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Martian Chronicles, The (1974)
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1974 Martian Chronicles, The
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Dave Ring was the founder and initial owner of Larami Corp.; he started the business in 1947 after he returned from the war. Larami Corp. initially began strictly as a rack toy company. Basically, all early products produced by Larami Corp. were presented and sold off of either wall-mounted or free-standing toy racks in stores with products mounted on cardboard backings or packaged in poly-bags.

Sometime around 1974, Larami Corp. was sold to Tasty Baking Company, manufacturer of TastyCakes! While the Tasty Baking Company owned Larami Corp. for roughly 7 years, they ended up almost running it into the ground. In the fall of 1981, Dave Ring (the original owner) and two others, Myung Song and Al Davis, who both worked at Larami Corp. before its acquisition purchased Larami Corp. back. Dave Ring simply did not want the Larami name tarnished in the toy industy. Interestingly, while Larami Corp. continued to produce a number of other toys, their focus on water guns appeared to steadily grow.

Larami Corp was purchased by Hasbro Inc. in 1995, becoming Larami Corp. The Larami name was finally retired in 2002.
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