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Monster Force
Striking at the Heart of Evil
Assortments (1)
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Doc Reed Crawley - The Intrepid Leader of MF
Dracula - The Prince of Darkness
Frankenstein - The Legendary Monster
Lance McGruder - Powerhouse Marksman of MF
Luke Talbot - The Wolfman
Tripp Hansen - The Marial Arts Expert of MF
Story synopsis
Synopsis for Monster Force    
Transmission: Doc Reed broadcasting on all channels... Warning! Let it be known to all of mankind that new breeds of monsters have unloosed themselves upon the Earth. Stronger, more horrific monsters: Dracula, the legendary vampire has risen to lead other immortal monsters in an assault on our fair cities. Fear when you must; but remember: The monster Force is here to protect and preserve. We too have surpassed our ancestors who fought with stakes and torches. Our weapons are fierce and high-tech. We will prevail!
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