it. Even a talking version was made, with a build-in tape that told the children about preventing forest fires.

In 1968 the company moved to Middlesex, New Jersey. There, they imported the different parts from Korea, sown and all. At the end of the 1980's the company was closed down
About Knickerbocker    
Knickerbocker Toy Company was founded by a family of Dutch immigrants named Van Whye. The company name was derived from the nickname “Knickerbocker” given to the Dutch settlers who populated New York State. The family later changed their name to Knickerbocker. The company was originally known for their lithographed paper on wooden puzzles and educational toys.

In 1931, Knickerbocker Toy Company received the exclusive manufacturing rights from International Feature Service, Incorporate to produce “Ignatz Mouse” and “Krazy Kat” toys. They are also known for their stuffed Walt Disney’s characters and their “Good Luck Bear. In the 1980’s, Lionel Train Company took over Knickerbocker Toy Company and, with Lionel Train Company filing for bankruptcy in 1984, the line discontinued.
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