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Inspector Gadget
 1992 - 1994 
ManufacturerTiger Electronics
Assortments (3)
Figures Deluxe
Dr Claw
Go Go Gadget Expanding Arms
Go Go Gadget Expanding Leggs
Go Go Gadget Fall Apart Action
Go Go Gadget Snap Open Hat
Go Go Gadget Telescopic Neck
Go Go Gadget Water Pistol
MAD Agent
Penny and Brain
Figures Deluxe
Inspector Gadget with Go Go Gadget Copter
Inspector Gadget with Wind Surfing Board
Gadget Mobile
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Inspector Gadget    
Inspector Gadget is a police inspector with amazing special abilities, unfortunately intelligence wasn't one of them. He has a niece Penny and her dog Brain. Inspector Gadget is the best defence civilisation has against the exploits of MAD and their leader, Dr Claw. We never see Dr Claw except for a metal glove. He has a pet cat called Mad cat so surely he cant be all bad....
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