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Babylon 5
 1997 - 1999 
ManufacturerExclusive Premiere / Exclusive Toy Products
Assortments (3)
Dolls 9 inch
Figures 6 inch
Figures 6 inch WB/N2Toys
Dolls 9 inch
Ambassador Delenn
Ambassador Delenn - Previews Exclusive
Ambassador G'Kar
Ambassador G'Kar - Previews Exclusive
Ambassador Londo Molari
Ambassador Londo Molari (white & gold outfit)
Commander Susan Ivanova (black uniform)
Commander Susan Ivanova (navy uniform w/red trim)
Cptn John Sheridan (black uniform)
Cptn John Sheridan (navy uniform w/red trim)
Marcus Cole
Michael Garibaldi (black uniform)
Michael Garibaldi (light gray uniform)
Figures 6 inch
Ambassador Delenn (bald) Previews Exclusive
Ambassador Delenn (with hair)
Ambassador Kosh Naranek
Ambassador Londo Mollari
Captain John Sheridan
Dr Stephen Franklin
G'Kar (dark green/brown) Previews Exclusive
G'Kar (silver chest plate)
Lennier (all-brown robe) Previews Exclusive
Lyta Alexander (bare hands)
Lyta Alexander (black gloves) Previews Exclusive
Marcus Cole
Michael Garibaldi (bald) Previews Variant
Michael Garibaldi (with hair)
Shadow Sentient - Previews Exclusive
Susan Ivanova (black uniform)
Susan Ivanova (blue uniform) White's Guide Excl
Vir Coto (blue outfit)
Vir Coto (eggplant outfit) Previews Exclusive
Vorlon Visitor - Previews Exclusive
Figures 6 inch WB/N2Toys
Ambassador Juphar Trkider (grey)
Ambassador Juphar Trkider (olive)
Ambassador She'lah (bronze)
Ambassador She'lah (silver)
Ambassador Vlur/Nhur - The Pak'Ma'Ra UNRELEASED
Captain Elizabeth Lochley
Psi Corp Alfred Bester
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