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GI Joe Sgt Savage
And his screaming Eagles
 1994 - 1995 
ManufacturerHasbro.GI Joe.other
Assortments (5)
1994 Figures
1994 Playset with figure
1995 Figures
1994 Figures
1 - Commando Sgt Savage - with Video
2 - Combat Sgt Savage
3 - D-Day
4 - Dynamite
5 - General Blitz
6 - IRON Stormtrooper
1994 Playset with figure
Battle Bunker
Enemy Battle Bunker
1995 Figures
Artic Stormtrooper
Cryo-Freeze Sgt Savage
Jet-Pack General Blitz
Jungle Camo D-Day
Urban Attack Dynamite
Sgt Savage Dol
Grizzly SS-1 (jeep)
IRON Panther (tank) - with IRON Anvil figure
P-40 Warhawk (plane) - with Sgt Savage pilot
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