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The Bots Master
ManufacturerToy Biz
Assortments (4)
Dr. Hiss and His Evil Bots
Evil Transforming Bots
Jungle Fiver
The Boyzz
Dr. Hiss and His Evil Bots
Dr Hiss
Evil Transforming Bots
Jungle Fiver
Half B.
Heli B.
Hover B.
Jet B.
Tank B.
The Boyzz
Ziv Zulander
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Bots Master, The    
In the future depicted by the Bots-Master cartoon, manual labor is done by Auto Activated Androbots, leaving humans with more free time. These Androbots are created by inventor Ziv Zulander (ZZ for short) for The Robot Megafact Corporation. Unbeknownst to Ziv, the evil Dr. Hisss and his cohorts Sir Louis Leon Paradim and Lady Frenzy, have planted control chips in the bots, in a diabolical plan to convert the useful bots into a metal army for world domination!
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