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Play Along Toys
Toylines (alphabetical order)
2gether (2001)
A*Teens (2001)
Aaron Carter (2001)
American Champions (1999)
Britney Spears (2001)
Bruce Lee (2000)
Camp Rock (2008)
Care Bears (2002)
Cat in the Hat (2003)
Cheetah Girls (2007)
Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian (2008)
Clifford (2008)
Curious George (2008)
Domo (2006)
Dragon Flyz (2005)
Dream (2001)
Hairspray (2007)
Hannah Montana (2007)
LFO (2001)
Lisa Frank (2002)
Mandy Moore (2000)
Miffy (2008)
Precious Moments (2002)
Sabrina The Animated Series (2000)
Sisqo (2000)
Sky Dancers (2005)
SpongeBob SquarePants (2008)
Spy Kids (2002)
Sweet Secrets (2007)
Teletubbies (2004)
The Dog (2002)
The Wiggles (2008)
VIP (2000)
X-Treme Petz (2000)
Toylines (chronological order)
1999 American Champions
2000 Bruce Lee
2000 Mandy Moore
2000 Sabrina The Animated Series
2000 Sisqo
2000 VIP
2000 X-Treme Petz
2001 2gether
2001 A*Teens
2001 Aaron Carter
2001 Britney Spears
2001 Dream
2001 LFO
2002 Care Bears
2002 Lisa Frank
2002 Precious Moments
2002 Spy Kids
2002 The Dog
2003 Cat in the Hat
2004 Teletubbies
2005 Dragon Flyz
2005 Sky Dancers
2006 Domo
2007 Cheetah Girls
2007 Hairspray
2007 Hannah Montana
2007 Sweet Secrets
2008 Camp Rock
2008 Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian
2008 Clifford
2008 Curious George
2008 Miffy
2008 SpongeBob SquarePants
2008 The Wiggles
Company history
About Play Along Toys Inc    
Play Along was established in May 1999 by a group of industry professionals with an aggregate of over 60 years of experience developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling toys and novelty items.

The company offers a wide range of toy and novelty products based on music and entertainment personalities and brands. Music industry stars include Britney Spears, our first major product line, Mandy Moore, Aaron Carter, ATeens and many more. Other celebrity lines include those for Pamela Anderson of V.I.P., international tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams, and the film and martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

Acquired by JAKKS in 2004.
MALIBU, Calif. - April 20, 2004 - JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (Nasdaq: JAKK) today announced that it has reached an agreement in principle to acquire substantially all of the assets of the Play Along companies. The privately-held toy companies based in Deerfield, Florida manufacture traditional toys, including plush, dolls, action figures and preschool and construction toys, and holds a number of licenses including Cabbage Patch Kids® for dolls, Care Bears® for plush and preschool learning, Teletubbies® for preschool and playsets and DC Comic's Batman® and Justice League® for construction toys. Consideration for the acquisition is anticipated to be up to $116 million, consisting of $75 million in cash, approximately $11 million of JAKKS common stock and an earn-out of up to an aggregate amount of $30 million through 2007, based on the achievement of certain financial performance criteria. Based on preliminary unaudited results of calendar year 2003, Play Along reported approximately $160 million in revenue and approximately $30 million in pre-tax earnings. The parties expect to complete the transaction during the second quarter of 2004. Play Along, which will be operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of JAKKS Pacific and will continue to be based out of Florida and Hong Kong, is expected to significantly increase future sales and earnings of JAKKS after the transaction closes.

"We believe that Play Along, with its product lines and strong management team, will be a valuable addition to JAKKS' portfolio of brands across multiple product categories" commented Jack Friedman, chairman and CEO, JAKKS Pacific. "We have worked very hard over the past five years to build Play Along into a dynamic force in the toy industry," commented Charlie Emby, President of Play Along. "The combination of Play Along and our great classic brands, along with the outstanding brands in JAKKS Pacific's portfolio, should make JAKKS Pacific an even stronger company in the future."

"Play Along will continue as a subsidiary of Jakks Pacific out of our Deerfield Beach headquarters, thus there will be no negative effect on any of our lines. We will continue to move forward - and fans of lines including AOME and C3 will have lots to look forward to from us in the upcoming months."
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    Play Along Toys Inc  Play Along Toys Inc
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