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Major Matt Mason
Mattel's Man in Space
 1966 - 1971 
Assortments (6)
Carded Paks - Accessories/vehicles
carrying cases
Figure(s) with Vehicle(s) Sets
Vehicles (boxed)
Carded Paks - Accessories/vehicles
Gamma Ray-Gard Pak (1969)
Moon suit Pak (1967)
Reconojet Pak (1968)
Rocket Launch Pak (1967)
Satellite Launch Pak
Space Power Suit Pak (1969)
Space Probe Pak (1967)
Space Shelter Pak (1968)
Space Travel Pak (1969)
Supernaut Power-limbs Pak (1969)
carrying cases
Major Matt Mason Rocketship carrying case (1968)
Satellite Locker Carrying case (1968)
Talking Command Console - carrying case (1969)
Figure(s) with Vehicle(s) Sets
Capt Lazer Firebolt Action Set
Firebolt Space Cannon Super Action Set w/ 3 figs
Orbitor with Or the Alien
Space Crawler Action Set
Space Discovery Set, with Doug and Callisto
Space Station & Space Crawler Deluxe Action Set
Star Seeker Walk in Space set
Talking Flying Major Matt Mason
Callisto, friend from Jupiter - green background
Callisto, friend from Jupiter - yellow background
Captain Lazer
Doug Davis with Lunar Trac (1969)
Jeff Long with Lunar Trac (1969)
Major Matt Mason
Major Matt Mason and Space Power suit (1969)
Major Matt Mason with Lunar Trac (1968)
Major Matt Mason with Moon Suit (1967)
Sgt Storm (Flight Set)
Sgt Storm with Lunar Trac (1968)
Space Mission Team: Matt, Jeff, Doug, Callisto
Talking Major Matt Mason (1970)
Talking, Flying Major Matt Mason (1970)
Lunar Base Command Set (1969)
Space Station (1967)
Voyage to Galaxy III Set (1969)
Vehicles (boxed)
Astro Trac (1967)
Astro Trac Missile Convoy Set (4 vehicles)
Firebolt Space Cannon (1967)
Firebolt Space Lazer (1967)
Gamma Ray-Gard (1969)
Space Bubble (1969)
Space Crawler (1967)
Star Seeker (1969)
Uni-Tred & Space Bubble (1968)
Uni-Tred Space Hauler (1969)
XRG-1 Reentry Glider (blue card) (1969)
XRG-1 Reentry Glider w/ Matt Mason (red card)
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