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Real Bugs
So Real ... They're Disgusting!
ManufacturerEmpire Industries
Assortments (4)
Bunch of Bugs
Squirmin' Bugs (2-packs)
Squish Bugs (Bug 3-packs)
Sticky Bugs (3-packs)
Bunch of Bugs
Repulsive & Gross!!
Squirmin' Bugs (2-packs)
Beetle Bash + Mr Squirm
Fathead + Rock n' Roach
Flutter Fly + Rumble Roach
Jitter Bug + Wiggle Wasp
Scorpion Squish + Hoppin' Hornet
Vertebreak + Spiderspaz
Squish Bugs (Bug 3-packs)
AntiFreeze + Poached Roach + Pulverlice
Catesplatter + Hammerin Hornet + Spider Squish
Fire Ant Slam + Cockroach Crunch + Mush Mite
Splatapillar + Wackin Wasp + Arachnisplay
Sticky Bugs (3-packs)
4 Eyes + Freaky Fly + Sizzor Jaw
Bucktooth Tumbler + Wall E Gory + Al
Crawlantula + Clinger + Frankenfly
Scaling Scab + Bloodsucker + Glass Hopper
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Real Squirmin' Bugs    
These bugs are so real, they are disgusting! Inject them with pus, pull out their heads and watch them squirm and fuss! (Use "Real Bugs" pus fluids only)
>> is real squirmin bugs for sale?    ( by bugman1, May 20 at 22:08)
hi im nate, i've been lokking for the real squirmin bugs toys for a very long time and found it on this site. i own the real squish bugs all of them. i wanted to know if it is posible to buy the "real squirmin bugs" toys? i am will ing to pay $50-100 for them. if you can please get back to me on it that would be great.

thank you.
>> >> is real squirmin bugs for saile???    ( by bugman1, May 24 at 15:24)
if you get this e-mail PLEASE contact me at r.desjardins1@juno.com
>> e-mail me...    ( by bugman1, May 20 at 22:16)
heres my e-mail address r.desjardins1@juno.com
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