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Panosh Place
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Voltron (1984)
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1984 Voltron
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About Panosh Place    
Distributor of the Voltron figures Susan J. Beatrice headed up the 3-D department as sculptor/designer at Panosh Place.
From the News Archive
Garage sales poor places to sell collectibles - MLive.com

Garage sales are recycling sales. Contemporary, utilitarian objects that you no longer use but someone else might are garage sale fodder.
If an object is collectible, it should not be sold at a garage sale, but in a venue that attracts competing collectors. What is collectible? The best approach is to assume all pre-1963 objects are collectible.
As a generation ages, its toys are among the first group of objects it collects. Nostalgia for one's youth often strikes in one's late 30s or early 40s. Hence, if you are over 45, your childhood toys are collectible. Toys are just the starting point.
Today's young buyers are brand name conscious. They will pay a premium for brand name goods, far more than the garage sale's 10 cents on the dollar. The brand has to be a big one - Baccarat, Lalique and Waterford in glass; Copeland Spode, Lenox and Wedgwood in ceramics; high-fashion designers in clothing and accessories. Specialized auctions for 1970s to 1990s designer items are a hot trend within the auction community.
Never sell any precious metal or precious or semi-precious stone jewelry at a garage sale.
Do not assume all costume jewelry is nickel and dime garage sale offerings. Quality costume jewelry, especially pieces with a manufacturer's mark or great design, is highly collectible.
The old adage that local material sells best locally applies. Does that mean the best sales venue for local material is a garage sale? No. Think of people who grew up in the town but have moved away. I no longer live in Hellertown, Pa., where I spent my childhood. Yet I do weekly searches for 'Hellertown' on eBay. As a result, my Hellertown collection continues to grow.
Posted 7/26/2008
Japan-Expo July 2007 Takes Place in Paris

If you’ll be in Paris from July 6th through the 8th, you can swing by Japan-Expo...a show celebrating manga, anime and toys.  Japanese artist - Kaijin - will be in attendance...as will his (new) second vinyl figure - Super Jepel from Wonderwall.  They will be on exhibit at Designertoyz’s booth (GG29).
Posted 7/5/2007
Hasbro May 2007 Transformers Movie Toys Street Date Still In Place
There has been a rumor circulating around the world wide web town that the June 2, 2007 street date for the 'Transformers' movie toys has been lifted. This rumor was provided by what was called a 'reliable anonymous source.' However, a message straight from Hasbro has debunked this message. 'The 6/2 on-shelf date for Transformers Movie product is still in effect and is not being lifted,' says the message.
Posted 5/12/2007
Hasbro’s “New” Monopoly: Junk Food On Park Place - Common Dreams

Hasbro’s “New” Monopoly: Junk Food On Park Place
Common Dreams (press release), ME -
“Shame on Hasbro for hawking junk food and caffeine to children,” said Gary Ruskin, executive director ...Hasbro is toying with the health of our children. ...
Published 9/13/2006
Seeker Finds Lost Place
Nebula-nominated SF writer Jack McDevitt, whose novel Seeker just won the 2006 Southeastern Science Fiction Achievement Award for best novel, told SCI FI Wire that the book was in part inspired by his childhood fascination with Atlantis.
Published 8/22/2006
Want to win $18,000? Teen wins 2nd place in the junior championships of Magic: The Gathering in Atlanta
Photos courtesy Wizards of the Coast Blaine Hatab, 16, of Gilmanton plays Magic during the Wizards of the Coast Tournament recently.
Posted 8/20/2006 by  Concord Monitor 

Globe and Mail, Canada -
... in Toronto yesterday, is staging Barbie and Me, an exhibit of 350 dolls that tells how Barbie changed the Taiwanese town where the toys were manufactured for ...
Published 8/19/2006
All Classics Figures Bios In One Place
classics.jpg During the Comic-Con rush of the weekend, we must have skipped over this one. Hasbro has added the bios and in-package pics of the Transformers Classics figures in one easy to find spot. Check them out Here.
Published 7/24/2006
All dolled up and no place to go - New York Daily News

All dolled up and no place to go
New York Daily News, NY -
... OF TOYS! So instead of giving GI Joe the doll of his dreams, the company canned the whole project. "Hasbro will not move forward with the line of dolls based ...
Published 5/25/2006
Place your order for these eye-catching AVP platters!
Sideshow is ecstatic to have been given the opportunity to work with Lance Henriksen in bringing the Alien Warrior, Alien Nest, and Alien Facehugger platters to collectors! You choose the style and the finish to make each platter your own. Make a statement by displaying these fabulous, made-to-order platters in ...
Posted 5/23/2006
Monopoly's makers asking fans to pick new places for spaces - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Monopoly's makers asking fans to pick new places for spaces
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA -
... 1935. Those Steelers and "Star Wars" editions you've seen in stores came from the minds and drawing boards of Hasbro employees. For ...
Published 4/25/2006
From another time and place
Entering Native Inca Spirit at 32 N. Brown Street, one of the newest additions to the downtown business district, is like walking into a rainbow-colored marketplace from another time and place.
Posted 4/9/2006
To make the world a better place - Hindu Business Line

Hindu Business Line
To make the world a better place
Hindu Business Line, India -
... wheat to crackers. McDonald's has decided to make `Happy Meal happier' with "plans to promote milk, yogurt, and fruit choices.". ...
Published 4/6/2006
We belong here too Children find their place in worship - Lutheran Magazine

We belong here too Children find their place in worship
Lutheran Magazine, IL -
... Set up stuffed animals and dolls; encourage your child to be the pastor. ... Pack a church bag with colored pencils and paper, soft toys, picture books, preferably ...
Published 3/23/2006
A Resting Place Incongruously Called Hope - New York Times

A Resting Place Incongruously Called Hope
New York Times, United States -
... land they share with other infants and children who died too soon, and the pinwheels and teddy bears, toy cars and Incredible Hulk action figures people have ...
Published 3/8/2006
volunteerFocus going places (The Times of Northwest Indiana)
St. Mary Medical Center Auxiliary hosts a 'Everything at Discount Book-Toy Fair' fundraiser from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 10 in the Volunteer Room, West Entrance of the medical center, 1500 S. Lake Park Ave.
Posted 3/4/2006
Geppetto's the place to doll up - Arizona Daily Star

Geppetto's the place to doll up
Arizona Daily Star, AZ -
... Jean Joyner, owner of Geppetto's Toys & Dolls on Tucson's Northwest Side, certainly thinks so. And her pleasure is stuffed toys — in any shape or form. ...
Posted 3/4/2006
Geppetto's the place to doll up (Arizona Daily Star)
Providing enjoyment for kids isn't always the blast you think it'd be. Look at the troubled Willy Wonka.
Posted 3/2/2006
Haunted Places in Ohio - Only Idol

Haunted Places in Ohio
Only Idol, MS -
... The family that lived there reportedly said that their child’s toys were missing and they would find clothing from the early 1900s. ...
Published 3/2/2006
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