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Universal Studios
ManufacturerDiamond Select
Assortments (6)
Figures (Boxed Sets)
Figures Retro
Figures TRU & EE
Minimates 2-packs
Minimates 4-packs
Creature from the Black Lagoon (w Victim)
Jekyll & Hyde
The Pantom of the Opera
This Island Earth (Metaluna)
Figures (Boxed Sets)
Legacy Series 3-pack (Lagoon,Wolfman,Mummy)
Legacy Series II 3-pack (Dracula, Frank, Bride)
Figures Retro
Bride of Frankenstein
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Phantom of the Opera
Figures TRU & EE
Bride of Frankenstein TRU
Creature from the Black Lagoon TRU
Dracula TRU
Frankenstein TRU
The Invisible Man TRU
The Mummy TRU
The Pantom of the Opera TRU
This Island Earth (Metaluna) TRU
Wolf Man (Black & White) (EE)
Wolf Man TRU
Minimates 2-packs
Bride of Frankenstein and Villager
Dracula and Dr. Van Helsing
Frankenstein's Monster and Dracula (b&w)
Frankenstein's Monster and Dr Henry Frankenstein
Imhotep and Quasimodo (black & white)
Imhotep and Sarcophagus
Princess Anck-es-en-amon and Frank Whemple
Quasimodo and Phoebus
The Creature and Dr. Reed
The Creature and Wolf Man
The Creature and Wolf Man (B&W set)
Wolfman and Larry Talbot
Minimates 4-packs
4-pack Creature from the Black Lagoon
4-pack Dracula
4-pack Frankenstein
4-pack Hunchback
4-pack Mummy
4-pack The Wolfman
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