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Omega 7 Toys
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Omega Force (1993)
Omega Man (1993)
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1993 Omega Force
1993 Omega Man
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The Galactic Zone of the African American Super Heroes: ORIGINAL MAN, MIGHTY ACE, DARK FORCE, OMEGA MAN Along with their FEMALE COUNTERPARTS, and now ORIGINAL BOY Alonzo Washington, their creator, has issued them forth to enhance your world via Comic Books and the Omega Man action figure. These titles are a unique mix of fantasy and strong reality-based issues that appeal to a cross-section of fans. Whereas young people enjoy the colorful graphics and fantasy elements, the older readers appreciate the stories dealing with issues including drugs, crime, and HIV, issues that are not traditionally covered in mainstream comic books.
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    Omega 7 Toys  Omega 7 Toys
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