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Love Hina
Assortments (6)
Figure Jumbo Soft Vinyl (3 feet tall)
Figures 2002
Statues (busts)
Statues 1/6
Statues 1/8
Statues Non Scale

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Figure Jumbo Soft Vinyl (3 feet tall)
Naru Narusegawa
Figures 2002
01 - Naru Narusegawa
01 - Naru Narusegawa (repaint)
02 - Motoko Aoyama
03 - Shinobu Maehara
04 - Mitsune Konno
05 - Mitsumi Otohime
06 - Kaolla Su & Sarah MacDogai
Statues (busts)
Naru Bust
Shinobu Bust
Statues 1/6
Kaora Su
Mitsune Konno
Naru in Yellow
Otohime Mutsumi
Shinobu Waitress
Statues 1/8
Mutsumi in Swimsuit
Naru Bath Towel
Naru Bikini
Naru in Pink
Shinobu Schoolgirl
Shinobu Towel
Statues Non Scale
Motoko & Mutsumi
Narusegawa & Mitsune
Shinobu & Koalla
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Love Hina    
With a little help from his grandmother, Keitaro Urashima gets to be the caretaker of Hinata House. Much to his surprise, Hinata House turns out to be a girls' dorm. Keitaro couldn't be happier to fail his entrance exams to Tokyo University.
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