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Tips for WebMasters
To Place link to your webpage on this site's links page
What kind of link do you want to add?
Links entered using the form above are displayed on our generic LINKS page. For a more specific placement, go to the page where you want your link to appear, and enter it from there.Specifically:

If your site is manufacturer-specific, you should add your link to the page for that manufacturer.
If your site is toyline-specific, you should add your link to the page for that toyline.
If your page is item-specific, you should add your link to the page for that item.

Your link can point to the main page of a site, or to a specific page. It can also jump to an image or sound clip.
Links should always lead to content of interest to toy-collectors, and inappropriate material will not be tolerated.

If you take advantage of this feature, please favor us with a reciprocal link (from your site to ours). Thanks!
To Place link to this site on your webpage:
For a plain link, that opens our home page in a new window, insert the following code in your html:

The link will look as follows:
The Action Figure Archive

For a banner link, use the following html fragment:

The link will look as follows:

You can download the banner image to your own directory to improve the load-time of your page
To Add an Archive Searchbox to your site:
Place the following code on your page:

The Searchbox will look as follows:
Go ahead! Try it now - see how it works!
For a combined link-and-search-box, paste the following code on your page:

which will be displayed as:
Our news feed:
The following RSS 2.0 Feed is available:
Feed url
  Recent Posts http://figure-archive.net/RSS4posts.aspx
If you try the RSS link above, and your browser does not support newsfeeds, you will get an XML page which is difficult to read. To properly view the RSS News Feed, you will need an RSS newsreader. If you do not have one, check out this website.
Our Content:
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