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Toylines (alphabetical order)
Carnivores (1994)
Connectors (1989)
Crash Dummies (1992)
Fighting Furies - Pirates (1977)
Fighting Furies - Western (1977)
Maxx Fx (1989)
Monster in my Pocket (1990)
Nightmare On Elm Street (1989)
Pee-Wee's Playhouse (1988)
Phantom, The (1996)
Real Model Collection, The (1989)
Robotech (1986)
Stingray (1992)
Thunderbirds (1994)
Voltron (1985)
Toylines (chronological order)
1977 Fighting Furies - Pirates
1977 Fighting Furies - Western
1985 Voltron
1986 Robotech
1988 Pee-Wee's Playhouse
1989 Connectors
1989 Maxx Fx
1989 Nightmare On Elm Street
1989 Real Model Collection, The
1990 Monster in my Pocket
1992 Crash Dummies
1992 Stingray
1994 Carnivores
1994 Thunderbirds
1996 Phantom, The
Company history
About Matchbox    
When Lesney Products (a toy company since 1947) went bankrupt in June 1982, it was reformed as "Matchbox Toys Ltd, and purchased by Universal who had previously acquired LJN. In 1987, Matchbox sold the Dinky trademark. to Kenner. Matchbox Toys was not just a diecast toy company. Many "unusual" products started appearing with the Matchbox brand through the 1980's: Dolls, stuffed animals, Pee Wee Herman, a Freddy Kreuger talking doll. Freddy. As the 1990s hit, Matchbox was taking a down-turn, probably due to the fact that the line had expand into too many different areas not all of them moneymakers. In May of 1992 Tyco Toys gave their intentions to buy Universal Group, and on October 2, 1992 Tyco Toys became the parent company of Matchbox Toys.
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